When do you know you’re ready?

When do you know you’re ready?
Going through an intense period these past couple of weeks which had to do with releasing old patterns as well partner. I hear this phrase for week now, please release me let me go. I know that I always receive messages through lines of a song. So for me this was like, why and what are you want me to do. I knew this would come from my love on the other side of the veil.
As I was pondering, what it could mean for me, it dawned on me it might be time for a new phase in both our lives. Because it doesn’t matter if either of us are not in the same dimension, we are inner connected with the changes as well the healing processes.
I learned to trust this connection over the past 18 months since his transition. I knew it through the emotions that would arise, which were not my own to deal with. The intensity that came with it also brought up experiences we have had through our lifetime spend together. The love we held so high and new also such low points, were a way of honoring the deepest love we held for each other. In such a profound way, it enables me to feel secured and guarded.
So I take these messages not lightly, even though I felt some kind of resistance within. Even to the point I would change the lyrics I heard, into please release me, let it go.
Knowing I was cheating on myself, as well the messenger. So this accumulated up to this point this week that I no longer could deny the meaning it held. Our souls were on this journey together, with a promise we made to each other.
It was a deep clearing and cleansing period we had to work through when the cancer took of all the masks and shook down all the walls. So we healed each other while going through these steps and process. Love moves mountains, that’s for sure. We lived it and loved through the heart aches and sorrow, into the depths of the souls mission.
So what to do with this message of releasing him and letting him go? It implied that we no longer were connected in the way we have been. The deep love that connects us will never be diminished. Yet it would get a new meaning. It struck me in my personal emotions and feelings as being a wife and partner, a lover.
If there would be a change of our relationship, what would that mean to me on this personal level? Am I ready to let go my role in this lifetime? It shook me to the bone to learn that I already was taken a different route, on a different journey. My time here got a whole new meaning after his transition.
I knew it was me-time now. No longer the caretaker or the lover, it was time for me to stand on my own. Creating this lifetime from a totally new perspective. It reconnected me with my deepest inner awareness I never lost, yet was not fully opened in this personal journey. I had taken a step back, in order to give all my love and attention to my love and my family. So the big question for me was, am I ready for the next phase in my life. It took me into a new kind of awareness and perception of who I Am.
Knowing we are multi-dimensional beings, I knew that although my love would go on another lifetime journey, there always is this souls connection. All I had to do is to adjust to the idea it would be a totally different type of relationship. Yet it doesn’t mean I lose my heart connection with his soul even if he would incarnate.
This is a different kind of perception. As it took me some weeks to adjust to this question to let him go, release him. It dawned on me, he and I were sharing the journey together, yet not the same life lessons. I knew this all along. Only it became more apparent his week again with this release of the old way we have been together.
I can only move on and forward when I set him free to do the same. We will meet again in a different kind of relationship on this planet when he will commence his new journey. As I also know I will see him when it will be my time to make my transition. So when do you know when you are ready? The moment I felt the release as being ease, after the tears, the allowing, acknowledgement.
Most importantly the moment I realized, he will find a way to let me know he will be born again. With all the lifetimes we have shared in different roles, this will be another journey to enter in full faith and confidence. Because a love so deep will never be diminished or gone.
All I have to do is love unconditionally whatever this might bring. Stepping into a new phase on my own, knowing I am not alone. Focus on the steps to take to move forward, to learn and to grow into my being the best way I can. Both of us will be guided and guarded, as will our love be the cord that never will be broken.
This time it will be different for my love to incarnate because of all he has released. This knowing is enough for me to release him so he can continue on his journey. That was the moment I knew I am ready to let him go to follow through his own soul’s mission.
“ Love will last forever; deeply connected souls never really part from one another”
And so it will be
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 13-11-2017

When one soul’s journey comes to an end

When one soul’s journey comes to an end


When 2 souls are committed to one another

By promises to assist each other in this lifetime’s journey

Something changes when one soul is leaving

This material world in order to get ready for the

Next phase of its soul journey as will the other soul.

