Fear keeps people in line

Fear keeps people in line

Fear keeps people in line, this came up this morning. We all know that fear is used as a tool, to manipulate people for the preferred outcome. To maintain power and contain a great amount of people in line. It also happens in a smaller context, when we look at the way children and women are treated at times. Through history, these are the most vulnerable groups in every society. Being treated in a way to make sure the dominance will be kept.

To keep them in place, or in other words, to keep them in line. Either through racial perceptions or gender, yet mostly through manipulation of those who are the weakest link. This tells a lot about those who use fear as a tool to keep others in line. History has and still shows a lot of cases where tyranny is a common and actual experience for a lot of people around our planet.

How can we apply this to ourselves then? Who do we fear and what do we fear the most? Being treated without respect and kindness is one of the tools of using fear. As well the physical and emotional abuse through dominance. We are aware of this manipulation, yet somehow, we all cave in when we are being suppressed and mistreated badly. The suppressors are masters in manipulation to steer people in the direction they want them.

Obedient as well depending on many levels. All these situations create an environment where it is difficult to develop as a happy human soul. The challenges are presented through harsh and difficult experiences. Slavery has many colors and always has been used to maintain the upper hand of a few people in charge. Suppression is a form of creating fear to stand up for your rights.

How can we free ourselves from this suppression on such a big scale, a universal lesson it seems? Can we change the outcome? How powerful can we be as an individual to create change for so many people all over our planet? All we can do is start within ourselves to find this answer. Are you someone who is being suppressed and manipulated? Too afraid to stand up for your right as a human being.

The right we all must have to be able to live in peace and harmony, to get education and health care. Wellbeing as well safety to grow up and learn through respect, love, kindness, and compassion. What we teach our children through our life lessons is major important for the way they will develop. There is so much to be said about this topic. There has been said so much already about this and what we need to do to stop this.

What we see now is the tendency to do the same as the ones we fear. When we are less empathic and more inclined to use the same kind of force, we only add more negative energy. How can we change this in order to create a warm and loving environment together? If it all starts within as has been told many times, how aware and conscious are we about our own inner fears and agenda. Do we use manipulation ourselves to get what we want?

Are we the ones who suppress our loved ones, our family members, our colleagues maybe even in a subtle way? Because we can use manipulation in a way so subtle, no one else would notice. This is the most dangerous way to become aware off. We are familiar with anger and sorrow, the way we want to be dominant because it feels good.

Truth is that dominance is created by life experiences from our early childhood already, as well our character treats. Growing up as a child, our parents are our teachers in behavior. They will show us how power and empowerment are in balance. The love they share and show together as parents is also a way to learn about power. Power as energy is neutral.

We create the outcome by using it in diverse ways. Power used in a positive way will always empower you, to grow and expand yourself. No need to stay in line as a restriction or making sure you are obedient. Empowerment allows to color outside the lines. How else can you discover the means and tools that makes you happy with yourself as well your relationship with others.

One person has influence in the way people act and react, so much power do we have as an individual. It works like throwing a stone in the water and watch the circles grow bigger and bigger. The ripples become waves because we touch others. Using this energy in a loving and gentle way, towards yourself, you can create your inner world to be in balance as well in harmony.

Because fear is not just something others inflict upon us. Fear is also something within our inner world, as well. It keeps us from growing, expanding and keeps us in line, restricted. We can accept it and stay within the restriction, or we can make a deliberate decision to tackle fear within. By searching for the root that caused so much fear. By doing so, space will be created, to become more than just controlled by fear. Love will create freedom to be more than the manipulated or manipulator.

Fear is the opposite of Love. Lack of Love that starts from within our own self, in our own heart. We need to explore and find ways to change the outcome. By loving and caring we not only change our experiences that colored our lives. We create new colors to fill every line. Allowing and accepting, gives us the tools to explore and expand. The less fear, the more we will trust this process of expansion and eventually we can color outside the restricting lines we have set upon ourselves as well.

Consciousness is a tool of Love, becoming aware, instead of living in a treadmill you call your life. Be bold and daring, loving and compassionate. Be the one you really want to be, just because you can. Make a stand, step out of the old suppressed you. Be the creator and in charge of the way you want to be treated as well how you treat others. This will set the wheel of Love and Expansion in motion.

