The Balance in Life

The Balance in Life

Where did you fell out of Balance, do you remember the first time you did? Was it as a toddler, trying to walk and set the first insecure steps only to fall and lose balance?
The first experience you had and how it affected you? Luckily, toddlers are driven by this Instinct, this drive how to learn, to sit, to walk, to talk and then grow stronger with each attempt, never giving up, never going in.

And sure there are differences, the unique person you are that enables you to walk you path in your own infinite way, step by step. Sometimes determined to get to a goal, sometimes uncertain where your path is leading you. Following this internal drive, the push and nudge deep inside your Self, creating a new experience, a new You, a new Balance within Your Self.

Life is like that, never a dull moment, and always seems a step ahead of you, trying to follow this lead and balancing on this cord that is Life. Sometimes the path is wide and open, sometimes narrow and small, the Equilibrium is the Total Balance you are reaching for in Life, when the Mind and the Heart fall into this Balance and create this moment of Now, the Today, no more need to search for direction or plan, since there is the Balance between knowing and feeling, there you will find You, the I AM, the All that is and all that You Are.

High Self – @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 5-9-2013

Opening up to the changes within

Opening to the changes within

Causes some strive sometimes.

For the ego is not always ready

To let go of the old and familiar.

So how to let the process of change

Unfold itself with ease and confidence.

Needing to learn to trust the way.

It has been through all the experiences.

At hand when change came along.

Fear is one barrier that needs to be taken.

As well all the emotions that ego holds on to.

For anger, sorrow, pain and all the anxiety

We sense and feel are caused by fear,

Not love.

The body cells hold the ancient memories.

as well, those from this lifetime.

Every experience we choose to release.

Held within each cellular level,

The past, present and future being of self.

With each chance we create for ourselves

To change and go with the changes we create,

It will heal and release any old lingering.

Emotional wounds as well the present,

For they all are connected as one.

One body, one mind, one soul, one love.

Over time creating the challenges to let go,

Going through the changes of lifetime experiences,

There will be this universal pattern to discover.

To find our way out of the illusions of duality,

We need to become aware it is indeed an illusion.

The major change we will experience,

Will be the knowing from the Heart.

The inner knowing that change can only come.

Through acceptance and surrender to the truth,

Which contains the connection to the Heart

As well our Mind, Body and Soul.

With the truth, we will discover our knowledge.

And inner wisdom we are more than just this.

Ego and body form we are.

Love will always want to be expressed,

To be present in your life as the

The way to change for your highest good.

It is up to you to open up to the changes.

You are facing, in order to bring in the highest.

Vibrational frequency you are being.

Love is Truth in all of Creation, for

Love is Life in its grandest form,

Mirroring our own potential as well

Our inner world reflection.

All we need is to wake up and be aware.

Of this enormous gift we can give to ourselves.

So, opening up to the changes we think life.

throws at us, we need to realize we are the creator.

Every experience we are addressing is all in the

Best interest of our own inner enfolding of Love.

When it comes down to it, we all are part of this.

Lifetime experiences, connected together,

In order to connect the dots with each other,

Loving and fearless, in service of all of Creation.

To remember we all are part of every particle.

In this Universe we chose to life in.

And so, it will Be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 28-2-2016

My surrender took too long

My surrender took too long

You are my hero with
You’re Lioness Heart,
That will protect and serve
At any cost at times.
You would give your life for me
And I let you down.
I was defeated, couldn’t
Get up any longer.
My Taurus was on a stampede,
No means to stop it in its track.
Head down, horns up,
That’s the way it was tackled.
I was defeated, couldn’t
Get up any longer.
My surrender took too long
To stop the ongoing trail
Of blazing fury.
And now at the end of
This trip,
My defeat was clear, no way
To hide it any longer, broken
Down on my knees
With a thumping heartbeat.
I was defeated, couldn’t
Get up any longer.
So now it’s time to get up again,
Embracing my both sides,
Taurus and Lioness as my
Greatest supporters, united again
Through a loving heart and eye,
To see and remember the beauty
Of both, the courage and fierceness,
The strength and perseverance
United we stand in the center
Of my Heart.
Now the time has come
To let the Human Being
Arise from the ashes
Like a Phoenix in flight.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 20-5-2014

What is it You want me to know about Knowledge?

