Whenever you are ready

Whenever you are ready

Whenever you are ready to surrender
Into your own Divine Energy,
Particles of Love and Wisdom
Will be activated to bring in more Light
Into your Being and integrating
The Divine Love deep into every cell
An atom of your physical body as well.
By allowing the income of this High Energy,
You will be changed on so many
Different levels of your Total Being.
Connection with all of Creation
It is an important aspect.
You will see the connection
And bring in this realization,
Which you always have known
To be part of you.
For you are built with the same unique
Sparks of Divine Source
And how it will Be apparent
To you that nothing is dividing
you any longer with all of Creation.
Your body is built in the same way
As planet Gaia and the sea life and four-legged ones,
As well as the winged ones are built.
Life Force is flowing now directly
Through your veins,
No more distractions to seeking outside
Your Beautiful Self.
Know now that you are loved
By no measurement,
You are beloved within all of Creation,
Every one of you, no exceptions
And you will be all part of this great plan
Created by God/Father/Mother to bring all the
Aspects of you Home again.
No more dividing, no more separation,
Since you and I are One
In all of Creation.

And so it will Be.

High Self Rhea Dopmeijer©
Heartfelt Messages

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This Heartfelt platform is focusing on healing Self and has been created to inspire to change your life. It offers a place for you to grow your spirit I am one Self, united with my Creator. At one with every aspect of creation and limitless in power and peace with @Rhea Dopmeijer

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