And so, it will be done

High Self @RheaDopmeijer © Heartfelt Messages

Connected Heartfelt with Nature

Connected Heartfelt with Nature is a gift

I was thinking about what to write to share my sensation or feelings today as well yesterday. The pictures I took were not at all I wanted to express during my walk in the early evening hours. It started at first with the Sun still behind the clouds yet already very intense in its light. Too bright to look into it. Coming up to the path leading me to the big tall tree covered with some kind of bindweed attached to it. Someone told me this plant was also connected with the energy of Lemuria.

The old tree is like a portal or guardian for me. Touching it is directly affecting my energy awareness. Like I am shifting somehow, which I can sense as well see the moment I make the connection. Not just shifting of energy.. the ground is firm where I stand, it has its own bodyguards around it so to speak. Bushes with prickles that will prevent anyone come to close. Even the dog senses the presence because she will stop at this tree every time we pass by. As I do as well to touch and honor it for standing tall.

There is also some kind of shift in energy when I am outside walking with the dog. Like the moment I am outside crossing this little bridge, birds get my attention, light that gets clearer, a heron flies up and make itself noticeable. The sun that comes through the clouds, shining directly on me. All I have to do is pay attention and be aware of the gifts I receive by Nature. Standing in the full Sun light it feels like a warm embrace, like I am been given a shower of light and energy, Not to mention the love I feel coming through as well, noticing the huge light presence reflecting in the water. How to give words to this amazing sensation I feel within my Heart, bringing a big smile to my mouth and tears in my eyes.

Not from sorrow or pain, just tears pouring out in a wave of love and light, almost like bliss although I wouldn’t describe it always like that. Yet the joy that comes with it, deeply felt in my heart, is coming from a deep connection and a union well known. Standing there in the full golden ray of the Sun is a gift I cherish. It makes me feel loved and cared for. Safe and sheltered as well, just like the sense I receive in touch with that magical tree standing beside the path. I don’t have to explain neither do I need to, yet I want to share it. Because the connection with Nature we had, in our ancestor lines, got lost somehow in the western world. Yet it is deeply engrained within our own heart and soul so to speak.

Each and every one of us has the means and the tools to be in touch with this connection in Nature. Sometimes we are need to be taught again, like we teach our children not to abuse nature or destroy it. There are many groups out there in the world, as guardians and protectors for our Nature worldwide. As there are many groups that are not in touch with it and just see the use they can have from it. We are not balanced, yet I would say. All I can do is show by example, teach my grandkids how to honor and respect Nature in all its forms. To be aware of their inner connection with the trees, the water, the wind, the clouds as well.

What comes natural for one, is a difficult matter to comprehend for the other. Like my story as a tree lover, watching the sky and clouds, see forms in them as if I can see reflections of the fairy world. Formations in the sky that look like mountains in the distance in a very flat small country below sea level. I always looked for refuge in the woods and forests I grew up with. Walking in the early morning when the birds woke up, the dew on the plants and wet ground, to feel and smell the fresh air in the forest with its own fragrance. It would give me the sense of being alive, waking up into my cells even as a child, feeling safe and secure and as one with it. This Heartfelt connection I have is innate to me.

So I am feeling blessed with these moments I can stand in the golden Ray of the Sun or the crystalline clarity of it. It nourishes me in so many ways, not just emotional, also physical and mentally and even my energetic body. I am grateful it comes naturally for me and I am aware of the gift this presents itself. Not taking it for granted as I never will take our love for Nature for granted. The love we shared as a couple was also engraved in this deeply felt connection with nature. It is part of us and will always be creating the connection through these signs. Heartfelt gifts through Nature has its way of teaching the oneness in all. All we have to do is to have an open mind and an open heart.

And so it is.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages

Creating a new energy structure

Cre­at­ing a new en­ergy struc­ture

Be­ing the truth­ful lis­tener

Set­ting out a plat­form

For those who need an ear

To lis­ten to the in­ti­mate feel­ings

And just give val­i­da­tion

And a lov­ing un­der­stand­ing.

That is all any­one wants.

To be heard and ac­knowl­edged,

To be given a voice to speak,

To let the emo­tions, go freely.

And put things in per­spec­tive again.

So new ways can be found.

To re­lease and re­bal­ance

The in­ner knowl­edge can be opened,

Just to cre­ate an open view

On how to han­dle is­sues.

So, there can be heal­ing.

On a deeper level,

Free­ing the Soul and cre­ate in­ner


That is all there is to it.

