How assistance benefits both

How to use the aid of others in our own benefit as well theirs

When you have been in the situation you have to rely on the help and assistance of others around us in our day to day routine, it speaks for itself how hard it is at times. Nobody wants to be depending on help with the things we already learned as kids. Even then we struggled with getting dressed in the right order. Or how to put on a pair of pants, a sweater or just your underwear.

Who invented these systems to tie up your shoes, or button up a shirt? As a toddler all new stuff to learn, next to learning to crawl, standing up, speech and using a children’s potty. Before that time we relied on the care of our parents, or other adults, to take care of diapers. That is in a situation you were lucky enough to have caretakers to teach you how to grow up. Not just physically, also emotionally and mentally.

It is even harder when you have to deal with a disability where you are dependent on the care of others. You could speak of a team effort when there are more caretakers coming around every day. I am speaking from a situation at home, not in a hospital or other facility. There are so many layers that are to be discovered already. It all comes down to the way you are able to ask for assistance and willingness to accept.

The different energies that come to my home every day are also part of my team so to speak. It is up to me to create the best environment for the caretakers to feel at ease and at home when they enter my personal space. The best way to make this a win-win situation for both parties involved.

Being dependent on the assistance is touching a core issue within. It is always connected to the emotional state as well physical well-being. Losing control of self-support is not an easy thing to deal with. When pain and physical disability is cause for the assistance, it is also something that sets the balance of emotional state of scale most of the times. It takes time to get your head around it.

As well the strength and courage it takes to accept the challenge willingly. So how can the interaction between the caretakers and yourself benefit both parties involved. There is a fine line in the relationship between the one who is giving care and the one receiving. Sometimes we can come across old barriers and boundaries when we are depending on the attitude and intention of the other person.

We all have our own issues and agenda at times to work with. We bring ourselves into every situation and relationship. For being a caretaker it is not just about be paid for the job, it is always about respect and honoring the authenticity of the other person. Regardless what kind of disability they have. Yet it always starts within and there is where this need of win-win comes in.

Being dependent doesn’t mean you are less or lesser worth. It just means you need a hand and some assistance. Old traditional ways can get in the way as well religions when they are not been seen in the same way. Yet in order to create a win-win situation for both, it takes commitment as well intentions to bring in the best of ourselves in this situation.

Sometimes we can come across people who don’t seem to understand our personality or character, other times we will meet up with the ones that can meet up effortlessly. So how to balance this out without being triggered all the time. Because if you have issues about understanding and being seen or heard, no doubt you will come across some people who will trigger this. There is the fine line about boundaries as well, because sometimes the assistance can be very personal and intimate.

Then there is more and more need of compassion and understanding and a pair of loving hands. Together we create our team around ourselves within our homes. When we have a real interest in our caretakers, ready to getting to know them and start a personal relationship, it will pay off. Some will be more open than others, some will be too busy to even notice, and others are going to sit with you and share their life stories as well.

It takes 2 to tango, as it has been said. I believe this to be true, yet we always have our own responsibility to make sure the other one is willing to be a partner during the dance. We can create the surroundings and openness in order to be inviting and not just needy. Think about the way you want to be treated and then treat the other accordingly. Will this affect each other, yes it will.

Because as you are living your day to day life from the heart and accepting the presence and energy of those you are depending on, the other one will always respond to this. Energy has its way to come back at you. Positivity as well negativity has its own effects on the way you can be in a relationship, that is trust worthy as well safe.

Safe to be held, safe to be taken care of, for that is the first priority when you are depending on someone else. Co-creating a safe and welcome environment for both parties will enable you to surrender to the care, without shame or sense of harm. Nothing will be intervening that way in a negative outcome when you both are on an equal and respectful exchange of energy.
You don’t have to be close to everyone in the same way, nor is it of the essence to know the life story. Yet confirmation will allow the energy to flow between the two partners in that moment. Understanding is another aspect as well allowing. Each interaction is colored by the way the energy can flow, so when you team up there is the intent to create a win-win situation, comfortable for both.

Because that’s all we need, to be held and taken care of when we are being vulnerable, depending on others. Safe and sound, in caring hands. Appreciation can be given freely and will return tenfold. Create the setting so you can benefit both, in loving connection and exchange.

