Food for the Body is Love and Food for the Soul is Love

Food for the Body is Love and Food for the Soul is Love

And it is not just about food to keep you healthy of mind and body. Food will definetly help, and unless you clear your Heart and Soul from negative inputs, you are not going to be a whole, renewed, rebalanced human angel.

The impact old emotional wounds have on our human body is far more greater then we like to think of, most of the times. If there are undetected issues lingering around deeply burried sometimes subconsciously or onconsciously, they will be triggered at times and will have their influence on your body as well. It can manifest itself even by scars, depending on what kind of injury is manifesting itself outward by your soul’s experience.

During our trip on Earth we all have experienced a lot of good and bad things happening to us, or created by us might be a better statement. If any aspect of you wants to be released and healed, so it can return Home, that is to say, return to You, it can come with the same type of physical harm or disease.

For instance, if one aspect of you died caused by an infected wound which couldn’t be healed and still is upset and angry about it, this experience can come up in this lifetime when all the right circumstances are met, emotionally, physically, etherical and it is your soul’s desire to create a similar kind of situation so to create a similar kind of wound and infection in order to be able to release any old anger issues and by doing so becoming aware of this kind of re-gression, you will have created an opportunity by your aspect to heal this part in this lifetime and let it release and heal itself.

Does that mean you always have to be aware of which aspect or part of you is involved in this proces? No, you don’t, it is the experience that will help you deal with it this time, by learning, by reflection, by loving your self and your body because it is going through a major type of healing. And on so many levels.

You will know that what’s going on in your life now is a tool to guide you to search for the answers what it is about, how much frustration, or anger you are holding within your self. In what type of situations. Do you feel a victim by Circumstances or do you take responsibility and ownership for that what you have created?
So it can be recognised, accepted, allowed and healed through love and forgiveness and reunite with your deep inner Wisdom of the Heart and your Soul.

Food for the Heart is Love
Food to BE-COME whole is Love

and so it is 

High Self @Rhea Dopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Message 7-2013


Forgiveness, what does it really mean?

If you feel hurt by someone you will have a hard time to find forgiveness in your Heart, because you are not yet able to see there is nothing anyone can do to hurt you. You only react on the incident and the feel of betrayal in what kind of sense this will come to you.
You are hurt in trusting and relying on the other one, there is this need inside you that wants to be validated. Or maybe you are depending on the opinions or love you want to receive.
And I am not talking about the little incidents, I am talking about the real incidents in life where you as a child already learned to rely on the love of your parents, the love of your family and if you where lucky or should I say deserving in your own opinion, it would teach you how valuable it is to be loved and safe.
If the situation was not safe and healthy it thought you to mistrust others, keeping up walls for safe guard of your heart and keep every one at safe length, but the hurt existed never the less.

Now if we are talking about forgiveness, what is it that you need or want to forgive?

Is it the way you were treated, is it the way you didn’t felt loved at that time or maybe you were lacking just that most important part for you to feel safe in your existence – just loved and beloved.
It creates this great discrepancy within your self if you haven’t learned to love and trust your self and feel this Love in your Heart that is being hidden behind the walls you have build around it.

Are you ready to break down these walls, ready to open up and experience and feel that there is this deep inner connection that loves you and always will?

To step up and willing or wanting to free your self from any experience that didn’t make you feel wanted or loved, the best way is not to walk away from the feelings that are build up inside, the best way is to accept those feelings, to allow them to come forth and by doing so you will see that there is so much more love for you to obtain, not from the outside, no from within Your Self.

Give your self all the love you might have missed, give your self the space to come to term with it and release it, not by anger or fear, no by loving yourself, accepting your self fully. This can create so much energy that is released, that it will also give you the strength to step aside and become the observer and see that all the hurt and pain you carried can be washed away through love.

