When you realize no action is the best reaction

When you realize no action is the best reaction
The past has taught me a lot about pro activity as in learning when it’s appropriate to be. Well it is my nature to be pro-active. So in order to learn when it’s the right thing to do, I met a lot of people who are the opposite. It took me a while to discover it had also to do with feminine and masculine energy.
We all have these 2 energy lines within ourselves and they present each their own unique way of relating to the outer as well the inner world. Pro-active energy actually is more the masculine energy, as is perceived by a lot of people. As to the receptiveness nature of feminine energy. So being gifted with this first initial addressing on events that are challenges to me, it is also a big lesson to learn. For me that is.
It has also to do with giving and receiving for me, because it was always easier to give, as to receive. Being open in order to receive was way more difficult for me. As was the way certain things need to play out themselves, before a next step can be taken. Therein lies my impatience, which is connected with my pro-active nature. Learning to speak and when to be silent, learning to act or react at the proper time. I believe we all can relate to this one way or the other.
For some it is easy to speak up their mind, for others it is the most difficult challenge. For me it is the hardest lesson to wait till things play themselves out, for all the chess pieces would fall in place. I learned to see how synchronicity works as well, the moment I was able to let it play itself out. It also had something to do with the different roles I play in my life, from being the child, to being the parent, being the daughter, being the sister. To being the lover, the wife of my beloved.
In every phase of our lives we encounter those challenges. Which comes with experiences ,that will teach us, how we can bring in balance between these 2 seemingly opposite energy lines within ourselves. We learn through the outer world about the way our energy is reacting to the challenges as well the triggers which create them.
It is about balancing between the duality of these 2 ways, no action or re-action. The way we tend to react, says a lot about the way we perceive ourselves as well our role in relationships. Social as well parenting are ways to learn how to develop either one of them. Also it teaches the tendency you have to participate or withdraw from a situation that requires one or the other.
The wisdom comes with the years for me. Even though I am aware of my tendency to be pro-active in certain situations, I still am learning when to react and when no reaction is required. On the tip of my tong lies my reply and most of the times, already spoken my mind. Being direct is not always the same as being honest.
Willing to learn I watched others to see how they might deal with a similar situation. My beloved taught me a lot about this and we were complementary to each other as well. When it comes to my kids, I have raised them teaching the best I could. Sometimes it was hard to not respond, yet I knew it was in their best interest not to interfere. We all need to learn our lessons in our own way and tempo as well.
Being protective to my loved ones created situations at times I stood up, being the one directing the issue at hand. Realizing I got the wind out of their sails at times. It took me many lessons, because it also back fired to me as well if it wasn’t appropriate or necessary, in order to comprehend the need to be able to receive as well as to give.
Their needs to be a balance within. If there is no balance between giving and receiving, we will always come across challenges. There is also an element of control in this process. The need to influence the outcome in some way by protecting those that are weaker, not able to defend themselves. Watching our kids growing up to become the wonderful adults they are, it also demanded my own way to act or react.
Only by determination there is this internal process of healing the issues that lie beneath the dis balance of give and receive. I don’t believe in the giving and taking expression. The way I am able to receive is as powerful as the way I am able to give. The most important thing is to learn when it is time to do either one of these two. Both can be equal and powerful, healthy and enriching to the way we go through life.
The necessity of healing this distorted way at times between the two, is been showed in our day to day lives. Harmony is what we all strive for and need. Because there is the Love as the major key to be found. Loving both sides equally means the ability to know, when to act and when no reaction is the best thing to do. This will bring forth the compassion as well the kindness, when you are able to witness, without the need to participate.
Empowerment comes with the ability to know, when to trust and have faith. In the ability of each other to deal with issues at hand. How else can we grow and shine, then through our life lessons we chose. The parts that need the healing through experiences and learning. As every phase in our lives has a different input, growing up with ups and downs. To mature and internalize the energy that comes with love and wisdom.
Knowing when to step back or to stand up. A fine line between those different energies, the active and the receiving. When mastered it will bring forth a union within. In our own heart, mind and body settings the changes will be noticeable. The outcome on similar situations will be different. When you know not to react, because that is the best reaction.
And so it will be done.
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 18-6-2017

The moments you are missed

The moments you are missed


When you need a warm embrace and there is no one around,

What do you do about it?