So it will be

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 11-10-2016

You need to be aware

You need to be aware

You need to be aware,
In order to change the pattern.
Connection is something to offer
In a loving way and respect.
You and I are not that different
As you seem to believe at times.
When fear is part of the situation
Or insecurity steps in.
There will start the process
Of assuming and projection
Of the way you perceive yourself.
Lack of self-worth and misunderstanding
And therefor misinterpretation,
Causes internal friction.
Even with love in the equation,
The thoughts can run into the opposite
direction away from the loving relationship.
Awareness is your tool in order to change.
In order to create a new perspective
And understanding of each other,
Lesser room for assumption to rise.
It all starts from within how you will
Perceive any situation or experience.
Being confident and filled with self-love
There is a space, where you can check and ask.
Without the dualistic way of competing,
there will be a harmonious way of
receiving and interpretation of the messages.
Communication is getting transparent again.
How you want to be treated,
So you should treat the other as well.
In defense caused by friction,
You will find no transparency nor a loving exchange.
Become aware of your inner insecurities
And the causes that lie underneath.
For they are the triggers internally
That will create the assumption and believe
The way you are being perceived.
In a loving connection the need to be different
Conscious of your inner actions
Will create the greatest opportunity.
It will open up the dialogue with your inner
Counterpart you believe you see in the reaction
Of the other, that feeds the uncertainty within.
Misunderstandings can be avoided again,
Where the perceptions are being unfolded.
In order to have a relationship with yourself,
In a loving unconditional way,
You address your aspects that are in need
of understanding with compassion and love.
Healing starts with the internal communication
Through awareness and consciousness.
Then it will be easy to ask,
To be really interested in a loving way.
With an open heart and ear,
To listen without judge-mental thoughts
Or fears causing the emotions to erupt.
This will bring space to communicate
And exchange points of views.
Love will be the key in this process
To be able to get rid of the emotional turmoil.
It will bring clarity and peace of mind,
As well an open and caring attitude.
As it is within, so will it come forth.

And so it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 5-8-2016

What about creating space?

What about creating space?

Now I can hear you say, what kind of space are we talking about, the inner space or the out there space.
To me, these are connected always. Because the minute I feel the turmoil within myself caused by emotions, I notice it’s the effect in my surroundings as well. The attention that is drawn within to deal with the upcoming emotions, and most of the time the more heavy ones,

I cannot bring it in at the same time in my outer environment. The light energy caused by happiness, joy, laughter, and love is making every
task light and pleasant to fulfill. Yet the minute the energy comes with frustration, sorrow, pain even, will make it all the harder even to start with the normal day to day routine.

It takes a lot of effort and discipline, at least for me, to start my day than just to get out of bed, do my normal daily routine and whatever is needed to be done. I have a clear vision when my mood is light, no clutter in my head to disturb it. The minute I am being triggered by anxiety or whatever there is that is challenging, I have more trouble with concentration, less focused, easier to distract by the mind track that comes with emotions.

It is even more difficult to anticipate after surgery or illness when the body needs to heal again, the energy level is not at its normal and the way it is causing discomfort or even worse, disability. Those are the triggers that are invasive within my own energy body, emotional as well mentally and physically. It doesn’t leave to much space for me to steer around in my normal way let alone a balanced and easy way.

So how can we go about creating space with let’s start the inner space? I know the triggers that are in my system which cause me to cramp up somewhat. It also depends on weather I should share a space literally with someone else, or when I am just on my own. This is more demanding If I share my outer space with someone else, either partner and kids, or dog for that matter. Everything that is being brought into my
living area is demanding on my energy level.

On your own, you can be easily more at ease with yourself, or is it just my perception. I know for sure, I am most of the time more at ease on my own. Does that make me a hermit? No, yet being highly sensitive and empath, sometimes it is easier to be just in my own space without the interference of all the energies others bring in my space.

The need to be able to create a safe space within is something I am very aware of. It is like standing in the eye of a storm, everything else that surrounds me can be in turmoil, as long as I am in this sacred space within myself, I can keep my balance and makes me able to keep my focus as well my attention directed on any task that needs to be done. It has been a journey to learn to connect with this safe place, this inner asylum, tested over and over again.

