Connected Heartfelt with Nature is a gift

Connected Heartfelt with Nature is a gift
I was thinking about what to write to share my sensation or feelings today as well yesterday. The pictures I took were not at all I wanted to express during my walk in the early evening hours. It started at first with the Sun still behind the clouds yet already very intense in its light. Too bright to look into it. Coming up to the path leading me to the big tall tree covered with some kind of bindweed attached to it. Someone told me this plant was also connected with the energy of Lemuria.
The old tree is like a portal or guardian for me. Touching it is directly affecting my energy awareness. Like I am shifting somehow, which I can sense as well see the moment I make the connection. Not just shifting of energy.. the ground is firm where I stand, it has its own bodyguards around it so to speak. Bushes with prickles that will prevent anyone come to close. Even the dog senses the presence because she will stop at this tree every time we pass by. As I do as well to touch and honor it for standing tall.
There is also some kind of shift in energy when I am outside walking with the dog. Like the moment I am outside crossing this little bridge, birds get my attention, light that gets clearer, a heron flies up and make itself noticeable. The sun that comes through the clouds, shining directly on me. All I have to do is pay attention and be aware of the gifts I receive by Nature. Standing in the full Sun light it feels like a warm embrace, like I am been given a shower of light and energy,
Not to mention the love I feel coming through as well, noticing the huge light presence reflecting in the water. How to give words to this amazing sensation I feel within my Heart, bringing a big smile to my mouth and tears in my eyes. Not from sorrow or pain, just tears pouring out in a wave of love and light, almost like bliss although I wouldn’t describe it always like that. Yet the joy that comes with it, deeply felt in my heart, is coming from a deep connection and a union well known.
Standing there in the full golden ray of the Sun is a gift I cherish. It makes me feel loved and cared for. Safe and sheltered as well, just like the sense I receive in touch with that magical tree standing beside the path. I don’t have to explain neither do I need to, yet I want to share it. Because the connection with Nature we had, in our ancestor lines, got lost somehow in the western world. Yet it is deeply engraved within our own heart and soul so to speak.
Each and every one of us has the means and the tools to be in touch with this connection in Nature. Sometimes we are need to be taught again, like we teach our children not to abuse nature or destroy it. There are many groups out there in the world, as guardians and protectors for our Nature worldwide. As there are many groups that are not in touch with it and just see the use they can have from it. We are not balanced, yet, I would say. All I can do is show by example, teach my grandkids how to honor and respect Nature in all its forms. To be aware of their inner connection with the trees, the water, the wind, the clouds as well.
What comes natural for one is a difficult matter to comprehend for the other. Like my story as a tree lover, watching the sky and clouds, see forms in them as if I can see reflections of the fairy world. Formations in the sky that look like mountains in the distance in a very flat small country below sea level. I always looked for refuge in the woods and forests I grew up with. Walking in the early morning when the birds woke up, the dew on the plants and wet ground, to feel and smell the fresh air in the forest with its own fragrance. It would give me the sense of being alive, waking up into my cells even as a child, feeling safe and secure and as one with it.
This Heartfelt connection I have is innate to me.
So I am feeling blessed with these moments I can stand in the golden Ray of the Sun or the crystalline clarity of it. It nourishes me in so many ways, not just emotional, also physical and mentally and even my energetic body. I am grateful it comes naturally for me and I am aware of the gift this presents itself. Not taking it for granted as I never will take our love for Nature for granted.
The love we shared as a couple was also engraved in this deeply felt connection with nature. It is part of us and will always be creating the connection through these signs. Heartfelt gifts through Nature has its way of teaching the oneness in all. All we have to do is to have an open mind and an open heart.
And so it is.
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 22-3-2017

Reflections of the Heart

Reflections of the Heart


Today is about remembering and reflecting on a difficult and intense period in our lives. A lifetime came to an end after enduring pain, sorrow and suffering on many levels. Physical as well mental and emotional all the layers were shed until the raw beauty remained of a beautiful soul. Ready to return to his light body. Leaving behind in this transition his loved ones in the physical forms. It  took all your will to let go, even then not willing to leave those you love so much. There was the surrendering of your body, quiet and peaceful and letting go. Tranquility sensing within myself, knowing it was done. At peace with the transition to the other side.