Looking at a movie yesterday where a young couple started

their romance and exchanging their first intimate kiss,

I felt immediately, how much I miss your kisses and big hug.

Even though I sense your energy around me as well

the love swelling in my heart, my physical being

wants to be touched.

Heart to heart connection while making love to each other,

With each other, filled with the joy, laughter and happiness.

The Union we found within the eye connections when

our eyes hooked into each other at the same time,

being in sync even though there was a room filled with people.

The look in the car mirror we exchanged, when we were young

and the immediate recognition I love you and have loved you.

Moving through the days that has been behind me after you

Made your transition, there is this constant movement inside.

I miss you and I am with you, both energy waves are there.

I feel you when I need you, being aware of this sensation

In the depths of my heart, as well the spontaneous smile

That appears on my face.

So close and yet so far away in presence, yet never gone in

essence, of your soul, your big heart, your personality.

Growing and expanding even shining brighter as ever

Yet not for everyone to see and notice.

So grateful for those in my life, who are able to see your

Bright and tall light you present your self with at them.

As you do with me, by feeling this enormous wave of warmth

And love during an encounter,

filled with love and acknowledgement.

On solid ground most of the time with my new way

Of exploring how my life can enfold in this material sense.

Talking to you whenever I need some advice is something

A lot of people can relate to, communicating with the

Beloved after they made their transition.

In tears when I see something in a movie that relates

To you and your way of dealing with the struggles.

The enormity of this endeavor we both agreed on

As our souls contract and mission to move forward.

Through any and all that needed to be addressed

Healed and cleared from passed lifetimes and cruelty.

Because this was also part of this journey, how to let go

And bring in not just forgiveness, no in order to open up

And enabling to let all the walls come down in one big woosh.

Therein lied the bareness, the vulnerability, the dignity

As well the fears, sorrow and anxiety.

Love brought all the elements together and then some.

More is there to come because my journey isn’t over

And there is still a lot to do and to accomplish,

With you in my corner and having my back,

You will be as always the wind beneath my wings

Allowing me to fly.


And so it will be done again

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 15-6-2017


What is it about Empowerment?