Emotionally, physically as well mentally. The most direct way to stay tuned within my inner space is through the physical energy in grounding myself. Being firmly rooted literally is giving me the balance I need to confront any trigger that is trying to get me out of my own inner space. This is not just for me a necessity.

There are many like me who are having trouble staying within their own inner space, just because they are highly sensitive to the energies surrounding them. The way we are wired is different and can cause being unbalanced and create disharmony within, just because we are reading the energy of those around us.

It is easy to deal with the energy of love, joy, and happiness. It is more difficult if you have to deal with anger, disease, sorrow, pain, fear or abusive energies. These are draining if you are not aware of the effect it can have on your own energy level. It is important for everyone to be aware of your own inner space and boundaries.

Because this life on Earth is all about boundaries and space. Every interaction we have is about space or evasive actions. There is a lot of being told about the importance of creating
your own space. Some take this literally and are decorating one room in their home, just to have a physical space to retreat to when everything is to hectic.

Spa and wellness are booming because of this development in awareness. Yet you can go to a spa or wellness every day, that doesn’t automatically make you secure in your own inner space. You need to address that as well, or even more so in order to create that inner space of peace and calm.

Actually you can write a book about this topic I guess, if you want to include practices or ways how to learn this way of creating space. There probably are already many out there. All I can do is write from my own perspective and what works for me. Not necessarily will work for someone else. Yet the common factor is the way we feel about ourselves.

If we are in our own space, there is no need to hold up any boundaries in order to feel safe against whatever we are facing. Inner and outer space will reflect each other as well. In good and bad ways. Turmoil and clutter in the mind and the emotional world will be reflected more often as a disorganized household, more than a very clean and organized home.

Or you are someone who is using this energy to be like a turbo going through your home, just in order to keep
yourself busy and distracted. Or maybe even to have to sense of control over what is going on. So to keep your own outer space clean is one way to control your environment.

To me, I like my space clean and organized in an easy way. I love it when my home is feeling at ease and peaceful. This is a reflection of how I feel within. It is also easier to clean and keep it that way. I am not very fond of doing my household chores. I am on the other hand very aware of my inner household chores that need attention in order to stay peaceful and at ease. It is not always an easy task, yet one I am very committed to. It is okay to have boundaries, yet not too strict or too tight for me.

Then I start to wriggle until I am out of the loop again so to speak. It is also about freedom and connection to these boundaries we encounter in our day to day life. So a very big and important aspect you might say. All I can do is make sure I will have my own inner safe space to be in so I will not be affected as much by energies from the outside. In that way, I am creating space and not just for me.

Being in a safe place also has an effect on someone else. For everything that is out of balance or addressed specifically to you in a personal way, it will either flow by like water or you can breathe it and let it pass and breathe out again without being triggered in order to respond in a manner the other
person expects you to.

This will create a shift as well as a change in perception. And because it is a neutral response or loving response, it will not add to the negativity. Now when you are being showered with love, you know what to do.. you share and create more space together, inside and out…

And so it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)
Heartfelt Messages

What is it about DeLightFull?

What is it about DeLightFull, or should I say Be Light Full?

As humans we are accustomed to give words to our feelings and sensations. In any language you will find definitions or descriptions of the various moods we as humans can experience. Either it is about the positive way we feel or the more negative emotional state, like anger, fear, being upset, sorrow or just the opposites as love, peace, calmness, happy to name a few.

Like the mirrors or reflections they represent a way of the emotional body and state of consciousness. The meaning or significance of a word can explain a lot, at least it is common for us as a way to express ourselves in which state we are in as we perceive ourselves. This can also be expressed in a mental way about our beliefs and structures from the mental – or mindfull way of thinking. Like random thoughts creating chaos and Mindful thinking creates awareness and focus.

If you would look at the way the words are describing a state of consciousness for that moment in time, there is a constant fluxuation in energy and linked to our current state of being. Semantics vary from one language to another. Their creations are linked with the origin of consciousness of the tribes and people in the different areas on our planet.

Language by native or indigo people who lived in countrysides with less contact to the other parts of the world evolved in a different way as to the tribes and nations who were travelling around the globe. Either by ship like the Vikings from the North or on horses like the Romans did. Living on an island or mainland also creates a different way of evolving of the language.For language is an organic structure that can be influenced by many various events . Nowadays with the internet and world wide global experiences you can see how this has its impact on language.