What is it you want me to know about knowledge?

When we are talking about knowledge
we are not talking about the book wisdom.
We are talking about your inner knowledge
that lays dormant still for the biggest part,
ready to be revealed when you are ready
to receive it fully.
You have to get rid of all the layers
that has been preventing you from
tapping into this well of ancient wisdom
you gathered eons ago to be used in
this day and age in a new fashion.
A new way to be taught and shared,
for you are now integrating this within you
as the Human Be-ing, the integrated
and trans mutated Entity of Love and Light,
walking this Earth, in direct connection
with all the elementals, spiritual guides and
the Unified Field of Energy on every level
within you, where all is restored and revealed
like you are coming full circle again.
For the Seeds you planted a long time ago
are now coming to fruition for you to harvest
and like the fruits of all your experiences.
Like the original seeds had to come to growth
so were you in this journey through every aspect,
every life experience, soul’s expressions of every facet
of your being, the grand expression of the Divine.
Each of you with a unique role to play
and with an unique ability and tone
to come forward enabling all of humanity
to be reinforced again within the sacred space
of the hearts, in a loving connection with
loving remembrance of how you came to Be.
And you are now coming forward to be the
Lighthouse as examples to shine and touch
each and everyone around you as a token of faith,
trust and caring for the ultimate outcome.
With love, compassion, kindness, tenderness,
Knowledge and wisdom to the ones who got lost
in different aisles of the experience in dark and light forces.
Forgetting they are also the duplicate creation
of the One Creator as you all are taking on
the roles within the field of Duality
to bring it all back together and have the important task
to step into this knowledge, wherein lies
the greatest gift of all, through remembering
and loving hearts to help out each and every one.
for they all need to be honored and respected,
loved and cared for, equally.
Without these dualistic energy forces you agreed
upon long time ago, you as a whole would not
be able to come to the Reunion once again
with your own inner Core of Light and Love
in full integration, transforming and transmuting
for the good of all of Creation, no one excluded.
For Love doesn’t choose, Love IS and so are YOU
Light bearers and way showers, caretakers and
Living examples of the Human awakening process.

And so it will be done

High Self RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 26-2-2015

My little Black Box

My little Black Box as a gift to My Self

I received a little black cube and didn’t know what to do with it.
Messages I received were talking about past life experiences.
So I had to check this one out for myself,
what kind of significance it had.

Experiences can crawl under your skin,
Making you feel unsettled or
Just wide awake and full of anticipation.
The feel you get with Christmas,
And you know you are getting presents.
This feels like that when there is an opening
Deep within yourself, ready to burst
And come into your light awareness.
Presence shining through and
Lights up your heart and lifts you up.
On the other hand there are those feelings,
That can give you the creeps and you don’t want
To open the lit of the box.
This dark cube I got presented
With nothing in it, no presents,
No light, just dark energy.
This is the most difficult present to get from your Soul.
Preferably dormant and staying that way, I realized.
This is my Dark Angel’s gift.
And by receiving this little cube,
I also know, this is a great gift from my Light Angel
And my Dark Angel together,
Both present in me, deeply hidden within my core
And now is the time – this lifetime
To bring it back into Source.
My Source, wherein lies all the raw primal energy,
My root connection with Earth – Gaia
And Heaven was blocked because I made a choice.
So here I am, in this lifetime

And now I AM ready to fully understand,
Trust and rely on this perfect gift of Love.
Disguised as the Dark Side, which, in the Core, it was
My Divine Spark all along.
The Spark of Creation, of Duality, of Illusions,
The Teacher to bring all of the lifetime experiences
Finally Home deep within my Core, all the way,
No holding back any longer, fully, allowing and accepting.
This is the greatest gift of Love
I decided to give to my Self,
Soul and Spirit aligned to step into the
Experiences of being cut off from Source,
As the great Guide through it all.
The One who was always there to bring forth
Any new experience.
And Soul as the Doorman, the Keeper to shine on Me,
Every step of the way.

