How communication can lead to agreement or disagreement

How communication can lead to agreement or disagreement

When we are connecting with each other, communication will be a key element in the way we are able to hear and listen, to read between the lines, or to sense the message beneath the words that are spoken or written for that matter. It takes a lot of self-knowing to understand the process when the communication seems to be full of judgment, or projection.

The way we are addressing the topics of our day-to-day business is always colored by our own perceptions. It is also colored by our upbringing and the rules we were raised with. There are many cultures and societies where obedience is the rule. Not to verbalize or speak up, against the way the parents are setting their rules.

I believe that this is a red thread so to speak through our division between feminine as well masculine energies. Abuse isn’t just about women; it is about men as well. The way we are being raised is an important factor in the way we can perceive ourselves. There is also this timeframe, about parenting in the period of the 50ies and 60ies.

Specifically in the Western world, where the two major World Wars were dominating the way the role between men and women were dictated. Not just through society, but through religion as well. The strict way this was perceived has been responsible for many traumas, emotional, physical as well mental. The roles of men and women were shifting through the 70ies, when women were fighting for their rights, the feminist was born.

Yet the way power was being treated within the relationships of families and relatives is a universal given. The duality is part of the division and the way how this was brought into the way we learned to perceive ourselves as well. Now, communication is a tool that is always colored by our own perceptions. As does the way we choose our words and language to speak up our minds as well.

If we haven’t learned it is safe to speak up one’s mind, it is more difficult to trust your own inner gut feelings. If they were denied from the start, how to find a way in trusting the words of others as well. It is also about the way how actions will support the words, or not. Because we can speak up our minds, yet if this is not supported by our actions, then it will lead to mistrust.

So, what makes communication transparent and honest? How can we communicate with each other freely, so we can come to an understanding as well as an agreement? Or at least, to agree we do not agree with each other, just because there is this genuine trust in the relationship. I can speak only of what I feel or sense as a reaction to the way it will be told or shared with me. If this comes from a place of telling me the truth, I have this allergic reaction immediately against the energy that comes with it. Now you can tell me how you see or perceive things as your truth.

Yet, this does not mean it is true for me. Or the other way around for that matter. And what is good for you, will not necessarily be good for me as well. So, this will create the space for alignment and agreement if we speak our minds and hearts’ feelings from our own perspective. To leave it for the receiving party to be free to go with the information or feelings, as well as to react from their own way of perspective.

Communication is a wonderful and precious tool, if it is coming from a place of love, understanding, compassion as well kindness. If the words are harsh or dominate the conversation, we all know the results. This is a macro-micro way of communication. The universal law, so to speak, we all learn one way or the other. We can observe it through our own family patterns, our friendships, and relationships as well on the world stage.

How communication can dominate an entire country, as well, as creating a negative outcome. This is not much different in our own relationships with each other. If you are coming from an abused relationship with parents, or partners, this will be a difficult lesson to learn. Because it is always connected with fear and dominance.

Not through love and care, an open relationship with parents in understanding, and the freedom to speak up your mind. Encouraged even to do so, not always to be seeing it the same way, yet respect for each other. This way creating a safe space where communication can flow, and issues can be addressed in a loving way.

Words are energy as well, the way we put them in a sentence. They will always reflect or trigger the person you want to bring your message across. For me, it is about being open and clear about the way I perceive things from my perspective. Creating an open dialogue, so to speak, where there is space to share and learn. Because we can always learn from each other.

Only with an open mind, we will be able to learn through the ways our emotional and mental lessons are being colored by our experiences. To understand, we need to have an open mind otherwise, we will not be able to hear the emotions that are hidden at times in the way the message is addressed. Through the ears and eyes of a loving heart, we can communicate and establish agreement.

Communication starts within, it starts within the way we are being triggered and how we tend to react or respond. If this is coming from a place of fear, the way we think we are not being heard or understood will create disagreement. The duality that lies within each of us, is part of our inner communication. Healing or bringing in the balance between reactions and actions is part of the way we communicate with ourselves.

