Loving internal communication

Loving Internal communication

The biggest challenge sometimes

Is the moment you are feeling hurt.

And the communication internally starts.

Thoughts like clouds appear,

Emotions like rain drenching your soul.

And the balance is lost at times.

Your internal communication is going

Back and forth between these two.

So how to bring in the Sunlight again

To make the clouds disappear

And the drenching rain will stop.

It is always a moment of shattering.

Your world to its fundaments.

To know who you are beyond

The doubts and fears inside.

The loving component that is weak at times,

Caused not just by external factors,

The internal aspects are causing the ripples and tears,

The feeling of being torn apart.

So, start your internal communication

Through the eyes of the Heart.

There you will feel the comfort and healing love

For yourself again.

This will put things in perspective,

The lightening in the clouds will show you

What is there to be seen.

The feel of drenching rain is there

To heal your soul yet again

So, the sparkle of your own being

Can come forward and love for self.

Being worthy and beloved from the inside out

Brings in feelings of compassion and kindness

To your own soul and heart,

Lightening your inner Fire that fuels

The love of your Heart and rebalancing

And releasing creates a new perspective in your love

For you and acceptance of the situation

In a deeper and brighter way.

Allowing this process within yourself brings awareness.

And opens your true Heart feelings for what is happening.

Changing your internal communication and you will be able.

To see the colors of the Rainbow

 Through the wet whimpers of your eyes,

Soothing the internal storm, lightening and rain

And the clouds will disappear in the Sunlight of your Heart

Which is bringing in Love and understanding and you will

Be free, the sky is yours again, no need to make it complicated.

And you can say to yourself, I am Yours.

And so it is.

High Self – @RheaDopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages

Expressions of the Heart

Expressions of the Heart

Do you ever experience the sudden outcome of words that you are not even were meant to say, and just slipped out and afterwards you realize what you just said to someone un-intentionally?

The feeling of what did I just say, where did this come from, what made me say that? And I do not mean the impulsive reactions on something the other one said, coming from emotions that were triggered by it.

I mean the response you gave to someone that seemed to come directly from the Heart. The expression of something that feels deeper then was truly appropriate at the time, just a confirmation of a deeper inner feeling you have in the encounter with someone else.

Even if it is someone you barely know and there is this kind of familiarity between the two of you. Something you cannot even put your finger on if your mind takes over and starts to analyze what you just said and the feeling your words came from.

In a meeting with someone and just the words that springs from the Heart, not even thinking about anything like that. Could it Be, that this is just an expression you use to show your affection on a deeper level coming from a Heartfelt and Soul encounter between two people?

Normally we are so shielded from expressing our feelings to other people, it would not even cross your mind to open so totally. Nor being vulnerable or not even being taught how to express your emotions of love and kindness in a verbal way. And this expression seems to come from a totally different place you are used to feel. It is an expression of something that lies hidden beneath all the walls we can put around our Heart so to speak.

It is the feeling of recognition on a deeper level, an encounter between two souls, so to speak, and where there is recognition of one another. And this comes to the surface, unexpected, in a spring of a moment, maybe even unwanted and involuntarily. This slip of the tongue is an expression of a deep Heartfelt connection in a deep level.

It is an expression of a deep inner knowing. Something that can be triggered by a word, or a feeling, not controlled through or by the mind. It just is and you know it, you are aware of it, it takes you by surprise, what am I saying. Some people might say I am being channeled; some people might not even recognize it for what it is.

If there is a deeper understanding of the Soul and of its journey, then there is more coming to the surface and is recognition one aspect of it and you give words to this deep understanding as an Expression of your Heart in connection with each other and in the Love that is the binding force between yourself and the other.

It can also appear to be the Inner Voice. Your intuition you might say. Nevertheless, it is an expression of the Heart to acknowledge this connection right then and there because of a deeper inner feeling of Oneness and saying with it: I See You and I Know You.

And so It is.

High Self – @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages

Be the Master of your own Creation

Be the Master of your own Creation

If you don’t want things to escalate,

then don’t react to the energy of the moment.

Keep breathing and stay focused

on the positive outcome you visualize.

Action <-> Re-action will not heal any

troubled situation if the root of the issue

isn’t been addressed and admitted.

There is a need in any counterpart

that needs healing and balance.

In every action and reaction

core issue is love, or lack of it.

So, to make sure your vision of outcome

will be reality,

go deep within and acknowledge

the part in yourself that is being addressed.