During the following days challenges came rushing in day by day and every time I was wondering how you would have reacted. Especially when it was about boundaries and respect. Watching the patterns unfold again was painful to see for me. If any there would or should be a gathering around you filled with love and respect. I could not see through your love you felt for each of them in the place you were. I needed every inch of strength to find the middle ground within, creating my own inner balance without you by my side. Proud of you for enabling to be this loving magnet for your siblings as well family and friends. You were the center of it all and carried this through until the end with dignity and caring.


One year has passed since. Still sensing your presence as close to my heart, as I was aware of you in my heart center while living beside me. I see you in our children and grandchildren. I hear you in ways some are addressing each other with humor. Music is playing a major part in our connection during our lifetime and is actual still moving me to my core. Certain songs that were so significant for us to express our emotions being played on the radio. Catching my attention and connecting me immediately with you.  Does that expressed your feelings and emotions during the transition in your life and body. As well does that reflected mine, all I wished I could do for you to make it easier and bearable.


How I admire you for the way you carried your burden till the end. Breaking all walls down and getting naked in your inner center. Nothing left to be healed or cleared any longer at the end. You left this plane a free soul again, without any karmic bonds you chose to release this lifetime. The loop we made together, you are on the other side of the veil. That’s your thing you always said and I laughed, cause you were the counterpart, as spiritual in your essence as me. Different ways to show, different words to express. Yet so connected through your intuition and gut feeling. Sensing those energies we cannot see. Now you know, you told me so. Is it that easy to connect, wishing you knew that before.


Now you can shine your bright tall light on both sides of the veil. For those who can see, others that can sense or hear you. Watching this unfolding process over the past year where you touched in so many different ways how you were feeling. Peace and happiness reflecting in my heart space, between the inhale and exhale where you reside. Joy and bliss combined with a bright smile and tears as well. Your gifts to me in Nature, the presence of a heron out of the blue, or a couple of doves. Messages through the bird world you were so fond of. Walking outside on a grey day and the light of the Sun comes piercing through with me in the spotlight. Reflections on the water created by the Sun rays as a tall light being to let me know you are here.


So many ways to describe how this inner connections are expressed and so hard to explain at times to others. Time to grieve is different for everyone else, depending on beliefs as well. My inner reflections are gifts, which are holding me tall and strong, confident and feeling loved. No physical hugs or a glare across the room at each other. Yet my senses are opening up more and more, to get closer to your light body and essence again. Recognizing you by your energy as the unique being and soul you are. Now my life is enfolding here on the physical plane. This will be a challenge as well an experience to create the same loving inner-standing. My Heart will be my compass and you will be my guide.


And so it is.


High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 17-3-2017


When memories come flooding in

When memories come flooding in
On this day the memories are flooding in
Remembering the final phases of a life time
The breaking point as well the surrendering
Yet still strong connected through will and spirit
The dignity you held through the passing
Honoring those you held so dear
Each in their own way sharing your love
And giving them the gifts through words
As well your intense awareness .
You are standing tall and bright
After releasing all layers that needed to be shed
Earning your wings through your courage
Enabling all of us to dwell in your love
So we are still so connected heart to heart
Being the standard for us in your transition
We bring you love, honor and respect.
My love so loved by so many for your big heart
Always present to assist and help out
Your work here isn’t done
It will continue on both sides of the veil.
You will be able to do your job as a teacher
And guide to everyone who holds you dear.
When I saw you I knew you were the one
I had been waiting for in my life.
Now I will be here to fulfil my journey
With your guidance through spirit and love
Until my bones will become ash
And I will search for you through time and space
Until we are united again.
Fly my love and spread those big wings
Loved and beloved soul to soul
Heart to heart with every breath I take
Part of me from the beginning of time
Infinite connected and loved
I see you when I see you.
And so it is
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 13-3-2017