So for me, all I can do is listen, within my own inner space. My reactions that are being triggered mean there is still something that needs my attention and wants to be addressed. Denying is creating even more disagreement, even within. So, to create agreement through communication, the key element will be Love. Love and care for oneself, will always reflect the way we are addressing the other one as well.

And so it will be done

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 6-6-2018

What can you tell me about fear of the physical plane?

What can you tell me about fear of the physical plane?

Is it because of all the memories that we all carry deeply ingrained within our cell memory banks about the cruelty and atrocities we as humans are capable of inflicting on each other in this unbalanced state we still live in, between male and female forces?
Is it not we are now on the verge of finally being able to bring in this so much-needed light and love into the world to create healing again and restore by doing so the sexual force energy, the life-presenting creative force of Life itself?

To be born in a body can cause immediate shock within the cellular memory for all the lives, being female or male, to become part of the soul experience and pathway I chose to walk. It’s more than just individual remembering of former attacks, sexual abuses, torture, violation, intrusion even sexual encounters coming from the dark places within where pleasure and pain were combined to the outer limits. Stretching beyond the bearable content of the physical, nerve-shattering experiences.

It’s a generational issue, going back to our ancestors, for it’s embedded within every DNA lineage to come to light to be healed so the energies between male and female energies can be rebalanced again, and by achieving this, we are able to restore the inner connections lying within the chakras of the lower body as well. The root and sacral chakra areas contain the great wheels of Karma issue holders, as well as the infinite Life force itself.

We are more than the human body. There is this inner knowing in our hearts and soul. Only by domination can we be brought to doubt ourselves, caused by unbearable pain, reducing a human to nothingness. Then there is this inner spark that needs to be rekindled again. Trust must be restored, not just through kindness, compassion, and love from the outside.

Trust within, in our own body again, which seems to let us believe it’s worth nothing or is too vulnerable, too fragile, the enemy almost for all it had to endure. Regaining faith and love for being embodied as a human being to surface again and understanding the beauty that lies within.

The strength and the courage it takes to go through this healing process and the perseverance that it requires is been shown in all the stories that are being told all over the world. Not just surviving, no, it takes more than that to stand tall again in a compassionate and loving way. Regardless, the outer damage that has been done and the inner scarce that needed to be healed.

This healing process can only be started through love, allowing, and surrender to this force of nature, where joy and happiness seem so far away going through the pain and sorrow, clearing and cleansing by tears shed in connection with all souls that had to endure to finale be brought back more within the deeper parts of the sacred heart to create a sacred reunion again within the self, for this will start a ripple in the pond of life, touching every other soul in recognition to be seen and felt and creating waves of love to bring forth the awakening, consciousness, and awareness.

Embracing the body again as part of the whole, the physical reunion with the emotional and mental planes through the most sacred energy on this plane field we inhabit together. Life energy in every breath we take, sharing and caring for each other again, respecting the boundaries, and at the same time honoring the connection we share with all the creation again as One Love, the breath of Infinity, Source of all Life.

Then we can become a light, embodied within and seen for all to come to the understanding of this awakening and healing process we all can achieve, shining as bright as a lighthouse, to be of service for all in need, for all to enable to open up again, for the inner beauty and love that lies within each soul and touching the very inner core of our heart.

And so it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 27-1-2015

Setting boundaries or losing them

Setting boundaries or losing them

Balancing your day-to-day routine
and your inner journey to release and let go,
the material world with all its issues
caused by duality and illusions, you will stumble
upon boundaries between you and the outside world.
And your inner world,
challenged to bring an end to the boundaries and duality inside,
in order to realign with your inner core.
Using the daily issues as a tool and also as a mirror
to explore, showing exactly how far you have come.

And isn’t this the same within your relationship
with others, your partner, your children,
your family, your bloodlines, or extended kindred spirits?
They are a mirror reflection of you also.
Showing you where you win or lose your grip
or the illusion of control.
Since they show you how deeply you love yourself as well.
To see them as a part of yourself,
for you can only recognize what is part of you
to see and sometimes hidden within as parts
you’re not really fond of bringing it out in the open.