Forgiveness is nothing else than releasing all hold in energies towards others and your self, and by doing so you will create Freedom.
Freedom to love and receive, freedom to care and take care of your self and that’s the best part. Love of your Self, for you are by Nature Love itself.

and so it is

High Self @Rhea Dopmeijer (c)
Heartfelt Messages 13-11-2013

Add to the Wind the Sacred Breath

Add to the wind the Sacred Breath
of Unconditional Love

Add to the wind
the longing for renewal
and change.
Add to the wind
the desire for fulfillment
and re-connection.
Add to the wind
the love and compassion
to all creation.
Add to the wind
the prayers for healing
and peace.
Add to the wind
the intend for understanding
and kindness.
Add to the wind
You’re holy Breath
from your Sacred Heart
for the highest good
of all mankind, animal
and vegetable world on this Planet.
Add to the wind
the energy of forgiveness
and unconditional love.
So the wind will spread
all combined intentions
to create a New World
with abundance on any level
and co-creation within every community,
small or large.
To be combined in one Breath
Of Love and Light
Spread out over all the lands,
the lakes, rivers and seas
to bring in the memory
of the Unity which we all share.
For we are all One in Creation
and connected from within the Highest Source
of Love and Live.
Add to the wind
the Sacred Breath of Unconditional Love.

And so it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 24-5-2014

Shine as Bright as a Lighthouse

Shine bright as a lighthouse for all who want to see

Letting go of your present life and
the identification you have created
In this lifetime,
as a result of your blue print
You have created before you decided
To leave Home in order to return
To Home again.
And then by healing and releasing,
finally letting go of all that
You thought was important about yourself,
As the human being you are right now.
Transcending this into the Divine Human Be-ing
You become.
The skills you were given to obtain and use
In this process, are a result of your past lives
experiences which are the most usable tools
to follow this blue print to its final destiny.
You have courage and strength –
those tools you earned a long time ago.
They are yours, not just given by the
Divine Source, they are connected
within your Inner Core, to become the best
You wanted to create for yourself
this current lifetime.
Communication is a skill to bring in information
and will bridge the differences within people together.
Not just between people.
The higher purpose you chose is the healing
that comes with it.
Inner healing within everyone you meet.
And your paths will cross without any doubt,
for whoever sees the light of Compassion
You radiate, will be touched, recognized and will
set the process within in Motion.
You are on the threshold right now,
to step into a Higher Dimension of yourself.
The patterns you set up,
all lead to this moment in time.
To release any old bonds that would tie you up
To the 3 D plane field of Humanity,
To be the Home bringer, Caretaker of the Planet
And Gaia as a guide and light for others
To follow in your footprints.
By releasing your attachment to the Emotional,
Physical and Mental Body,
You will bring Home within the Human Being
To shine as bright as a Lighthouse.
A focus point for all who want to see.

And so it will be.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 29-3-2014

What’s in a Symbol

So what’s in a symbol?
You are guided today by the ladybird –
This is a time of good fortune and abundance,
So be willing to receive all good things
Into your life.

You ask yourself and then the process starts like a domino stone pushing one against the other to bring in more clarity about symbolism and symbols we all know and are familiar with somehow.

Our world consists of so many symbols, inner and outer world connecting, through religion, Nature’s kingdom, prayers, geometry, it is a language on its own and lots of the symbols are universal being used as well. Influenced also by cultures, nations, society.
We can trace the use of symbols a long way back through history. Also looking at Astrology, Numerology, Tarot Desks, Totem Animals, Angels, the Zodiac, they are filled with symbols.

Come to think of it, wherever you look, you will find symbols everywhere to express something and how powerful they can be, watching traffic signs for instance to make sure it will be safe when we pay attention. 

Is it just a creative outlet, a compression visualized in a symbol to express the meaning in the ordain life as well as in the spiritual world? The artist who needs to express his creativity through symbols, either art work, music, poetry. As in statues like a Buddha or the Cross, the OM symbol, we apparently need the use of symbols as humanity, for we are the only specie on this planet that use symbols.

Definition – a symbol is an object that represents, stands for, or suggests an idea, visual image, belief, action, or material entity. Symbols take the forms of words, sounds, gestures, or visual images and are used to convey ideas and beliefs. Like numerals are symbols for number, person names are symbol representing individuals as a point beyond itself.

It is a way of expression of individual and groups like the way I decorate my room with statues of Buddha for the energy it represents to me, the love, compassion and kindness to attract this into my living environment as a constant to help me focus and be aware to implement this in my life. Like Angels represent to me the Higher connections with Source, whether I call it Devas or Angels, the connection I feel with Earth and Source are coming together in the images of certain animals with their interpretations we are been given. To me the Eagle is connected with my own ability to soar above a situation or experience and connect the dots so to speak.