For there is the primary need of healing

all it needs is affirmation,

from you to be able to say – I see You,

hidden behind fear or anxiety as result.

Core cause needs to be healed and addressed,

which will create a different outcome

and the initial action <-> re-action will

be changed if you change the core of the issue

where fear has no part in the equation

any longer, you liberate yourself.

This is the way of the Creator

and the more you can,

take yourself into the abyss of

emotional wounds and fears,

caused by lack of fear, LOVE,

you will be the Master of your own


And so, it will be done.

High Self Rhea Dopmeijer (c)

Heartfelt Messages

What is it about elements, or elementals?

What is it about elements, or elementals?

Energy types (elementals, incarnate angels, wise ones, star seeds) and energy phases (indigo, crystal, rainbow)

When you hear the term Elemental, think Earthy. Elementals are earth energies. They are higher energy beings incarnated into human form for the purpose of helping humanity. Elementals are probably the most diverse group of the mentioned categories. Saying someone is an elemental is sort of like saying someone has blond hair. It is a truly diverse group that can sometimes only be linked by a single characteristic – that earthy elemental connection.

Elementals are known for their quick triggers to anger but are also very quick to forgive and forget. All elementals are capable of spiraling psychic fireballs when they get angry, so elementals must be mindful of their psychic and energy projections. Elementals are natural healers and energy channels, but they must remain mindful of their mood when doing so. One time, I had a terrible migraine, and I asked my then five-year-old elemental daughter Avery to please help my head.

From an early age, Avery could use her hands to send “rainbows” or “ice cream cones” (a common way to help young children learn how to channel happy or healing energy). But that day, she was angry. And when she placed her hands on my head, it felt like a dozen daggers were piercing my brain. I flinched and literally lost my wits for a few seconds. Elementals needs to be aware of the pure, raw, and unfiltered energy power they possess.
Leslie Draper, 2013

When we think about the elements, our first thoughts are earth, water, fire, air, and ether, the 5 elements we all are familiar with. Maybe some more then others, yet we all understand that these elements are connecting us with Nature. If you would take a deeper look at the basic principles of these 5 elements you will find that these elements are also represented within our bodies, cells, and organs. In our food as well our drinks these elements play a major role in our lives.

All these elements are necessary to be in balance to establish a good health, a healthy environment, and a healthy relationship with each other in a deeper connection then most people realize. All relates to each other and everything is energy. So, every action we take is creating a reaction. The elements also influence each other.

Water can put out fire, air can create a major fire from a little flame, water can be like a little small stream or a flood like a tsunami, air can be like a little breeze or a devastating tornado. Earth can be fertile or barren when there is no water, to much water will be helpful if you want to grow rice, yet most of the times it will make it impossible to grow any. All these elements are also to be found in health issues and the different ways the medical world is treating the dis-balances or dis-eases.

I remember being a child I loved to be in the woods close to our house, climbing trees, and playing with the guys of our street, a real tomboy I was. Yet it was also the connection with the trees and the water stream that made me feel good and allowed my inner senses to calm down. Little did I know at the time why I needed this connection caused by my high sensitivity and empathic nature.

Even during my time at kindergarten was easier cause it was situated at the edge of the woods, so our playground had the same sense. Growing up I always was attracted to the woods and every time I was in need of soothing my nerves, being in the stillness and quietness of the forest close by school I strolled on my own, just breathing the air and enjoying the company of some ducks and peacocks, the birds making their own songs, feeling one with the elements and part of it.

On holidays we went to the camping site with my family and I loved the early hours in the morning around 6 or 7 am, and used to disappear in the forest for a while, enjoying the smells and sounds, the energy that fueled my system and enabled me to keep an inner balance. All this was just by instinct and came naturally, my parents were used to my strolls and at those times, there was nothing to fear, or somehow, I never feared walking alone and on my own, for I never was alone and kept safe.

I loved all the stories as a child reading about the fairy kingdom and the assistance they offered. and who does not love the movie Peter Pan where we as children were still connected with the magic and connection with Nature and Magical adventures as part of our heritage.

As did the movie Avatar was showing the great connection of community with Source and Mother Earth, receiving, and sharing the healing energies in communion. And the book written by Dorothy Maclean about Angels and Deva’s, the way we can communicate with them by telepathy brought this fairy world even closer by.