Light Body to Light Body on different planes

Light Body to Light Body on different planes
How to explain an experience when I cannot find the words Just the sensation and experience.
The higher our frequency reaches, the more we bring in our connection with our light body on Earth in our physical embodiment of our soul. When you are mending and healing the emotional as well physical wounds that came with this incarnation, you are on a mission. To be specific, your soul’s mission this lifetime and any other lifetimes for that matter. We come to Earth in order to create a new pathway within our Soul. Through our connection from the place our Soul resides, our Heart Center.
The more we become conscious and awaken to our infinite possibilities we have as a creator of our own reality here on Earth, we tune in with our Soul. It is not for some to obtain a certain inner connection with this divine spark we hold within our cells. We all are coming from the same source, the infinite divinity, no matter what names we give it.
For Life is Light as it is the Source of all that exists. We cannot survive without light as we cannot live if we don’t fully connect with it. Energy as a source not just on the outside, yet from within. Deeply embodied in every cell of our material body, mind and soul. Something we all can tap into in order to create awareness and change our day to day routine.
Making deliberate choices once we learn the way light and love are as one, and as much part of us as is the outward mirroring of it, our Sun as a big Energy Source. In every one of us is this spark of Light, some have it hidden beneath the clutter, others are more connected and opened to it. Through lifetime experiences coming from choices we made along the way.
Tuning in with our soul’s mission, is like instantly connect with this life force. We are more able to bring in our love and passion. Following our gut feelings and trusting them to lead the way and know you are on the right track. The healing paths are challenging for sure and there are many methods, philosophies, visions to choose from.
Starting this lifetime experience we are learning to stand on our own 2 feet, balancing while finding our way. How to stand within this challenge to find this point of equilibirty, the point where all is well within. We learn through our emotional world as well mental awareness, in order to heal any painful experiences we have or had.
When we start this journey and get more familiar, we learn to heal and see the root cause of it. The thread that becomes visible in all the experiences we had where we were loved and nourished, or just the opposite. The less painful reflections we have, the less fear exists and love as light comes into our system naturally. By doing so we also raise our frequency. For joy and happiness are major factors raising your energy levels.
So imagine you can raise your frequency high enough to integrate with your Soul in the body, filling it with the Light and Love of Source. It would be like the light body our loved ones are having when they make their transition. There is this veil between the material down to Earth World with the other dimensions. The only reason this veil exists is because we most of the times are not ready yet to see beyond the veil.
Yes there are those who are able to see and talk with the deceased ones, yet not all of us is able to do so. Yet we all want to be able to talk with those that are no longer with us and are missed so badly at times. Love is energy, we know that is not ending even when we leave this plane in order to move to the next plane.
At least, I know this from this place where I can tune in, my inner knowing so to speak. Hard to explain at times to others. Not everyone shares the same view on this topic. Being in connection with my soul’s mission makes my life easier, more balanced and gives me tools. Either through writing or having fun with my grandkids, enjoying music and lyrics as messages, connecting with a magical tree.
All these expressions are part of me, just as my beloved is. Although we are not existing on the same plane any longer, our connection remains. Being in his Light Body brought in awareness of the possibility to connect with each other through my expression. Bringing in Light and Love in every corner of my inner being, my soul incarnating within my physical body.
I learned through techniques and conscious awareness how to connect with my own Light Cross so to speak, my connection rising up within me, connecting me not only with the highest Source. It added strength as well teaching me to open up for the energy of angels as well. Deep into the Crystalline Grid and Crystal of Mother Earth, the energy can flow through my body. It’s Center lies in my Heart.
Through my highest Love connection I am able to open up to the Light Body of my beloved as well. The possibilities are endless, the experience over whelming creating this enormous flow of Love and Light Soul to Soul. Flooding through all the memories we hold and brighten up the possibilities to learn, share, guidance as well. All brought in through the memories within my body as well by the way it reacts as if it is being touched.
So we learn to live big, smile big, experiences shared from one dimension to the other, shifting and creating a new pathway. Bringing in the new ways of teachings as well inspiration to move forward each on different levels of being. Promises made and kept, relationship changing and deeply connecting to bring in new possibilities.
Love is the fuel, creating energy to rise to the occasion. Incarnation of the soul, into the material world through the physical body adding more awareness and consciousness. Vision is changing every step along the way, for the clarity it brings releases old believes and mind sets as well. Light Body to Light Body on different planes.
And so it is.
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 11-3-2017