So by becoming aware of these reflections
they are the keepers
of your inner treasure as well.
Enabling you to bring in balance within
to end duality and release all that
doesn’t serve you any longer.
For love has a way of showing you
even through fear and pain experiences,
That she is all you need and can rely on.
The love you give to yourself is the same
as the love, you can give to others.

This is your true mirror.
To see the reflections in the outside world
enabling you to let it grow and expand
inside as well as outside.
As the saying goes: as above û so below,
means also inwards û outward energy.
Don’t settle for anything less
Then to unconditionally love yourself.

For by doing so, you will create change
and not just for you.
Everyone else benefits and enables them
to see their own reflection,
through your love and actions.
And boundaries are an illusion in itself.

And so it will be.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ⌐
Heartfelt Messages 4-6-2014

So what is it about anger, And what has Love got to do with it?

What is it about anger?

The Seat of the Soul
Is where the Inner World
And the outer World meat

– Joseph Campbell

Dear one, there will come a time
you realize that every experience
Your Soul chose for you to have,
has always been for your highest good,
and filled with Love for you
to be able to bring in every aspect
that came with Duality and the choice
to learn through separation the Unity of One Self.
With every choice to experience
all the diversities that came with it
you lost the Overview and connection
with your Soul to enable you
to stay focused on the task ahead,
You promised to bring a good ending,
or rather, a new beginning.
The outcome will be more
then what you have started initially.
So about loving yourself instead of being angry
on yourself and your own choices you made
that created pain and sorrow and even hate,
these counterparts are the sides of one coin.
For in duality lies both positive and the negative
to be reunited in celebration with One Unity
within yourself, within your Creation and this
will be reflected and mirrored outside.
For all to see and recognize,
so they will be able to start their own healing
and reunion within themselves as well.
You are responsible for the choices you make
to become aware and conscious
about the real true meaning of Life’s Creation
and it’s Illusions.
Is it not you ask for Divine Insight
and Enlightenment to see through the illusions
of the Material Duality your world reflects?
Because it shows only your own reality
as within, so will it be outside and
as above, so will it be below.
When love is healing and becomes unconditionally
towards yourself for you to accept and allow,
and to surrender with open arms and open Hearts,
fully understanding, fully integrated.
So you will Be the New Human
as the Awakening sets in,
and Love is Key to every choice
and experience towards yourself as well.
Then there will be no room left for anger,
for Love leaves no space other than
to become the highest vibrational Component
of all of Creation that you can be.

And so it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages

If the whole world is holding on to you

If the whole world is holding on

If the whole world is holding on to you, and you are not holding on to anything, then you are free. Let everything come and hold you, but you are not holding anything. That’s how you leave the mind and enter freedom.
~ Mooji

This quote fits my emotional and mental state today. First, starting off with Matt Kahn and his lecture about the true Divinity within ourselves. Saying thank you for every encounter or upheaval I come across on a day-to-day basis. No matter what triggers it, if it is physical, emotional, or mental, just say thank you to yourself to start with. For taking care of me by giving me the signals to watch and making me aware, of growth and conscious awareness in every aspect of my life.

It touched really base this quote for it also implied letting go of the relationship my love and I shared in this lifetime. Because if I hold on to this physical presence of his soul, I will deny the change and shifts we are both going through. For I know deep within my own heart and soul, this was yet another expression of our deep love for each other. We are one of the pieces of the puzzle every time we engage in a new journey and soul’s expression. All our encounters sprung from love and returned to love.

If the whole world is holding on to you, means to hold on to the representation of our love during this lifetime. For you are my whole world, my love felt as deep as the abyss in the Ocean and as high as the rising sun on a soul’s level. My Heart always knew and knows you, every encounter we had and will have. You are as close to me as my breath and deeply connected, although in a different form and shape.

If I am holding on to the physical presence and the missing, the longing for what has been as a life experience, I will not be free of sorrow and pain, nor will I be able to let you grow into your next change of soul. You and I made this loop again, changing the dimensional state, so we can evolve and grow until the next soul’s expression wants to be. All for Love and Love for all, we believe that strong even through the most difficult life challenges, that needed to be healed, cleared, and released.