We all have our own symbols, always connected through the energy they represent, like the old ways taught us to watch at the animals and take their strength, or their patience, whatever it was that defined this special creature as a symbol to bring it in our own way of living or strengthen our own character, or own inner soul’s experience.

Even our children or grandchildren represent a symbol in our life – they are a living example of wealth, virility in some cultures, or a long lasting life in comfort as a family taking care of each other.
For men it can be their legacy and the next generation are being part of their lineage, as for women they are the symbol of motherhood, of being part of creation. So no matter which stage of our life we are, nor which gender we choose, within creation we see symbols in order to define ourselves, and by spreading these different symbols we are connecting with each other, teach each other, mirror each other.

By doing so new symbols are being created, witnessing together the evolving ways of making a statement we are all part of Creation and living examples as a symbol of All That Is represented in every form, where species and nature becoming universal symbolism.
We can create new symbols and create new expressions while in the meantime we finally start to remember and understand all we are is an example of expression of Life and Love.

And so it will Be in every lifetime, an expanding and flowing expression of Creation

High Self – @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 24-11-2014


Letting Go of the Old Self

Letting Go of the “Old” Self, saying your goodbye,
Letting it go on the verge of Re-union with High Self

Be still My Heart,
Just listen to your Inner Voice.
She will guide you
In the right Direction.
Just allow the feelings and
Emotions that come up,
Either triggered from within,
Or by outside experiences.
It doesn’t matter,
Since inside and outside
Are one and the same.
There is no outer you,
Only the Energy of Creation
That is going through you
And expanding into the outer field
As a mirror resemblance
Of all that you want to perceive.
Just you and the great Vast
Grid of Love is important
To keep you focused on your
Way to Oneness with Divine Source.
Integration of your High Self
In this Dimension
Will create even more clarity,
Love and compassion.
You are on the bridge of extension
And nearing the great implosion
Of Love, Compassion with your
Human Being, releasing the old
Human you, no longer guided
By your personality,
Just guided by All that Is.
Your memory of the Unique Spark
Of Divine Source –
Fully standing in Your Light

And so it will Be.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 20-1-2014

Being Present is Key for Empathy

Being Present is the key to the Heart of Empathy
You only can be aware of your surroundings, If you are fully present in the Now moment. Only then you can sense the present energy, that is coming from those around you as well. How do you address your ability in any type of situation you are finding yourself in?
What does it take to be able to sense the energy field and be able to connect with the emotional body as well the mental and physical bodies. The aura around someone is not visible for everyone, you have to be able to sense it with your other senses. As well, your ability to read the layers that you feel is part of the whole in all its complexity.
Being present is not just a term to describe a way of being, actually you have to be aware. Being is a first step to know who you are in all his or her depths of lifetime experiences. How aware are you of your personality, your inner knowledge, your inner wisdom as well the stuck energy that comes from experienced challenges as well the uplifting ones.
Being requires you to be fully aware of your body, mind and soul connections as well. Being present also means you can be in the Now, in the now moment instead of just being scattered between past, present and future in your mind set as well your memories that pull you back.
Being an empath is a totally different experience, because of the ability to be aware of the energy fields which are surrounding you every day and every moment. Being high sensitive to energy fields, you are only able to Be in the present now if you are aware of your ability and know how to master it. It is not just the imprint people around you present. It is also about the matrix energy fields that come in, as ripples as well waves of energy in all its forms. It is easy to deal with the positive energy even if this isn’t yours at the present moment.
Yet without being aware of this ability and all that comes with it, it is hard to be fully present in the Now. So how does this connect the Heart of the Empathy, as a key to the ability of being present? As you will discover through your experiences, the emotional waves from within, all held stuck energy.
Which needs clearing as well healing if it is from wounded parts or aspects within yourself. Being raised in a certain way, what you were taught as a child. As well the different roles within the duality of this earthly plane, makes a difference of the outcome of your initial soul’s mission, to come to this Earth.
You cannot carry the sorrow and pain of all mankind on your shoulders. Even though your ability to feel and sense, is making you a tool of the stability of the energy waves. It all starts within, as an empath the main thing to learn is to be aware of your own inner world and signature. Love is the key to all that is stuck and needs healing, for every challenge you have experienced as an individual.
The key to the heart of an empath so to speak requires to be present in every situation and occasion that may cross your path on a daily basis. The only way to learn about your abilities as an empath requires this knowledge, knowing the different wiring as well the results of encounters, which creates internal wounds on physical, mental as well emotional levels that need healing and balance,
Most importantly, the need of Love coming from within. Not depending on the love of others to know, who you are as an empath. Crazy ways that will be shown and magical moments, that will appear, when you can rely on this inner Being present. Bringing awareness within every situation you come across.
Key element which will enable you to find the heart of the internal as well external worlds of which you are part of. We are all connected with the energy surrounding us, inter connecting on so many levels. Choices we can make, because we have the ability to choose. If we stay in the Now Present, we can act on the triggers we receive, in order to acknowledge as well allow. That’s the way which allows us to be present as an empath.
Through our ability to love, through sensing wounded or stuck energy, we are also able to have compassion and it enables us to see through the veils of hidden aspects. This is the gift in being an empath as well. Being present from within our Heart enables the empathy towards others to stay out of judgement as well condemnation.
Once we have healed these parts within ourselves, we can share this with others as well. In order to know and learn, you have to be present in the now moment as well coming from the Heart. Once you have found the key to the heart of empathy, you are able to be present.
And so it will be done
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 19-5-2017