Invoke the Divine Feminine Trinity

Invoke the Divine Feminine energy by Mother Mary, Mary Magdalena and Quan Yin

I invoke you to share your loving energy today
With every living person on this earth
Either man or woman, child or adult
The feminine energy needs to be addressed
In order to heal every emotional wound
In every layer for all, past present and future.
The nourishing energy as well the sensual and sexual,
Compassionate loving kindness
In order to create a safe space for every one
To heal the inner child as well
May your divine light of love surround our planet
And light up the grid that is connected with
The crystalline core of our mother Gaia as well.
From above as well below
The energy frequencies are being invoked
To bring in new insights and trough healing
A new safe place within each individual.
For every healing of any emotional wound
Yet specially focusing on the effects on the feminine
Will elevate our world together with the energy world
In order to connect the healing light codes through
Our inner heart space
Creating a fire in our chakras that need clearing
Specially those connected with abuse, sexual and physical
Mental and spiritual
So we can stand great and tall again
Open hearted as well open minded
To honor and respect each other’s intimate space
Empowering each other again in equality
For men and women alike opening up again
The creative and nourishing flow of energy
To bring in a new form of life in every relationship
Where love, respect, honesty and integrity are
The norm and standard
May we all be blessed with the power given
To us by our own inner divine spark
So we all can reach the point of balance
With the masculine as well feminine energy
One cannot be without the other
In order to bring forth creation of love and light
In every partnership or relationship
In loving connection for the highest good
Of all.

And so it is

High Self @RheaDopmeijer
Heartfelt Messages 8-9-2017


When we experience different perspectives as opposites

When we experience different perspectives as opposites
Do you know those moments you seem to see things eye to eye with someone? Or maybe just the opposite? Ever wondered how it is possible when siblings grow up with the same parents, yet tell different stories about their childhood and upbringing. We all know these situations when we start reminiscing about lifetime experiences and the stories don’t add up. It makes you wonder how it is possible you are not seeing eye to eye on what seems so clear for yourself to begin with. All these imprints we receive over the years growing up. It is all colored through our own way of looking at things. That is how we perceive.
What made this topic come up today? Actually it is a theme that is coming up almost on a daily basis. Every time we are talking with someone and we are seemingly don’t agree about something, it is about perspectives. The way we react and respond is formed by the things we experienced through our lives. Even growing up in the same household, sharing with your siblings, the stories change.
It has to do with the position you had. where you the oldest, the youngest , the middle? Only child or one of 8, it all creates a different environment you grow up in. If you take your own family as a mirror to learn about yourself, there have been written so many books about it. Family traditions, race, gender or religion, you name it. It all has its impact on you.
Yet is not by different perspectives we are feeling unsettled. It is through the duality by emphasizing the differences as being negative. Negative emotional reactions because we are not yet able to see it as being complementary. Instead of opposite. Through judgmental or mental believe systems we are being thought that being different is not a good thing.
So slowly we are learning not to ask ourselves how we have to be the standard, yet how we can be at peace because of the different perspectives. The dynamics and mechanism between siblings for instance are changing when they move out of the parental home and start their own lives. Career or study, starting a family life, all these changes will create more differences of perception. Especially when age differences play a part between them.
Growing up in a big family with great differences of age, as well character and system is forming every member. As it does to a small family, or single parent upbringing. We all experience our lives different, just because we are each one of us a unique human being. We have our own mental, physical, emotional elements brought into our lifetime.
Through the different aspects we are learning and growing, expanding our knowledge about who we are. We all need to be understood and loved, to be safe and have shelter within every group we are part of. Either family, or co-workers as well in schools, we always learn through the different perspectives. Let’s not forget how we learn through every relationship we have with our partners or children.
As long as we are in this believe system that we are opposites we will be discussing and disagreeing with each other when we don’t see things eye to eye. Because we are feeling unnoticed or unseen, so we get into a fight mode. The power play starts the minute we are experiencing the feeling of disconnection. For that is what is causing our turmoil within.
Mind playing tricks with us as well emotions running high when we are not met with loving understanding. Some are hurt more along the way by experiences and are carrying deep emotional wounds. Others are choosing the power play to stay on top of things so to speak. Yet is all caused by duality thinking and believing.
How can we turn this around in order to be at ease with our different perspectives. When is it safe to be able to say, I don’t see it that way and it’s okay. It is time to realize we only can change our experiences through inner choices we make about the way we are being challenged. As long as it comes from fear, we are in this time perception of either = or.
Where either is the norm most of the times. We need to shift with each other to a different perception of duality. When we realize it is not about opposites and more like equals we can turn this around. It will be for the better, not just for the individual, it will change the whole. For every change in perception we make, it will have its impact on everyone around us.
Enabling each other to express themselves from their perspective and stay out of the discussion. By doing so we can create a dialogue. It will be safe to express differences in perception. It will allow love to grow in order to heal any emotional wound that we have. Maybe the pace will not be as fast as we would like it to be. Yet every step we make as an individual by healing our own internal wounds, is creating ripples in the pond.
Which ultimately are creating waves of understanding, love and equality. For we lack equality between each other by gender, politics, religion as long as we stay within the believe systems of opposite is wrong and dangerous. Time to make a choice, to stand up and be the standard by creating inner equality first and foremost. You are worth it. For it always starts within through Love, Compassion and Kindness.
And so it will be done.
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 7-3-2017