She also taught me the way I could develop this natural instinct I had with Nature and my comfort in the silence that I found during my long walks through the forests in my lifetime. My nerves always were soothed after these walks, breathing in the purity of the trees and plants, after a rainy day or on a summer’s day, all the different smells, all the different colors through all the seasons we have in my country.

For me this has always been like Home, and the healing element in my life. Listening to the signs, watching the signals I could read in the sky, the different shapes of the clouds, telling their own story, showing messages through different forms that magically appears when you take notice.

This is my personal story in my connection with the elements and elementals that showed up in my lifetime and the biggest lessons I have learned along the way. Mother Nature mends not just the physical body with all her gifts she has in our plant/root world, for every dis-ease she has a cure. The air elementals are also great messengers if you pay notice and if you listen closely to the sounds in Nature, no matter in what country you live, you will always receive a gift with unconditional Love.

It is here for you to explore, to receive, to give back in return, lovingly, sometimes fierce and bold, sometimes fiery and feisty, other times soothing and calming, so follow your own feet and senses, open up to discover and follow your instinct and intuition to bring back in the beautiful connection we all share with each other and all of Creation ❤ One Love ❤ One Breath ❤ One Heart Beat.

And so it is and will be done,
for the highest good of all of Creation

High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)
Heartfelt Messages 18-5-2015 

Let your Life Dance.

Let your Life Dance.

Let your life lightly dance on the edges of time, like dew on the tip of a leaf -Rabindranath Tagore

Everybody loves to dance, yet we feel that not everyone is good in performing. Our body automatically responses to rhythm as well to music. All our senses are being tuned in the minute we listen to music; we can feel the way emotions are being expressed. The way the tones are uplifting or down to earth. Bringing in the connection with our emotional body and memories.

I still remember how I was always being struck deep in my heart when the marching bands passed down our streets. At a concert by a band with only a rhythm section, the first song they played opened my heart so wide open, tears started to flow.

We are so creative in our lives to go to the edge of music, the tones and rhythm combined. Nothing like music can connect so many people in one place. It connects each of us from our heart and soul, bringing forth euphoric moments even. It is all about balance of what feels comfortable and what is screeching creating shivers down your spine. Music is the expression of life experiences.

We can put in our emotions through the lyrics, the song, the music which is been created to match it up. Life has that effect on us. Like the drama creates a whole different song and tune compared to the happy moments in our life. It is all so connected with our physical and emotional body, that we are being invited to move on the music.

Dance is also an expression of how we want to express our emotions. And although it is a universal way we are responding to the invitation, the expressions are various and almost infinite. Created through the norms and values as well in all those different countries and religions. Freedom of creating music or being restricted has a lot to do with the way we can express ourselves.

What makes us happy feels a lot lighter and will be felt through the music and rhythm. Our diversity all over the world is a magical way of watching the potentials come to life. Deep down in our ancestor lineages we can find the deeply rooted and anchoring way of expression in dance. As well the highly uplifting and almost etheric ways of expression. And all in between.

Life is full of changes, as are the way people expresses themselves over time and different era. How to evolve and develop our new insights have always been shown in our ways of expressing them through music and dance. Dance represents our ability to move on the challenges and changes in our day-to-day life as well.

We all are affected by the way music has been incorporated in our life. No matter where we are, in every corner music and dance are part of our life’s expression. So, dancing on the edge of time, like dew on the tip of a leaf can be challenging for sure.

We all know how delicate the balance is before the dew will drop on the ground. Just a whisper of the wind can make if fall. Yet the light within the dew is also referring to our inner light, pure and subtle consciousness. Tip toing through life at times, sharing moments of joy in happiness expressed in the ray of dance and movement.

Let your Life dance means nothing more than to keep on moving in ways that will make you happy and filled with joy. Allowing the changes in your life be filled with the challenges that relate to them. Every move is a way of expression yourself. You are the conductor and creator of the way you dance through life.

Maybe it feels like restricted or undesirable. It is an invitation from your soul to look for other ways to dance your life. The restrictions are part of a process to create a life that is filled with freedom. The challenges will apply to your courage and heart’s desire to be in harmony with the joy and love you are worth of. Every soul starts this journey we call life with choices to make it the best possible. Along the way we may be distracted and off track, so the rhythm changes in our hearts. Life is to be enjoyed fully. Life is about abundance and connections heart to heart. Then we can dance lightly and reach out towards the limits of the boundaries we think we have. Dance your Life, with a capital L.