As long as I hold on, I will not be free. Let everything come and hold you, and I do not have to hold on to anything. That is key to our life experiences. Let energy come to you, not forcing any kind of energy to be something it is not by creating friction or resistance. Holding on to this personal image you represent during this lifetime is just a way of holding back instead of moving forward.

I know this might seem strange to a lot who are grieving a loved one going to the other dimension. If we could see each other differently energetically, we could all perceive the beauty and light every soul shines and has its own unique imprint. We can see this in the eyes of the other, the minute we feel it in our heart, the love, and warmth, the reconnection, the recognition of Love as being part of us.

This time it is up to me to let go of the material aspect in order to see You and know You through my heart and read the signs You provide me with even through the veil that prevents me to see the spirit of You.

So this is one of the hardest things to do, for I am also still on my own personal journey with you by my side. To grow and evolve, I must change my mindset as well. Letting go of memories of the past years by allowing the tears and sorrow to be cleansed and released is one way. It feels like the acceptance of the small me, to become Me, Myself, and I AM, growing through pain.

Taking off another layer or coat, so to speak, inside out. This is all about being free of all that is holding me back, stepping up to the plate to create a way that holds the best and most lovable experiences. I owe it to you, to live my life to the fullest, for that is your wish for me.

Let everything come and hold you, but you are not holding anything. That is how you leave the mind and enter freedom, as Mooji said, is a theme that will hold a strong image in my heart. Thank you for all you have given me, for all you will give me. There is no need to hold on, just the need to express my deepest love for you and our life together.

The mind does not have to create old memories, for I will create new ones, with you guiding and supporting me differently from a different place. I am never alone. All I need is the knowing and the deep Love we hold. We will walk the Walk of Hope together in union and commitment to Love. There I will find my freedom of attachments.

And so it will be done.
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 4-6-2016 

Activation of Your Inner Light

Activation of your Inner Light

Activation of your Inner Light

will bring forth more awareness

and will help to clear any

old residue in your lower body.

You will accelerate into your

Light Body with ease and grace,

enabling you to step out of

the old shell and into a new

Creation of Self.

Unity with all that Is

and uniting deep within your

Cellular being to come to

more understanding and connection

with all that is still unseen,

erasing the veil that stands

between you and your soul family.

Recognizing any you all are connected

with on this Earth Plane.

The Grid of Light will connect all

and bring forth the Inner light

of your I AM presence,

to be a force of Love and Compassion.

Your inner Buddha can shine

into the World, and Your

Christ Awareness will show the way

of Light, Love and Unity

with all of Creation in the Universe.

Creating a Center of Awareness

and remembering your own

High Consciousness to be a part

of you, as it always has been.

And so it will be.

High Self Rhea Dopmeijer (c)

Heartfelt Messages

Freedom – what is it all about?

What is it about Freedom?

Freedom is just about making choices, choices in life, and the choices are based on perception, beliefs, emotions, and patterns. So it is hard sometimes to know if you make the right choice, for Yourself and others.

Micro – Macro, is one and the same, for you all are connected with one another. Every choice you make is like a ripple in the water, created by a pebble you throw in, it increases and affects way more than you can ever imagine.

If you want to be clear about the intention your choices are coming, you have to know your Self. You can trust and rely on to feel if something is making you happy or sad, relieved or upset, those are the guidelines to know and come to an understanding of which aspects are connected. For you know you can see your reflection in the outside world by the reflections you receive.

Even if it’s not your intention to hurt someone, it can happen just by choosing the words carefully and in kindness, or be as sharp as a razor or sword. Focus before you speak, feel what lies within, and be silent when the answers are not clear, or you’re not convinced about the proper outcome.

In listening to one another, there is also a great lesson to be learned. It will tell you what kind of emotions are being brought to the surface, maybe even more so between the lines. Read the eyes, take notice to see what they are reflecting, and if so keep in mind it is also a reflection of yourself, since you also know this from your own experiences. Being the empath, you will be able to choose more wisely which kind of response is in need to create a situation that will benefit you both.