What is it about empowerment?
There is a lot going on in our lives that is challenging. It is also about the way we are able to deal with the ones that are bringing up old and stuck energies. The way how energy is being blocked is also an indication of how we are able to handle them.
In our every day to day life we face many challenges, some are small other are more significant. It shows us how we feel towards issues that have to do with the sense of power we have. Power in itself is a neutral energy. Yet the way we deal with this, is influencing the outcome of any situation that is challenging. The more we can trust or feel empowered, the better we can deal with it.
So when do you feel empowered and what need you to do if not? The balance between power and powerless is fragile at times. When we have been in a situation that was really demanding and the infliction left you with the sense of feeling powerless. Therein lies the challenge again. Especially when it comes with fear and violence, as well denigration and humiliation.
Our whole life we are being challenged with these energy flows. Power is the most important lesson we as a human race need to learn to be used in a positive way. Choices we make in any given situation is colored by the definition of power we have. As well how domination is being part of power. Our history as well the present is showing us so many examples of the abuse of power, it is sometimes hard to see the positive use of power in order to empower everyone concerned.
Isn’t that what we all really are being asked for? How can I bring in empowerment in my life as well others? Because empowerment is about the ability to assist every one you meet , either family and friends, co-workers as well strangers you meet. What is it that I need to feel the power within me to deal with challenges and the day to day life? As it works from within to without in sharing as well relating.
The need to work with the energy that is been triggered in this area, has to do with the experiences I encountered either way. Every moment I felt someone wanted to use their power in a negative way, as in damaging and stepping over boundaries, I felt this trigger from deep within. All my life I had to learn to step out of a conflict instead of going full throttle when it came to this game of power.
I learned to read between the lines as well, the mechanism of this pattern about power. Personal power is something you can learn by growing and releasing emotional wounds that has had their imprint on yourself. Not just my own triggers, I could see how someone could act or react from the fear that comes with being overpowered. It is a complex energy tool to deal with, because it has all these seductions.
We all want to be safe, have a roof over our head, have food on the table every day, the basics we need to feel that way. Growing up in a society where only a few are in that position, is totally different as to growing up in the safety of a household where the challenges are not that outspoken.
We all now the way how tyranny is taken control over a lot of people, leaving them powerless in a certain way being suppressed with force and violence. This causes a spiral of negative energy that has its impact on generation after generation. Our world is being dictated by dualism, as in its either this way or that way in the eyes of some.
There is a lot of difficulty then to find a middle ground between groups, even individuals within their family. We only have to look at the amount of refugees at the moment, leaving their countries on the run and searching freedom to get some of their empowerment back. As in control over their situation, which is not necessarily the same as feeling the strength of having some power from within.
We can only learn through experiences to know which is empowering and which is not. We know the difference because one way will make us feel good and the other way will only add more fear or negativity. You might say some people love the feeling having power over someone, or maybe groups, or nations. I believe they are not in a position to empower themselves.
Most of the times, they act and react out of a deep fear, which hardens the emotional reactions. It is about acting and reacting for us in our daily lives. Learning through our challenges. Making choices, in order to balance or heal the inner need of having the ability to react out of love instead of fear. How do I create and what do I wish not just for myself, for others as well.
In order to bring in the energy of empowerment, it requires the wish to bring out the best of yourself.
By doing so, we can make this inner connection with the energy of power through our heart. Fueling with love, the wounds can be addressed and healed. Coming from love, we can always be able to see each other without the wish to inflict any harm on them. Then we can say we are not opposites any longer. We can sit at the round table again, the circle of life completion, in which we all can bring in the loving positive energy to empower each other.
Not only want to be the best you can be. It is about how you want to make the other feel as well. What is needed to assist in this process of empowerment. To be able to see the ways to bring in that loving assistance. Not for your own gain, for the higher good of everyone, including yourself.
Addressing my fears that are hidden now coming to surface, with love and compassion, enables me to allow, acknowledge, accept, release as well heal those emotional wounds. Every step I take will bring in more positive and loving energy which is the foundation of empowerment. Forgiveness for myself as well towards others is part of this process. At times even the hardest thing to do.
Till you remember, their actions didn’t came from love, hence it comes from fear. Compassion with a soul that acts out of fear, isn’t something we were taught. Yet to me, in order to work with this energy of power, I only want to do so out of Love in order to create a change. My heart feels for those that have lost themselves in this process of fear, that the only way they feel empowered is through abuse and violation. They have the hardest path to walk because they lost their innocence.
Accepting is not the same as agreeing. Anger is as much part of the healing process on my way to empowerment. Sorrow and tears are being shed, for myself as well those who inflicted it upon me. To feel free from any restraints is my way of empowering myself. To be able to stand tall, not out of fear, yet just filled with Love. Standing up and raising my voice when I encounter any situation where the balance is lost.
Am I my brother’s keeper? No, yet I am responsible for every act of violence, if I don’t speak up against it. We all need to be our brother’s keepers in a way. Taking our responsibility for those who are weak, in order to create empowerment again. We can create an environment together where we empower each other as well ourselves. It all starts within, it all comes from within.
Make Love the guideline to improve not just your own life, but that for all who are part of your community, family and friends.
And so it will be done.
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 10-6-2017

Me-Member the Unity within Yourself

Me-Member the unity within yourself

Today is about fulfillment,
to ME-Member the unity deep
within yourself with the Vast felt Love
as a Spark of Divinity.
The energy you are aware of
when you can still you mind and go
deep within your state of Heart.
The sudden emotion that stirs up
when you get in touch with the
Unconditional Love from Source.
Which you can only recognize
because you understand the feeling
that has been ignited from within.
Keep it simple.
No fancy words are necessary
to understand what is going on.
The more words you are willing to give,
the more space you create for turmoil
And that is not what you are going
to experience.
Since deep within the experience
and awareness of the feelings of Love
there will be silence.
No need to explain to your self
because you immediately will understand
and recognize in this Sacred Space
within your Self.
Just feel the unconditional Love
and Know this is You,
connected with All that Is.
Whatever Name you were giving it,
there is no more need to put labels
or names to this experience.
Just knowing you are loved
and beloved without any limits
or boundaries, in an unmeasurable Way.
To Be in the Center of your Heart
Expanding and exploring the
Depth of Love.