How do you express yourself?

How do you express yourself?
How difficult it might be at times to express yourself verbally to the outside world. It is hard to find the right words at times, so people might understand a bit more. About your own process and how this is being reflected into the outside world. Sometimes people see what is going on, other times they are to self-absorbed to witness. All we can do is perceive it through our own perceptions. An open mind is experiencing this in a different way. It can see through the different layers of the words and acts. For people who are having difficulty to express themselves verbally, it might be more of a challenge even.
Yet it is hard as well for someone who is not aware of these internal processes about the way life is been expressing itself. The challenges and experiences may come and go, yet without being aware, they will create only more turmoil. If you are not able to see, what is coming up in your life and what gifts it presents you, how can you give it words even to yourself? We as humans have many ways to express ourselves. It may be through music, art, poetry, writing, keeping up a journal, acting and reacting in both positive as well negative ways.
There is this whole spectrum of facilities to express yourself. So what are you choosing? What feels the best or right way for you to express yourself? What makes the difference between a dialogue and a discussion for instance? Do you use tactics in order to maintain some kind of stability? Or by wearing a mask in order to hide behind it so people might not see your insecurity, or vulnerability?
You know the internal world may not always match the way we are being used to present ourselves. We are being thought by our upbringing, norms and values, principles. Sometimes there isn’t much room to express yourself. You are being challenged to find a way to express yourself. Others are learning ways to find a tool, like through music or art, the creative flow from within.
Yet everything represents a creative flow in our self-expression. The more we can experience freedom of speech within the boundaries of dignity and respect through love, we are feeling safe enough to speak up. It is far more difficult, if you cannot speak your truth, if it’s not allowed to. These different sides of the spectrum, demands a very different approach from us to express ourselves.
Either within a family you grow up in where communication is flowing freely, or growing up and made shutting up. The inner world responds accordingly. Love and fear are 2 sides of a coin, for one cannot exist without the other when it comes to teachings. As long as we are coming from fear, the other side coming from love will create difficult challenges.
Love is always a compass measuring how you may express yourself freely and with less boundaries. It is all about the energy that comes through the spoken words, the art, the actions as well reactions to situations we find ourselves in. Consciousness plays a major part in this process of your expression.
It will be the guardian of your inner aspects that might be addressed during your challenges. The focus on either fear or love is about choice. What choices you make for yourself. How can every challenge serve you? What is your own talent or gift in expressing yourself. The need for everyone to be understood, loved and accepted will be the driving passion. We all are searching for ways to connect with our outside world to be appreciated and acknowledged.
So how do you express yourself? From within your inner connection, what colors do you find to show your own true colors. How much appreciation and acknowledgment are you giving to yourself. Allowing yourself to express freely. It all starts within, if we want to change anything that is holding us back. This takes courage most of the times the more challenged we are. To be able to love ourselves, really and truly, will have a major impact on our way to express ourselves.
Not shrinking through fear, yet standing tall within through love. Knowing how to voice yourself, how to show yourself, without holding back any longer. This is our life’s challenge. Express yourself, in order to beam your inner strength and love out into the world. By voicing your love, by teaching others to love and express themselves accordingly.
Just ask yourself the question every morning, how do I want to express myself? How can I use every challenge I am facing today, in order to create a more loving inner world? Which aspects need my attention today to be acknowledged as well loved. How can I use my emotional world and receive the gifts it presents every day through your experiences. The choice is up to you which pathway you choose.
Through loving awareness by creating consciousness, to assist you to stand tall and proud of yourself. You are challenged to go within, to bring in all the damaged and insecure aspects back into a place of harmony, love and balance. This will alter your expression, through love and integrity, respect and understanding.
And so it will be done.
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 5-3-2017