By becoming aware, and learning about the patterns that are created by old emotional wounds, you will be able to understand more easily why the other is responding in some ways.

Even if they are not aware of it themselves, it will give you the opportunity to make a decision that will create a space of love and understanding, and you are free to make your choice right then and there.

That’s your freedom of choice. It is up to you to decide if you want to be happy and fulfilled instead of being unhappy, and resentful, and stick to the old ways as patterns that have been created over a long period of time.

You can choose Love, you can choose Life. For Life and Love are One and the Same. Without Love there will be Fear, and where is Fear there can be no Love.

Free yourself from any burden that is keeping you from the Love in your Life. Embrace every opportunity that will appear to shed your Light on it and share the Love that comes from within for Yourself. As much as you Love Your Self, that’s what you will be able to bring forth.

Unity with Self creates Freedom and leaves a big imprint on everyone you encounter. Since they see their own Reflection of Self in You.
So choose carefully, dear one.

And so it is.

High Self – Rhea Dopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages

Summer is a state of Mind

Summer is a state of Mind

How is it we all yearn for the Summer to arrive, when we live in those areas where we experience different seasons? The way we look at this time of year is colored by the way the 4 seasons work. It also represents our holiday season in the Western world.

It will be experienced in a totally different way when you live in countries with a rainy season and flooding, or in desert countries, where the temperature is always high during the daytime.

In order to experience the impact, the change of the season has on your own system, you must be aware of the place you are living. After the Spring when every plant, and tree is coming back to life with flowers and leaves, we move into summertime. With the harvest time as well for the farmers of their fields of grain. Or the harvest of grapes to become wine. Summer is something we experience because the temperature rises.

It allows us to live more outside our homes, in our gardens, at the lakes and seaside. It allows us to experience the natural way of living with nature. When we are walking through the forests and watching the hillsides with the green and yellow colors. It is creating a different state of mind.

It changes the perspective the most when we are taking time to take it in. Breathe the freshness of the forests, the smell of the ocean, the wind blowing through your hair. The senses are stimulated in a profound way.

We expect different outcomes during summertime, the weather is a great part of this. With high temperatures, the risks for health issues are bigger as well. If we don’t take care of our bodies during the times we stay outside, the impact of the Sun may create issues. So, we need to be conscious of the way we act and react to the changes of the seasons. It is not just about the physical aspect; it is also about the way we are affected on an emotional level as well.

Summertime, how many songs haven’t been written about it. The way we react to others is also designed by the way we dress. The food we eat, and the way nature provides us with her abundance during this season. Music plays a part as well. How can it not? All our senses are touched during this season. The way we feel, sense, love, breathe and live is colored by the way we receive the energy of Summer.

The mind is also playing a big role in this interaction with each other. What do you associate with summer? How were your experiences during summer times, growing up as a child? What did you do during holiday times? Some people have bad experiences during summertime. Not everyone has gone on holiday, for instance. Some families don’t have the money or the luxury to go away in order to have a holiday. Within their own country, or otherwise.

Growing up as a kid, the way you experienced summertime, sets the way you perceive this season. The mind has set the way you are reacting or acting towards the holiday season or the way nature acts out during this season with tornadoes, storms, and heavy rainfall.

Some summers were wet and cold and didn’t live up to the expectations. Disappointment when the weather wasn’t what you wanted it to be. For farmers as well, when there is a dis-balance with nature, so their crops were not all they could have been.

Growing up in a country with lots of wet summer days, as well as high temperatures with humidity, summers could be challenging. It depended on the way we were able to spend it, and how we would perceive summer. Once you let go of expectations about how you would like the summer to be, your mind comes to rest. Acceptance comes with it, to color each day as it comes. Enjoying the company, the scenery, the temperatures, the issues. For these are being triggered as well.

Once you spend time together free from work, in your own home environment, or out where else, through the lack of pressure, shifts happen. We all know how people go on holiday, have a heart attack the first day, or argue all summer with their partner.

The expectation of not having to work, just relaxing, and letting it all go, isn’t always present the outcome you had made up your mind about. Letting go of all control isn’t always the best way to relax or find some freedom to be without worries.