The way some words are being introduced and internalized within a language shows also how flexibel we can adept and open minded as well as humans, or should I say Human Be-Ings. The interpretation of a word can have great consequences within a society as well as to literature. We can read books, expand our knowledge by reading and spreading the knowledge through the written word, wisdom sharing and expanding the conscious awareness global wide, unless it is surpressed and banned.

We could witness how East meets West and how both different cultures would intervene and adept. Not always acknowledged yet bringing in new knowledge and awareness, specially for the younger generations. It creates evolvement as well as revolutions. Now there is a lot to be told and said about language, words, meaning and how to use them, with purpose positive and negative, to lead or mislead, to create transparancy or corruption.

I would like to write about how one word can change everything and that is Love. In every language we express how we love, fall in love, romantic love, parental love, our pets, love for nature and creation, you name it. It seems we use One Word to explain and express one emotion, yet we create different connections and emotions and still apply the same word.

Human Be-Ings are probably the only be-ings on this Planet capable of this differentiation and expression. We have the need to analyze, to criticize our own feelings and emotions. Maybe it’s time to just acknowledge we have the ability to Love each other and ourselves unconditionally without creating boundaries, to keep our distances in need of protection.

If Love is an universal Word, as a universal expression of the way we are meant to Be, would that not be awesome and delightfull? For Love is an expression of our own Light Be-Ing internally and through Love we will be ful-filled with Light. We create a New World and maybe we create a new Word as well to express this New Way of Awareness and Consciousness towards all of Creation.

I invite you to Be Light Full, in loving connection with all of Creation

And so it is.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)
Heartfelt messages 21-7-2015

Looks and beauty – inner or outside?

Looks and beauty, inner or outside?

I chose to have the body of an Angel and the face of a clown. Nobody could see through my exterior to see the inner beauty I held. Or they fell in love with my body and it’s curves, lush and blooming or they detested me, calling me names and treating me harshly.

I chose to have this beautiful body and looking like a witch or a gnoom. So I could learn the lessons that came with these experiences, to learn how exterior is no more important than the exterior and it’s in the eye of the beholder to see the beauty of both combined within the same, for the veil will be lifted and the beauty presented, once you let go of just looks.

And then I saw a picture where people were mocking and joking about ugly girls with beautiful bodies. It brought to mind my own experience and memory about the choice I ones made.

It;s all one and the same coin, only people don’t realize it. If you make fun at cost of someone else, you only show your own fear of being mocked or made fun off. Any actions or words you use to bring someone down, is only showing your own fear of vulnerability. So how can we turn this mechanism around if they exist still subconsciously?

When do we become aware of the process that’s lying underneath any attempt to get more, to be more, to have more?

Is it through acknowledgement or is it through awareness and then acknowledgement? Or should you allow the sense of fear that is the root for this need of being more, having more, making fun off, be the bully so you will not be bullied?

It always is a personal, individual journey as well a teamprocess. For in order to recognize you are just the flipside of the coin, you also realize you’re both in it together to make a unique change of Heart.

We need each other to mirror and reflect and once we learn that imbalance is just the flipside of balance, as is worthy and feeling unworthy, shameless and ashamed, the victim and the agressor, we can act on it to create an inner proces to bring back in the ease, to bring back in the Love that is blocked by fear, to sooth any experience that is the root cause.

Once you know you can change any situation by changing your perception and intention on the outcome by letting go of your own internal fear through Love, you will have not only changed your present, you also have changed your past as well as the future.

You will never be able to go back to being ignorant, once you intent to be knowing of the wants and needs to change any outcome. And it has it’s immediate effect on anyone else you encounter when you keep on practising the way of Love, instead of Fear.

And so it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)
Heartfelt Messages 29-7-2015

How the transition of an elder changes your life

How life changes after the transition of an elder

Your presence is felt through the veil
Holding me in your warm and loving embrace.
Like the breeze you caress my cheek
To let me know you are taking care of me.

It will be difficult nevertheless
To stand beside the coffin of your dad,
Who you already have been taken care of
To bring him home to the highest realms
Where he was welcomed and celebrated.
Where all the personal issues and emotions
Were released as well the physical body
With all its aches and pains.