Do what it takes that needs to be done

Do what it takes that needs to be done
When your world is in a major change and shift internally, all you can do what it takes to be done. Using the triggers as tools to know what it is that still needs to be addressed. Even though it might seem to you it is all cleared and healed, forgiven even. At times there is still something showing up unexpectedly. So what do you do?
Like the spiral all is embedded to pick up the stones along the way. Those bricks and rocks you stumble over in the beginning. Making you angry and blaming the stone for being there, blocking your way. Our first internal reaction is almost coming from this place. It is your fault, or if you hadn’t done that, I didn’t do this. It takes courage at times just to stop for a sec and check out what it is you were blocked by.
Life as a spiral, where every experience you ever had in a way it caused emotional or physical wounds, mental wounds as well, is like a pathway covered with stones. Some are big, other are small. Some are colorful, other are dark and grey. The colorful ones are those that will radiate and brighten up your path and are never in the way.
Yet the grey and dark ones, the hard ones, the irregular shaped ones, those are the ones that can block your pathway. They will do so if you don’t pay attention, other than to blame it for blocking your way. Actually, every time you will ignore the rock or stone that needed your attention, the next time around on your spiral. There it is, only this time even bigger , like it has grown. Sticking out even more to get your attention
If you do what it takes to be done, you take a long hard look at it. You try to discover the truth in it, the way it speaks to you. If all possible try to listen to see what it is that needed to be addressed. Is it anger or hurt, is it lack of self-respect and or self- love. Does it symbolize your lack of worth or fear for aggression? Every stone or brick you see stands for an experience you rather would forget most of the time. Ignoring doesn’t make it go away.
In fact it makes it grow thicker and harder to get through. Yet you want to follow your path on the spiral without being blocked all the time. So you pick it up and figure out what it represents. If possible you acknowledge the energy that is hidden within the stone. If you understand the message presented by the block, it depends on you what you are going to do with it. Are you putting it back on the path.. or are you trying to bring in the necessary energy to color it.
For me, it is important not to ignore the signs. Even the most subtle ones, because this is part of the whole spectrum. As are the stones and bricks or rocks on the spiral path. You can find the most different colors as well shapes and sizes. The brighter they shine, the less effort they cost to see what it has in store. The ones who are colored in all the different varieties nature came up with on this plane, they are all connected from within with a place of love and understanding.
The dark spots sometimes resonates the experiences that were part of the challenge. Yet there are also the darker brightly shining stones, because each has its own meaning in your life time experience. The dark without the light in it are those that are needing to be accepted and allowed. Because they hold the gift for you.
Each stone represents something for you. All that needs to be in balance, or needs healing and release. All parts need to be held in a safe space before you are able to even take a closer look within. Safe place is something you can create within yourself. Yet if you are depending on others to feel a sense of safety, without your own safe place, it’s likely you are feeling lost. Depending on others without self-love and self-worth caused by messages you have internalized. So what do you do?
Are you taking up the challenge you are creating for yourself. There is always this point in time, you do what needs to be done, to know you are worth it. The moment you can let go of blaming, not just being a victim of circumstances. The moment you are taking a deep breath and decide to let go of the stuck energy that holds you back. When you can see the red cord in all these experiences witch connect all the experiences. From youth up to now, or maybe even before this lifetime.
The core issue you are remembering in all the layers when you take time to do the field work. Every time you are walking up or in the next round of the spiral, and stumble on a little stone. Pick it up, check it out, let go of what still needs to be addressed in a loving way. Each time you achieve healing or release what has been kept inside the rocks and stones along your path way, your tread will be lighter.
You learn to trust on the change that comes with it. You learn to see and recognize the issues that are hiding within each one of them. So it is easier to do what you need to do when things are getting easier to learn although the hidden energy may still hold parts or aspects of the initial cause. Allow yourself to take time and even a pause when emotions are erupting from a deeper place within.
You can only do so much as you can do. Yet do what it is that needs to be done. You are your own healer, you are your own magister of your transformation. Healing, cleansing and releasing every stuck energy to bring it out in the open and own it, shower it with love. The gift is inside the dark and grey stones to bring you harmony and balance. So do what you need to do to embrace the gifts as well the cleansing and clearing that occurs through it.
And so it will be done.
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Message 23-2-2017