What we need to inner stand is the multi- dimensional

Form we as spirits can take in every lifetime we chose.

Going through a very deep soul experience this lifetime,

With a lot of healing and clearing through physical

Pain as well all the emotional issues that were brought up

The transition that was made at one point was some kind

Of celebration as well to all that had been healed.

Leaving me behind it taught me it had been a journey

With different kinds of emotional wounds and awareness

That had to be addressed for his soul in order to heal

And find this inner balance again to accept and break

It down to its fundaments again.

Naked and stripped from anything that tied him to this

Lifetime, only without losing his deep and immense

Loving nature for all of us along the way.

I felt the distance nearing in the past couple of weeks already

Although I wasn’t quite sure why or what caused it.

Waking up with the line of  the song please release me,

Let me go I somehow knew this was a message as well

A wake up call so to speak to let go of the old past journey

In order to enable the space for a new arrival in this lifetime

In a different way as well different type of relationship.

To let go of the old path we went together it also was demanding

For me to let go of this personal ego bound idea of our relationship.

The moment I was told you wanted to incarnate quickly,

It shook me up as well crumbled the ground beneath my feet

Because of the idea you would move on with your next

Soul mission only this time not as my partner and lover

The way we were destined and used to be.

I already experienced the depth of our love,

Way beyond any personal love affair and unbreakable.

So my journey is not ending here, you might say it also

Starts again in order to fulfill my own destiny of my soul

The further and deeper understanding of my inner being

Remembering the ancient esoteric wisdom which I knew

And by enhancing my gift of vision to see through the

Illusions of this 3d material world, enabling me to travel

Through time and space, bringing in these tools which I

Can use in excitement and joy for the next phase

In my soul’s journey.

Not separated, only different in shape and form,

We will be aligned and supporting each other

As we always have been doing since time was born.

May we soar as an eagle and set each other free


And so it will be done

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 10-11-2017

Vulnerability, strength or weakness?

Vulnerability, strength or weakness?


I am challenged all my life with this aspect. Setting myself up with an open heart and being vulnerable came with experiences which weren’t all that positive. Sometimes stepped on my heart, other times betrayed where I was trusting. These were all learning processes which we all have in our life. The more painful the experience was, there was always this inner response of closing.


Opening up to everyone who came into my life wasn’t always the success I thought it should have been. Yet there was also a different response as well. With an open heart and mind I encountered wonderful loving people as well, who validated and responded accordingly.


So when I started with my training and learning to work with energy, this way of opening up, was allowing me to tap into the ways of healing. Because of my high sensitivity and empath signature, I was already as a child able to tune into the energy fields of others. Not that I knew that as a kid what it was I sensed beneath the exterior.


Most of the times it was not aligned with each other. I learned a lot through the connection and bond with my mother. We were connected with a telepathic ability as well. When I sensed an emotional reaction within, which she didn’t showed, I asked her if she was feeling alright. I could feel the emotion within her, and it didn’t correlated with her reaction.


She normally would respond with reassuring me she was alright, there is nothing to worry about. This caused doubting myself because I knew it wasn’t true. Being a child this was shielded by her, because she didn’t wanted me to worry. It took me years later to realize, I always knew when something was up, or upsetting her behind her mask she showed me. Because she and I were so close, it was even more challenging to trust my senses and inner knowing. Years later when I was able to reflect on this period, I learned this is my natural way of feeling behind the masks people present.


So growing up with this quality to be open and tuning into the emotional state of mind, as well the physical, was coming with hick ups. You could say I was naïve to expect my open heart would be returned in the same way. Or Star-eyed as some would say. I learned people let you in their heart as far as they can and will let you. Even when you love them whole-hearted, or unconditionally. Vulnerability, what does it mean? Being vulnerable always had a somewhat negative resonance. A lot of people think that being vulnerable means you are setting yourself up for disaster.