And so it will Be.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 14-3-2014


When you want to perform to be the best you can be

When you want to perform to be the best you can be


Sometimes people want you to perform and deliver your best effort, in order to challenge you to do the best you can. When this is out of love, it will be not just a challenge, it is also about trust for the best interest they have in you. I think we all know those attempts to perform, one way or the other. In so many areas there is this demand to perform in something you are not always comfortable in. We know how to excel in those we are good at, comes natural or gained through hard work and perseverance.  In this case it is about writing an article about the  topic Perform which includes performance as well the need to be able to deliver something worth reading.


When writing is something that is so much part of yourself you cannot ignore, it is not so much about performance, as well how to perform to be the best I can. High standards I have in order to write something worthwhile reading. Yet I also know I write because I can allow the words come to live on paper when given a topic. At school writing essays as well setting up a story with a topic nobody really wanted to talk about. So you could say I love a challenge, as well to speak my mind and show my interest I have in certain areas. Like the way how groups interact and are being dominated by just one person at times. Instead of using the common interest in having a sound and transparent community as a group, with social boundaries about behavior for instance.


Psychology always had my interest and being an observer I love to watch the dynamics between people since an early age. How do they perform within a group when they are been given a  task? This might be on a physical level. Like playing within a team of sport, or as an individual competing with others to win the highest award possible. Don’t forget that these types of performances are been judged and rated. We all know the numerous shows, like the ability to show your greatest talent, or determine who will be the best vocalist in the land. Like this is something that comes with our human nature, the competitive streak. Also known as the will to win and be the best, so you have the most power.


Wars have been fought for it, power struggles are still going on worldwide in order to dominate through winning. Not always through the most uplifting performance. When a group of people is forming a team to perform a task, they only can succeed if they team up together to bring forth the best possible performance. Each member must have the will to perform the best they can. Also they will have to learn from each other the strengths and weaknesses, in order to learn how to perform for the best result. They also have to accept the fact each one has a different tempo, or a different way of achieving. Where to set the bar, for the best result as a group, envisioning the best way to perform.


To perform is sometimes about being efficient, other times maybe about synchronicity. In order to perform any task, it is necessary to know the content as well which direction you want to go. So when it comes to writing an article, of course I want to achieve the most optimal performance. To get your attention, to hold your attention till the last sentence. To make it interesting, an easy read or listen to. Yet also, to bring in a different perception or perspective at times. To show a bit of my inner world, in order to allow the article to be written. Because I know, I can only write and perform at my best, when I allow the words to come out. Don’t intervene to much whit the flow of the words. So to speak, because that prevents me to get stuck in the logical mind or mental mind.

Allowing the words to come out, about any topic, it also assists me to get more and more into this creative performance. That is where I find my passion to write. In there I can let the inner knowledge and wisdom come out in order to be shared. I love my writing to be of high standard as well appealing to others. So in order to perform to my best ability, I have to connect with my inner source and heart. Because there is where my creativity comes to live. Tapping into this energy field, I am able to perform in a way I never would have held for possible. I know I have a way with words since I was a kid and it not something to brag about. It is a quality and a gift I have and needs to be used in a way that it will be serve its purpose as well. To perform to my best as possible and deliver my best performance.

When my articles come through the Heart as well the Love, I can trust and relate on my inner source to bring out my best performance. For that moment in time, that is. It is always the Now moment we excel or perform on our best. Practice and training will offer the fruits and perseverance will bring in the results of progress. Yet in times, of change, or differentiation, the challenges might differ as well the outcome. So, when we want to perform just to be the best we can be, there is no such thing as failure, or judgement. You know you did the best you could do at that given time and moment. And that’s all you have to do, isn’t it. Be the best you can be.


And so it will be done.