We have this vision in our mind, of how we want our free spare time during the summer days should be. Which isn’t always met in reality. Not from external factors always. Also, our internal factors play a major part in the way we perceive summertime. It’s a personal journey, based on many factors, if summer is perceived as something magical and joyful. Our own mindset is the base for our perception as well as expectations. Summer haze may be a warm, comfy blanket wrapped around your shoulders.

It can be romantic with walks on the beach or promenade, with laying in the grass on a plaid during picnic time. It can be all that you want it to be. With the right mindset, you can create a magical summer. Now there is no right, nor wrong for that matter. It is about the positive energy you can bring to the table when it concerns your vision about summer. Love and light bring in the balance between the experience and the mindset.

With that being said, I want to wish you all the best in Summertime with your loved ones. Enjoy your quality time together, and work through the necessary issues with love and confidence. Find comfort in the togetherness as well. Bring in the positive energy together to create a harmonious and loving time well spent.

Love will create the best mindset ever to have the most wonderful summer of your life. Every time and every moment can be treasured as a gift.

And so it will be

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages, June 3, 2019

What is it about Dignity?

What is it about dignity?

The mo­ment I de­cided to write about dig­nity, thoughts were fol­low­ing them­selves up about the mean­ing it has for me. It has to do with be­ing hon­or­able, re­spect and wor­thi­ness in my opin­ion.

The moment I decided to write about dignity, thoughts were following themselves up about the meaning it has for me. It has to do with being honorable, respectful, and worthy in my opinion. It also has to do with the way we perceive each other. Behaving with dignity, sometimes, is challenging when we are feeling hurt or not understood. When people are tending to disrespect you, making you feel degraded, and not worthy.

It also has to do with the way we per­ceive each other. Be­hav­ing with dig­nity, sometimes, is chal­leng­ing when we are feel­ing hurt or not un­der­stood. When peo­ple are tend­ing to dis­re­spect you, mak­ing you feel de­graded, not wor­thy. It also has to do with the way we per­ceive our­selves.

Self-worth is a qual­ity, which makes it eas­ier to re­spond with more calm­ness and re­spect. When peo­ple are treat­ing you with­out re­spect for your ef­forts, or the work you do, how to re­spond to that.

Is it pos­si­ble to act with dis­re­spect­ing your­self, and then when con­fronted with a sit­u­a­tion, come out the other end with dig­nity? We some­times can lose re­spect for some­one we love and hold dear, caused by the way they act. When a loved one is fac­ing an addiction, for in­stance, act­ing out un­der the in­flu­ence of al­co­hol or drugs.

Judge­ment plays a big part in the way we look at our­selves as well oth­ers. When we do some­thing and feel ashamed about it af­ter wards, we also face los­ing self-re­spect. Not be­ing wor­thy to be loved or dis­re­spected for the way we han­dle a sit­u­a­tion like be­tray­ing a loved one. How to han­dle this with dig­nity?

Don’t we all have come across a sit­u­a­tion we are hav­ing trou­ble with deal­ing in love and re­spect, even though we love the one caus­ing this dilemma? To hold on to your self-worth, your­self love, is­n’t easy when you are mak­ing mis­takes, which hurt not just your­self.

Hurt­ing the ones, we love, is the hard­est thing to for­give, as well as for­giv­ing your­self. Dig­nity is also syn­onym for mag­nif­i­cence and grandeur, right­eous­ness and re­spectabil­ity. It is a high stan­dard to up­hold when you are at your low­est, is­n’t it?

Dur­ing my life­time, I have come across many sit­u­a­tions and peo­ple who were at their low­est point in life. Act­ing out in ways that showed their in­ner tur­moil, as well the shame, and pain. How to deal with it in a way you can find your self-re­spect and self-worth again?

When it is personal, it re­quires lots of work to feel wor­thy of be­ing loved and re­spected again. The guilt and the shame are pow­er­ful en­e­mies in the in­ner world of some­one. When you are not used to being loved and re­spected grow­ing up, it is even the hard­est chal­lenge to deal with.