If you look this up on the meaning of the word vulnerability its always connected with a negative reaction or emotions. Either being susceptible to physical harm or damage. Or being susceptible to emotional injury, especially in being easily hurt: a lonely child who is vulnerable to teasing. It even steps up when it comes to politics.


Like in the description of being Susceptible to attack: “We are vulnerable both by water and land, without either fleet or army” (Alexander Hamilton). As well open to censure or criticism. The word comes from Latin vulnerāre, to wound, from vulnus, vulner-, wound. No wonder we are having trouble with being or feeling vulnerable.



It also depends on the way we are being raised, in what kind of culture or religion. If the culture if very masculine orientated, the way vulnerability is perceived will be more negative. Religions can teach us how to be loving in an unconditional way, with an open heart. By using examples of gurus, masters, angels or other ways of expressions the awakened state or ascended or transcended being.


Yet humanity has used religion as well politics in a way we are susceptible to attack, and open to censure or criticism. So we didn’t learn to trust on being vulnerable as a sign of strength or courage for that matter. Vulnerability isn’t connected solely with a negative perception? Vulnerability is at least something that we all can connect with, and recognize as well through our life experiences.


Yet I have also experienced that letting down my guard so to speak, trusting my inner knowingness as well my ability to love isn’t always wounding. On the contrary, it is an uplifting experience when I am able to be in my own Heartfelt connection. It is giving me confidence in the way I can relate to people around me when I don’t expect the same in return. The minute you let your walls tumble and are reconnected with this inner fire of Love, there is no such thing as fear of being vulnerable.


We are letting go of our masks along the way when you choose to walk the path of Love instead of fear. Healing and releasing old emotional wounds as well those that are still present. The freedom we create during this process is immense. The way we can tap into our inner nature which comes with a big heart filled with love.


Fear is vanishing because where love  exist fear cannot. Vulnerable gets a whole new meaning. It is about opening up the lotus within the heart. It is about embracing every aspect not just within yourself. It is witnessing the pain and sorrow within the other person and the challenges they are going through as much as your own.


Not about wounding the other person by being vulnerable. Its honoring the way the other is able to open up and showing their faces, a miracle showing me all these places. Vulnerable or vulnerability is re-creating itself, the energy as being sensed as scary or something to be afraid off is changing. We can honor each other instead of the need to over power.


We can see the flaws with love and acceptance, instead of condemning them. We can turn it into strength instead of weakness. It all starts within. The only way to change a different perception comes through a heart that trust itself. Love instead of fear. Then this will change into a precious gift to receive as well to share. In loving connection with each other.


And so it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 30-10-2017

What is it about Patience?

What is it about Patience?

They tell me to be patience, to wait for the resolution of the process. Yet they forgot to tell me how to do that. Not being the most patient person on this planet, I realize that this is quite a challenge for me. Some told me it’s about control. Or asking me, are you having control issues? That’s even worse. For it inclines a judgement as well. How the need to have control in or over a situation might be negative. The tendency of planning and creating a schedule, in order to  create some peace of mind. To me that is not a challenge, to me that is something that comes natural for me. I dislike rubble and cloaked communication as well.

Patience to me, is to be able to disregard the noises outside and staying within my center. It is about knowing what Is needed to be done, before I can make the next step. What is more difficult for me, is when I don’t seem to have a say in the matter. Yet the outcome will have its effect on me in the end. This is something I am not always comfortable with. That’s the part where I am told to be patient. You know, when it comes to down to earth matters, okay I can do that. Like with this major renovation in my apartment building at the moment. It will be a day to day adventure how to deal with the noise and the people that walk in and out every room of my home. Planning ahead is something I need in order to keep some kind of overview.