High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 5-6-2017


When roles are shifting out of the ordinary

When roles are shifting out of the ordinary
When life throws you a curve ball
It is up to you to catch it and work with it.
It may be out of your comfort zone
And not something that might be easy to do.
Yet it offers you an opportunity
To step out of your normal routine.
Isn’t it all about balance?
How to get rebalanced again when it happens.
Every thought and emotion that come up.
Because of the changes they need to be looked at
In a different way and also different perspective.
You are no longer the same as you were before
Due to the challenge that lies within each new
Experience as well the way we relate to it.
This is a constant factor in our life,
Weather we realise it or not, it is an ongoing process.
Life is all about change and growth and we can
Adept or fight them, allow to come up what is there
Or ignore what it wants to let you know.
There are situations that have a small impact
Yet others will be a real challenge for it is a shift
Most of the times it depends on the way we are
Able to adept or adjust to them how easy the change or
Shift will be.
Yet talking about out of the ordinary roles, there are a
Few that come to mind, like become a parent, or wife,
Or maybe the other way around, first the partner and lover
Then the father or motherhood, which can change into
The grandparent thing as well.
To be able to stay in touch with the inner core of ourselves
To me that is the biggest challenge when life throws me
A curve ball directing me in a totally different direction.
Not always one I choose, sometimes one I really don’t want
Yet every time change comes a shift in perspective is needed.
It takes courage and strength at times to go through the
Normal routines that no longer feel like normal,
Yet become out of the ordinary.
When the role of caretaker shifts into taking care of one self
And the experience is not being a smooth ride.
We all go through these different phases in our lives.
In every lifetime we experience the loss of someone we love,
The different stages in our lives, either personal or professional.
They all require a new way of finding a balance again within.
The more we can release of the emotions connected to the
Experiences that are causing hurt, pain, sorrow or fear,
The more we are able to embrace a different role
Life demands from us to accept,
To create a new balance
Within the core of our heart and awareness,
The better we are able to step into our new role
The best way we can and know.
Love will always be of assistance and all we need
Is to allow and trust the healing power that lies within.
By doing so we will create any role, even out of the
ordinary, for we can stand on firm ground and
have confidence by letting Love show us the way.
Self-love is a major component that enables us
To step in to any role that is been created to let go
Of any that is holding us back to be the best we can be.
For we are Creator and Creation all wrapped up in one.
And so it will be done.
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 27-5-2016


Make your Heart a sanctuary and Self Love your security

Make your Heart a sanctuary and Self Love your security.


Ask yourself why you judge and condemn yourself so harshly. Be willing to follow your Inner shadow processes in order to learn from their Gifts. This advice today was coming in loud and clear for the past few days have been all about the inner shadow processes. I know these are holding the gifts for me to learn and heal, as well receive. When the energy shifts and emotions are coming up it is always a sign I need to be aware as well watchful. This means as well going through the emotional eruptions as watching as an observer what happens and what triggered it.


Am I judging myself or being too  hard on myself? Yes I am at times, I know that from my lifetime experiences and all the steps I had to take to let go. The judging as well harshness is mostly internalized anger to hide the sorrow that lies underneath. The drive as well the need to be doing the best I can and not always as compassionate with myself. It took me some hardship as well challenges to deal with. I could be the overseer for everyone else, except myself. I am able to take a high view to oversee the situation when being asked to do so. Blessed with this gift, it is not always the easiest to use it for myself. It has a lot to do with the way I blame myself for being stubborn and go through the same lessons again.


Loving myself required more acceptance as well the ability to learn to accept and allow what comes my way. This enables me to be the observant, as well the participant. I can see the obstacles as gifts the minute I accept them as my tools and teachers. Going deep within the emotional state that comes with sorrow or anger, confusion or resistance. In the darkness lies the gift, for this enables me to move forward. I know this, I have learned this along the way. My little black box so to speak, showing me what needs to be healed. By doing so, it releases every emotion or stuck energy that is connected with it.


It is at times the most difficult challenge, when confronted with old patterns that are changing. Not because  I had a hand in it. Change because the other party is changing the pattern. Leaving me with empty hands it seemed at one point. By letting go it also created space and this enabled me to watch the process from a different angle and overview. The expression of myself in any role I took upon myself this lifetime is a  constant flux. I need to surrender to this constant demanding of letting go, by releasing old patterns that kept me from loving myself. Otherwise, I will stay stuck in this emotional state. Taking a step back also means letting go, let the situation enfold itself because I have no part in it. That was my first shock, I wasn’t part of it any longer. I had no control in this situation, which created this trigger and what was hidden underneath.


Losing control over my own life as well the situation at hand triggered this fear of being left alone. Not part of the decision making any longer also showed that the situation has evolved and I have to go with this evolution. It is either that, or creating more fear and tension on top of the old wound. It made it clear, what residue still lingered in the deep. This works as a tool to me, for the knowing of this old pattern holds the key to heal it. The love I feel towards myself as if I am depending on the confirmation from the outside. Letting go of this need, it enables me to bring in this Love energy within this challenge. Witnessing the wounded part covering with loving energy is setting me free.