Allow yourself to come forth and shine and dance lightly, just searching for the balance as does dew on the tip of a leaf.  You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your knees, for a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.

 You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves – Mary Oliver said this. It is also about giving yourself permission to let your inner passion work through the motions of Life. Adjusting to the rhythm of the experiences, yet always looking out for the best and highest outcome.

Time is a constant flux and works in mysterious ways. When you are having fun, it seems to move fast. When things are getting rough, time is ticking away slower than normal. Like the rhythm of Lifetime has the ability to shift. Going back and forth in time we dance our way through our memories as well.

Let your Life dance. The way it makes you feel happy and filled with joy is the best way to dance lightly. In every challenge you encounter lies the possibility to turn things around for the best. In the light of time dance your life as easy and balanced possible, to bring forth the purity of your heart and soul.

Listen to your own rhythm, create your own music and tune in every time you need to. Express yourself through your dance of life. Bring in every tempo and every musical expression, that will raise your vibration and frequency. Light will assist you to stretch your life to the edge of time, as Love is the key to find the balance on the tip of your leaf. Dance your Life so you can let your life dance.

And so, it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 6-7-2017

Introspection and pensiveness

Introspection and pensiveness

These past few days were filled with moments of turbulence as well detachment of emotions. There are already 6 days in a row bringing in a high energy. GAP days are they called by the Mayan Astrology. Galactic Activation Portal Day These are special inter-dimensional days when other dimensions ‘open up’ and are more easily accessible. These are generally high energy days. To me this is always felt in my energy field as well.

Being so sensitive to the energies surrounding me, it is also my connection with the different layers of the way I perceive this material world. Looking through the illusions so to speak. With an enhanced gift of vision as well the sensibility through my other senses. I also feel how this energy has an impact on my physical body as well. Going through my day-to-day experiences, I need to stay attuned with the changes it brings forth.

Introspection is needed for me to get some kind of grip of what is coming to the surface. Specially when it is about the ripples of emotions. The more I recognize the triggers and layers that are brought up, the more I come to an understanding. Which brings up more allowance as well and acceptance. Not fighting what is being felt and touched in such deep ways yet going with it to go through it. It usually brings me in a state of pensiveness as well.

Reflecting the memories that are being brought up as well. Sometimes it is about something that occurred years ago. Other times it is resonating with the current way of the energies that are flowing around caused by the pandemic, or the way aggression is becoming more and more a way to express the underlying issues. Fear of losing power, not being empowered, looking for appreciation or confirmation outside ourselves. Battles being fought with weapons that are destructive and leaving such big scars.

For eons of time humanity has been in this path. Fighting and battling for power by a few groups, more and more polarization between groups. No one will win, there are only losses. On both sides there is devastation of homes, costing lives on both sides. The impact it has worldwide spread is also part of our own inner fights against authority that abuses the power. Against brutality and cruelty as well, caused and used by opponents. Duality is still ruling this world in so many ways. So, it is also encouraging me to look within my own inner emotional world.

How am I being treated or treat others, for that matter. The more I am at ease and peace within myself I can reach that state of pensiveness as well. It comes with more ease, to sit and just let the thoughts an emotion pass through. No need of reflecting or debating, just watching the stage how it is enfolding itself. Letting the emotions come through the body as well, for this process involves every state of mind, body, and soul together. For all memories are locked in within the emotional, physical, mental and energy bodies.

They all combined are creating my blueprint, which changes along the way. Complementing the bodies through the way I can heal and release any kind of blockage or stuck energy. Introspection is one way of becoming more and more aware of the processes within when it comes to understanding how those triggers affect me during my journey on this planet. To be conscious about the meaning of the underlying issues. How these emotions represent the lack of love because there is fear, sorrow, pain, and anxiety. Lack of energy, which presents itself in my physical body as well.

So, it is more how the energy of what is around me has affecting me, as well the way how I deal with it, that will show its outcome. Outcome of my ability to balance the different energies that come up as well. By experience I know that going with the flow is working for me to bring out the best possible way of well being internally. It will bring me more joy and excitement, as well the knowing I am loved and guided. Most importantly it also shows me how deeply I can trust on my intuition, my hinges, and nudges from the unseen world around me as well.

Contemplating and reflecting are part of my daily routine. Specially when it comes with an emotional reaction on something that happens. Past or present alike. It is a state of mind so to speak as well. Mindfulness is such a big part of my attitude and response to what ever presents itself to me. Either small or big events, it also requires to be attentive, and less reactive from impulses. It assists me to be able to be more present in the here and now. To go with what ever might come my way so to speak. In loving connection and trusting my inner guidance through my High Self always.