This allows me as well to keep a safe space within my home, where I can write and relax. Closing out the noises as well the smells. This bubble I am in, is also like a safe space to me. I know I am protected and guarded as well. How, well that is always hard to explain. There is a knowing, a sense of feeling safe no matter what happens around me. “No harm will come to thee” were one of the first lines I heard when I had to live on my own. I know I can rely on this type of information. It comes to me when I least expect it. I know it’s not me reassuring myself. It is something I am familiar with. When I hear, you are been taking care for, the angels are working hard behind the scenes, I know this is truth, by experience and example.

Does this make me more patient? Not always. Because the human part of me needs clarity and wants to know in which direction I am heading. I cannot oversee the whole picture, that I know. As well as I do know, there is this part in me, that does. I call it my Higher Self, yet it might as well be one of my guardians or guides I have. You are never alone, well that’s true for me, my team that is and has been supporting me over all these years. Invisible for the eye, yet not for my Heart and Inner knowing. So every time I am told to be patience I know I can trust it. Still there is this part in me that needs to be involved in that process. To be able to create it on my own so to speak. The tricky part of the 1 and the pioneer, is the urge to move forward and create new pathways. Explore new terrain.

Not used to being a team player in that area, although I love to work with likeminded people as well. Patience means: the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious. Well this is a challenge for 99% of the population I guess. Because I have been told this is part of being human. Always want to go ahead instead of waiting the moment it seems to be clear to go forward. As an individual we can achieve this momentum. So I have been told, and yes there have been many occasions I knew this to be true by experience. What is the hold up now for me, that this is been triggered again. In a new and different way.

I find myself on a crossroad of sorts so it seems. Writing has my passion as well exploring where the root of the issue lies. It is like a game of chess at times. When the angels work for me to get me to the next level, I know it’s not just about me. Others have to be in a certain position in order to get the pattern aligned. Necessary to reveal not just to me the meaning or the direction of my path. Growing as well evolving always creates change. This moment in time change is in the air so it seems more direct as well more intense. Moving towards another shift in consciousness or awareness. Fulfilling my passion as well my promise to become fully aware as well to be in service to others. Patience is part of this journey, as it has been part of my inner process as well.

So in order to be patience, I need to stay centered. Not sitting and waiting for the things to come. It requires another kind of practice. It’s more an active state, not a passive one. Anxious is part of stress, which is part of the unknown, which is part of control. We all know that drill don’t we. It is part of our day to day life. For some it’s their lifetime experience. A constant threat of danger and not being safe, not physically, not emotionally, not mentally. The experience at hand isn’t one of danger, or being threatened. It is more about fulfillment, about finally grasping the promised fruit. Not like Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit. No this is about coming to fruition, inner balance on all levels.

So my anxiety has to do with the feeling and sensation of I can’t wait, I want It now. I want it all. That’s what I said last week to someone and immediately this song of Queen popped up. It’s time they said, to release and let go, forgive your brothers and sisters. Let go of any kind of anger and sorrow. Clear your system from any kind of rumble that still is trying to bring you pain, in order to enable you to move forward. This is my part of the deal to work on. My assistance is the other part of the deal. As it is for each and every one of us. We all have our own team of workers, that are having the best interest in us. At times even more then we have for ourselves. Becoming aware of this, also enables me more, to stay focused as well aligned and in tune with the energy.

Patience is always connected with your emotional state. They say it’s a virtue. Well I am not on board with about that, because if you’re not patience, it’s more like a judgement saying you miss out on a virtue. We all have moments in our lives, we can be patient. Yet we are challenged along the way, as long as we are been triggered. It is a big part of our lifetime experience, that’s for sure. At least in my lifetime. Addressing the issue at hand, to feel in balance within, I cannot ignore the triggers. I can only deal with what is presented. For now, it’s about trusting the guidance and support in my favor. This resonates well within my heart. So I am more at ease as well able to wait for the next step.