Time to heal the parts hidden in the shadows. Through love instead judging or condemning myself my Heart will open up more and more to myself as well. By doing so, my Heart will be the guide in every step I take. When I get troubled, all I have to do is go inward, step into my Heart space and know I am loved and cared for in this space. Every emotion I can bring in this sanctuary that is being created through loving myself for who I am. With all my flaws as well gifts I have received through love. This makes my Heart space my sanctuary and my ability to love my self creates a secure surrounding. Allowing me to be all that I can be. All that I want to be.


And so it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 26-5-2017


Freedom – what is it all about?

Freedom – what is it all about?

Freedom is just about making choises, choises in life and the choices are based on perception, beliefs, emotions, patterns. So it is hard sometimes to know if you make the right choice, for Your Self and the other.
Micro – Macro, it is one and the same, for you all are connected with one another. Every choice you make is like a ripple in the water, created by a pebble you throw in, it increases and effects way more then you can ever imagine.

If you want to be clear about the intention your choices are coming from, you have to know your Self. You can trust and rely on the feel if something is making you happy or sad, relieved or upset, those are the guidelines to know and come to an understanding which aspects are connected. For you know you can see your reflection in the outside world by the reflections you receive.

Even if it’s not your intention to hurt some one, it can happen just by choosing the words carefully and in kindness, or be as sharp as a raisor or sword. Focus before you speak, feel what lies within and be silent when the answers are not clear or you’re not convinced about the propper outcome.

In listening to another there is also a great lesson to be learned. It will tell you what kind of emotions are being brought to the surface, maybe even more so between the lines. Read the eyes, take notice to see what they are reflecting and if so keep in mind it is also a reflection of your self, since you also know this from own experiences and being empathic you will be able to choose more wisely which kind of respons is in need to create a situation that will benefit you both.

Be-coming aware, learning about the pattenrs that are created by old emotional wounds you will be able to understand more easily why the other is responding in some ways.
Even if they are not aware of it themselves it will give you the opportunity to make a descision witch will create a space of love and understanding and you are free to make your choise right then and there.

That’s your freedom of choice. It is up to you to decide if you want to be happy and fulfilled instead of being unhappy, resentful and stick to the old ways as patterns that have been created over a long period of time.

You can choose Love, you can choose Life. For Life and Love are One and the same. Without Love there will be Fear and where is Fear there can be no Love.
Free your self from any burden that is keeping you from the Love in your Life. Embrace every opportunity that will appear to shed your Light on it and share the Love that comes from within for Your Self. As much as you Love Your Self, that’s what you will be able to bring forth.

Unity with Self creates Freedom and leaves a big imprint on every one you encounter since they see their own Reflection of Self in You.
So choose carefully, dear one.

And so it is.

High Self – @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Message – 11-9-2013


