Speak to me about validation

What is it about validation, and why do we need it so much to be validated?

I am puzzled about this topic for a while now because it seems a central core issue within every encounter we have. We all are desperate in receiving this validation for the things we do and to hear or see we matter in the way we are living our daily lives, or performing at any stage in life.

May it be like the parent you are to your children, the wife or husband to your partner, the child from its mother and father, the children in the classroom from their teacher, the monks in the temple from the divine source itself.

Or is it we all are searching for the same and by looking for it forgetting we only can achieve true and honest trust within our hearts and soul. We are mirror reflections of each other, and we are learning through duality we are different, separated, individuals. We also learn through this process how to behave properly as we are being taught by society, parents, culture, teachers, and also group dynamics.

It is because of the differences between one another we are trying to compete, excel, and be outstanding or sometimes just the opposite, the paradox that lives and dwells within our own experiences of being separated and longing for unity and union.

This is a paradox we find in every aspect of our life, for we are as well the teacher as the student, we are the parent as well as the child, and we are the believer as well the non-believer. So what is it we seek on our journey?

No matter what stage of our life we are, being a toddler, a teenager, a young adult, or an elder, we all need somehow to know and feel that we are loved, appreciated, and approved, and we need to know this through the people we love, as well the society, our manager, our boss, our co-worker, our colleague, and also by the standards of our cultures who paint the picture so to speak.

We master along the way more self-confidence and self-esteem, or we are being more and more suppressed through violence and fear, being violated and ripped of self-love and self-awareness as well as the core knowledge you are worth it to exist and be day-to-day

There are so many ways to become alert and awake for our own true and unique signature we express every day within our day-to-day life. Yet it all comes down to one essence we yearn for and that is being validated. First the need for validation by the outside world we live in and the more and more we learn and grow to become this individual that is worth being alive and loved, we start to recognize we are not alone in this process, and we all want to be loved in the same unconditional way.

So maybe we put this Love outside ourselves at first, there will be a moment you will feel the little flame of love being ignited within your own heart and this little spark will also let you know that love is also coming from your heart for yourself as well.

When we come to this realization we all may seem different and unique as an individual, we also learn that we are also a great creation of the same spark that lights up in every heart, and we are also within this paradoxes way of living able to show this to one another. By reflecting and mirroring we are bringing in validation, not always conscious maybe, yet by loving each other, we create validation.

For validation is the acknowledgment, the divine way of showing and saying, hey you are okay, you do fine, you did great, I see you, I hear you, I understand what you are saying, I believe you, and then I believe in you as being the greatest validation we can give to the other person. By doing so the recognition starts as well for us to see what the other is reflecting is something we know, we own ourselves as well.

Then the time is come to be able to say to yourself I love you, I know you, I respect you, and sharing from this at the same time we validate everyone else around us. For therein lies the paradox of validation. The more light and love we allow within ourselves to be known and understood, validated, the more we are able to share with each other as well. Validation is core to Knowing Thy Self.

And so it will be done.

High Self Rhea Dopmeijer ©
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