And so, it will be.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages May 15, 2021

Co-creation with Nature

Co-creation with Nature

“Healing with the clean, pure, beautiful agents of nature is surely the one method of all which appeals to most of us.”
– Dr Edward Bach, 1936

In 1980 I came across the book written by Dorothy Maclean, titled “to hear the angels sing. An Odyssey of co creation with the Devic Kingdom – a Findhorn book.

Eileen and Peter Caddy and Dorothy Maclean all followed a disciplined spiritual practice for many years before they came to live at Findhorn, and they continued their regular meditation times when they came to live at the caravan park.
In May 1963 Dorothy Maclean received an insight from within as she meditated:

. . . The forces of nature are something to be felt into, to be reached out to. One of the jobs for you as my free child is to sense the Nature forces such as the wind, to perceive its essence and purpose for me, and to be positive and harmonize with that essence.

When Dorothy shared this insight with Peter, his idea was to apply to their fledgling garden what Dorothy learned from the forces of nature. Dorothy then received this insight:
Yes, you can cooperate in the garden. Begin by thinking about the nature spirits, the higher over lighting nature spirits, and tune into them.

That will be so unusual as to draw their interest here. They will be overjoyed to find some members of humanity eager for their help.

Angels, devas, and elemental beings
Dorothy first attuned to the garden pea. As her communication with the forces of nature developed, Dorothy realized that she was in contact not with the spirit of an individual plant, but with the ‘over-lighting’ being of the species, which was the consciousness holding the archetypal design of the species and the blueprint for its highest potential. She was experiencing a formless energy field for which there is no word.

The closest word to convey the joy and purity that these beings emanated was the inaccurate word ‘angel’ (which in the west is full of form), and her first thought was to call them that. However, the Sanskrit term ‘Deva’, meaning ‘shining one’ seemed more accurate and freer of cultural associations. In practice, she uses both words, although neither word is adequate.

Peter and Dorothy applied the insights of the meditations to their work in the garden, and through this the Findhorn garden flourished. These were the first steps in the Findhorn Community’s co-creation with nature.

This insight brought me closer to the ways the use of plants in medicine was used, for I already knew the old treatments my grandmother and mother used when we were ill, like using an onion under the bed, giving some sambal to assist when we had a cold. So, I started in 1980 with a study of a year about Natural Healings, which included the Homeopathic way, the Phyto-therapy, plant medicine, and piqued my interest even more.

So, when I got ill, I went to see a natural healer and received my first medicinal plant extracts to get better. To check if it was not just a placebo effect it had on my, the different plants were also given to our children and animals. Now you can say a lot about the insights a toddler can have, yet they cannot suggest themselves to be healed as we can do as adults.

For me, the healing ways of plants and herbs through out my years were always confirmed by the results tested by my homeopathic doctor, who was also able to test my energy levels using a Vega tester, by the acupuncture points in the hands.

In the last couple of years if seems to me that the gift mother nature is presenting to us, is almost lost because of the way society in the western world evolved. You can see in the eastern countries that Ayurvedic medicine is more accustomed and sometimes the only way to deal with illness.

In the western society using herbs and plants are almost completely disappeared in the massive industry of Pharmacy. I believe for every illness there is a cure, given freely by nature instead of all the chemical medication.

And do not get me wrong, I will never say stop using medicine given to you by a specialist yet see if you can find a way to balance your body as well with the healing essence of certain plants and herbs.

So, Findhorn for me was not just a place of cooperation with nature and elementals, it also showed me how connected we are with nature and our bodies are always ready to use the healing energy that they can provide if we know the proper way how to use them.

It was a book that confirmed some knowing deep within my soul, and I am ever so grateful for being part of this great organism, that is called Mother Earth and we are her habitants, so we need to nourish and take care of her, for in the presents and gifts she has to offer we are in her debt as well to be conscious and caring towards nature and all of creation. For we are all as One.