Being present is the Key to the Heart of Empathy

Being Present is the key to the Heart of Empathy
You only can be aware of your surroundings, If you are fully present in the Now moment. Only then you can sense the present energy, that is coming from those around you as well. How do you address your ability in any type of situation you are finding yourself in? What does it take to be able to sense the energy field and be able to connect with the emotional body as well the mental and physical bodies.
The aura around someone is not visible for everyone, you have to be able to sense it with your other senses. As well, your ability to read the layers that you feel is part of the whole in all its complexity.
Being present is not just a term to describe a way of being, actually you have to be aware. Being is a first step to know who you are in all his or her depths of lifetime experiences. How aware are you of your personality, your inner knowledge, your inner wisdom as well the stuck energy that comes from experienced challenges as well the uplifting ones.
Being requires you to be fully aware of your body, mind and soul connections as well. Being present also means you can be in the Now, in the now moment instead of just being scattered between past, present and future in your mind set as well your memories that pull you back.
Being an empath is a totally different experience, because of the ability to be aware of the energy fields which are surrounding you every day and every moment. Being high sensitive to energy fields, you are only able to Be in the present now if you are aware of your ability and know how to master it. It is not just the imprint people around you present. It is also about the matrix energy fields that come in, as ripples as well waves of energy in all its forms. It is easy to deal with the positive energy even if this isn’t yours at the present moment.
Yet without being aware of this ability and all that comes with it, it is hard to be fully present in the Now. So how does this connect the Heart of the Empathy, as a key to the ability of being present? As you will discover through your experiences, the emotional waves from within, all held stuck energy. Which needs clearing as well healing if it is from wounded parts or aspects within yourself. Being raised in a certain way, what you were taught as a child. As well the different roles within the duality of this earthly plane, makes a difference of the outcome of your initial soul’s mission, to come to this Earth.
You cannot carry the sorrow and pain of all mankind on your shoulders. Even though your ability to feel and sense, is making you a tool of the stability of the energy waves. It all starts within, as an empath the main thing to learn is to be aware of your own inner world and signature. Love is the key to all that is stuck and needs healing, for every challenge you have experienced as an individual.
The key to the heart of an empath so to speak requires to be present in every situation and occasion that may cross your path on a daily basis. The only way to learn about your abilities as an empath requires this knowledge, knowing the different wiring as well the results of encounters, which creates internal wounds on physical, mental as well emotional levels that need healing and balance,
Most importantly, the need of Love coming from within. Not depending on the love of others to know, who you are as an empath. Crazy ways that will be shown and magical moments, that will appear, when you can rely on this inner Being present. Bringing awareness within every situation you come across. Key element which will enable you to find the heart of the internal as well external worlds of which you are part of.
We are all connected with the energy surrounding us, inter connecting on so many levels. Choices we can make, because we have the ability to choose. If we stay in the Now Present, we can act on the triggers we receive, in order to acknowledge as well allow. That’s the way which allows us to be present as an empath.
Through our ability to love, through sensing wounded or stuck energy, we are also able to have compassion and it enables us to see through the veils of hidden aspects. This is the gift in being an empath as well. Being present from within our Heart enables the empathy towards others to stay out of judgement as well condemnation.
Once we have healed these parts within ourselves, we can share this with others as well. In order to know and learn, you have to be present in the now moment as well coming from the Heart. Once you have found the key to the heart of empathy, you are able to be present.
And so it will be done.
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 19-5-2017

What is it about Suppression?

What is it about Suppression?

Suppression is being done by both sides, the moment the power shifted. The moment the shift between energy feminine/masculine was entering duality through incarnation. You are a child of light as much as everyone else..

Through lifetime experiences the balance between both energies got distorted.. we not only have to heal the feminine wound as well the masculine

Yet you can only start healing your own wound.. from within.. the accident, or incident ..your soul’s mission to come here in the density of 3D as a human being your soul incorporation.. with the issue at hand.. restore the balance between male/female energy from within.. then there will be no battle left..

You sweet one has chosen this lifetime to finally restore this inner balance.. to be the giver as well receiver ❤ to be love in all its aspects as well bringing all aspects home again ❤ Love for your self is priority number  1.. as long as there is doubt. lack of. you will search for it outside yourself.. from within you can heal this emotional wound, conflict, through the emotional, physical, mental and etheric bodies.. healing the present will also clear and heal the ancestral lines past as well future.

Your focus… breathe is one tool that will assist.. going inward your sacred Heart is the other.. there you will find the unconditional love, the Christ energy as well Buddha energy filled with compassion and kindness to be filled every cell of your being.. this is the time your soul wants to incarnate within your physical being here in this time frame..

You are scattered as well scattering the energy you need to heal your own emotional wound.. feeling lesser as a woman.. feeling the one responsible and acting on it, give as well receive is needed to be balanced out because now you are out of balance. causing turmoil within your emotional as well physical being.. you are at a point in time to be able to change the outcome.. not because you want to heal everyone else , just because you start by healing your own inner world.. bringing love in every cell, bringing light in every cell, bringing in compassion for you in every cell, kindness as well gentleness.. so you can release the hurt, the anger  but most of all the sorrow

Your emotional wound isn’t just yours.. it is an universal wound as well, therefor we are getting assistance from the light world, the energy of the light masters as well the angelic beings. in order to bring in back harmony in our own system.. individually as well humanity wise.. it all starts with in our selves.. to bring in the love and accept and allow the knowledge as well the wisdom that is coming out of the dark spots hidden behind walls, doors. There you will find the Diamond  with all her facets.


High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages, Channeled May 11, 2017