The emotional and etheric body are also
Aligned with the mental and his soul essence.
There will be 2 angels to take care of us
To be with me in my hours of need.
To share their love and energy
When I need it the most during challenges
And creating my new way of living again.

I already said my goodbye in one intense
Exchange with him to acknowledge the
Love that is between us over the years.
This is the time to release any and all
Lingering emotions that are connected
Through the 45 years of togetherness
With this extended family and the karmic lessons.

I will let go and release all that no longer serves
Me, nor my family members for that matter.
To honor and pay my respect for the soul
That has had such an impact on so many.
The only way to go is love each and every one.

Asking the angels and spiritual guides,
As well the Masters and Guardian Angels,
I call upon Arch Angel Michael to cut any
Cords that are preventing a free loving exchange
To cut all cords with the family karmic relations,

I ask Arch Angel Raphael to bring in his team
To bring in his healing energy and love for
Each and every member past, present, future.

I ask for the Divine Mother Mary and Quan Yin,
To bring in their loving and compassionate
Energy to restore the balance within each
And every member within this family
So there will be a process of healing the
Masculine and feminine energies within
All that are ready, willing and open to receive.

May this transition be one to start a healing process
Between the members of this earth family.
May it be so.

High Self @RheaDomeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 3-8-2018

What is it about letting go – or let it go?

What is it about letting go – or let it go?

Letting go is about surrender and allowing things to be as they are.

It has to do with changes we go through and sometimes it’s about fear or fearful stuff and experiences. Other times it’s about letting go of what is close to your heart, someone who is very dear and the comfortable position you are in that can change in a heartbeat.

Let it go also has to do with accepting what is real at the moment. Weather it is loss of health and ability, or the dis-ease someone you love is going through. When you stop fighting against something you cannot change in that moment of Now, you are more able to let go. At the same time, you have a choice.

Surrendering is a difficult process for most people, because they associate it with weakness and vulnerability. So, this might trigger the fight mode even more. Once you have experienced the result when you chose to let go, it will confirm you in the choice making as being the right decision you can make.

The moment you decide to take a look at any situation as a learning experience in how to let go, love steps in. Immediately. For what we tend to hold on to is based on fear, insecurity, loss – all opposite of Love.

We fear what might happen if we lose control over our life, our health, our job, our family, our country, you name it.

This is all micro-macro cosmos universally through every situation and encounter. Yet fearing something, anything, creates in this dualistic existence on planet Earth diversity and division. It is a norm almost to think in either-or, fight or flight, surrender vs power, all sides of the same coin. For we learn through our experiences together. So, there is love, and the counterpart is fear.

What is being asked of us by letting go – or let it go? It requires trust and faith, that’s for sure. And you might wonder – in who or what should we trust or have faith?

As history already showed us over centuries, trust is something that has to be earned and not because of a rank or position in society. Yet letting go comes from deep within, not because you think you gain something with it. On the contrary you have no clue what outcome it will present, only you let go of the outcome and detach yourself. Not mine but your will shall be done.

So, we are still talking about letting go. Most and for most, letting go of fear which colors the outcome in a negative way. When releasing in love, we create a positive void so to speak, and as metaphysics have shown, it’s all energy, about electrons, neurons, protons, positive and negative, law of matter, for all who have any knowledge like Einstein and Tesla for instance did.

I won’t pretend to know anything about it, just that we have to do with the same mechanism emotionally and psychologically. Positive and negative energy. Also been written and described about in many various ways, by many experts on it like Rogers, or Freud and his ‘opponent’ Yung, or the eastern writers and philosophers like Rumi or Plato in early beginning of our society. They all have described in their own terms, language, ideas and experiences about Love, duality – learning skills, the wonder of Human Nature.

The only thing I can bring in is my own experiences, what it means to me and how much I gained in letting go.

And so, it is.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)

Heartfelt Messages 20-7-2015

What is it about Self-Mastery?

What is it about Self-Mastery?

This was the question Cedar Branches asked the group to write a little comment on to place on this page in this Mystical Masters Group. Well I wrote a lot the past couple of weeks in my favorite place on this continent to go on holiday, the region of the Ardennes in the North Eastern part of France, close to Belgium and Luxemburg. A region that has been tormented by 2 big world wars and many people lost their lives in those hills.