And so, it will be done.
High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)
Heartfelt Messages 

I see you, when I see you

I see you when I see you

From stardust we are made and the soul is on its journey again
Leaving its trail and footprints where the experiences took him.
The physical suffering as a way of learning how to shed of
The last lingering burdens that were still to be addressed
Clearing and cleaning down the basement so to speak
Where no one wants to set foot for it holds to much fear
There you will find your greatest treasure
By going down deep within and being assisted in
Breaking it down to the ground in order to rebuild again.
With every step you took you showed how much courage
And determination it took to go forward every time.
At times it was too hard to handle the loss of ability and
Loss of independency till you returned to being completely
Depending on assistance for every little wish you had.
This was your destiny to find the balance within again,
Being a silent warrior you choose to be.
The physical may not exist any longer,
The essence of your soul and your expression of self
Has left a print within everyone you have met.
All limitations you had during this lifetime
Are vanished the minute you left your physical body.
So communication is no longer an issue, language is
No longer a problem, and understanding is going to be easy.
For us to hear you speaking to us from heart to heart,
Will be like telepathic communion as well understanding
You now will have the overview, so every act on this plane
Will have its counterpart in the other field as well.
It is not about walking my life alone, for I never will be
Without you by my side.
You have been my guide and rock for all these years
So no need to change any other interaction between us.
I still can rely and trust on your judgement as well
Your loving energy surrounding me with so much
Tenderness and care, in every breath I take
There will I find you, as close to my heart as ever.
My brave and bold warrior you no longer have to fight
And for that I am grateful.
For as you have been told, you were to be broken
Down to the ground in order to be rebuild in love,
So your souls experience will be for the highest good.
All I need to do is to step aside, in order to connect
And speak from heart to heart, for that is the only
Place we always found our common ground.
You are taking it up to the next level in our
Lifetime relationship and by doing so,
You are uplifting me as well at the same time.

And so it will be

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 25-3-2016 

Do what it takes that needs to be done

Do what it takes that needs to be done

When your world is in a major change and shift internally, all you can do what it takes to be done. Using the triggers as tools to know what it is that still needs to be addressed. Even though it might seem to you it is all cleared and healed, forgiven even. At times there is still something showing up unexpectedly. So, what do you do? Like the spiral all is embedded to pick up the stones along the way. Those bricks and rocks you stumble over in the beginning.

Making you angry and blaming the stone for being there, blocking your way. Our first internal reaction is almost coming from this place. It is your fault, or if you had not done that, I did not do this. It takes courage at times just to stop for a sec and check out what it is you were blocked by.

Life as a spiral, where every experience you ever had in a way it caused emotional or physical wounds, mental wounds as well, is like a pathway covered with stones. Some are big, other are small. Some are colorful, other are dark and grey. The colorful ones are those that will radiate and brighten up your path and are never in the way. Yet the grey and dark ones, the hard ones, the irregular shaped ones, those are the ones that can block your pathway.

They will do so if you do not pay attention, other than to blame it for blocking your way. Every time you will ignore the rock or stone that needed your attention, the next time around on your spiral. There it is, only this time even bigger, like it has grown. Sticking out even more to get your attention.

If you do what it takes to be done, you take a long hard look at it. You try to discover the truth in it, the way it speaks to you. If all possible try to listen to see what it is that needed to be addressed. Is it anger or hurt, is it lack self-respect and or self- love? Does it symbolize your lack of worth or fear for aggression? Every stone or brick you see stands for an experience you rather would forget most of the time.

Ignoring does not make it go away. In fact, it makes it grow thicker and harder to get through. Yet you want to follow your path on the spiral without being blocked all the time. So, you pick it up and figure out what it represents. If possible, you acknowledge the energy that is hidden within the stone. If you understand the message presented by the block, it depends on you what you are going to do with it. Are you putting it back on the path? Or are you trying to bring in the necessary energy to color it.

For me, it is important not to ignore the signs. Even the most subtle ones, because this is part of the whole spectrum. As are the stones and bricks or rocks on the spiral path. You can find the most different colors as well shapes and sizes. The brighter they shine, the less effort they cost to see what it has in store. The ones who are colored in all the different varieties nature came up with on this plane, they are all connected from within with a place of love and understanding.

The dark spots sometimes resonate the experiences that were part of the challenge. Yet there are also the darker brightly shining stones because each has its own meaning in your lifetime experience. The dark without the light in it are those that are needing to be accepted and allowed. Because they hold the gift for you.

Each stone represents something for you. All that needs to be in balance or needs healing and release. All parts need to be held in a safe space before you can even take a closer look within.  Safe place is something you can create within yourself. Yet if you are depending on others to feel a sense of safety, without your own safe place,

it is likely you are feeling lost. Depending on others without self-love and self-worth caused by messages you have internalized. So, what do you do? Are you taking up the challenge you are creating for yourself? There is always this point in time, you do what needs to be done, to know you are worth it. The moment you can let go of blaming, not just being a victim of circumstances.