Kind­ness and com­pas­sion are a

Pow­er­ful com­bi­na­tion with Love.

To im­ple­ment the new en­ergy within

The phys­i­cal as well en­ergy body

Is cre­at­ing a new struc­ture of wis­dom,

health and aware­ness.

With love, com­pas­sion, and un­der­stand­ing.

We can change not just the cell struc­ture,

Yet we also change the out­come of our ex­pe­ri­ences.

All is con­nected, every cell is hold­ing the truth,

About the soul mis­sions and our ex­pan­sion.

To build a new struc­ture of our Light body

Con­tains also all the lessons we have learned,

Chang­ing the out­come through love and com­pas­sion

Within every as­pect of our be­ing.

And so, it will be done.

High Self @RheaD­op­mei­jer ©

Heart­felt Mes­sages June 2nd, 2021

Do what it takes that needs to be done.

Do what it takes that needs to be done

When your world is in a major change and shift internally, all you can do what it takes to be done. Using the triggers as tools to know what it is that still needs to be addressed. Even though it might seem to you it is all cleared and healed, forgiven even. At times there is still something showing up unexpectedly. So, what do you do? Like the spiral all is embedded to pick up the stones along the way.

Those bricks and rocks you stumble over in the beginning. Making you angry and blaming the stone for being there, blocking your way. Our first internal reaction is almost coming from this place. It is your fault, or if you had not done that, I didn’t do this. It takes courage at times just to stop for a sec and check out what it is you were blocked by.

Life as a spiral, where every experience you ever had in a way it caused emotional or physical wounds, mental wounds as well, is like a pathway covered with stones. Some are big, other are small. Some are colorful, other are dark and grey. The colorful ones are those that will radiate and brighten up your path and are never in the way. Yet the grey and dark ones, the hard ones, the irregular shaped ones, those are the ones that can block your pathway.

They will do so if you do not pay attention, other than to blame it for blocking your way. Every time you will ignore the rock or stone that needed your attention, the next time around on your spiral. There it is, only this time even bigger, like it has grown. Sticking out even more to get your attention

If you do what it takes to be done, you take a long hard look at it. You try to discover the truth in it, the way it speaks to you. If all possible try to listen to see what it is that needed to be addressed. Is it anger or hurt, is it lack self-respect and or self- love? Does it symbolize your lack of worth or fear for aggression? Every stone or brick you see stands for an experience you would forget most of the time.

Ignoring does not make it go away. In fact, it makes it grow thicker and harder to get through. Yet you want to follow your path on the spiral without being blocked all the time. So, you pick it up and figure out what it represents. If possible, you acknowledge the energy that is hidden within the stone. If you understand the message presented by the block, it depends on you what you are going to do with it. Are you putting it back on the path? Or are you trying to bring in the necessary energy to color it.

For me, it is important not to ignore the signs. Even the most subtle ones, because this is part of the whole spectrum. As are the stones and bricks or rocks on the spiral path. You can find the most distinct colors as well shapes and sizes. The brighter they shine, the less effort they cost to see what it has in store. The ones who are colored in all the different varieties nature produced on this plane, they are all connected from within with a place of love and understanding.

The dark spots sometimes resonate the experiences that were part of the challenge. Yet there are also the darker brightly shining stones because each has its own meaning in your lifetime experience. The dark without the light in it are those that are needing to be accepted and allowed. Because they hold the gift for you.

Each stone represents something for you. All that needs to be in balance or needs healing and release. All parts need to be held in a safe space before you can even take a closer look within. Safe place is something you can create within yourself. Yet if you are depending on others to feel a sense of safety, without your own safe place, it is likely you are feeling lost. Depending on others without self-love and self-worth caused by messages you have internalized. So, what do you do? Are you taking up the challenge you are creating for yourself?

There is always this point in time, you do what needs to be done, to know you are worth it. The moment you can let go of blaming, not just being a victim of circumstances. The moment you are taking a deep breath and decide to let go of the stuck energy that holds you back. When you can see the red cord in all these experiences which connect all the experiences. From youth up to now, or even before this lifetime.

The core issue you are remembering in all the layers when you take time to do the field work. Every time you are walking up or in the next round of the spiral, and stumble on a little stone. Pick it up, check it out, let go of what still needs to be addressed in a loving way. Each time you achieve healing or release what has been kept inside the rocks and stones along your pathway, your tread will be lighter.