And yet every time we take a road trip and trust me, we have had many over the past 29 years we are visiting this region, every time we find new ones. Even if we don’t want to follow a certain route, we will be guided to take a wrong turn and then touch new area again and the only thing we can do is enjoy it, laugh about it and our silliness to want to have some sort of control on the road ahead.

The Ardennes is an area gifted with lots of forest, hills, lakes and rivers, with glowing hill sides and twists and turns that show you every time a unexpected view, a bit like life can throw curves at you, some great, some less fun, yet always some kind of eagerness to jump into the experience to learn, watch, observe and then go for it full heartedly.

There are parts we have been travelling that feels the most enchanting and magical forests as we only know by reading fairy tales and magical mystery stories. So here it goes.

Magical, they call me magical by names as in the depth of a Soul the magic is been seen and discovered.
Not cloaked any longer, no more hiding, not quite out in the open yet, but for the wise to be found.

When do we call someone or something magical? When we refer to the fairy tales, elves and Mer Fairies of ancient times and tales to tell of long ago and not quite forgotten yet.

For the Myths they hold the pieces of truth although the story telling gave it some twists and turns, the moral of the story was kept intact for many generations to learn from. about the good and the bad, about wicked and lovely, so the story goes.

From duckling to swan, from mermaids to walking princess, we all have heard the fairy tales as kids growing up. Continents may have brought different tales, yet the story line was always the same. The good overcame the evil, the truth always prevailed the lies and the righteous ones being suppressed turned out to become the hero in their own story.

Talking about the man in the moon, sprinkling angel dust to protect us in our sleep as well the fairy godmother who could pull a spell on you, blessings and gifts to share for you to use wise fully so abundance would be yours to gain.

I have a story to tell and the pages of my book are not all blank anymore. My story is not ending so I will continue to write my own magical and fairy tale stories, if not for you and my grandchildren, it will be for myself, to keep reminding me this is an ongoing story which will proceed unfolding in a future not yet revailed. Yet I know, I am magical, my name is magic for my deepest core is seeded by angel dust.

And so, the story goes.

High Self @Rhea Dopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 3-8-2015

Sacred sites and their energy

Talk­ing about sa­cred places or an­cient sites.

What comes to mind are the trips I have made over the years, mostly through Eu­rope and how I con­nected with the En­ergy of some of those places, re­ally deeply Heart­felt en­ergy, bring­ing into light events that had hap­pened through­out his­tory and how my in­ner world re­acted on it.

Like I did in the North of France, dri­ving in the car through the land­scape that changes with every cor­ner you take up and down­hill and com­ing out of the woods into a val­ley and all of a sud­den my heart opened up with a happy and emo­tional sense of be­long­ing. And more than just a per­sonal sense or feel­ing, it was such a deep and pow­er­ful ex­pe­ri­ence I only could honor it at the time.

It also made it clear to me, every place we are, there is an en­ergy that ei­ther can draw us in with joy and plea­sure, or can bring in lin­ger­ing emo­tions buried deep through his­tory about events that have hap­pened.

Vis­it­ing a small beau­ti­ful cas­tle in Lux­em­bourg, in Beau­mont, with a small pond and swans, com­ing up the stairs and im­me­di­ately felt the lin­ger­ing fear and pain of tor­ture that had hap­pened there a cou­ple of cen­turies ago. Or stay­ing up in the South­side of Bel­gium in the Ar­dennes coun­try­side, hon­or­ing the spirit of the re­gion and how I could be of ser­vice dur­ing my stay, dri­ving along an an­cient me­dieval cas­tle, drawn to it tak­ing pic­tures and a huge en­ergy light­ing up in the sky as a con­nec­tion with my in­ner of­fer. So many en­coun­ters through time and space that came to life in places I have vis­ited,

Upon a hill in the French coun­try­side, stand­ing on an an­cient bur­ial site, look­ing in all four di­rec­tions and start cry­ing for all that has hap­pened there dur­ing world war I and II, and be­ing guided by a big col­ored but­ter­fly up to the top, and on the way down again ap­pear­ing and guid­ing us down the hill back to the car. So many en­coun­ters that col­ored my life be­ing able to visit the coun­tries around us, and the old an­cient en­er­gies I came in con­tact with.