The moment you are taking a deep breath and decide to let go of the stuck energy that holds you back. When you can see the red cord in all these experiences which connect all the experiences. From youth up to now, or maybe even before this lifetime.

The core issue you are remembering in all the layers when you take time to do the field work. Every time you are walking up or in the next round of the spiral, and stumble on a little stone. Pick it up, check it out, let go of what still needs to be addressed in a loving way. Each time you achieve healing or release what has been kept inside the rocks and stones along your pathway, your tread will be lighter. You learn to trust on the change that comes with it.

You learn to see and recognize the issues that are hiding within each one of them. So, it is easier to do what you need to do when things are getting easier to learn although the hidden energy may still hold parts or aspects of the initial cause. Allow yourself to take time and even a pause when emotions are erupting from a deeper place within.

You can only do so much as you can do. Yet do what it is that needs to be done. You are your own healer; you are your own magister of your transformation. Healing, cleansing, and releasing every stuck energy to bring it out in the open and own it, shower it with love. The gift is inside the dark and grey stones to bring you harmony and balance. So do what you need to do to embrace the gifts as well the cleansing and clearing that occurs through it.

And so, it will be done.

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Heartfelt Messages 23-2-2017

To get something of your chest

If you feel hurt by some­one you will have a hard time find­ing for­give­ness in your heart be­cause you are not yet able to see there is noth­ing any­one can do to hurt you. You only re­act to the in­ci­dent and the feel of be­trayal in what kind of sense this will come to you.

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You are hurt in trust­ing and re­ly­ing on the other one, there is this need in­side you that wants to be val­i­dated. Or maybe you are de­pen­dent on the opin­ions or love you want to re­ceive. The best way to get some­thing of your chest is us­ing for­give­ness. To be able to for­give your­self, or oth­ers for that mat­ter will cre­ate space. It will lift the pres­sure you feel in your heart. It en­ables you to get some­thing off your chest.

And I am not talk­ing about the lit­tle in­ci­dents, I am talk­ing about the real in­ci­dents in life where you as a child al­ready learned to rely on the love of your par­ents, the love of your fam­ily and if you were lucky or should I say de­serv­ing in your own opin­ion, it would teach you how valu­able it is to be loved and safe.

If the sit­u­a­tion was not safe and healthy it thought you to mis­trust oth­ers, keep­ing up walls to safe­guard your heart and keep every­one at safe length, but the hurt ex­isted, nev­er­the­less. Now if we are talk­ing about for­give­ness, what is it that you need or want to for­give?

Is it the way you were treated, is it the way you did not felt loved at that time or maybe you were lack­ing just that most im­por­tant part for you to feel safe in your ex­is­tence – just loved and beloved? It cre­ates this great dis­crep­ancy within your­self if you have not learned to love and trust your­self and feel this Love in your Heart that is be­ing hid­den be­hind the walls you have built around it.

Are you ready to break down these walls? Ready to open up and ex­pe­ri­ence and feel that there is this deep in­ner con­nec­tion, that loves you and al­ways will. Ready to get it out of your sys­tem? To get it off your chest.

To step up and will­ing or want­ing to free your­self from any ex­pe­ri­ence that did­n’t make you feel wanted or loved, the best way is not to walk away from the feel­ings that are build up in­side, the best way is to ac­cept those feel­ings, to al­low them to come forth and by do­ing so you will see that there is so much more love for you to ob­tain, not from the out­side, no from within your­self.

Give your­self all the love you might have missed, give your­self the space to come to term with it and re­lease it, not by anger or fear, no by lov­ing your­self, ac­cept­ing your­self fully. This can cre­ate so much en­ergy that is re­leased, that it will also give you the strength to step aside and be­come the ob­server and see that all the hurt and pain you car­ried can be washed away through love.

For­give­ness is noth­ing else than re­leas­ing all hold in en­er­gies to­wards oth­ers and your­self, and by do­ing so you will cre­ate Free­dom. Free­dom to love and re­ceive, free­dom to care and take care of your­self, and that is the best part. Love of your Self, for you, is by Na­ture Love it­self.

And so, it will be done.

High Self @Rhea Dop­mei­jer ©

Heart­felt Mes­sages April 7, 2021