You learn to trust on the change that comes with it. You learn to see and recognize the issues that are hiding within each one of them. So, it is easier to do what you need to do when things are getting easier to learn although the hidden energy may still hold parts or aspects of the initial cause. Allow yourself to take time and even a pause when emotions are erupting from a deeper place within.

You can only do so much as you can do. Yet do what it is that needs to be done. You are your own healer; you are your own magister of your transformation. Healing, cleansing, and releasing every stuck energy to bring it out in the open and own it, shower it with love. The gift is inside the dark and grey stones to bring you harmony and balance. So do what you need to do to embrace the gifts as well the cleansing and clearing that occurs through it.

And so, it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

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Coffee, a source of inspiration

Coffee, a source of Inspiration

When you like to drink your coffee, being told not to use it for the upcoming 24 hours, it is a challenge for me. I really have to be aware not to follow my normal routine, on an automatic pilot. And it’s not just coffee, tea isn’t allowed either. So to pick my drinks today and tomorrow is an eyeopener as well for me. I know this, because you take something for granted until it is not available anymore. Now 24 hours isn’t such a long period of time to sustain from coffee and tea.

The reason why I have to sustain is of an other matter. I find myself in a position of some sorts that feels like in between two realities. Going in for a heart research scan tomorrow, it brings up other challenges as well.So today is a day of checking the emotions and fears as well. Like drinking coffee before I go to sleep is not working for me, because it will keep me awake. Caffeine is a bit of a drug, which also assist the painkillers I use to take. So I have to change them as well, just the ones without the caffeine.

A lot has to do with the way it effects my physical system on the essence of caffeine. More adrenaline and hyper sensation if I drink to much coffee for instance. So for now no caffeine in order to be in a good shape to get my scan. Which is also triggering my sense of claustrophobia. Not a big fan of small spaces and the sensation of being closed in, not able to get out. Triggering old fears and causing panic attacks.

So these past days already are making me more stressed, and uneased. Even knowing nothing will happen, the way I can handle it with my breathing. A panic attack is a wave of emotion and fear, hard to handle and difficult as well, because it feels like it’s out of my control. Knowing is something else as being able to handle this deep fear that rises in circumstances where it is being triggered. Old emotional fear, even though I know where it comes from and I can dive in deep within the experience where it has its root cause.

Still there is this physical and emotional reaction to be dealt with in many circumstances. So sitting here, behind my laptop without my coffee mug, I am trying to find my way in this. So lack of coffee, being deprived so to speak also brings up this challenge of getting out of my normal routine, my structure, my way of going with the energy and to let it flow. Time to work on my inner balance to find that place within my self where it is calm and peaceful. Yet, work, might not be the right approach actually.

I know allowing this sensation of apprehension is a better way in order to not get increased any further. Not using my coffee is actually a help and it will bring the stress factor within my body down already. This I know from the years I didn’t drink coffee and tea at all because of the caffeine. Was working against the homeopathic medicine I was using at the time. So go figure, the caffeine is an essence that is preventing the healing through the homeopathic medicine as well the scan with the nuclear stress test will be influenced.

Listening to my body and the way it expresses itself through the tension as well the nerves system, it brings up memories of other experiences I had. Claustrophobia is something that comes up in the most weird moments, even when you don’t expect it. It creeps up on me, within my physical system, like the body cells are remembering the emotions that came with them initially. I can remember many lifetimes where trauma was inflicted while wearing a hood over my head, or being buried in a coffin, alive, as a test, which I probably failed.

These deeply rooted memories within my cells are asking to be heard, loved, healed and released. It is a process, as well some sort of test, at least that’s how it feels to me. Am I able to be calm and relaxed enough, that’s what I am wondering about. Not the graving for coffee or tea, the basics that are not allowed today. Yet these are also triggers which are making me aware of the process that is underlying. So today is today and this is my challenge. Not to worry about what is yet to come.

Stay with the present, in the now moments, listening to some soothing music. Writing my thoughts and emotions and be fully with that now. No coffee will assist my body today to get more relaxed, because of the substance of caffeine. The rest is up to me, to make sure that I am feeling calm and comfortable today. Finding my inspiration where it comes up to me. Today is today, tomorrow hasn’t come yet and yesterday is already gone.

Reading up a quote by Buddha this morning about remembering bad experiences, will only keep you in these emotions. In order to find a way there is time for forgiveness, compassion as well love and kindness needed, towards oneself, as well to the impact the incidents had on my whole being. Lifting the energy instead of going down under so to speak. Which is my theme for today, and who needs coffee anyway to be in tune with this inner source of love and energy, freely and accessible.