And so it will be

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 19-10-2017

The Presence of the Mystic Rose

The Presence of the Mystic Rose

Receiving the image of the pink/red Rose
As a token or symbol for healing and clearing
Of the emotional wounds that needs to be healed,
In order to restore the balance of the inner wealth.
The Devine feminine energy is represented
With the pink/reddish Rose to be understood.
It stands for the compassion and love
That enables to come to fulfillment the sacred
Female energy as in the Mother has been presented
The Mystic Rose has the ability to be used as a token
Within the energy clearing of issues that are connected
With these aspects within the female energy.
Nourishment, caring, loving and compassionate,
Are traits of the female energy as we perceive it.
To be presented as a healing code to work with
The Mystic Rose is something that also brought
Back the memory of something someone told me
So many years ago during a regression, to have
Mother Mary close by me to assist me in my life.
It’s about the universal energy of the Divine Mother
Not just the personification we know as Mother Mary,
Through the churches and stories in the Bible.
It is about the Divine Energy we also can find in
Quan Yin, Kali, Athena, or other goddesses
we know over the world.
To me it is always about the essence of the energy
That is presented to me in my daily existence.
Male or female encounters are always colored
By the way their energy represents itself.
With the vision that comes with the tools and trades
Of being the empath, this Immaculata energy
Is offering me compassion,
as well the need to be the protector of innocence.
This is such a powerful energy to be in connection
With for as long as I can remember.
It also enables me to bring in the balance between
The female as well male energies within my system.
It assisted me to be not just a mother and grandmother,
A wife as well a daughter, a lover as well a friend.
It connected all the qualities we see in the female
As well the male. It gives me the courage as well
the boldness to step up the plate whenever I saw
Injustice or brutality to be done to others.
It is not just about the mystic way of perceiving.
It assists me to bring it into my daily life.
it offers me the opportunity to see with the eyes of compassion,
As well with the eyes of the one, who will take action.
The initiation of the Mystic Rose is more than just a symbol.
To me it is bringing it all together within,
The inner knowledge as well the ancient knowledge
The memories about earlier times and past lives.
The commitment I made to honor and respect
All life in any shape or form.
To love, honor and obey to the universal law of Love,
To be the guardian as well the nourisher of those
Who are in need of understanding and compassion.

And so it will be.
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 17-10-2017

When Soul’s alignment comes to fruition

When Soul’s alignment comes to fruition
So in ancient times a soul made a decision to create through separation a human experience that would involve the duality that Gaia represented at that time and humanity that lived on her soil. The only way to learn was to agree to a separation within and to choose for a feminine and masculine part of self, for the Divine Spark always holds the essence within each soul.
It was in the Atlantean time that our collective journey started, you and I, separation by choice to experience the difference between the feminine and masculine energies embodied in 2 hu’man beings and no longer as One soul, divided and separated after the downfall of Atlantis.
This is where my search for experiences started, locked into the magnetic part of my soul’s presence over time and time again. We met in several life times on Earth to rekindle, recognize and learn, experience each in our own way and together all in order to bring in this Re-Union again. A lot of memories are about healing and energy, both in ways that were not always understood by my surroundings.
I recollect some of our shared lifetimes, married with children, sometimes the experiences were hard to handle and brought more distance. Other times it was about family and what we do to protect our kids as well each other. All these are being accumulated up to this life time. It seems as if we are going through so many lifetimes to be able to connect on this deeper core within ourselves. And we do this each in a different way, in a different pace and from different angles.
As we now both experience the coming together of both our parts as One finally united, wherein all old emotional wounds are being cleared, identified, acknowledged and released for the highest good for both of us as divided parts of the whole again in Unity and Oneness.
To establish Healing of the highest vibrational Source in physical, emotional, mental en etherical bodies. Both mine and yours, where the merging within of High Self is the conductor of the realignment and through this magnetic field we will Become more then we were divided.
As well as the One soul we initially were, because we learned to bring back the High Source Energy in our relation with Self and so as well with each other to rejoice our reunion as rekindling the connection with the Ancient Esotheric Knowledge again.
So we can use these tools with joy and excitement with enhanced vision and enabled through time lines travelling, to create order in the chaos and build new possibilities, as well structures, that will enhance all that are connected within this vibrational field and the Knowledge will come forth through the Heartfelt Truths as the mediator this time.
New reality will start to come forth for Humanity in all divers areas of health, abundance and most of all: liberté, equalité and fraternité or in English freedom equality and brother/sisterhood of mankind. For the highest good of all of Creation.
And so it will be done.
High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)
Heartfelt Messages 22-9-2015