It isn’t about You

It isn’t about You

The most difficult lesson sometimes to stay centered and focused within your Sacred Heart and the feel of unconditional love towards your self and the other person and you feel hurt and vulnerable.
If someone is experiencing a life lesson, whether negative or positive and it also effects your own personal life, what does it take to still feel it is not about Me?

Just let go of the outcome, just stay in touch with this deep inner connection and Love is necessary to cope with all the turmoil and inner/outer conflicts.
Forgiveness for these parts within yourself creates Freedom. Freedom creates distance, a kind of non-detachment, so you can keep a clear view on a different kind of level into the drama on personal level.

And don’t get me wrong. There still is hurt, feel of neglect, feel of betrayal sometimes. And this is the best part because these will show you what is still lingering within yourself until it’s time to deal with and then release it if you become aware of the cause and effect it still has a hold on your life.

Emotionally, physically, psychologically, all are connected and your own Soul wants the release of any old emotional wounds you have brought into this lifetime just to free yourself from it’s tangible and negative hold.

Then you are able, if willing, to fulfill your Soul’s desire , your purpose in life, that what you wanted to bring in into this world, and again feel the connection with your heart, the drive and inputs you have to love and live without any fear, without any attachments that will hold you back.

So gratitude for the life experiences are coming into your awareness, to see and feeling more clearly what happens and the reason why this happens, not to be a victim of what you are presented in life, no just the opposite, to Be the Creator of your own life, for that is your Soul’s desire, that is where you find your deepest inner connection with the love from the Sacred Heart.

There is no fear in that connection, there is only sense of Oneness with all other humans, your partner, your children, Earth and the Joy for Life, bringing in brightness and peace of the heart, calmness and balance and there you realize – it isn’t about you this experience since we are all One and we are walking together

And so it is

High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)
Heartfelt Messages 7-8-2013


How Expactations can get in the way

How expectations can get in the way of healing processes

We all have expectations about the way we want to see our lives enfold. Whenever we go through an experience we want the best outcome. That is the outcome we want to happen, which not necessarily means we get the result we expect. For sometimes our healing doesn’t come with a healthy body, or ability to do whatever we want to do in order to express ourselves.

The way I was raised with the motto, a strong mind has a strong body, was something I really had to work on to let go of that expectation for myself. With all the physical disabilities I was confronted with through my life, I really doubted my self. For I had a strong mind, how come I didn’t had the body to match it. It took me years of acceptance to realize that my body was my best friend, my own guide, and probably my own Merlin. You know, Merlin as in King Arthur and the Round Table. He was the adviser and magician for his young king. I learned to see my own internal wisdom as well the magical ways my body is engineered through Nature.