I know, these are not the big sites the whole world knows about. These are just the small re­gional places, and yet, their en­ergy is pow­er­ful in it­self as guardians of the sur­round­ings and aid­ing to help out clear­ing old emo­tional wounds that are still in place. Mostly in Na­ture, in the val­leys, on a hill­top, just be­side the lake scenery stand­ing and con­nected with the Spirit of the Lake and en­vi­ron­ment, I came to the un­der­stand­ing how valu­able it is to make a deep in­ner con­nec­tion with any place we stay, any place we live, to of­fer our ser­vice, to bring in Love, to aid in any way is needed, for I re­ceived so much Love in re­turn.

Trav­el­ing through time I did as I spent hol­i­days in my fa­vorite coun­try­sides, and from deep within also con­nected with other places around the world, bring­ing up old mem­o­ries from past life’s, old emo­tional wounds that did­n’t fit in with this life­time, to bring in this heal­ing con­nec­tion with the spir­its and guardians of the land­scape, the spirit of Gaia, the el­e­men­tals and most of all, it gave me al­ways a sense of be­long­ing and Home.

Just shar­ing my ex­pe­ri­ences on a per­sonal level with you, heart­felt en­coun­ters through every con­nec­tion here as well in our per­sonal en­coun­ters, we all are con­nected and have a story to tell.

So many more to tell, to give credit to, to make con­scious, we all are cu­ri­ous where we came from and where we be­long, and why we are born in just that coun­try we did. Each place teaches us, if we are aware if we take no­tice and lis­ten to the mes­sages of the land­scape and its guardians. So much we can learn and also so much we can do to serve.

In lov­ing con­nec­tion with all,

And so it is
High Self @RheaD­op­mei­jer ©
Heart­felt Mes­sages

Time to step out of our own inner box

Time to step out of our own inner box

We all are trapped within our illusions on a day to day perception of what would be appropriate.Awakening and awareness are two companions in this process of clearing deep within the cells Of our Beingness.

To become fully aware it is necessary to go inward to see, feel and touch what emotions are being stirred, before you can start the process of clearing and cleansing of fear. For the opposite of fear is love.

So needless to say it is quite an undertaking we are being faced as a human being.It all depends also on perception which starts with us first. What do we value, what qualities do we have to recreate this balance?

Facing our anxieties and fear is one of the most challenging parts in this ongoing process. The tendency to avoid them lies within the feelings of pain, hurt, rejection mostly by outside experiences in our interactions with others around us, our society with its norms and values, our childhood upbringing and the love we received growing up to be the adults we are becoming.

Yet, our greatest opportunity to change lies within this dark part of ourselves, hidden behind doors and surrounded by walls. The stronger the walls, the bigger the challenges we are facing in bringing them into the open.

Shedding light in each space we reveal, bringing in love for our wounded parts, Comforting and caressing them just as we would do with little children. Going down on your knees to face them at eye-level.

Courage and strength are your companions to re-create yourself and to become what you want most for yourself. To be a loving, caring, compassionate and kind Human being, able to love yourself in a tender and graceful way, where forgiveness plays a big part in this healing process.

For it is with forgiveness towards ourselves that we create the greatest freedom within the space of our hearts. So step by step we grow into this loving space within ourselves and by doing so, we create a different environment as well.

One were love can rule and not being fear bound by opinions of others or bringing ourselves down. The more love we show ourselves, the more light will shine in your dark spaces until you realize at one point, there is nothing left to be fearful of.

Love is the key for transformation, to realize that we are nor the mood swings and emotions, to be able to connect with others without judgment, since the inner space leaves no room for it, because compassion shows we are all alike.

No differences, only the ones created by fear, holding one down because of personal gain, power and greed. Micro and Macro levels are reflecting each other, mirroring through experiences what we have learned, how far we have come in this journey we all are taken on this beautiful plane of experiences and challenges.

No one excluded, no one left behind. We only have to make the choice to live our lives from the deepest core of ourselves. Love in all its beauty and radiance, shining bright its own light,effecting all creation, to realize there is no box that keeps us inside bottled up and boundaries are deleted and released by the powerful energy of love.

And so it will be.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 7-6-2014