And so it will be

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

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I AM – what does it mean?

I AM – what does this mean

Sitting today in some kind of in between plane, feeling a bit raw and undefined. Reading up posts that are being shared with uplifting messages about growing awareness. My journey over the past 40 years are coming to some kind of renewal again. As I have experienced so many, yet this one feels different. How come this is feeling more undefined as to those points of change where it was clear what I was dealing with. Something has been triggered yesterday, bringing up familiar memories about lifetimes with the red threat of female domination and violence. It is yet again a new round on the spiral of life, only this one combines it all together.

You know the first recollection you have growing up as a child where the differences between a boy and a girl are still a mystery. To discover we are not the same, nor physical neither emotional was for me quite a shock. Never being afraid of the boys in my neighborhood, playing soccer with them, being the tomboy I was. Until some guy at school, a bit older and the brother of one of my classmates found it necessary to threaten me. First time I actually was afraid, because of his sadistic energy. I got support so it didn’t escalated in anything else. Yet it triggered something within me. My innocence or maybe ignorance was shattered in those encounters.

It made me more aware of the way some souls have chosen a different journey to walk this lifetime. He was a bully, enjoyed the fear he created as well his physical power. I got my own personal guardian angel to stand by me and changed the entire situation for the better for me. The experience stayed with me for a while, till I moved to another school and I never saw him again. It set the tone in my teenage years at first, scanning the energy of the guys around me. It raised a red flag every time I came across any one with that kind of imprint. It is more than the threat, it is also about the feeling being a subject, instead of a person.

This depersonalization is key in the abuse of women as well men. The way this has its impact on the development of a human being is monumental. It causes so many traumatic experiences, so many dissociations in order to survive abuse physical, emotional, mentally and sexual. The wounds are deep. Healing processes are hard and difficult most of the time. Because of this depersonalization, the knowing of who you are is been shattered. It is shielded and protected within all the layers that were build around it during the abusive experiences. The way how to respond and react to the outside world is colored by the survival mode.

The damage on the personal levels, who am I, is massive. The way back is long and hard in order to understand you are more then the abused. Self-love, self-worth and believe in self are words, not experienced emotions or feelings. The importance of learning to love yourself is major, it is key in every healing moment. Doubt will always be part of the situation, because the dominator will have made it clear you are worth nothing. Only to serve as a toy for pleasure, obedience and at will. I am not talking about willingly participation. I am talking about empowerment, how to regain our own power back with a loving approach. Instead of sabotage, denial, anger, shame, sorrow and all the emotions that come with it.

All those emotions are coloring your personality. They create masks to hide behind in order not to be detected. Or to keep the secret about the abuse. Specially the sexual abuse from an early age on is damaging for the development of the psyche. There is no knowledge about I am, who am I. It may take years before this is going to be explored and with therapy and treatment to unlock this. The shelters are needed to keep women and children safe, the secret houses. It’s all part of our society, in a universal way. For it happens all over the world in so many ways. So what does it mean, I am? Is it identifying with all the masks? Or is about regaining confidence and learning to know yourself in a totally different fashion?

Learning I am not just a survivor, I am not just a victim, is a major step for those who have been abused. It is hard work to process through all the layers and belief systems that were created along the way as well. In order to heal the traumas it takes a lot of patience, loving and tender care, consideration, as well acknowledgement. It needs validation and acceptance, allowing of the memories and emotions that come up. All this can only be achieved in a safe surrounding, so the triggers will be less and trust is key as well. How can I trust myself, if I do not know how to do so? How can I love my self, if I never learned there is an I am. Digging deep within the layers of the onion to come back to the root of self.

Love isn’t to be trusted initially, because it may come with an agenda. Step by step this journey may enfold and the littlest spark that lies beneath all the rubble, might start to glow again until it sparks up and lights up the room. The inner sanctuary in the Heart of the matter. The retreat of the Inner Child which holds all the memories in order to bring them to light for healing. The first time you experience I am more then all that has happened on me, to me. The knowing that comes with it, when you know I am and I matter. I am not just the abused, I am a person with love to give and I am learning to receive.