How to rekin­dle that lit­tle flame in­side the heart, when all you have en­coun­tered cru­elty and bit­ter­ness? Is dig­nity some­thing you can learn, or is it al­ready part of your char­ac­ter and per­son­al­ity? It is in­trigu­ing is­n’t it to find out if it is in your DNA so to speak. Some peo­ple seem to have that kind of dig­nity wher­ever they are.

Who has com­po­sure about them­selves, no mat­ter what sit­u­a­tion they en­counter? Who has a way of be­ing hon­or­able, therefore re­spected by those around them? Not in a cold man­ner, of­ten com­ing with com­pas­sion and kind­ness for oth­ers. They have pres­ence, which is un­de­ni­able.

Also, with craftsmen, we can find the way they work filled with re­spect for the ob­ject or tools they work with. The in­ten­sity and fo­cus they show while pro­duc­ing their crafts­man­ship. We can see this with mu­si­cians as well, hold­ing their com­po­sure with ease.

The way peo­ple care is able to be a teacher or a healer. Dig­nity is shown through every as­pect of our lives. No mat­ter what we do, which po­si­tion we have in the ma­te­r­ial world, it is a qual­ity that shines through no mat­ter what.

We have seen it in some of our world lead­ers, as well as the poor­est of mankind, wear­ing the man­tle of dig­nity as a nat­ural essence and pres­ence. In cases like these, we tend to feel re­spected and loved ourselves as well.

Love is a pow­er­ful com­po­nent, which holds dig­nity as one of the many qual­i­ties. So, when some­one is show­ing this form of love, able to hold up and on to self-worth and self-love, we all see this. It is also a mir­ror, or a re­flec­tion, what is pos­si­ble to gain as well.

It might be per­ceived as a threat, or to ad­mire some­one, who is able to re­spond and re­act with dig­nity to un­fore­seen sit­u­a­tions. We have seen them through his­tory, the way peo­ple rise above them­selves. How Love can be the key to in­ner courage as well, to re­spond in a way peo­ple re­spect, nev­er­the­less.

Some­times it is per­ceived as re­gal, the calm­ness within to re­act or re­spond to dan­ger or at­tacks. How many movies are made to honor he­roes through times? How much re­spect do we not have for those who can hold up the stan­dard of grandeur, or mag­nif­i­cence?

What de­fines us in the way we can hold up our dignity, so to speak. Is it the way we re­act to sit­u­a­tions be­yond our con­trol? When we get ill, de­pend­ing on oth­ers to take care of us, in all ways. Losing con­trol is dif­fi­cult for I think every­one if it is about self-care and ba­sic needs, such as safety, a roof over your head, and enough food to stay alive.

When you are home­less and lose your self-re­spect be­cause you lost the con­trol to take care of your­self, or your fam­ily. So many peo­ple are in that po­si­tion world­wide. When there is a loss of deco­rum due to ill­ness, or the sit­u­a­tion is de­grad­ing. We all have seen the im­ages of those liv­ing in camps, with­out any sanitary fa­cil­i­ties. It is­n’t easy to hold up your posture, then, is it?

We might look with dis­gust at those circumstances, or have our prej­u­dices and judg­men­tal thoughts about those liv­ing in such poor cir­cum­stances caused by war. Or due to the sit­u­a­tion in their coun­try, where the rich are few and hunger and poor cir­cum­stances are the norm. How can you stay pre­sent with a sense of no­bil­ity, with a way of grandeur? Is it then just for the rich, those born in rich­ness and wealth?

I don’t think so. We have great role mod­els who showed us that even the cir­cum­stances can bring forth peo­ple with grandeur. With a sense of no­bil­ity, com­ing forth through their pres­ence and ac­tions. Who do we re­spect and honor, be­cause they stood up against sup­pres­sion?

Like Man­dela, like Gandhi for in­stance. It is a qual­ity that is­n’t just for a few. Be­com­ing aware and con­scious about the way we re­spond is a way to learn how we are re­act­ing in re­spect. Re­spect and wor­thi­ness are part of dig­nity, as is self-love. The way we can love our­selves makes it pos­si­ble to feel wor­thy and re­spect­ful to­wards our­selves as well oth­ers.