This magical and wonderful expression of Life and Nature we call physical body holds the very imprint of my soul’s expression for me to learn through this lifetime to balance my spirit with my heart again in a way a never ever had expected. Actually I have been fighting this every time it didn’t meet my expectation when the outcome of a shift in perception didn’t had the result I expected. It took me a while to come to the understanding we all have our own limits and limitations, connected always with our own life experiences we are creating for our self in order to expand, align, heal in ways that sometimes are mind blowing to say the least.

Every one who is being confronted with a life experience that is creating a disease or disability, will learn the meaning and complex system our cells hold, our organs function, our nerve system and blood vessels are connected within the field of the physical plane. We are more then the physical, when we learn how connected all of this is with our emotions, our psychological state and our mental being. It is impossible to see one and not connect it with the other, let’s call them bodies as well. We are more then the sum of the elements .

Yet with the ability of the physical body to heal, its own self regulating ability as well as evolving the link with the magician of all times, for me that is, I can compare my physical body with the gifts and talents Merlin had in connection with the spirit world, as well the elemental, travelling through time and space in order to connect the dots so to speak with the dimensions. Our way to learn through the life lessons can be compared with the lessons young Arthur received from Merlin, growing up and learn the way his material world around him could be integrated as well expanding.

Now I know, not everything Arthur wanted for his country, read body, was successful at times, so were the steps I took and the lessons I learned similar to his steps through life to become all he could be. It took me a lot of courage at times to perceive and not give up, every time I thought I had found a way to break a cycle and step out of a pattern that was creating an illness within my body. I had to learn the hard way at times my expectations were more of a blockage in order to heal. Actually this for me was the hardest part to come to terms with.

Not being in control, even though I was listening to the signs that were given me, the emotions that showed me, or the practices to find inner balance and silence, I had to surrender to the inner wisdom that needed to bring forth this ability in order to balance out the disability of my physical life as it was and still is. It pushes me to be the best all I can be, Love myself unconditionally and have faith in an outcome, even if it is not the one I thought, wanted, imagined it would be.

So what can I do but listen to my own Merlin, my physical magician, with its own inner wisdom, knowledge about all the chemistry that comes with it and with all the self regulating possibilities as well. My trust in Merlin grows over the years and my expectations are not fully gone, yet I have more faith and trust that it all works out for the best for me when I let go of the result. I can make a conscious choice and make a conscious decision, either to fight every step of the way, or choose to let the healing process within all the bodies come to alignment and balance.

In the middle I will find Me, in my own Heart Center, connected with the physical plane at this time and age. For the cooperation between my soul and my heart have brought me more joy and happiness then I ever had expected.

And so it will be done.
High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)
Heartfelt Messages 28-10-2015

When Time is nothing more than a Movement

When time is nothing more than a movement
We all talk about time, what time of the year, what time of the day,
Past time, present time, future time or Now time.
Ancient times as well the surrealistic time set are playing a big part In our day to day life time, the process of creation consists of time after time renewing and reinventing the old ways into new ways.
Even when you are sitting behind your laptop viewing
The surroundings every moment seems to be different.
The images appear and disappear as do the sounds.
One moment in my now time I can hear the cars drive by,
The birds singing and a dog barking, Yet when they stop
My way of perception is changing with it immediately.
My senses are so entwined with everything I see and hear,
That it is a constant flow of movement within as well
In response to the outer and vise versa.
We interact with each other and every moment is a movement Of time sharing with a different outcome every time. There are so many distractions all the time to divert you From the in the time being, or Now moment as people call it. Apparently there is also some kind of movement when I sit still Just waiting for the words to come or a topic that I want to address.
It is not even a physical movement that involves the way it
May enfold or it would be my fingers typing these words right now. When I disappear so to speak into the moment of happening, There is another movement enfolding, the one we call time. I know that for me there is nothing else that matters than my Sensory awareness to be able to tune in on so many levels As well layers.
The way it seems to slip through my fingers is also the way
It presents itself on my screen while writing this and also
There is this movement in time for the clock shows a different Outcome as the time presented itself to me when I started writing. The movement of the digital numbers as well the moving of the sun, The clouds changing their shapes and forms, the light that gets dimmer.
Our tuning in with the movement of time is also connected with The movement of our planet, the way we sail through our universe. So every movement is connected with any other movement Creating a sense of time and awareness to be in the Moment.
And so it will be done
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 3-11-2016