When Life turns out to be a Feast

When Life turns out to be a Feast
When life takes a turn and you think it isn’t in your best interest, it will trigger a lot of negative emotions. We tend to feel upset or angry, filled with fear or doubt, if we don’t understand what happened. Or how it possible could benefit your existence. When things crumble under your feet, there you will find the challenges. As well what kind of choices you will make to deal with the new situation. Awareness is part of this way of your perception. The observer is possibly more adept to view from a different kind of perspective, to notice what takes place. To be in a different more detached place to see the picture in a broader way.
What does it take to see how certain circumstances are assisting for a better outcome. When your life is at stake caused by nature’s eruptions, or human ways of violence and disrespect are part of your day to day life. These are challenging times for every soul. It comes down to the way we relate to each other as well our surroundings. In the way we are able to love ourselves as well others. In our different roles within relationships. Loving family experiences will create more abundance no doubt compared to those who are harsh and bitter. So how can we achieve a new way of perceiving the things life is dealing us with.
The difference for me lies in the way I see my own contribution. If I would take everything that has happened over the years as being the victim of them, I would be stuck. I would become bitter and hard, unable to see with a loving perception. What they did to me attitude, is one that creates a stuck energy within our heart and emotions. The way I experience the challenges that crossed my path, makes a lot of difference in the way I can see them as being positive. Or aspects that will allow me to grow to be the best of me. My choice in every moment that enables to overcome the setting of victim hood. I know that love is the only way for me to see how I enfold my life up till now and further more down the road.
It also has to do with the way I was raised. Take responsibility for the choices you make and the actions you take. As a child I was always questioned mostly by my mother, not only what happened, also what did you do. When I got into a fight or dispute, it is not about the other as much as it has to do with your own way of reacting to it. Each of us have a way of dealing with life’s challenges. This is colored by character, upbringing, social rules as well gender roles. Yet it is also colored by the way you want to express yourself in your life. Not just how you want to be perceived by others, yet the main thing is how you perceive yourself. Would you like to have you as your best friend? If not, for whatever reason.
Self-reflection is part of the process, which we don’t always appreciate or are being taught to do. It takes some awareness about the way the world around you is been effected by the way you react. The moment you realize you have an impact on those around you, just by the way you respond, your perception will change. You will come to the understanding life doesn’t just happen to you. It will create more consciousness towards the action and re-action participation you chose to behave from. Needless to say, your way of dealing with the challenges will have a major impact on the outcome. Instead of taking everything for granted or just the opposite, it will color your behavior as well.
I learned, sometimes the hard way, how to have a positive influence on the way I perceive Life. This didn’t happened over night I can tell you that. And what works for me, doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you as well. Or in the same matter. Learning how important it is to have a healthy and loving self-image. You can only give what you have to give. I was raised in a loving family and was taught the importance to be self-supportive as well using the talents I was given. For me it was the ability to learn and write, which came with a chronic interest in human behavior as well. The way psychology worked was of great interest for me from an early age on.
Looking at causes and effects the interactions had between people, was something that fascinated me. Curious by nature I always wanted to learn the root cause of the events that colored my path. Where fears came from, why certain things upset me, or made me angry. Like injustice. Yet also the ability to look at both sides and understand both parties in difficult situations. The more I learned about compassion and how important this attribute of love is, the more I learned about myself as well. Taking responsibility for my choices and actions also taught me that I have the power of influence. Every choice you make creates a different outcome. Every action you take will enable you to change the outcome.
So how does life become a feast? Most of us are walking through life with a heart filled with anxiety, or fears. When you come to the understanding it is all about limits and limitations, learning to set boundaries, yet stay flexible and ready to change, things are starting to change as well. So if you choose Love as your first priority, self-love and self-worth, you are able to deal with your challenges in a different manner. It will bring in more positive and uplifting experiences in your day to day life. One small step at a time will eventually grow into a major distance. A road of joy and happiness, when you allow yourself to fully love and live.
Make a party of your day to day life, start it with love and gratitude. Just for the gift of breathing and being makes it already a gift to treasure. Watch your thoughts and emotions, create loving ones instead of fear-filled. You always will find a way to be grateful and thankful for even the smallest gifts life presents you. The more you can allow this to grow, the seeds of love, the more abundance within you will perceive. It will be like a banquet filled with fruits. You will be able to trust this process and will take your responsibility without fear. That’s part of the experience life has to offer you. To be fulfilled with love and joy, abundance and happiness. Never settle for less.
And so it is.
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 26-9-2017