This process we are in will lead to per­sonal growth. Which en­able us to feel we are all in this to­gether and are part of the out­come. Never un­der­es­ti­mate the way our re­sponse will af­fect oth­ers. It is the way we can impress through love and kind­ness, through com­pas­sion and re­spect, we will be per­ceived by oth­ers. It all starts within ourselves.

How we heal and bal­ance our in­ner world, the hurt, and pain, the shame, and guilt. How we re­de­fine our­selves through the heal­ing process will af­fect our loved ones as well, those who don’t know us. It is not just a façade; it will be a pres­ence that shines through.

Dig­nity is com­posed in lots of as­pects and will come through our ac­tions, words, as well the way we show com­pas­sion with each other. To be hon­est, re­spect­ful in every way. To hold com­po­sure com­ing from this place of Love. To have com­pas­sion with your­self as well, learn­ing from mis­takes we make along the way.

To build self-re­spect and self-worth again brick by brick. To for­give one­self as well as oth­ers is one of the great­est gifts to give. Within all those components, we can find that as­pect of dig­nity within our­selves. Self-es­teem and pride in who you are, com­ing forth through Love, will make a dif­fer­ence.

And so, it will be

High Self @RheaD­op­mei­jer ©
Heart­felt Mes­sages 26-4-2019

Fulfillment of a Soul Contract

Fulfillment of a soul contract

2 souls came together in this lifetime, each with a different role to play, yet solely to create awareness and consciousness about the energy that creates fear, and hate, as well as the ultimate option to choose freedom and love on a world scale. It takes a lot of courage on both sides to play the roles they were committed to, by soul contract.

To be there in public sight, so no one could look away. To fulfill the ultimate sacrifice for the highest good of all. Furthermore, to be totally guarded in ways humanity is not able to comprehend. It is an act of love when we can see through the illusions of this 3-dimensional world of duality and opposites.

The image was so profound to watch this up close and uncomfortable, it touched so many souls to wake up and see the bigger picture from a different perspective for the lessons to be learned about being so much more as the eye can see. How easy is it to go with the energy of anger, fear, and hate?

Instead, we can choose love and compassion, kindness and understanding. For this time, we can turn a page and create a different way of understanding and acceptance. We all have been there at one point, both the victim and the assaulter. Maybe not in such a visible and harsh way to the world around us.

Both souls came to fulfill their soul’s purpose in order to awaken the public. To bring into the consciousness the awareness of how much work there still needs to be done. Before we can call ourselves humane and equal in every way, we only can do some soul-searching. How much resentment and judgmental thoughts, as well as emotions, are there slumbering beneath the surface.

How can we point a finger at those who are showing the depth of fear and indifference? Is this not also showing how much the depth of emotional wounds is. As long, as we hold the vision of division and duality, there will be no healing, no peace, no brotherhood, and sisterhood.

It only showed us how much we long for equality, and how much we need understanding from the heart. How can we bring in love in this situation, when we only feel the anger, the turmoil this caused on so many levels. 2 souls played their role in order to give us a wake-up call. It took a lot of love as well to be this present to shake up the world.

If we only can see the negative, there will only be negative. Our thoughts and emotions are the colors of the way things will play out. Maybe this moment in time had such an impact, we are able to create a new reality. May the sacrifice of those 2 souls be not in vain.

They are both loved. In order to understand the sacrifice they both gave, we have no other choice than to turn this event around from our center point. Through our Heart and compassion, we may create a shift in awareness. We need to be together in this, in a loving connection with each other.

It is up to us now to create a different world, a different community. Where everyone will be safe, regardless of race and gender. Where we learn how to use the energy of power, to create empowerment. How we can learn our children, it doesn’t matter how they look. Where differences are no threat, yet a welcomed way of being unique.

May we all take a step back, and breathe through all the emotions that were stirred up. May this event bring us closer together, instead of dividing us even more. Love will be the Master Key for each one of us. It all starts within us.

So may it be
High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)
Heartfelt Messages