When something happens between people

What happens when we meet someone

When we meet peo­ple, we are at­tracted to them, or not. it’s not just about gen­der or race, age or sex­ual at­trac­tion. There is this like in­ner com­pass, that shows you, who is in your com­fort zone and who is­n’t. It is in­ter­est­ing to watch for your own to whom you re­spond pos­i­tive or neg­a­tive from the first you get.

If you think it is about trust, don’t be mis­taken, for it can also be for some­one who is­n’t all that So how can you ex­plain then the phys­i­cal or emo­tional Is it just your ego and char­ac­ter or is it way more? Does your own soul con­nec­tion has any to do with it some­how as well?

What hap­pens on a deeper level so to speak? For all we know is, that love which is neu­tral and un­con­di­tional does­n’t have pref­er­ences. And yet we do have pref­er­ences, and it starts al­ready at very early ages, as 2 lit­tle tod­dlers meet in a pile of sand. Im­me­di­ately it be­comes clear whether they like each other or not, who is boss and who is not.

You can see the at­trac­tion we also have to­wards the darker parts of one­self. Even when your mind says it is not safe and your heart says, don’t get in­volved, you will only hurt your­self in the long run. Still yet like a moth to a flame, we can be drawn to it and burn our wings at the same time.

It can be a soft feel­ing or a raw ex­pe­ri­ence that brings peo­ple to­gether by at­trac­tion to the op­po­site or to the fa­mil­iar­ity we wit­ness and see in the other one. This is also a du­al­ity game for us to bring about the life ex­pe­ri­ences to bal­ance out the in­ner op­po­sites.

So, this big scale of our in­ner cen­ter will fi­nally slow­down in its move­ment un­til we are com­ing Home into our in­ner Core –the Heart – where love is the guide­line and com­pass to fol­low to be­come one with love with our self and at­trac­tion is lim­it­less. There re­main no longer at­tach­ments which were ba­si­cally the trig­gers for in­ter­ac­tion.

So, at­trac­tion works like a mir­ror, to see your self-re­flec­tion by the en­coun­ters you have in your life. The peo­ple you meet are your outer re­flec­tions to be­come aware and awaken to be­come the best you can be. It is al­ways your choice to make ei­ther pos­i­tive or neg­a­tive,

Un­til you reach the equi­lib­rium, to stand on the edge of the sword the point when all is bal­anced and at­trac­tion be­comes mag­ni­tude.

Mag­ne­tized by the core ex­is­tence

of Love it­self,

Vi­bra­tional En­ergy.

High Self @RheaD­op­mei­jer ©

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When weird becomes the norm

When weird becomes the norm, bound by love

When I was looking at the new themes for the next edition of The Magic Happens Magazine, I was trying to see it from a different kind of perception. Because we all can relate to the feeling of being bound to something, a promise we made, a tie between two people, to the roles we play in our lives. As well as how these bounds can feel suffocating at times, or too uptight, and they wish to break free occurs. The situation doesn’t have to be weird to feel that way.

It can already happen when the agenda of your day is filled with so much, you can hardly find time to breathe. The draining of all these different things that occur in your life may be getting so hard, all you want to do is curl up and get some sleep. Escaping from the rat race as some people call it. The way we are being taught how we should live our lives. You grow up, from a child into a teenager into an adult before you know it, with all the responsibility that comes with it. Yet what if you don’t fit in the way your family or society expects you to be.

If you have a different perception of the energy around you, the way you see energy around people, or are in touch with the fairy world and angels. If you are able to see beyond the material world, or sense, or hear, in a different way as the people around you. The connection as a child with the unseen friends for example. It all depends on the way the adults as well other children will react to this different way of perception of the world around you.

Do you know this game, what if? What if everyone is able to see angels and fairies, hear and can talk to them, as a grown-up as well? What if you would be the minority that isn’t able to get this connection? In which world we live is mostly defined by the way the majority perceives the nature of things around us. Yet even in our world, it depends on where you are born.

Our ancient cultures who are being taught from generation to generation seem to be more common in the Eastern cultures than in the Indigo culture. When did it become the West versus the East? If you grow up it depends on the continent with what kind of values you are being raised, isn’t it?

Like the different religions differ in perception and perspective, so are the different ways they teach us norms and values.

How weird isn’t it for a lot of people who come for the first time in a totally different world by traveling to see other ways of life as they are accustomed to, and the other way around as well.

Even though we live on our beautiful planet together, there is no doubt more diversity to imagine as we have been creating as human mankind, unless you take a look at the way Mother Nature has been creating her creatures.

They have the most amazing colors, shapes, and forms as does the world of the flowers, trees, landscapes, sunsets, sunrises, colors in the sky. As humans, we are also gifted with the creativity and possibility to create anything the way we like or prefer.

If you take a look at the way people not only create sculptures, or paintings yet also are capable to build the most elegant, beautiful houses, buildings, bridges, that literally can take your breath away.

So how can we define the perception of weird then? Strikingly odd or unusual, especially in an unsettling way; strange. To experience or cause to experience an odd, unusual, and sometimes uneasy sensation. Weird may suggest the operation of supernatural influences, or merely the odd or unusual: Something eerie inspires fear or uneasiness and implies a sinister influence.

This is something we all know or have experienced in some way. Especially if you are more sensitive, this will be more common as an experience to tap into the energy of a situation, people, surrounding. This is not the majority of people that are sensing the unseen, what others might define as unusual or unsettling. As well as strange when it has to do when you connect with the unseen world.

As much as we are bound by the rules of our society we grow up in, or gender, or what kind of family we grow up in. If it feels uneasy or unsettling with our own inner nature, we struggle to deal with it. Feeling bound in a very strict way will also cause fear towards those that are in control. Either your parents or teachers and most of all the way your society will perceive the way you see your world around you if it doesn’t fit.

We all know how it feels to be judged by people. Sometimes by appearance other times by our gender or color. As long as we as humanity are struggling with the adversity that is caused by duality, there will be boundaries and prejudices. Whenever you stand out of the crowd, you might be judged.

It’s up to us to enable a safe world, where being different is not being judged. Where the perception of things that aren’t measured or being able to touch, let alone understand, are labeled as weird or quaint. We all are unique in our own way. No one of us wants to feel bound or restricted. No one of us wants to be called weird, only based on ignorance or fear. Love is the only way healing is able to change the perception of being so different towards something we cannot comprehend.

Therefore duality is an obstacle we can overcome. Being different doesn’t mean being weird or wrong. Being different is just one of the varieties we as humans can explore. Free will can be a guideline when it comes from love and show a different way of perception. You may be sensed as weird to someone else, maybe their way of living, sensing, dressing you might find weird as well.

We are all part of this wonderful place we call home. It is up to us to take care of it in a way that we can learn to understand how love is the master key in changing the outcome. We are the keepers and guardians of this world, even though we don’t see it as such. We all have our responsibility towards the ones we love to create a safe and loving surrounding.

Where acceptance is not even necessary because we can come from this inner place of love. We don’t have to overpower of bind others because they don’t see eye to eye. It is not either-or, it can exist alongside without being judged or felt as an adversary. It is time to step up to the plate so to speak. For the next generations to come we have to make it a living and loving surrounding. The benefit for all should be the standard in order to create harmony and balance again.

This is my vision and maybe you might find it weird, I believe we can do this together

.And so it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

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Why wait for someone to be ready, or not?

Why wait for some­one to be ready or not?

Dur­ing my life­time there have been many chal­lenges where It was im­por­tant to wait for the other one to get on board. We all walk at our own pace, and not nec­es­sary the same. Be­ing in a lov­ing re­la­tion­ship, it is al­ways about taking care of each other as well stay­ing true to your­self. No need to wait in your own life­time ex­pe­ri­ences to go through the dif­fer­ent stages and phases.

If this is needed for your own higher good as well progressing. It will also need to be aligned with the one you love. If this means there is a different phase that needs to be worked out, there is always the need to give space to that. To have time to enfold as well to work through the necessary issues that are at hand.

It has been very important during my life up to now, that at times I need to wait for my loved ones to work through their own process. I can only offer them my love, my attention, and care in order to facilitate a safe space so to speak. I came to the understanding that their lessons are not always my lessons.

Their own inner soul mission has a different task to explore as well to heal and recover from old emotional wounds. Each one brings in their own lifetime issue to work through and brings in the inner balance again, from the heart. It was not just me being a partner, a mother, a child of my parents, siblings, relatives, and friends. It was coming from a deeper knowing.

Now, this took me several years to understand and my study as well my experiences for myself were guidelines as well tools. You cannot help or assist anyone if they don’t want it. You cannot force information or assistance on anyone, rebelling against it. You can only offer the love you hold for them, setting boundaries when needed and necessary as well.

It is never intended the ways the processes were taking place would be harming you in any way shape or form. Yet to know this, it is most important to understand how this works for both parties involved. Each relationship holds a different energy pattern in itself. Your position as a lover and partner in a relationship is different from the role as a parent, or towards your own parents.

All we learn through our upbringing is decided and colored a lot by our own social and religious surroundings, our culture, our nation, our community. Our parents have been raised with their own set of lessons, which will be taught again to their children. Depending on the way love has been a key to unlock the inner closets, or through fear to keep them closed.

Every experience we have or had is colored by either one. Fear-based experienced don’t hold the light, it is black and it’s dark. Love will be the key to bringing in the light, to shed the light towards the one you love. Learning through the challenges we are learning how love will be the healer towards any experience, emotional wounds as well physical.

If we are in an equal relationship with our loved ones, children, family, and friends, there will always be space to allow any of them to work through their inner process of healing. Whatever it takes or is needed to bring in a safe space, we are willing to bring this in. Does this mean we are not triggered by behavior, of course, we are. It is up to us to decide how we will respond and react to them.

Love is always the basis of the way we are able to deal with emotional triggers. At times we have to set our own boundaries, specifically if it is about anger or respect. Self-love and self-worth are the foundation. This will set the space as well the way we will be able to deal with the triggers. Because it’s not always about you.

As much as we think it is, most of the challenges we all go through have to do with our own inner healing of emotional old wounds we bring to the table. The way our circumstances will provide the circumstances, the people around us, our loved ones as well prove of that. So if you learn more and more about your inner turmoil, you will be able to share this with your loved ones as well. You can be of assistance as well holding the loving space for them to work through.

What do you do, when you know what will assist them to come to healing with the proper knowledge. It depends on the willingness of them to hear or able to hear what you have to offer. If it’s met with resistance or they are just not able to hear because of their inner turmoil, it doesn’t work.

Then you have to wait till they are. Is it about you? Only if you are taking it upon yourself, when it’s feeding your own insecurity, of not being heard, of not being seen, of not being understood. Then yes, it is about you to take a look at the cause of it and find your way to bring in the necessary love and compassion to heal them.

Is it about the fear, anger, or any other negative experienced energy, and it doesn’t resonate with you, then it’s not about you. You don’t have to accept any judgment or belief system ideas, that don’t resonate and is projected by the other of their own inner beliefs and imprints. Should you love them less, no of course not.

You can love any soul and heart, yet you don’t have to be always in terms with them if this doesn’t resonate at that specific moment. Then you can decide to wait, with love and compassion, kindness and understanding, till they will be ready to hear your love. Because they are worth it to wait for, coming through their own turmoil in the sacred safe space you then offer.

Every soul is worth it to wait for, ready or not, in order to change the old ways we were taught. We have this wonderful opportunity to create this change, from the heart. Bring in the love and the space to not just wait for them to love themselves, as much for you, to love yourself without any restrictions, no reservations, or holding back. Unconditional love is a learning process, yet it always starts within. It always starts with you, holding yourself in a loving unconditional way. Heart to Heart, Soul to Soul.

And so it will be done
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
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Contradiction between Heart and Mind

Con­tra­dic­tion be­tween Heart and Mind.

What if the mes­sages are con­tra-dic­tio­nary to my in­ner sense where do I find the re­as­sur­ing that my gut feel­ing is my com­pass to fol­low no mat­ter what every­one else might say.

I am al­ways in for check­ing what feels like truth and what­not. So here I am sit­ting and wait­ing for my in­ner voice to speak. ­Lis­ten­ing by div­ing in deep within my in­ner well of ligh­t. As a dol­phin would seek the won­drous ocean depths­, mak­ing waves as well in or­der to hear the sound.

Echoes from the past are cry­ing at times to be heard
Un­der­stood and aligned to be healed and re­leased
Words may not al­ways cap­ture the truer mean­ing
Hid­den in the lines of the hands of the au­thor
So it is to be kept in si­lence to be un­der­stood
What it is to be pre­sented in an or­derly tim­ing
Will you be led by the hand of the love or doubt
It is of your choos­ing which way you will turn to
Make the love aware of the sounds as well the tones
Of the lis­tener to be un­der­stood
You may find there the in­ner truth of the love abid­ing
As is in the midst of the well of your hid­ing
You are here to be ac­knowl­edged as well to be heard
For its rhyme fol­lowed by those who were heart
My mak­ing is now of the lis­ten­ing un­known
To be in­cluded in the mes­sages from home
There we will meet again in due times
As lovers that were lost and long for­got­ten through
The hid­ings by the mys­ter­ies of the mind
You were not found in the old an­cient times
By the love and the fear com­bined
Just through space and time with the free­dom to rise
There awaits the true love com­bined
We are of stars and dust com­bined in words
As in lov­ing ges­tures and pre­sented to as one
Have no fear of los­ing this from the mind
Cause the hearts wis­dom will al­ways be part
Of the in­clu­sion of the trav­els by soul
The pas­sion and mis­sion the trav­el­ers’ fold
You, my love, are as close as my breath
Yet fur­ther­more moved from this earthly demise.
Find­ing what­ever it may take you to find
To bring you home where your bounds will be free
No longer con­nected with these an­cient lines
By an­ces­tors and lovers to hide.
Be free my love and fly on your wings
They are yours to hold in a fly­ing jour­ney
Up into the high­est di­men­sions of source
Free as a bird and an an­gel com­bined

And so it will be
High Self @RheaD­op­mei­jer ©
@Heart­felt Mes­sages 

Clearing the Emotional Clutter

Clear­ing the Emo­tional Clut­ter

Some­one men­tioned this week they were tak­ing too much clut­ter in their home, it needed to be cleared and sorted out. It clicked in­stantly in my head, for I know the in­side and out­side are con­nected like twins. So, to speak about clut­ter in a ma­te­r­ial sense has al­ways some kind of coun­ter­part in­ter­nally.

Usu­ally we can see it re­flected in the way peo­ple are hoard­ers or fill­ing up their homes with lots of stuff. Or just the op­po­site, peo­ple who like it all neat and tidy, every­thing in place.

Over the years work­ing as a ther­a­pist as well so­cial worker, I have come across of those sit­u­a­tions. It al­ways brought into light the need to clear up emo­tional clut­ter as well. We bring in so much stuff into our lives, on a per­sonal level. Not just our own, also those of other peo­ple as well.

Now we can take care of the is­sues at hand when they are in­deed our own ex­pe­ri­enced. It is a lot more dif­fi­cult to make a dis­tinc­tion when the in­ner and outer ex­pe­ri­ences walk to­gether. Like the story of a close one, the is­sues and trou­bles be­ing trig­gered within your­self.

Or if there is so much com­pas­sion with the tragedy of someone close and dear to you, that it ef­fects your own in­ter­nal emo­tional world as well. Now how can it not be so, you might say. True, we can pick up on the en­ergy of suf­fer­ing, of pain and hurt, of loss and fear, as eas­ily as we can pick up the pos­i­tive ones.

Like the joy, sense of hap­pi­ness, free­dom, love and com­pas­sion, kind­ness. Now, these en­er­gies with that pos­i­tive vibes don’t linger on that much in your own en­ergy field or emo­tional body.

The neg­a­tive ones have the ten­dency to stick to you even if they are not yours. They are be­ing sensed or felt and in­te­grated so to speak, be­cause they were rec­og­nized from within your own emo­tional be­ing. These are mostly trig­gered by the out­side in­flu­ence and are tricky to de­tect as not be­ing yours.

So, if we take a look at our own sur­round­ing, how much does it tell about us. How much does your liv­ing room or other ar­eas in your home re­flect your own emo­tional state?
Is it busy, does it feel cramped? Is it clean and hy­gienic in places we would like it to be, like kitchen bath­room and toi­let ar­eas?

The dec­o­ra­tion in our own space will tell us a lot about the way we feel most com­fort­able as well. The col­ors speak their own lan­guage as well the plants, the fur­ni­ture, the lay­out, the me­thod­i­cal way you place your pa­pers and pen­cils on your desk. It is all con­nected with the in­side world, the way we ex­press our­selves.

What works for me might not work for you. That does­n’t mean if it is not or­ga­nized the way you would is right or wrong. It is just a re­flec­tion of your own emo­tional and phys­i­cal state.

It also de­pends on your en­vi­ron­ment, be­cause liv­ing in the west­ern world, where the use of elec­tric­ity and wa­ter is more the norm as to a lot of other coun­tries, makes a lot of dif­fer­ence. On the ex­te­rior any­ways. Not so much dif­fer­ent on the in­te­rior.

The norm of cre­at­ing a safe and clean sur­round­ing is uni­ver­sal. The need for sup­port and care as well. We are not dealt with the same cards that’s for sure. Yet every hu­man has the right, a given birthright, to be loved, re­spected, hon­ored, and taken care for.

Every hu­man is worth of the same kind of so­cial care, med­ical care, teach­ing, and school­ing. It is some­thing we tend to for­get when we take a look at the world, where those rights are be­ing vi­o­lated. Spe­cially when it comes to the pro­tec­tion and care of our chil­dren world­wide.

So how is this con­nected with the clut­ter I spoke of in the be­gin­ning? The way we are taught to deal with emo­tional and phys­i­cal trauma cre­ates an in­ner world of emo­tions. Then there is our char­ac­ter which is also part of the way we can deal with them.

In our jour­ney through the emo­tional wounds and pain, the trauma that has been in­flicted, there is a lot of hid­den or re­pressed emo­tional neg­a­tive en­ergy. Most peo­ple don’t want to feel or be re­minded of what has hap­pened to them. Be­ing the sur­vivor does­n’t nec­es­sar­ily mean you are liv­ing the life to the fullest.

Start­ing this jour­ney of dis­cov­ery to deal with what lies hid­den be­hind doors or some­times walls, it re­quires a lot of courage, as well sta­mina. Per­se­ver­ance and learn­ing to love what has been hid­den. As a tool of heal­ing and re­cov­er­ing the beauty that lies within.

We re­late with peo­ple we rec­og­nize through our com­mon ex­pe­ri­ences. Like one ex­pe­ri­ence ex­pert will rec­og­nize the other. Even though we did­n’t have the same kind of ex­pe­ri­ence, through com­pas­sion and em­pa­thy we can also re­late to some­one else as well.

There is some­times just a small thread be­tween the aura or en­ergy field of one with the trauma as well the one who is highly sen­si­tive and can rec­og­nize it maybe as well from past ex­pe­ri­ences. It can make it a lot more dif­fi­cult to be able to sep­a­rate your own emo­tions from those of someone else’s pains and sur­viv­ing skills.

If any I have learned over the past years through my own ex­pe­ri­ence, how dif­fi­cult it has been for me. How open I was en­er­get­i­cally, for oth­ers to be able to share their emo­tional in­ner world, as well to ab­sorb them so to speak. Like they were un­load­ing all the en­er­getic shit for that mo­ment and walked out the door.

Leav­ing me with a sense of thick­en­ing en­ergy, in my own body as well en­ergy. It took me lots of train­ing to fig­ure out what hap­pened and what worked for me. To stay out of the en­ergy storms of neg­a­tiv­ity, anger, sor­row, pain, hurt I also had to learn, what is mine ad which is not.

So, every time I am trig­gered by a movie, a book, an en­counter with some­one else, I know I have to be look­ing at it care­fully. Which is still mine to deal with, and which is what res­onates still from en­er­gies I have been pick­ing up over the years. When I feel emo­tion­ally drained and feel all the emo­tional clut­ter that still lingers some­where in the depth of my sub­con­scious­ness, I know its mine to deal with. In or­der to feel re­laxed and up­lifted, it takes a lot of work in­ter­nally.

That way I am re­mov­ing my own emo­tional clut­ter so to speak. As ex­pe­ri­ence has taught me, it comes with more sub­tle ways. The more I have dis­cov­ered and dealt with, the more I have been able to re­lease and let go.

So, clear­ing the emo­tional clut­ter is a ne­ces­sity in or­der to find bal­ance within my­self. It takes a fresh wind from time to time, a big rain shower to clear my eyes and heart. My emo­tional body will al­ways find a way how to re­lease. For it is al­ways tak­ing care of me and has the best in­ter­ests in mind.

I can trust it to show me what still needs to be ad­dressed, in or­der to be loved, held, cher­ished and cared for. It is an in­ter­nal jour­ney that has re­flected my outer one as well. It showed how much I like to have some clar­ity, as in a clean home, space to move around and a good feeling to be at home in. My in­ner home is part of my ma­te­r­ial world.

And so, it will be done.

High Self @RheaD­op­mei­jer ©
Heart­felt Mes­sages June 2019

How tempting it is, to hold onto old ways

How Tempt­ing is it, to Hold onto Old Ways

“And do not worry that your life is

turn­ing up­side down.

How do you know that the side

you are used to is bet­ter than the one to come?”

~ Rumi

I was read­ing these words and read the re­ply of some­one else who had posted this. The great Un­known. I try to be­friend this more and more. Some­times it is very scary she replied to me. I an­swered it is still work in the process af­ter my love made his tran­si­tion this year, yet I also know, there is this deep in­ner know­ing of our Love, which car­ries me through the day, into the lov­ing arms at night, guarded and pro­tected on a whole new level. For my life felt and still feels up­side down at times af­ter his de­par­ture and leav­ing me alone for the very first time in my life.

I cher­ish the mem­o­ries of all the time we have shared, the good, the bad, the ugly at times. Be­cause this is what has shaped me to be who I am to­day through our Love for each other as well as our chil­dren and grand­chil­dren. Our fam­ily and friends along the way who have been sup­port­ing us dur­ing these last dif­fi­cult months. It has been a long and in­tense chal­leng­ing pe­riod for all of us and we have learned so much.

How deep our Love is to over­come all these ob­sta­cles along the way to move for­ward. Did I worry about the way it would turn my life up­side down? Yes, it did, for me, this was not just about me be­ing on my own, it was the chal­lenge of how I was go­ing to han­dle my life in my own way.

Does it scare and frighten me at times, yes it does as well the need of hav­ing some­one around? Just to feel the love in the arms of my love, the cud­dles, the kisses, and play­ful­ness to­gether. Is it about the Un­known, yes and no? For every day we cre­ate op­por­tu­ni­ties that change our life. Not al­ways ma­jor changes like the loss of some­one who is so dear to me. It is about mak­ing de­ci­sions every day to get out of bed and get in a rou­tine to keep your­self mov­ing.

It is about do­ing what pleases me to do, like walk­ing my dog every day. The feel­ing I get open­ing the cur­tains of my bed­room win­dow and watch the sun ris­ing or the mys­ti­cal view over the fields. Be­ing open to the lit­tle signs I re­ceive every mo­ment in the day. Like the feath­ers on the ground, which are al­ways found by my dog for some rea­son the mo­ment I see them. He col­lects them for me.

Every mo­ment I am in doubt of my own re­silience, my strength, and I strug­gle with the in­se­cu­ri­ties, there is this quiet wave of lov­ing en­ergy. In en­folds within me the faith of my love as well the knowl­edge I can do this. I am here with a rea­son and a pur­pose. I have walked my path to­gether with my love in my own way. My teach­ings have been of great sup­port and as­sis­tance then and now.

All I have gath­ered over the years; every ex­pe­ri­ence has shown me my per­sis­tence and strength to be­lieve in what I can and who I am. This life force is the con­stant fac­tor that keeps me go­ing. Even when I am in doubt or fear of what will come next, I only must take a deep breath and I know. I know with all my Heart that Love is my strength and in Love, I can do any­thing that comes my way.

As much I was in need of con­trol when I was younger, I can rely on my in­ner com­pass and let it un­fold even when I don’t have a clue which way it will work out. Just day by day to stay in a flow of sur­ren­der­ing to this Love is my way of let­ting go and re­leas­ing any kind of con­trol of mind or emo­tions. They are the tools that lead me to my next step into my next phase in my life.

What I have learned the most is, I must live my own life in my own way. No mat­ter what they say, or how peo­ple will re­act to what is true to me. I am not over you, is what I am hear­ing right now, and this is true as well. If you ask me how I am do­ing, I will say I am do­ing fine. I must face the truth,

No mat­ter what I say, I am not over the loss, I am still work­ing through this griev­ance pe­riod in my life. Yet I can let go, which way it will lead me to my next step. You are on my mind every day and I can feel your love and guid­ance as well. Is my life with you bet­ter than with­out your phys­i­cal pres­ence? Or is it not so much about bet­ter or worse, as well as how I can main­tain my in­ner trust and faith to bal­ance out every day what comes my way.

To main­tain and keep on learn­ing how to walk the spi­ral of Life in lov­ing con­nec­tion with my love. To ex­pand this love from within to every en­counter, with every­one I meet. I can only tell if this new way of liv­ing is about ful­fill­ment, the mo­ment I feel alive and in lov­ing con­nec­tion with my­self as if I can see my­self through your eyes.

The best way I can be is to be part of this dance in my Life, where my part­ner took an­other turn, and we are now liv­ing in 2 di­men­sions un­til there is only one. I want to make this count. I want to make him proud of my steps, my growth, my deep­en­ing of our Love. But most of all, I want to be proud of my­self, for tak­ing every step even though it scares me. The next step can be small or can be ma­jor, it does not mat­ter.

I am re­spon­si­ble for the way I cre­ate my Life to the fullest. Like Liv­ing Big and Smil­ing Big is the best re­sult of cre­at­ing from the Heart where Love is Key and Mas­ter of every ex­pe­ri­ence. This I know. From a deep core within, so it is and will al­ways be my Com­pass. It will al­ways lead me to cir­cum­stances and ex­pe­ri­ences to bring up the best of me and all I can be. In lov­ing and ca­pa­ble hands.

And so, it will be done.

High Self @RheaD­op­mei­jer ©

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A purge of the Soul

A purge of the Soul

You have com­plete own­er­ship over your body as a sov­er­eign be­ing. This trans­mis­sion uses a lot of move­ment of the body to shift out the stag­na­tion.

From Lelama Jyumaali Sjamar: https://thesiriuslibrary.com/blog/light-language-is-easy

You are re­minded through it to do so also be­cause your body is de­signed to move & to flow. Al­low the light codes to bring you to self-aware­ness, clear the en­ergy vam­pires, re­claim­ing soul frag­ments & to shift out of vic­tim men­tal­ity. Em­brace the en­ergy that is within you, ground you’re be­ing to set bound­aries against be­ing drained. Take re­spon­si­bil­ity for your en­ergy by be­com­ing con­fi­dent in your power.

Yes, it is pos­si­ble to heal, re­cover & re­store your­self to whole­ness. Clear out any pat­tern­ing that chews up en­ergy & take note of where your en­ergy is go­ing. Re­lease sub­con­scious oblig­a­tions to oth­ers. Clear all self-doubt, self-sab­o­tage, anx­i­ety & fear. Un­tan­gle from all chaos & drama. Re­lease ill­ness from the cells & pro­gram­ming now. Con­nect to the abun­dant en­ergy & pres­ence of the soul. ~ Abi­gail Wain­wright

Af­ter do­ing this trans­mis­sion with the pow­er­ful en­ergy that came through, it was bring­ing in so much clar­ity. It felt like purg­ing like old is­sues could be dis­solved, not just my phys­i­cal chal­lenges. They just rep­re­sent my strug­gles dur­ing all my life­time, com­bined with all my past life­times that needed heal­ing as well. Fi­nally, I may say. Be­cause each life­time had its own sig­na­ture, its own emo­tional layer, to be ad­dressed to.

I was think­ing so much about the mean­ing of the word purge. It also felt I needed to ad­dress it as well. So, for the past few days, it con­stantly brought up emo­tions, that I wanted to deal with in all its lay­ers. Phys­i­cal, men­tal, emo­tional, etheric. Be­cause each life­time had its own chal­lenge. It brought up shame, it brought up fear, it brought up anger, it brought up a sense of not be­ing wor­thy. Also, it brought up my feel­ings of stay­ing low. Not get­ting my head cut off, or be­ing hanged for who I am or was. These emo­tional wounds still lin­gered deep down in my heart and soul.

I knew around the age of 24, go­ing through some phys­i­cal chal­lenges, I needed to look at things dif­fer­ently. En­ergy work, heal­ing en­ergy as well the more holis­tic ap­proach and the shamanic ways. Bring­ing these all to­gether gave me a lot of in­sight and brought me back on track. Some­times it felt from where I left off in a past life­time. Dur­ing all my train­ing to be­come an en­er­getic ther­a­pist as well as learn­ing the psy­chol­ogy of the mind, body, and soul. It brought so much in­sight.

Re­gres­sion ther­apy was one of the tools, to get down to the deeper mean­ing be­hind my phys­i­cal ob­sta­cles. To dis­cover that each one was con­nected to one of my past lives, that trav­eled with me. On this jour­ney, y soul took upon this life­time, was to make a con­nec­tion with all of them. To heal and bal­ance the en­er­gies be­tween my soul as well as a phys­i­cal hu­man be­ing. To do so, I had to dive deep in my con­scious and sub­con­scious aware­ness. To cre­ate a bridge be­tween those as well my high con­scious­ness.

Em­brace the en­ergy that is within you, ground your be­ing to set bound­aries against be­ing drained. Take re­spon­si­bil­ity for your en­ergy by be­com­ing con­fi­dent in your power. This is also about bring­ing all the dif­fer­ent as­pects of your­self home so to speak. Be­cause each past life rep­re­sented one as­pect of me, which was still very much alive within my sys­tem so to speak. The idea of be­ing mul­ti­di­men­sional got a whole new mean­ing. Bring­ing this into the open, it re­vealed not just the event that re­lated to it, it also showed what still was both­er­ing me, still lin­ger­ing on.

My jour­ney through life was filled with many ups and downs along the way. Yet each time I was able to put the pieces of the puz­zle to­gether, I felt more bal­anced and re­lieved. The way self-worth and self-love be­came the tools to bring in un­der­stand­ing, ac­knowl­edg­ment. This had a huge im­pact on my con­nec­tion with my soul, my high self, to clear the path­way so to speak. Each hur­dle I took brought me closer to the lit­tle voice, the whis­pers, the nudges.

My in­tu­ition and Claire’s sen­tient na­ture as well as my ex­tremely sen­si­tive na­ture be­came the most im­por­tant keys to rely on. I have put them to the test, for sure. At this stage in my life, I fully learned to trust this soul con­nec­tion, to lis­ten to what my in­ner guide wants me to know. This process up to now was also the purge of the soul. To clear the way so the soul can in­car­nate within my hu­man ves­sel as well. The love and wis­dom that comes with com­pas­sion and kind­ness as well are part of my be­ing. Every par­ti­cle that still might lay be­neath the sur­face will be ad­dressed with love and the re­spect it de­serves.

Yes, it is pos­si­ble to heal, re­cover & re­store your­self to whole­ness. With the will­ing­ness to be­come aware, con­sciously, about the cause of what is ly­ing un­der­neath the emo­tions that arise. The deeper the layer, the more pro­found the heal­ing will be. Walk­ing the spi­ral of life, com­ing across these trig­gers, will lead up to more and more light­ness for the light to shine through. Awak­en­ing of every cell, every con­nec­tion to bring all these emo­tions, to be filled with love and lights. To heal every stuck en­ergy, on every level, in every layer of the phys­i­cal, men­tal, emo­tional, as well etheric body.

And so, it will be done.

High Self @RheaD­op­mei­jer ©

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Oneness – we are connected with All as One

One­ness – we are con­nected with All as One

When there is just Si­lence, no words com­ing up, just the senses on alert, You feel con­nected within the place you are.

Any place that might hold you in a lov­ing em­brace, Filled with the song of the birds, the di­a­logue be­tween the pi­geons, Some talk­ing in the dis­tances and foot­steps on the path. Feel­ing the soft lit­tle breeze stroking through your hair and the warmth of the Sun tem­pered by the shades of the trees.

Such a va­ri­ety of trees in this mag­i­cal en­chanted land­scape. Every turn you take pic­tures you with a dif­fer­ent scene Glow­ing green hill­sides where the trees And parts of old and an­cient forests are di­vid­ing them. For even here sit­ting in si­lence, you still see the frag­ments of every jour­ney you made through tim

Not even nec­es­sary to close your eyes, to see every im­print each scene has made in your mem­ory bank within your mind, for your eyes and sight to cap­ture. We, hu­mans, are hav­ing this abil­ity, to use it in ser­vice for the good of all, or to use the scenery for dif­fer­ent pur­poses.

It’’ s all in the eye of the be­holder, what you want to see. Is it beauty you want, then it is beauty you will get. For free choice and free will have 2 sides of this coin, One and the same. Re­minders in the land­scape of both are re­minders of it. Ei­ther way, you may en­ter a vil­lage along the hill­side, at one side there is this lit­tle chapel build in honor of the Di­vine Fem­i­nin­ity On the other end you find this bunker, a sym­bol for all that op­poses it.

This forms the deeper mean­ing we hold within our­selves, by du­al­ity cre­ated. War and Peace, Male and Fe­male, you choose and make it a wise One. Every thought cre­ates a form in re­al­ity, even in the ma­te­r­ial sense. We hold the can­dle burn­ing, high up for every­one to see the light, As a Light­house we stand firmly grounded.

By ser­vice out of free-will and dur­ing every storm that hu­man­ity has en­dured. This is the time for all to wake up and see the beauty that sur­rounds us, Cre­ated by One, New Word, which will cre­ate a New World, of Bal­ance and Equal­ity, in­stead of the du­al­ity and op­po­sites.

For within du­al­ity lies the key to bring these op­po­sites to­gether, Equally as One whole, in en­ergy they ex­ist. So will it be done ma­te­ri­ally, co-cre­at­ing within every realm and grid, to­gether able to make the dif­fer­ence, to tip the scale when we as hu­mans can say, it’s enough, it’s done, We are con­nected with all as One.

And so it will be done.

High Self @RheaD­op­mei­jer ©

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Dance as the Elixer of Being Alive

Dance as the Elixer of Be­ing Alive

Let Dance be the Elixer of be­ing alive. Let your life lightly dance on the edges of time, like dew on the tip of a leaf -Ra­bindranath Tagore.

Every­body loves to dance, yet we feel that not every­one is good at per­form­ing. Our body au­to­mat­i­cally re­sponses to the rhythm as well as mu­sic. All our senses are be­ing tuned in the minute we lis­ten to mu­sic, we can feel the way emo­tions are be­ing ex­pressed. The way the tones are up­lift­ing or down to earth.

Bring­ing in the con­nec­tion with our emo­tional body and mem­o­ries. I know as a kid I was al­ways be­ing struck deep in my heart when the march­ing bands passed down our streets. At a con­cert by a band with only a rhythm sec­tion, the first song they played opened my heart so wide open, tears started to flow.

We are so cre­ative in our lives to go to the edge of mu­sic, the tones and rhythm com­bined. Noth­ing like mu­sic is able to con­nect so many peo­ple in one place. It con­nects each of us from our heart and soul, bring­ing forth eu­phoric mo­ments even. It is all about the bal­ance of what feels com­fort­able and what is screech­ing cre­at­ing shiv­ers down your spine. Mu­sic is the ex­pres­sion of life ex­pe­ri­ences.

We can put in our emo­tions through the lyrics, the song, the mu­sic which is been cre­ated to match it up. Life has that ef­fect on us. Like the drama cre­ates a whole dif­fer­ent song and tune com­pared to the happy mo­ments in our life. It is all so con­nected with our phys­i­cal and emo­tional body, that we are be­ing in­vited to move on the mu­sic.

Dance is also an ex­pres­sion of how we want to ex­press our emo­tions. And al­though it is a uni­ver­sal way we are re­spond­ing to the in­vi­ta­tion, the ex­pres­sions are var­i­ous and al­most in­fi­nite. Cre­ated through the norms and val­ues as well in all those dif­fer­ent coun­tries and re­li­gions. Free­dom of cre­at­ing mu­sic or be­ing re­stricted has a lot to do with the way we are able to ex­press our­selves.

What makes us happy feels a lot lighter and will be felt through mu­sic and rhythm. Our di­ver­sity all over the world is a mag­i­cal way of watch­ing the po­ten­tials come to life. Deep down in our an­ces­tor lin­eages, we can find the deeply rooted and an­chor­ing way of ex­pres­sion in dance. As well as the highly up­lift­ing and al­most etheric ways of ex­pres­sion. And all in be­tween.

Life is full of changes, as is the way peo­ple ex­press them­selves over time and dif­fer­ent eras. How to evolve and de­velop our new in­sights is al­ways been shown in our ways of ex­press­ing them through mu­sic and dance. Dance rep­re­sents our abil­ity to move on the chal­lenges and changes in our day to day life as well.

We all are af­fected by the way mu­sic is been in­cor­po­rated in our life. No mat­ter where we are, in every cor­ner mu­sic and dance are part of our lives ex­pres­sion. So danc­ing on the edge of time, like dew on the tip of a leaf can be chal­leng­ing for sure.

We all know how del­i­cate the bal­ance is be­fore the dew will drop on the ground. Just a whis­per of the wind can make if fall. Yet the light within the dew is also re­fer­ring to our in­ner light, pure and sub­tle con­scious­ness. Tip toe­ing through life at times, shar­ing mo­ments of joy in hap­pi­ness ex­pressed in the ray of dance and move­ment.

Let your Life dance means noth­ing more than to keep on mov­ing in ways that will make you happy and filled with joy. Al­low­ing the changes in your life to be filled with the chal­lenges that are con­nected with them. Every move is a way of ex­press­ing your­self. You are the con­duc­tor and cre­ator of the way you dance through life.

Maybe it feels re­stricted or un­de­sir­able. It is an in­vi­ta­tion from your soul to look for other ways to dance your life. The re­stric­tions are part of a process to cre­ate a life that is filled with free­dom. The chal­lenges will ap­ply to your courage and heart’s de­sire to be in har­mony with the joy and love you are wor­thy of. Every soul starts this jour­ney we call life with choices to make it the best pos­si­ble.

Along the way, we may be dis­tracted and off track, so the rhythm changes in our hearts. Life is to be en­joyed fully. Life is about abun­dance and con­nec­tions heart to heart. Then we can dance lightly and reach out to­wards the lim­its of the bound­aries we think we have. Dance your Life, with a cap­i­tal L. Al­low your­self to come forth and shine and dance lightly, just search­ing for the bal­ance as does dew on the tip of a leaf.

You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your knees, for a hun­dred miles through the desert, re­pent­ing. You only have to let the soft an­i­mal of your body love what it loves – Mary Oliver said this. It is also about giv­ing your­self per­mis­sion to let your in­ner pas­sion work through the mo­tions of life.

Ad­just­ing to the rhythm of the ex­pe­ri­ences, yet al­ways look­ing out for the best and high­est out­come. Time is a con­stant flux and works in mys­te­ri­ous ways. When you are hav­ing fun, it seems to move fast. When things are get­ting rough, time is tick­ing away slower than nor­mal. Like the rhythm of Life­time has the abil­ity to shift. Go­ing back and forth in time we dance our way through our mem­o­ries as well.

Let your Life dance. The way it makes you feel happy and filled with joy is the best way to dance lightly. In every chal­lenge, you en­counter lies the pos­si­bil­ity to turn things around for the best. In the light of time dance your life as easy and bal­anced pos­si­ble, to bring forth the pu­rity of your heart and soul. Lis­ten to your own rhythm, cre­ate your own mu­sic, and tune in every time you need to.

Ex­press your­self through your dance of life. Bring in every tempo and every mu­si­cal ex­pres­sion, that will raise your vi­bra­tion and fre­quency. Light will as­sist you to stretch your life to the edge of time, as Love is the key to find the bal­ance on the tip of your leaf. Dance your Life so you can let your life dance.

And so it will be done.

High Self @RheaD­op­mei­jer ©

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Life is a project – expanding

Life is a pro­ject – ex­pand­ing

How to ex­pand and re­lease old tem­plates. Many life­times you have ex­pe­ri­enced the deep con­nec­tion from the Source you came from through ex­pe­ri­ences and chal­lenges in or­der to es­tab­lish a new way of ex­pand­ing the love and light you are in you deep­est essence of bring­ing back and forth in or­der to con­nect the deep­est core of the crys­talline core of Gaia with the high­est form of the source where the form is­n’t ma­te­ri­al­ized as it is in the den­sity of your pre­sent ex­is­tence on this planet you call earth.

Every life­time you have spend in or­der to evolve and ex­pand you were re­leas­ing your old tem­plates and cre­at­ing a new life force through the con­nec­tions with your soul fam­ily. Unique as you are in your im­print, you are part of a whole each with their ca­pac­i­ties and qual­i­ties to ac­com­plish a new jour­ney again. To bring forth a higher fre­quency of love and light into the ma­te­r­ial world. By do­ing so, all el­e­ments are be­ing con­nected and en­forced as well.

With the rev­e­la­tions that brings forth the growth as well the strength of the light vi­bra­tions in every cell of cre­ation as well. Be­cause all is en­twined in this jour­ney you are never alone and it is­n’t about you. As you per­ceive through the hu­man eyes with the ego and mind­set to bring forth the evo­lu­tion in the hu­man body ex­pe­ri­ence, as well the heart­felt con­nec­tion with all of na­ture. Each of you are part of this ex­pe­ri­ence in ei­ther shape or form to bring forth a new phase of the con­stant change of the high­est pos­si­ble form of cre­ation.

Cross­ing life times and play­ing in the field of light, you will con­nect past pre­sent as well fu­ture in or­der to bring in the re­newal in every part of your ex­is­tence. Through the di­men­sions you are bring­ing in a higher ver­sion of your­self which has its im­pact on every­one you are con­nected with. Through the life­times as well the dif­fer­ent re­la­tion­ships you had as part of this chal­lenge, you agreed to al­low and ex­pe­ri­ence the den­sity of this ma­te­r­ial plane.

In­clud­ing the light spark that you are in full align­ment and in­te­gra­tion on the phys­i­cal plane as well as a soul of light and love each step you made along the way and trav­elled through time lines are part of this evo­lu­tion into the re­mem­ber­ing as well the re­newal of what was, has been and will come to be. 

You will bring in a new tem­plate so to speak as a stan­dard for the next gen­er­a­tions to see and to be an ex­am­ple for every­one who is in this jour­ney to­gether with you to raise the vi­bra­tions of Love and Light within this will cre­ate the next phase in the evo­lu­tion of hu­man­ity as well the world you are liv­ing in with a cor­re­la­tion that is ex­pand­ing and con­nect­ing in new ways not known to man be­fore, set­ting a new tem­plate in fu­ture gen­er­a­tions to work within or­der to raise the fre­quen­cies even higher and the Love and Light even brighter as you can imag­ine.

And so it will be done.
High Self @RheaD­op­mei­jer ©
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