The word I AM are being used a lot in all the spiritual messages. Yet the first acknowledgement of I am is of major importance in order to stand for yourself. To be able to feel you are worth to be alive and worth to be loved, as well share love. This is a process a lot of people are going through all over the world. They need to be validated and acknowledged. Yet most of all they need to be loved and cared for. They need to learn to trust as much as we need to prove we are to be trusted. It will be challenging for everyone. It will take time in order to heal and to learn how valuable each soul is. How sacred and loved each soul is. To integrate the loving connection is master key in order to establish healing.

So I am and I am all of that

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 9-1-2018

Being afraid of the Unknown – what to do?

Being afraid of the Unknown – what to do?

And do not worry that your life is
turning upside down.
How do you know that the side
you are used to is better than the one to come?

~ Rumi

I was reading these words and read the reply of someone else who had posted this. The great Unknown… I try to befriend this more and more. Sometimes it is very scary she replied to me. I answered it is still work in process after my love made his transition this year, yet I also know, there is this deep inner knowing of our Love, which carries me through the day, into the loving arms at night, guarded and protected on a whole new level. For my life felt and still feels upside down at times after his departure and leaving me alone for the very first time in my life.

I cherish the memories of all the time we have shared, the good, the bad, the ugly at times. Because this is what has shaped me to be who I am today through our Love for each other as well our children and grandchildren. Our family and friends along the way who have been supporting us during these last difficult months. It has been a long and intense challenging period for all of us and we have learned so much. How deep our Love is to overcome all these obstacles along the way in order to move forward.  Did I worry about the way it would turn my life upside down. Yes it did, for me this was not just about me being on my own, it was the challenge how I was going to handle my Life in my own way.

Does it scare and frighten me at times, yes it does as well the need of having someone around. Just to feel the love in the arms of my love, the cuddles, the kisses and playfulness together. Is it about the Unknown, yes and no actually for every day we create opportunities that change our life. Not always major changes like the loss of someone who is so dear to me. It is about making decisions every day to get out of bed and get in some kind of routine to keep yourself moving. It is about doing what pleases me to do, like walking my dog every day. The feel I get opening the curtains of my bedroom window and watch the Sun rising or the mystical view over the fields. Being open to the little signs I receive every moment in the day. Like the feathers on the ground, which are always found by my dog for some reason the moment I see them. He collects them for me.

Every moment I am in doubt of my own resilience, my strength and I struggle with the insecurities, there is this quiet wave of loving energy. In enfolds within me the faith of my love as well the knowing I can do this. I am here with a reason and a purpose. I have walked my path together with my love in my own way. My teachings have been of great support and assistance then and now. All I have gathered over the years, every experience has showed me my persistence and strength to believe in what I can and who I am. This life force is the constant factor that keeps me going. Even when I am in doubt or fear what will come next, I only have to take a deep breath and I know.  I know with all my Heart that Love is my strength and in Love I can do anything that comes my way.

As much I was in need of control when I was younger, I can rely on my inner compass and let it unfold even when I don’t have a clue which way it will work out. Just day by day to stay in a flow of surrendering to this Love is my way of letting go and releasing of any kind of control of mind or emotions. They are the tools that lead me to my next step into my next phase in my Life. For what I have learned the most is, I have to live my own Life in my own way. No matter what they say, or how people will react to what is true to me. I am not over you, is what I am hearing right now, and this is true as well. If you ask me how I am doing, I would say I am doing just fine. I have to face the truth,

No matter what I say, I am not over the loss, I am still working through this grievance period in my life. Yet I can let go, which way it will lead me to my next step. You are on my mind every day and I can feel your love and guidance as well. Is my life with you better then without your physical presence. Or is it  not so much about better or worse, as well how I can maintain my inner trust and faith to balance out every day what comes my way. To maintain and keep on learning how to walk the spiral of Life in loving connection with my love. To expand this love from within to every encounter, with everyone I meet. I can only tell if this new way of living is about fulfillment, the moment I feel alive and in loving connection with myself as if I can see myself through your eyes.

The best way I can be, is be part of this dance in my Life, where my partner took another turn and we are now living in 2 dimensions until there is only one. I want to make this count. I want to make him proud of my steps, my growth, my deepening of our Love. But most of all, I want to be proud of myself, for taking every step even though it scares me. The next step can be small, or can be major, it doesn’t matter. I am responsible for the way I create my Life to the fullest. Like Living Big and Smiling Big is the best result of creating from the Heart where Love is Key and Master of every experience. This I know. From a deep core within, so it is and will always be my Compass. It will always lead me to circumstances and experiences to bring up the best of me and all I can be. In loving and capable hands.