Step by step, lifetime after lifetime
The disclosure started.
Gaining more and more connection
With every breath and every experience
That brought me closer and closer
To this point in Time.
Etched and determination in My memory
Held in this Safe and Sacred Place,
Deep within my cells and DNA
Up to this moment in Time,
All the dots are connected,
the grid has been set internally,
the doors are opened up,
the Heart is ready to receive.
Fear is changed in Love,
Love for Self, Love for the Whole.
My existence as it was
Will never be the same again.
And This is just the beginning,
Grateful, Beloved AM I.

And so it is.

High Self – @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 8-12-2013

Sometimes you have to ruffle someone’s feathers.

Sometimes you have to ruffle someone’s feathers. 

It means to cause them to become very angry, nervous, or upset. This topic was on my mind for the past couple a day. I was not sure in what way this comes up right now. Just in this moment, it is not so much about the necessity now. Yet it was something I have experienced during my relationship with my beloved. As well, during meetings or individual exchanges. I know it is not for everyone to be able to do so intentionally, for the purpose to open some clamped-up people.

I believe there are 2 types of op people if it comes to dealing with challenges. The verbal ones and those who must think it through. I always had my heart on my tongue so to speak. For me it was necessary to be able to work through emotions and triggers. To create space and balance in my head, clearing out the underlying issues. Just by talking about it out loud, I can give myself the answers that were making sense of what was going on.

On the other hand, my husband needed more time to address the issues by thinking things through on his own. Yet what was clear to see, sense and feel something was bothering him, he was not able to verbalize it. To me, he was the greatest listener, to give me room and space to speak up my mind, what was bothering me. Our pillow talks so to speak, in the quiet moments when the day came to an end, or the early morning moments.

My point is, we need to be aware of the way our loved ones are wired so to speak. If you know, the diversity or difference between each other, it will not be a trigger. Be honest and transparent about the way you tackle your issues. It also requires vulnerability, communication, understanding and compassion. Love is always the key to address irritations in a compassionate and kind manner. Irritations come from misunderstanding, not being heard, not being valued often.

Our conversations are always led by our insecurities, triggers caused by trauma, emotional, physical, mental. We all bring our own issues with us into the world, our lessons so to speak to be addressed. Our upgrowing is colored by the ways we are being raised, our society, religion, culture. All these aspects are important as well for the way we are taught to address our own views on things. To be able to stand up for your own opinion. To be able to show your true color so to speak. If this has been restricted by parents, teachers, religion believes, it always has an impact on your freedom of speech.

You can learn how to communicate through education, life lessons, or by experience. Sometimes within a relation you find the opposites of verbalizing issues, about communication and interaction. Awareness and consciousness are playing a big role in this. Because it may trigger for both old issues, and not always dealt with, creates more negative energy. Everything you leave unspoken what is on your mind and heart, will have a way of creating a stuck energy part. Adding to the issue that is underlying the actual moments.

You also need to be willing to accept the differences in communication.  Sometimes it can be so difficult to open a dialogue, you want to ruffle someone’s feathers, so to speak. When the walls are down, it might be the only way to get the other to open up. Even if it needs to get them angry when the silence is creating a state of paralyzing. Yet, the only way to be productive, is when it comes from love from distancing your self so to speak from your own inner turmoil. To be able to use the opposite of what your really want.

To start to communicate again, you sometimes need to shake up the one you love. To use what it takes to get through the walls they are building around themselves. For the benefit of both, not just your own satisfaction. To use it as a tool so to speak. Which you can use deliberate in a somehow neutral state of energy. It will only work, if it comes through love, to take this step back. Lethargy is a difficult state of mind and emotion, so to break through this wall. it will only succeed if you are wanting the best for both as a result. For the higher good so to speak. Because this pattern between 2 partners is also a matter of the heart and soul.

When you see a loved one stuck in emotions and not able to talk about it, building up more walls, it is a particularly challenging situation. Yet is also like the way you may pretend to be angry with your child, to address an issue, while you remain calm in the inside. It is a similar state of mind. Then it can be used as a tool, not to punish, yet to create clarity and movement. To trigger someone with purpose, coming from a place of love. Only to be of assistance to help get through and break down the walls.