Clock wise or counterpart – reading time

Clock wise or counterpart – reading time
We are so used and trained to read the time which starts already in our childhood. Who doesn’t remember, as a 4 or 5 year old, we learned to read a clock. Either the digital for the younger generation, or the clock with the numbers 1 to 12. Not just learning the numbers, all the spaces between them, the minutes in an hour. Time was measured, divided in pieces to make it understandable.
A linear way of measuring so to speak and the world got divided in time zones. Measured by the Son and its journey, as we experience it in our reality. At one point in time these zones were set and regarded as a world clock to enable humanity to stay in touch with each other. In ancient times there was no such thing as a clock, nor did our ancestors needed one.
Progression or evolution is debatable for a lot of scientist.
Exploring the way we sometimes have one day short in a month, as we are accustomed to in the western world. Every culture had their own way of measuring time and dates. It depended on religion as well science when the new year would start. The more we got connected through the use of telex and telephony, the importance of adjusting to the different time zones became more important. Businesses were conducted within the different time zones. Some were going back in time, others forward. How effects this the global awareness as well our own awareness. Who is still able to work freely with time, because of the alignment with the inner sense of time.
Sometimes I feel time stands still and other times I have trouble to follow the speed it seems to take. Probably because of all the events that are taking place simultaneously all over our planet that creates this kind of confusion. Living in different time zones makes it almost impossible to wrap your head around it.
Especially when all electricity has been damaging the systems as well the internet and phone. Which makes communication even harder to reach each other over the world. A lot of people are travelling around the globe to find a new job, visit family or just having a holiday planned. It makes it so clear how much we are depending on the clock and time span we live in.
During a meditation time seems to stand still, when my state of consciousness is taking me into a journey through visualization or inner silence. At times I just come back into this present material world as if I had been in a totally different dimension. Not even aware yet not asleep. Different energy as well experience. Like you can wake up from surgery undergoing anesthesia. One minute you are under, the next you open your eyes and back you are in your bed. At least that is my experience during my surgeries over the years. What also amazes me is the lack of memory of what has happened, as well the time span I have been under.
I don’t always recall my experiences and only the clock shows how much time I have been out of the normal daily consciousness. Reading time is then my link to this reality I live in. At times during meditation I can also travel through time and space. Several lifetimes have presented themselves, back in time. Not in a dream state, yet in an altered state of consciousness, where time and space are not linear yet it feels like a loop of some sort. As does the way it presents itself in my present lifetime. Cellular memory bank holding the memories of ancient and past experiences that still need to be addressed and healed in my day to day life.
To be in this now moment it is about reading the essence of time. Not going back, nor moving forward, yet never standing on hold. Always changing and in motion for we move through the day time into the night time. Yet being fully aware in the now moment will enable me to stay focused on the things at hand. To allow what comes up or is triggered in any way in order to create a new balance within. So this will enable me to use time as a compass. It shows me how the past will enfold itself in the now. By paying attention and allowing the experience it also has its impact on my future. For the constant change and movement from within is showing how time works counterpart as well forward.
Changing the past experiences into this now moment of living, it will change my future time as well. Time can be a tool to use, or a tool to get stuck with it. We all know how time can be perceived in different manners. Using my inner clock I never have to use a watch, for I am always in sync with the current time. I learned along the way to trust this ability, as I do trust the way it sometimes seems to move in different directions. Moving through time is a totally different way of experiencing the way I can interact with situations and people around me. It gives me a clear vision so to speak.
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 25-9-2017