Highs and Lows in one

How we can be on a high peak and a the same time the lowest bottom
I started wondering about this after an amazing message that came through. To me it was confirmation as well. Yet at the same time it triggered some old wound apparently for the result the next day was one of feeling nauseous to my teeth. My physical implementation results as the high love and joy energy immediately turned into a sense of flue like awareness. Don’t get me wrong here. I didn’t got ill actually with a flu or illness, yet it took a lot of energy that was created by an old wound I thought, I had cleared already.
So many layers we have to work through to get the benefit of feeling loved without measurement and unconditionally. As long as there is any rubble remaining in our mental, physical, emotional or etheric body we will experience the stuck energy. This time it is concentrated around the stomach area.
The nausea is a mild sensation not as being truly ill. I came to the understanding my solar plexus Chakra was closed when I came into this world. The very first time I felt the re-opening was the moment my mom made her transition last year. It was a physical experience literally that woke me up from my sleep. Knowing immediately it was cutting the umbilical cord between the two of us.
So what triggered the high energy flow yesterday to bring about this emotional wound in me as well? What an experience I had walking on clouds with a big smile on my face, connected to all there is in that precious message. Yet at the same time it triggered a wound that I knew was there only thought I already had released the emotional energy. How torn can we be between the love of a parent for his or her child when the preference is already visible the minute a newborn comes into this world.
The bond between father and daughter was way stronger then I knew at that time and through the experiences became so more tangible as well. The way a newborn can turn away in need of the other parent for consolation and shows what karmic bond there already was coming into this world for release and healing.
It is what you do with it that matters. I stepped aside so my partner could step in. Where did I hear that phrase again. Like you can step aside out of love, for the highest good of all. Even though I was able to do so, there was this emotional wound as well within me that triggered something old. My guilt feelings for not being there for them in another lifetime, because I could only be who I was.
Yet that was exactly what caused me my life and left my family without mother and companion. Our love has been put to the test more than once. It also caused a conflict within my coming into this life time again. I have chosen to fulfill my own Soul purpose, yet I also wanted to heal the karmic bonds between my partner and children. We never are alone in this, we as a soul group committed to do this.
So in my life I was juggling with these components with every experience that put a strain on us. We worked hard in order to get things cleared up as well enable each other to find healing. Love was the big Key in all of this. There were times we almost lost each other due to processes we all went through in our own clearing of karma as well. Yet the deep Love always found a way to step up to the plate so to speak and hold on. So when one is making a transition to the other side it puts a lot of strain on the way the dynamic works within the family.
The deep sorrow has an opposite factor, caused by the continuous connection of love. Enabling me to feel the strength and courage to get through this. Those are the highs in a day to day existence. The lows are being triggered by outer challenges most of the time in order to bring the wound to the surface. This needs to be that way, otherwise it will still linger in the depths of our subconscious.
It is a gift, it presents itself if we are strong enough and bold enough to look at it and deal with it. Dealing in a loving way, yet allowing the emotions to come forth is a first necessary thing to do. We need to acknowledge those emotions of fear, anger, sorrow before we can release them. Not locked up in a box behind closed doors. That is why I know, my greatest gifts lie in the dark space, holding the energy to be revealed all in due time. Because there is a time for everything.
We only can address an issue when we are ready to take a look at it, accept its presence so to speak. To go through the motions of acceptance, allowing, acknowledging and then bring the love into it. Instead of holding on to the lack of love, either self-love or what has been caused by others. The minute we can feel the love into this challenge it is released and healed. The next step is to be patient with yourself, because there isn’t always an easy fix. The body is a big ally in this process of releasing and healing.
So my high and low can co-exist in one space. Bringing the high energy of love and bliss into the dark space within will ultimately change you forever. It is not a setback, it is a wonderful gift of love’s expression where it is needed the most. Trusting my own reactions as well the way my body translates the signs from within. The more I can trust and rely on it to be my best friend, together with my ego and mind so to speak, the more I can go through every experience I come across and I know I will be well.
I can do this and I am not alone. This will keep me going and I will encounter many more challenges to bring the balance within and harmony as well. The high and low will balance each other as will the life force enhance this to come forth. We all are in this together and linked often in more than one way. Everything is connected to enable to fulfill our soul’s mission. To do what we love to do, where we can find our passion. Life Big, Smile Big and most of all, Love Big.
And so it will be done.
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 19-2-2017