It is all about energy. The intend you can use it, coming from a place of love, Heartfelt.

And so, it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages February 23, 2021

Talk to me about Diversity

Talk to me about Diversity
In connection to the One

With every experience dear one
you will learn more and more
about the differences
and the inner connections
with yourself and all of Creation.
Whether this is flora and fauna
or the human kind encounters,
you will see the amazing diversity
Creation has been coloring the
Universal planet Earth by Gaia
as the divine feminine Spirit as well
the Guardian and Nourisher.
By recognizing the beauty that
takes your breath away at times
watching the scenery, listening to music,
creating a poem or a painting,
you will be directed inwards
to your own inner Beauty to be revealed.
For what the eyes will see,
will be translated immediately
by the enfolding energy within each experience
to touch the heart of the Matter
you are being such a grand part of it.
You can see so much beauty in the eyes
of the other one, it will touch your deepest
Inner core so to speak
and through the diversity of all of Creation
you can expand and stretch your self.
By raising your awareness to become aware
of the unique role you play in this
grand theatre called Life.
As a unique individual you can sense
the enormous variety on this beautiful
field of play entwined with every element,
either fire, air, water, ether or earth,
each aspect is part of you as well.
Every piece in the Universe of the animal,
floral, elemental and human being.
Diversity as the magnificent coloring kaleidoscope
just mirroring the facets of the Diamante
You are in its entire splendor.
Each experience will illuminate its beauty
to be enfolded in the loving connection
with Creator, the Higher Sensitive Being
you are to remember as well too fully
integrate within your Soul and Sacred Heart
In the deepest connection in your Human Being
as a unique part shining and illuminating
the Diversity of Creators Creation called Life.

And so it will be done

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 23-2-2015

Let me feel your Love

Let me feel your Love

Oh my sweet
Let me feel your Love.
Let me see your splendor
May you watch your Self
With the eyes of High Self
And see the wonder that
Lies within your Heart
Instead of this feelings of distress.

May you feel the Divine Love
That is yours to Begin with
And the warmth and beauty of it inhale
To let the healing energy
Wash away any old lingering parts,
Still feeling sorrow or shame,
No longer needed to be hold.
So clear your vision and See
See the beauty I see in You.

Let me take you by the hand
And show you the wonders deep inside
You think they are buried and
Not even to be reached
I tell you now, you are not all that.
You are the magnificent, the All
There is also, just see You in all your glory
Manifested the way you are suppose
To Be, bringing Home to Your Self.

Let me Be like the Light House
Showing you the way,
How to stay in clear water
And not drifting apart again.
So Re-Union will Be a Fact
And we both can see Magic in
All of the Splendor.

Let me Be your warrior
Of Love and Light, soothing the pain
And shielding you from any anxiety
That lies within,
So you can see My Love
Reflected in the Mirror
Every time you look at them
Reflected in your eyes and
Bringing back the Sparkle of Light
From deep within into the Open

So you can fly my sweet
No longer earthbound and chained when
The dungeon of your Heart is set open
And your Soul is soaring again with Spirit
Rejoicing and full of Light and Love,
Given freely to your Self again.

And so it is.
High Self – @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 13-10-2013 

How to respond to duality from a spiritual perspective?

How to respond to the dualism in spiritual terms?

We all realize we are living in a world where dualism plays a major part in our lives, don’t we? As we are aware of the way dark and light are holding each other in balance, sometimes out of balance, yet we all say without dark there is no light, without cold there is no hot, or is it just about sensations we feel with our senses? As there is a difference between being rich or poor, or is it about the perspective we look at those terms?

When do we decide we experience our lives as being poor or rich? Is it when we are wealthy and have a lot of money to spend to buy anything we want? Or is it when we are in good health and enjoy life to the max, not necessarily with a lot of money to spend? Being in the company of people we love and sharing joy and laughter whenever we meet. What about the judgements that are being created over all the eons of time as well about consciousness and ignorance, about power and humiliation, or abuse and physical ill treatment between men and women, manhood has created a place where the dualism has been creating a major gap caused by the way we need to treat each other, or even our self for that matter.