Whenever you let go

Whenever you are ready

Whenever you are ready to surrender
Into your own Divine Energy,
Particles of Love and wisdom
Will be activated to bring in more Light
Into your Being and integrating

The Divine Love deep into every cell
And atom of you physical body as well.
By allowing the income of this High Energy,
You will be changed on so many
Different levels of your Total Being.

Connection with all of Creation
Is an important aspect.
You will see the connection
And bring in this realization,
Which you always have known
To be part of you.

For you are built with the same unique
Sparks of Divine Source
And how it will Be apparent
To you that nothing is dividing
You any longer with all of Creation.

Your body is built in the same way
As planet Gaia and the sea life and four legged ones,
As well as the winged ones are build.
Life Force is flowing now directly
Through your veins,

No more distractions to seek outside
Your Beautiful Self.
Know now that you are loved
By no measurement,
You are beloved within all of Creation,

Every one of you, no exceptions
And you will be all part of this great plan
Created by God/Father/Mother to bring all the
Aspects of you Home again.

No more dividing, no more separation,
Since you and I are One
In all of Creation.

And so it will Be.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 30-1-2014

What is the meaning about True Heart Feelings?

What is the meaning about True Heart Feelings

Why does Fear dictates our ability to the amount of Love, or degree of Love we have for another person and creates this Experience of Pain when trust is involved.

If you speak of Unconditional Love, does that apply to your Self, you as a person, a Be-ing, or does this apply to the love you have for others?

If there is Unconditional Love with Self, there is always the part or aspect of Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness and Understanding. Knowing you don’t have to Be flawless coming to Earth and willing by choosing your experiences to Bring Home closer to your Heart.

If there is Understanding and Compassion through Awareness this will create also the ability within yourself to be able to look at the steps you make in life with Compassion and Love. In there lies the ability for Forgiveness to your Self by releasing and clearing any old flaws – emotional wounds caused by Fear.

So when do you speak about Forgiveness? Are you looking at the flaws in others and is it easier to forgive them, for Father they didn’t know what they were doing, instead of giving yourself the same intention? Since all the choices and decisions you made through Life that were not Beneficial to you only came out of lack of Knowledge, lack of Awareness, or lack of Self-Love at the time.

Why is it that this is so much more painful and is placing trust in someone else and we are feeling betrayed and hurt when the trust seems to be broken? Or is it easier to look at the other who caused the pain and blame them for the wound they seem to inflict in you?

And why is it so difficult to make amends when your trust in someone else is broken if it isn’t about You. Not intentionally to create a wound which was already there in the first place if your trust comes from fear.

Fear of abandoning, fear of not being worthy, fear of not being loved if the true cause lies within lack of Unconditional Love for yourself and you are seeking healing, not within yourself, but outside and place the responsibility in the hands of someone else?

Unconditional Love, Trust, Compassion, Kindness and Awareness starts within You, then the hurt caused by others isn’t about You any more.

The True Heart Feeling enables you to Love the other one unconditionally as well and then you will find Forgiveness and Compassion, because then you will Be able to see the Truth within the situation and then you can say, it isn’t about Me.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)
Heartfelt Messages september 2013