You are not the only one with a dream

You are not the only one with a dream

You are not the only one that has a dream,
The will to explore and expand in new dimensions.
The majority of old souls on earth right now,
Has this deep desire and passion to retrieve
The ancient Esoteric knowledge that once was
Such a major part of your being in love and light,
Captured and held within every cell of your heart.

Evolving is remembering and walking back to
The earliest memory of being light and love.
Lifting the veil of memory loss entering the material world
You all will be able to bring back in this light
It will be different then before because of the journey
You all made through lifetime experiences
Lifting the energy through the darkest parts within
Enabling the love to grow stronger and the light
To shine brighter as ever.

Divine is always about exploring and expanding
In new and different ways for the highest good
Of all of Creation in the Universe.
Willingness to learn and grow through the sometimes
Most difficult experiences in the human body
Where the whole is being broken into pieces
In order to heal the way duality is dividing it.

There will be the home coming again into the Light body
With all the knowledge and achieved wisdom
In order to enhance the energy frequency
And to bring back a renewed alignment from within.
Harmony and balance between the forces
Of the Yin and the Yang, The Feminine and Masculine,
The dark and the light aspects that are part of One.

There will always be the Pioneers that walk the path
In order to explore and show the way of Love
To bring in the Light so every Soul will be able
To see and recognize the plan of the Divine Creation
That lives within every Heart and every embodied cell.
Through healing and renewing every emotional wound
That was caused by lifetime upon lifetime experiences,
Will not only heal this present moment in time.
It will also heal the ancestor lineage from past,
Into the present and recreating the future.

You are never alone and always supported
In order to assist you on your journey.
Together you will create a grid of Light and Love
That will bring in the change so many souls seek.
Through every aspect in your life the new insights
Will come into the outer exterior,
Shining undeniable with a force that will beam
And light up your inner circle as well your surroundings.
Bringing in hope as well the way how love will be able
To renew as well retrieve the inner child’s memory
Where all knowledge has been stored for you
To retrieve, heal and proceed from there.

And so it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 12-2-2017