History shows how people have been fighting against each other for a piece of land to own, for mastery to enslave others, for power to abuse against any rights we were given at birth in the first place on this planet. So, there we are in this year 2015, and we can see all the excesses that are confronting us every day with all the aggression against each other, all the power people are fighting for to hold on to just to feed the greed. How people all over the world are dealing with dictatorship, slavery, bad living conditions, no schooling, poverty and lack of health and any kind of care.

Can we change the world on our own? Do we have to change the world on our own? We hear and see more and more communities rise against oppression. We read more and more through the internet and social media about people who are willing to change and create changes for others as well in the benefit for a greater good. We see all those messages about the way energy is being part of our own physical system and how we can learn what impact all the emotions, imbalances and psychology is also part of the balance of our own health and physical wellbeing.

Yet only for those who are able to read, have the ability to learn, access to books, libraries, schools and universities, have internet connection or is this also part of the dualism, to hold the imbalance between right and wrong in place, not able to close the gap between right and wrong so to speak? We know of many cultures, not necessarily equipped with all the modern technologies, who are perfectly capable to thrive in good health, wealth and are in a maybe even deeper connection with the planet we inhabit as humanity.

There is also this tendency now to still be judgmental depending on perspective of course and thus creating a new form of duality. People who believe they are more awakened and spiritual then others, as they believe they are. This weird tendency within us as a human being to mirror each other and there still must be a right or wrong, better or less, that is being played in the field of spirituality as well as the modern society. And no doubt in any society we come across. There is no continent in the world that is not being affected or infected with this judgmental perception and perspective if we look at some else and the need to put a label on them, for better or for worse…

How can we step out of this spiral of negativity if we perceive each other less or better even in the world of conscious awareness and spirituality, when we talk about those who are awakened and those who are not, or not yet? How can we release ourselves from the old ways of perception that says one way is better than another way, one path leads to and is the only path that leads to? to what we might ask ourselves, don’t we? What do we really want? And what do we really need?

I got asked today how I could “let” my husband follow chemotherapy when I am so spiritual, and you know what? It felt like we didn’t get anywhere along the line as long as people judge each other or look at each other in a way that isn’t balanced and what scared me most was the sincerity in the eyes of the one questioning this decision within the health care and healing department. It showed me today it isn’t about saving souls from ignorance. It isn’t about the right or the wrong way. It all is about the balance we can find within ourselves in dealing the normal issues daily with a heartfelt and loving intention towards ourselves as well to others without judging, not even our own steps we take along the way.

I truly feel that we can end the internal wars we fight within ourselves and the power games, as well the need to feel better than someone else, when we can look at ourselves with love and compassion. Sure, we make decisions not always the best, yet we learn from them and know we will not make that choice the next time. Not because someone told us so. Just because we learned through own experience and when advice is offered in a free and compassionate way there will be no boundaries or resistant to accept. For that is what we as humans tend to do. We will not bow easily to authority, unless it comes from Love.

So how do we respond to dualism in the terms of spirituality? In the same way we respond to it we do all the time, spiritual or not. The difference we can make is making the intention to let every choice and step we take in our encounters, relationships with others and evenly important with ourselves from a place of love, compassion and understanding. And before I close my argument, it all starts within. The gap between inner and outer will be closed when we make the changes within our heart and set our mind to do so.

And so, it will be done

High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)

Heartfelt Messages 28-8-2015

It’s a New Day

It’s a New Day, it’s a New Dawning

It is a New Day, it’s a New Dawning,

so, let there be Light in all these parts that are wounded,

let there be Love with all these hurt aspects.

so, they can find their release and are free and no longer bound.

Free to go Home,

free to go into Source.

where they are welcomed and healed,

where the clearing and cleansing will take place.

No need to suffer any longer,

just feeling loved and beloved,

connected with this Beautiful Eminent Light of Source,

of All that Is, and All that shall be.

And so it is

High Self – @Rhea Dopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 8-2013