And so it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages

Love and Alchemy of Fire Energy

Experiencing the Love and Alchemy of Fire

You need not worry dear one,

All is well.

The energy you are feeling in your body,

Is an adjustment to the new incoming energy?

brought in with Chiron and accompanied.

by the huge Solar Flare as a deepening of

the love and energy that was coming in.

currently in the Crystalline Core

Of Gaia and your inner connection.

With the creation of your Nature in assembly

with the Nature of Creation on this Planet,

where you arrived so long ago, and you were.

aligned and attuned with the Crystalline Core.

and all the crystals in your Energy Body,

before you choose to step through

the Wall of Fire to bring in the experience.

of duality and returning this gift Home in this lifetime.

By aligning again,

the Wall of Fire elementals are here to guide you.

and keep you balanced.

to go through this passage again now with

The understanding of the Divine Spark

Within you and all of creation.

Just allow the process and keep breathing.

So, you will be able to access fully.

the high pitch energy that will bring you.

Back Home again with your soul and star family.

It is adjusting, your physical body as well.

to be able to endure the high frequency.

and to enable you to make the next step.

In your journey, evolving even further to

become all that you are in the eyes.

Of Divine Self and all the Masters

that went through this process before You.

You are mastering the process of Alchemy.

And so, it will be.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages

Life is a Gift

Life is a gift

It is up to us to unwrap the presents it will bring into your day to day life. Being mindful also enables to take each day in the present moment. Being aware creates an experience that either might benefit, or a challenge. It all depends on perception how you will perceive what life has to offer you each new day.

May you feel the gift life has to offer you, to allow and accept what it might bring. Allow the presence of love to be your guide and master key. What appears to be negative might work out even more positive as you could have imagined.

Trust your inner gut feeling, so you can rely on the hints and nudges you receive. Be silent to hear the messages from the heart and soul. Be grateful for every new day and thankful for all the possibilities it has to offer.in loving connection with each other

Rhea Dopmeijer (c)

Heartfelt Messages, July 17, 2021

Expressions of the Heart

Expressions of the Heart

Do you ever experience the sudden outcome of words that you are not even were meant to say, and just slipped out and afterwards you realize what you just said to someone un-intentialy?

The feeling of what did I just say, where did this come from, what made me say that? And I don’t mean the impulsive reactions on something the other one said, coming from emotions that were triggered by it.

I mean the response you gave to someone that seemed to come directly from the Heart. The expression of something that feels deeper then was truly appropriate at the time, just a confirmation of a deeper inner feeling you have in the encounter with someone else, even if it is someone you barely know and there is this kind of familiarity between the two of you. Something you cannot even put your finger on if your mind takes over and starts to analyze what you just said and the feeling your words came from.

In a meeting with someone and just the words that springs from the Heart, not even thinking about anything like that. Could it Be, that this is just an expression you use to show your affection on a deeper level coming from a Heartfelt and Soul encounter between two people? Normally we are so shielded from expressing our feelings to other people it wouldn’t even cross your mind to open up so totally and vulnerable or not even being taught how to express your emotions of love and kindness in a verbal way. And this expression seems to come from a totally different place you are used to feel. It is an expression of something that lies hidden beneath all the walls we can put around our Heart so to speak.

It is the feeling of recognition on a deeper level, an encounter between two souls, so to speak, and where there is recognition of one another. And this comes to the surface, unexpected, in a spring of a moment, maybe even unwanted and involuntarily.

These slip of the tongue is an expression of a deep Heartfelt connection in a deep level, it’s an expression of a deep inner knowing. Something that can be triggered by a word, or a feeling, not controlled through or by the mind. It just is and you know it, you are aware of it, it takes you by surprise, what am I saying. Some people might say I’m being channeled, some people might not even recognize it for what it is.

If there is a deeper understanding of the Soul and of its journey, then there is more coming to the surface and is recognition one aspect of it and you give words to this deep understanding as an Expression of your Heart in connection with each other and in the Love that is the binding force between yourself and the other.

It can also appear to be the Inner Voice. Your intuition you might say. Never the less, it is an expression of the Heart to acknowledge this connection right then and there as a result of a deeper inner feeling of Oneness and saying with it: I See You and I Know You.

And so It is.

High Self – @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages