Surrendering Trust to the Universal Flow

Surrendering Trust to the Universal Flow

as it brings to us what We need to know.

It is out of my hands; this is what finally dawned on me with a big shock wave of awareness. Of course, I knew all this time that my need of having some control in the past was strong at times. It was always about fear of letting go and letting the situation play itself out. Trust in the way the soul expresses itself through life experiences can be hard at times.

Especially when your loved ones are going through hard times and are in pain, either emotionally or physically. Carrying them along the way comes from a deep place within, knowing the pain and the wish you could help them. Surrender and let go of the wish to control.

It is also about the paradigm and paradox that is enfolding. The minute I surrender to let things unfold themselves, it requires action as well on my part. To create the next step and a new experience, there can only be movement. Enfolding is already a movement. Watching this movement from a place of non-evolvement requires the impossible for us. Yet, knowing is a different state of awareness as coming from creating a challenge to going to another level within.

Whenever we are challenged, there is also embedded the possibility to grow and release old stuck energies. Those that are no longer serving you, just pay attention to what it is that is being triggered. See if you want to hold on to it, or are just ready and able to let go and release the emotions, physical wounds aspects, and mental health.

I guess it is through the experience of being down in my own well, reaching the bottom, so to speak. In despair, I can let go of any kind of control I think, believe, or want to have on the outcome of any type of situation. Doing what is necessary, total surrendering, and allowing the energy to flow again, I also learned to trust the Universal Flow. Or not my will, yet they will be done, for therein lies the love, the highest form of Life and Energy, that wants to flow.  

It also means I have to love the process my body is going through, for this is the life I chose to grow through the challenges and experiences for as long as I can remember. Always being the outsider, the exception to how healing works or the way recovery from illness or surgery is not following the normal pathway. I am the exception to the rule, as they say.

This also means I work as some sort of role model for others who are also differently wired as a highly sensitive personality. This works through our DNA, the way our bodies react to pain, and our senses are always on high alert. Hard to explain most of the time. Especially in hospitals and western medicine, the reason for me to start my training and education on the way energy works within our systems. As well, as the way east and western medicine can learn from each other and work in a compatible way. About the herbs and plants and their medicinal usage to use and can benefit.

Crystals as a way to learn how our Universe is working through energy and the different aspects we can use. Through the eyes of astrology, or the ways the Mayan Culture was able to deal with the mystery the Universe holds for me. There have been waves of consciousness and awareness over Eon of times, as well as the way healing worked through energy in connection with each other.

Bringing back memories through cellular levels as well as remembering different lifetimes showed a map to be used. Some sort of physical, emotional, and mental road map. Every memory brought up a pattern of behavior as well as a physical experience connected to it. I know I wanted to get a grip on things as well, as some sort of tool to get through these periods of disease, painful experiences, and fatigue. Tired of fighting as well. Only made things worse.

Never worked for the better in my healing process. Only when I hit rock bottom, there was this split second in time, like a crack in the veil, that made me surrender. Did I surrender to the Universe? Not at first, yet then I connected with this part of me, that did not seem to live in my body, and was able to have a bigger picture from a different place. This was my connection with my Higher Self, for I recognized it as a part of me. My intuition also seemed to be connected through this part of me. Every time I hit rock bottom; I also find the firm grounding that allows me to surface again.

It is out of my hands feel I experience after the surgery on both hands. It made me vulnerable to the core of my being. Demanding a lot on my inner compass, trusting the love and care for me. Wanted to be independent as well as need someone to love me and whom I could depend on. The paradox of wanting to be free, yet not being totally free as long you are searching outside. At least, that is my learning. So yes, the moment I stop fighting and demanding,

I get into a different kind of consciousness. I can allow the things that are happening in a better way, which makes it easier to deal with them as well. Furthermore, I can come into this natural state of trusting, and therefore I am more open and receptive to listening to the signs and seeing the energy waves. I am as much part of the Universe as the Universe is part of me. Energy means Love, Love means Life, Life means I AM.

And so, it will BE.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 20-12-2016

Do the Walk of Life

Do the Walk of Life

The Walk of Life is connected with all the different stages we come across in every lifetime in order to grow. Not to be part of a way of just moving through the days, You need to be aware and conscious of the deeper layers. Meanwhile, every day is a day to embrace life to the fullest, enjoy every gift which is presenting itself, and rejoice in The loving companions you are surrounded by.

From birth till we are going through a transition, We take the necessary steps growing up to be the best version we had envisioned for ourselves before we incarnated again, or in other words follow the next Stage to bring in more harmony, balance, and healing. Healing emotional wounds that have been building up, Lifetime after lifetime, to remember where we came from.

In the meanwhile, back behind the veil of ignorance, or Should we say lack of memory, we are lining up to live. The Walk of Life on this planet is something we as human Embodiment of our souls are giving us the chance to fulfill the promises we made to ourselves to step through The wall of Fire in order to bring in the highest version Of God’s aspect, back into our awareness. The Divine Spark within each of us is part of this journey To be remembered in order to evolve and grow into deeper And higher perspectives as well.

That’s to say, the souls that were feeling challenged to take On this journey, this walk of life in a 3d planetary consciousness. The Divine planning in order to bring the highest Light And Love forward into the physical and material world. We are connected with our planet as much as we are With our fellow men and women alike.

The truth is, we are all connected on this walk of Life Because of the energetic matrix we exist by. The signature of the Creator is to bring life to every cell Of every living creature in coexistence with each other. Non-excluded, all included, so the life on this planet could evolve and grow in frequency and vibration, for every soul.

Sometimes the emotional status of the emotional body prevents us to feel the most uplifting energy of Love. Yet as much as we breathe in Life, we also breathe in Love. It is a natural energy flow that has been forgotten and is Now to be remembered in its full extension. Each one of us is making choices along the way because Of the gift of free will and accordingly, the play will develop As well enfold itself with different outcomes in order to

Bring back healing as well the knowledge of who we truly are. There ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no river deep enough to keep me away from you, my angelic being, my angel Essence to shine through after the road has been walked along the spiraling pathways up on higher grounds. Every time we choose to bring more love into the challenges,

We are healing not just our wounds, yet also those of our loved ones, every encounter will change for the better. The more we allow Love to shine on our wounds, either Physical, mental, or emotional, the etheric body will heal as well. The ties will be burned down by the fire of loving energy In order to become this standard, this pillar of Light for all.

The Walk of Life is here as a symbol for every soul that has started its journey one way or another for the release And celebration of the highest aspect of our being, The Love incarnation that is the Divinity within each of us. So do the walk of life, to honor and love yourself, to be able to respect yourself, and to reconnect with this inner Love fire, that is a reflection of your Divine Angelic Nature.

Every time we connect with the joy, the happiness, the sense of belonging, the bliss of experiencing love. These are the healing energies we are using to bring balance again. The way we are experiencing the duality, our communities seem to be building upon.

Yet these are not the true nature of our ways to live together, nor how to walk together. Ancient societies were exiting through the circle of balanced energies, not the opposites. The differences were seen as qualities and also were being used to compliment on every level. As it was in a love relationship between 2 people.

The way the differences were holding the balance was coming from this place of unity and understanding. This is our natural state of living, our walk of life which is feeding on love, equality, and freedom, where lies are not of use because of heart-to-heart telepathy.

We are walking the spiral of our evolution, almost like it is backward, to the ways where we knew. This process of remembering who we truly are is bringing up more memories of ancient esoteric knowledge, healing, as well as a difference in understanding the ways our frequencies and vibrational fields are. Our day-to-day walk is about the flow of energy.

The cellular constructions of our human bodies are influenced by the way our emotional, physical, mental, and etheric bodies are balanced. So in order to bring forth the highest possible outcome of ourselves, we have this opportunity to choose and create an amazing wonderful connected walk of Life with all of Creation, by doing so lifting it up to higher places and ways we now dream about.

And so it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer  ©

Heartfelt Messages

Shine bright as a lighthouse

Shine bright as a lighthouse

for all who want to see

Letting go of your present life and

the identification you have created

In this lifetime,

because of your blueprint

You had created it before you decided

To leave Home in order to return

To Home again.

And then by healing and releasing,

finally letting go of all that

You thought was important about yourself,

As a human being, you are right now.

Transcending this into the Divine Human Being

You become.

The skills you were given to obtain and use

In this process, you are a result of your past lives

experiences which are the most usable tools

to follow this blueprint to its final destiny.

You have courage and strength –

Those tools you earned a long time ago.

They are yours, not just given by the

Divine Source, they are connected

within your Inner Core, to become the best

You wanted to create for yourself

this current lifetime.

Communication is a skill to bring in information

and will bridge the differences between people together.

Not just between people.

The higher purpose you chose is the healing

that comes with it.

Inner healing within everyone you meet.

And your paths will cross without any doubt,

for whoever sees the light of Compassion

You radiate, will be touched, recognized, and will

set the process within the motion.

You are on the threshold right now,

to step into a Higher Dimension of yourself.

The patterns you set up,

all lead to this moment in time.

To release any old bonds that would tie you up

To the 3-D plane field of Humanity,

To be the Home bringer, Caretaker of the Planet

And Gaia as a guide and light for others

To follow in your footprints.

By releasing your attachment to the Emotional,

Physical and Mental Body,

You will bring Home within the Human Being

To shine as bright as a Lighthouse.

A focus point for all who want to see.

And so, it will be.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 29-3-2014

Start by doing what’s necessary

Start by doing what’s necessary

Start by doing what’s necessary
then do what’s possible and
suddenly you are doing the impossible
Francis of Assisi

These past few days have been challenging for me. It brought up a lot of emotions that are being triggered within me. The thought of going through another challenging period in my life was overshadowed by the knowing this time I need to do it on my own, so to speak.

So how to bring in Love to enable me to do what is necessary and learn to do what is possible. Because that is what is being triggered right now. My fear is blocking the energy of love to come into this challenge so far. I will need to learn to stand on my own without the familiar.

I have gone through many challenges in my life like this one that is upcoming. Furthermore, I always had the advantage of having a loving partner to assist me to go through the waves and to be there for me in times when I needed a hug, an arm around my shoulder as well a shoulder to cry on. The partner where I could be small and vulnerable, as well as strong, and powerful.

This time I need to partner up with myself, which means I have to allow any emotion that comes up, even if it makes me feel small and vulnerable. Because that is the biggest challenge in my life. Love the weak and small me, the aspect within myself that is having trouble existing in these challenges. We all must face them at times when the going gets rough.

The moments we feel vulnerable are most of the time connected with being treated badly or becoming dependent on, and power tricks are involved. Lifetime experiences will always come to the surface if there is no balance yet or the release of the emotions of fear.

The upcoming challenge is already very present. So, I can only start by doing what is necessary. All I can do now is to address the emotions and feelings that are being brought up in this phase of my life. Not being proud and stubborn, I can do it on my own feeling because I had to, once upon a time.

This is about the allowance and recognition, the courage it takes to look at what is lying beneath all these emotions of sorrow and pain. It is caused by the absence of my beloved, as well as by fear of pain physical and the way I will have to handle this. Not knowing yet how I will endure; I know it will be going to ask a lot of my endurance again.

So how am I going to address this and what is there to be learned and heard again. My need for a comforting and understanding partnership must be rebuilt within myself. There is only one way to do this. Acceptance and allowance are starters that will enable me to find some sort of emotional balance again.

Love instead of irritation, frustration, annoyance, or even anger is needed to begin healing within and releasing any stuck or blocked energy. Sometimes this is easier said than done.

We all have internalized our messages about being strong, not showing our tears, and fearing as others will take advantage of them. Creating a vacuum within yourself, pushing back the emotions. Who hasn’t done that in their life? I know I have, and I also had some great role models as well. No complaining is allowed, for other people will step out of the equation.

Most of the time, only want to hear you are doing well. So, start by doing what is necessary, as the quote mentioned today to me. I must take a good look at myself, within, because I am the only one who is able to address these emotions of fear, being vulnerable, and depending.

There is a deep emotional trauma that lies beneath all of this. All I can do is let it come up, go through the motions, and have consideration with myself. This is necessary to me. I cannot speak for anyone else on how to deal with your fears and frustrations. All I know is what I have been doing all my life.

Diving deep within myself to find the cause and try to bring in the love that is needed. For I know, this is the one and only way to be able to do what is possible. I cannot escape the inevitable, yet I can make sure I can create an energy that allows me to handle it in a more relaxed and less frustrating way.

My anxiety lies also in past life experiences where I felt left alone at times. Throwing me back upon myself and all the strength and courage it took to go ahead. For we all need support and loving care. Normally, we expect and search for it on the outside of ourselves.

Till we recognize, we must look inside ourselves to find the support and loving care that lies within the love we have found in the heart of the matter. Inner standing is a new way of dealing with the challenges and experiences we face on a day-to-day basis.

I can only deal with what I feel today in the now moments. Then I can do what is possible by releasing any emotion or experience that is preventing me from doing the possible. I can only take it one day at a time, step by step, for then I can do what is possible. Not what is ahead, for then I can only see what is necessary and not yet what is possible.

Today I choose to do the possible. I will follow the stream of energy today. I am choosing to do so in a loving way. Because I am worth it. Because I love me. And maybe I can do the impossible along the way. Releasing and healing emotional wounds will no longer be an impossible task.

I can take my time to sit with myself, look at my emotions, and feel the loving care of my loved one as well. Always in my heart and present within me, I take this love wherever I go and whatever is necessary to do. I can get it together without losing my mind, don’t look the other way to make it through the day.

This is a familiar path, which I can trust. For therein lies my strength and power to do what is necessary and take on what is possible. Because that Is all that is asked for. Through acceptance, the possible will change into something you thought was impossible to handle or go through. When I let go of the resistance and friction, the energy will flow again and there will always be Love in the situation, no matter what.

And so it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 13-6-2016 

Staying in the Now moment

Staying in the Now moment

Staying in the Now moment requires a very attuned state of consciousness, where the connection becomes more flowing at the moment we are tuned in and letting it go accordingly to the way the day unfolds. The less we are in control of how things should be, from the perspective of the mental and emotional bodies, the more we can be entwined. Like a string of pearls, the moments in time are leaps of love and faith.

Also, staying in the Now moments is challenging when you depend on a certain outcome. Trusting things will work out the way they should. Living in the now is being detached, so to peak. Not looking back, as well, looking into the future that has to come. Only what I can sense and feel today, as well as what is challenging. Creating some anxiety as well, because I don’t have any control. All I can do is take the necessary steps.

At this moment, it is all about planning my upcoming trip to the States in a couple of weeks. I have booked my ticket, and got my reservation, including my request for assistance at the airport. Today I still didn’t get a confirmation, other than they have received my request.

With all the turmoil at the airport at the moment, everything is insecure, chaotic, and definitely challenging. Not just for me, this is a challenging time for every traveler coming to our country or leaving. Worldwide issues in every area of jobs are not being filled, creating a lot of turmoil and chaos.

Because there isn’t enough manpower, to go through security, get your suitcases on the planes, as well long rows of passengers waiting to get to the gates they are meant to be on time for boarding. All these circumstances are creating a lot of anxiety. Which makes it more difficult to trust things will work out for the best. All I can do right now is take deep breaths and calm down my nerve system

Every time I am organizing a trip, a holiday will create some tension before I leave. Making a list is of assistance to check what I need to bring with me. Although this is not the first time I am going to visit my son, the fact I am on my own is not getting easier. Becoming a widow, 6 years ago, is still very much present. On a daily basis. Every time I have to pack my bags, it always comes with this sense of missing my beloved. How much would he have enjoyed these trips to the states, to be with his son and family.

It still doesn’t get easier. What also feels strong is his presence around me, with every step I take along the way. Knowing he is always watching out for me is giving me the strength and courage to move forward. To stay in these now moments, when he is so close to my heart, is also like a beacon.

Shining bright, warning me not to get uptight so much. To be more relaxed in this period in my life. To let things unfold, the way they should be. So with this in mind, yet foremost within my heart, it assists me to take it one day at a time.

With that in mind, I am aware of this anxiety, it’s the source and how to deal. Over the years, there have been countless moments I needed to take a deep breath. Practicing this mindfulness is always and has always been my tool to handle uncertainty. It also assists me to let go of the need to control, what I cannot control. To keep my mind and focus on the best outcome. Asking for assistance when needed. To accept what I cannot change.

All I can do is take care of my day-to-day life, tackle what I can change, and have control over it. This is the only way I can affect the outcome of the way I feel. How to change this anxiety into calmness again by using breathing exercises, for instance. Today, it is important for me, how to be more at ease. What I need, is to do what I love to do.

Tomorrow is another day. All we can do is take today as it comes, and change what we can if something addresses itself. Keeping focus and restoring inner balance when needed. Being in the Now moment is all about awareness, consciousness, and focus. Knowing what creates this sense of anxiety, or what I need to find my balance again. I had a lifetime filled with practices, to deal with challenges. To learn through experiences. Now I have to put this into practice.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)

Heartfelt Messages, October 3rd, 2022

When time is of the essence

When time is of the essence

When we are going through different stages in our lives, there is a need for time. Time to heal, time to wrap your head around the problems we are facing. Also, time to go through the different kinds of phases that relate to challenges and experiences. When you come across something that is giving you a sense of unease, sorrow, or any kind of emotion you need to address, time is of the essence.

You create moments in time to stop your tracks and go sit with whatever comes up. Allowing the emotions and senses to be felt and known, is a necessary part of processing the negative or positive for that matter.

It is also an intention you set within to enable yourself to take these moments in your time to become aware to figure out what it is, that has been triggered. This is a different way of living when you are not familiar with taking time to do some soul research. When we walk through life, we are encountering different challenges and experiences.

Each has something to speak to us or something to learn from. Not because it is about blaming someone else for what is part of your life. It is all about being a creator in your own lifetime. To do that, we need to be aware of what our own intentions are. They need to know how we are willing to react, as in the way we respond.

This is of the essence to make this a conscious agreement within. It is easy to let go of anything you come across and think it has no effect on your emotional and mental well-being. Yet, every interaction we have with someone else leaves an imprint on our emotional balance. We have this need to be loved, understood, and accepted.

Our universal birthright as well, the yearning we feel created by the soul’s need to expand and grow every time. Love is always the most important breath-giving life force energy. We all are in need of this Eternal Life Force or ELF in every aspect of our life. As well as every living being, nature, animals, flowers, and every other part of our Planet Earth.

We depend on these interactions with each other to grow and expand our awareness and consciousness. It starts within the womb before we are born. Breathing our first breath in this material world till we let go of our final last breath. Coming into this world can be a joy-filling experience as well a painful one.

We also refer to the time of birth as something that has been defined by Nature and connected with everything around us. Even at the time of birth, time is of the essence. Everything is linked together to make it a smooth or difficult start to our new lifetime here. Time matters when it comes down to important issues.

Staying in the Now moment requires a very attuned state of consciousness, where the connection becomes more flowing at the moment we are tuned in and letting it go accordingly to the way the day unfolds. The less we are in control of how things should be, from the perspective of the mental and emotional bodies, the more we can be entwined. Like a string of pearls, the moments in time are leaps of love and faith.

Creating a river of energy where the stream is at times peaceful and rippling, as it can also be a stream of wild water, taking along any obstacle it comes across. Like the pebbles on the bottom of the river are being taken along with the current. Or the ebb and flow of the sea, where land will become barren, leaving shelves, and residue in the sand.

We go through life from experience to experience. Each moment in every encounter will reveal something about you. Your days are filled with the ebb and flow as well the river of Life. Each moment will show you what it is you need to learn, need to shed, need to heal to be all the best you can be. You are changing every moment, every minute, never staying the same, because that is the only constant factor in life.

This moment in time is already past and not yet present, yet it has changed my way of perception, my writing as well my way of trying to give words as to why it is so important to have time as a concept. To discover how we will live our lives, and how to expand in a loving way towards ourselves as well everyone else around us.

To do so, time is of the essence to grow emotionally and physically. We need time to evolve, change our ways, and love with passion as well as compassion. Not all these aspects of Love come naturally to everyone in the same ways. We are learning most of the experiences we have in our encounters in our day-to-day lives.

The less we are living in friction, within, the less we will experience in our outside world, for it all starts with our inner attention. Being in Love with Love is not always the same as being in Love with yourself. Sometimes it is hard to love yourself.

Then it will take time to heal and bring in the loving energy to start from within. In these moments in time, it is important to give yourself time to turn within, accept yourself, and fall in love with yourself. In those moments, time is of the essence of the Eternal Life Force, called Love.

And so, it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 7-10-2016

The in-between land of awareness

The in-between land of awareness

When we stand in the in-between land of our awareness
There is always this hesitation within, in order to step through
Into the forward motion of the created experience.
You know what you had, and you don’t know yet
What is to come or how it will unfold.
There is you resisting and being reluctant on one hand,
To embrace the new in order to move forward.
On the other hand, there is also this need to change.
The in-between land is moving towards the new area.
Depending on your former experiences, the move
Might be easy or difficult, even though you know.
This is a positive and necessary experience to go through.
Deep down, you know it is time to release and let go
Of the old and familiar ways.
Even if that comes with stuck energy or negativity,
The moment you are still in the in-between space
of your awareness, it holds the possibility for you
to create a new energy field for your highest good.
You may not want to feel the insecurity and
Vulnerability, yet it is all there in this present moment.
One foot in the old, the other foot already in the new,
And the hardest thing to do is to make the next step
When this brings up old fears and more insecurity
About your own ability to be able to handle the new.
So what do you do, in order to get out of the in-between
Space of your awareness?
Are you ready and willing to make the necessary change
To embrace fully the new area of your existence?
Ask yourself, what do I need to make this transition?
What needs to be addressed, in order to step
Forward without all that is holding me back, or wants to.
I know what the experiences held for me, and it was all
It comes down to stepping forward, fearless and bold.
Yet, being fearless needs work most of the time,
Every time we make a turn or change in our life.
Which is not always a change voluntarily, when it is caused
By the need to move or departure of a loved one.
It is important to stay tuned in with your inner knowledge
Which will assist you in making your next move to go
Through the challenges this change provides.
Are you willing and able to address the issues at hand
That provides the necessary clearing and cleansing brought
Up into your awareness in this sacred space of your
In between land. This is the time you created, even though
the sight might be scary and out of your comfort zone.
The outcome will make a lot of difference,
How you are able to handle the new life experience.
Even if the first impression of the new might
Not as promising as you would like it to be.
Be gentle with yourself during this phase,
So it will make the transition easier to step through
Into this new area and time in your life.
Love will be your greatest companion during this
Experience and will assist you in moving forward
And getting yourself out of the in-between land,
Into the now and new way of awareness again.
Everything that wants to hold you back, is just there
To be loved, and through this master key, it will be
Healed and enabling you to expand and embrace
In a new order of consciousness.

And so it will be done.
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 1-3-2016

To address the highs and lows in life

To address the highs and lows in life

From time to time, we must release all our built tension. When you are facing challenging and difficult times, it might take you by surprise. Sometimes it takes an innocent event that triggers so much underlying tension and emotions, the handle will fly off the pan, so to speak. It is like a pressure cooker when we are preparing ourselves for a wonderful dish and experience, yet when the pressure gets too high, it needs to be released.

Even the steam which feels hot is a symbol of all the emotions that come with this process of building up anger, sorrow, fear, and pain.  Because they are elements of fire and water as well the physical and emotional energies. To rebalance again, it is necessary to allow yourself to let the pressure be touched to vent.

Sometimes it takes us by surprise, going through the motions of the life experiences as well the momentum of the time ahead. Being in the Now, the present, is one thing, staying in the Now, is sometimes the hardest thing to do. Most of all when we are preparing for a new phase in our life, where the end is getting nearer to the loved presence of a dear one.

Emotions can be strong once they are surfacing, and it can be difficult to maintain a grip on them in order not to lose all control. This is something we fear as well reject. Part of our upbringing and social rules. Losing control is often a matter of energy going wild. The norm for one culture is not necessarily the same in another culture. Depending where you were raised will have an impact on the way you are dealing with extreme emotions.

Not even mentioning the different roles men and women are being formed through culture and religion. Emotions are tools as well as signs. It is meant to be flowing energy, not stuck energy in our daily life. Whenever we feel hurt or lost, the chance our energy gets stuck depends on earlier experiences and the way we are being taught how to deal with them.

Throughout our life, we all come to a point we need to address our emotions. Daily experiences are always some kind of roadmap for our emotional body. Sometimes we know that stress and anxiety connected with fear and sorrow will come to an outlet.

Depending on how in consciousness you relate to the process of releasing emotional pressure, you will be aware and the observer at the same time. Not getting in the way can be the biggest challenge at times to let the energy flow and move forward through them. The more layers that are being revealed, the deeper we connect with the deepest core within.

By allowing the pressure to come to the surface, from the deepest core, we are releasing so much that it immediately will create space. Cracking the egg so to speak, the hard shell, which is shattered, light and love will be able to come through the cracks and bring in healing and a sense of inner peace again.

Do not get me wrong, this is not an easy process. It will tear us apart sometimes when the anger and sorrow want to find an outlet at the same time. It can bring in a lot of emotional fatigue so to speak, not indifference, sometimes even a bodily reaction of being tired to the bones.

The greatest challenge is allowing the emotions to erupt from the deepest part of yourself and the signals the body also will be presenting to you. It is not always easy to go that deep within the layers that are being addressed in so many ways at times. It will take courage sometimes; it will ask you to open up to the deepest and most painful places you tend to avoid. Normally we will try to hide these for others and for ourselves as well.

Just because they are so intense, it will enable you to bring in the clearing and healing you are in need of to step forward. Movement of energy to get the stuck energy unstuck again. All we are to encounter is energy in different shapes and forms.

Body, mind, and soul relate to each other and that is why we have been creating our lifetime experiences to bring Love instead of fear within every layer and cell. Love is, as always, the master key to bringing space, healing, and clearing.

So be gentle with yourself, and allow the highs and lows in your life as a present and tool, just triggered by different experiences. You are the one choosing the experiences to bring in the love where fear is residing. You are the one to make the necessary changes in your day-to-day life, to become a whole and happy human being. Humanity is going through all these changes as we are in our own personal life.

Every change we create on a personal level by bringing in love in every experience, we alter the outcome, not just for ourselves. It is like a stone thrown into the water, creating ripples, touching each one around you. By releasing, we create a healing space and loving energy will allow us to connect with your loved ones and everyone you connect with.

And so it will be
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 9-3-2016 

The choice to celebrate life, instead of mourning the loss

The choice to celebrate life instead of mourning the loss

Mourning and grievance are very much entwined with diverse cultures and religious perspectives, as is the way the symbols and attributes differ due to the way we have learned within our own society how to deal with death. How do we perceive death as a transition or just death as ending life without further ways to travel.

If we can look at how we are giving this form, we will immediately discover the way we are dealing with the departure of a loved one. It is connected so much with the dependency of our role within the relationship we had. Being a parent, a child, a friend, or a lover holds many distinct roles as well as aspects within us. Growing up will teach us, through our role models as well as society and its norms, how we will internalize these influences.

As we can see through history and the different timelines there is an evolving pattern that shows how society and culture can shift and grow. Or just the opposite as well. Yet because we are all so connected nowadays through the internet, and television, we learn so much more about different countries and cultures. This enables us to learn and share, to evolve or deny, depending on the view and perspective we hold. Is it, accordingly, you believe it will be easy to integrate?

Does it hold ideas that do not feel accordingly, we can reject them. It is also what appeals to you, resonates from within, the way the energy makes you feel. If it is a negative emotion, it will also start a string of inner reactions within. It is only through our positive reaction, we can embrace something that is new to us yet feels at home or is inviting enough to change certain ideas and perceptions.

And so, it is with the way we are perceiving the death of a loved one. Can we celebrate the life of the deceased, or is the sorrow and pain of the loss too heavy to do so? Do we have to choose between both, or is it one of the same coins we find within our hearts? I know there is a point within, that enables me to choose the love and the joy I have received more than the pain and sorrow I can feel at the same time.

It gives me pleasure and joy instead of this painful, heartbreaking sensation at times. One is not without the other, as a complementary piece that keeps the balance if both parts are equal. Because that is the tricky part. For most of us, the balance is gone between those two. Not completely, yet the way we can manage tricky situations, will ask more from us through the way we experience loss.

Our emotional settings in dealing with loss are often connected to our own sense of being independent. If we are relying a lot on other people to be taken care of, the balance between the two will often tend to go to the pain and sorrow side of the coin. It is often triggered by our childhood experiences or the challenges we have come across that demand a lot from our self-worth and self-love.

The wounded part within, we will react to it in a way the sorrow and pain over loss feel stronger. Sometimes it is even possible, that grief and mourning are only experienced that way. It is a challenge to find a way that enables us to rejoice again and connect with the love there was in the first place. The more you can relate to the sensation of the love that has been shared, the more you can connect with the counterpart of rejoicing and celebrating the lifetime experience.

The way your relationship is experienced will have a great say in the outcome as well. Every loving relationship will leave a trail of memories to be cherished and loved. If a relationship has been nourishing and enabling you to grow and expand to be the best of yourself, then you have a heart filled with love. The more you can relate to your inner treasure room, the more you will be able to shift from pain and sorrow into the joy and gratitude that comes with it.

The celebration of someone’s life is also connected with the love and expression they left behind. Sometimes it is easy to just be grateful and see how many hearts have been touched by someone dear. Other times it will take more effort when the emotions of sorrow and pain are coming to the surface again. Then it is about missing the warm embrace, the laughter together and the knowledge it will never be the same way again.

That is the key, so to speak. The way we can manage changes in our lives is also significant for the way we are able to deal with the new experiences that await us. Every ending turns into a new beginning. We must be ready and willing to let go of the old way to step into a new way of living and perceive our own lives again. Same coin, same connection, different sides to it.

At one point in time, to regain your inner balance again, life will challenge you to decide and make a step forward. Stepping out of the rod you are in. The deeper you will sit, the more challenging it will be to step out of this hole you have been digging for yourself. Then the sense of being safe will turn into a sense of being trapped. You then have a choice to make. Is it time to let go of the past and find your inner joy and happiness again, or are you clinging on to the memories that keep you stuck?

To let the energy flow and enable yourself again to make the choice to feel alive and happy, you can connect again within your inner heart space. The coin that holds both energies can be in harmony and balance, it only needs nourishment from within as a gift to yourself. Mourning is part of the process, as is the celebration of someone’s life to pay it respect and acknowledgment.

We all want to be remembered for the way we walked through life. We all want it to be a good memory and of significance. What better way is there if we celebrate the lives of those who are leaving this material world before we do.

What better way is there than to celebrate their lives? By doing so, we can feel the loving connection, the love that is filling our hearts and our cells. We are coming alive by allowing this to happen, for we are giving this gift to ourselves as well.

One coin, two sides, balancing with each other, keeping the energy flowing again. It is a profound gift to receive as well as to share, as well for those who have passed over as well as the ones who are still here in this world. Even if you do not believe in life after death, even if you do not believe in any religion.

There is this precious gift to receive and share. It will always benefit both if you can choose the way you want to celebrate the life of a loved one. It will create increased balance within our hearts between the strongly felt emotions of sorrow and pain, as well as the joyous and happy ones that are so much part of it all.

And so, it will be.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 31-10-2016

When you are standing at a crossroad

When you are standing at a crossroad

Every day, we have these moments that might feel like a crossroads. Choices to make and steps to take. Some are small and others demand big. Some decisions are difficult to make, and others are easy. Depending on the influence it might have on your current life, it also will be attached to your experiences. Either, positive or negative, will have meaning in the outcome. All our life experience is like walking on the line of a spiral.

We come across people or situations that are there to assist us in moving on and taking steps forward. If it is attached to fear or anxiety. It will be more difficult to decide when you come to a crossroad that is demanding you to do it from a loving place within. Especially if this is a place filled with doubt or sorrow, anger or frustration about the way you are walking through life.

Do not travel far to other lands, forsaking your own sitting place; if you cannot find the Truth where you are now, you will never find it.
~*~ Dogen ~*~

This came to my attention and makes me aware I am also at crossroads again in my life. Not the first and will not be the last either. Along the way, there have been many moments where decisions had to be made. Some are easy, others difficult.

All I ever could do was follow my Heart in these matters. Sometimes it was hard to do so because it came with a lot of insecurities as well. It can take a lot of bravery and courage at times to make the decision you fear the most.

Our fear of losing is one of the most powerful emotional energy, no question about that. Fear of losing a loved one, fear of losing health, fear of pain, fear of abandoning. All these have found their way through my life. Sometimes it was so hard to deal with, it brought up even more turmoil. Yet, I know deep down I can only live my Life to the fullest if I can rely and trust on my Love.

My Love will be my guide, in any situation that might come in the future, as well has been during this lifetime in the past and past lives. So now, At this moment, what is it, I fear? Am I ready to make the next step, and what does this step involves as well? Do not travel far to other lands, forsaking your own sitting place, Dogen said. I know this is Truth. My own sitting place is always concentrated in my inner being, as well the now moment.

Today waking up with this topic, about standing at a crossroad, I knew it was about me taking the next step. It also became clear to me, it is also about letting go, the energy of today is clear about this as well. Fear of letting go of the old, familiar ways. Familiar roles as well, being the wife and mother, the grandmother as well sister.

Some roles will never change, for they are such a major inner part of my being. Yet there is also this aspect of me that needs to explore, experience, learn as well teach. To be the loving healing spirit to be the best I can be.

Listen to the part of you that is calling out for death and transformation. Receive its wisdom. Look for new people, new ideas, and new directions. Forgive, let go. White Solar World-Bridger

The part of me that is calling out for death and transformation is the part that needs to let go of the old patterns I have created over the past 43 years. Not just by the death of my beloved, it is also about the transformation that has been created by this experience for both of us. In his physical death, the new pattern is enfolding for me as well as for him. He will be on the healing way and will be this light being he always has been for me.

This changes everything within our relationship, for I need to be this light being as well to follow our soul’s destiny. In my own way, I have to let go, of the old beliefs and ways I have known myself. Is it time to face this change that is unfolding from within? I know my messages are always clear, either from High Self or Angel hints, it is always there to assist me in creating a new momentum in my Now, sitting here in my own space.

If there is any to forgive, then it is good to do so now. I will be able to tap into this energy to allow it to bring up any lingering negative attachments; either person, either situation I have come across over my lifetime for the past 60 years. My inner knowledge and wisdom will assist me in doing just that.

Because talking about death, is also talking about letting go and releasing ego, as it were. The ego aspect no longer serves me in my development and on my journey. I already initiated a new way that is close to my heart, or should I say, a familiar way that is not always understood.

Yet it represents my truth, my being, what makes my passion grow and my heart glow. Fear of losing has been part of this experience as well. Being the creator in my own life, I have to take responsibility as well. The past is what it is, the past.

Nothing I can do or say will change these events, yet I can definitely change my own inner state in how to respond to these experiences. Forgiving and letting go, including my own part in it, will create more space and freedom.

This crossroad is all about that. Releasing and letting go, forgiving and lovingly set free any attachments that are holding me back, including my own well-known patterns as a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a sister, and a daughter. For it is, as Dogen says, if you cannot find the Truth where you are now, you will never find it.

The answers will come naturally, and the responses are clear this morning. Stepping out of my comfort zone again will enable me to regain more wisdom, and learn new people in my life bringing their gifts and new teachings that are being reflected from my inner source as well. You have to do it, it doesn’t matter, do something. Someone told me long ago. Truth is in there. Especially standing at a crossroads, all you can do is something.

Even though it is not yet clear which way I might be heading, all I know is that it is coming from one place and one place only, Love. In every way, shape, or form, Love is always my guide, the master key in every moment that needs resolution. Step up, move through, allow, and acknowledge what comes up, and say I am sorry, please forgive me, I thank you and I love you. Then take the next step forward.

And so it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages, 24-4-2016