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How to reap what you sowed

How to reap what you have sowed

My Love is carrying you through and

Will assist you in every challenge you encounter

If any is certain it is my Love for You

It is the only way your Heart will know ME,

And the only way to remember your connection

With your original state.

You are formed from the same energy

As I Am

You are essential in our experience

As a united family of souls

Your human experience will assist the whole

Because your challenge is the birthing

Of new energy in the evolution of our souls

As a council we are every step of the way

Surrounding you with our loving support

To let you know

You are never alone and loved beyond comparison

I AM your deepest connection with your soul

And am your shield as well your projector

To assist every way you are in need for

In any given situation or challenge.

I AM your deepest core of Love

You will find me in the silence of your Heart

Within the space between your breath

As intimate you can imagine to be

You are expressing the most highest Love

Within your human being

Internalizing the highest vibration

You can hold in your physical body.

You will need time to recuperate

In order to be able to hold this high frequency.

You will be the key to teach compassion

Love and kindness with every interaction.

In service of the highest good for all

You will be a light no matter where you will go

Master in your own unique way

All you need to do is belief and have faith

Trust your inner knowledge and wisdom

For this will show you the way you will address

Any challenge or experience you will encounter

Your inner wisdom is deep and profound

And will enable others to learn and grow

To see their own inner truth

The inner connection each spark of creation

With their own knowledge and wisdom

I AM with you in every challenge

And every step along the way, wherever you might

Find yourself during this journey.

Master of your own creation in compassion

And loving kindness, you will walk in grace

Through this planet and will be the mirror

Reflection for everyone who is ready

To encounter their own I AM within

So it will BE done

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 14-2-2016


Healing: 5 Major steps to address

5 major steps to address in the healing process: the 5 A’s

– Admitting – Acknowledgement – Address – Allowing – Acceptance –

Going through this proces of healing there are four essential elements, to proceed this journey step by step. In order for you to be able to release any emotional wound, past and present. As well in order to heal your future as well. For the present part is the most important time to deal with any lingering residue that prevents you from being healthy and whole as well truly heartfelt connected within your self as well your surroundings, partner, family and friends. In order to keep it simple the easiest way is to watch and observe what kind of emotions stir up in the immediate presence of your relationships. They will always provide you with a mirror view, no doubt cause they are the closest to your heart.

If not, then there are many issues to address to no doubt. Our own family, the way we are being raised and the aspects we want or need to heal, are the most significant and important parts of your personality and ego. We all know when have our own personality, sometimes it is easier to be yourself, other times it is not.

When the pain and hurt are connected with denial by those who were responsible in your upbringing, the essence of your own unique being is being wounded and causes a different type of behavior. Most of the time, this isn’t the natural and positive you other wise would have shown. We as humans reflect and mirror ourselves to the exterior world, we normally are not taught to live from within our selves.

So at a certain point in time, there might be this need to express yourself in a matter of way that feels more natural to begin with. All the suppressed energy blockages caused by trauma or denial, are looking for a way to be healed and cleared. What better way is there then through release. Well you might say this is easier said then done, and most of the time it actually is. Because we tend to block the emotions that come with the trauma, we are trying to tackle the issue by the mind and thinking. Only to come to the conclusion it doesn’t change that much on the interior and it doesn’t work in order to release.

First step we need to take is admitting, admitting to ourselves, there is something that needs to be addressed in order to feel happier and enjoy the emotional abundance you lack at this point. This is not the easiest step because it also has its roots in dependency on gender and race, as well religion.

If you are taught that showing emotions is a sign of weakness, tears are for girls not for boys, you need to have a grip on yourself, to mention a few, this is already a challenge. Because we don’t wanna be a failure in the eyes of those we love or depend on for love. It all comes down to being afraid or brave enough, have the guts and the courage to admit to yourself, there is an issue preventing you from feeling happy and loved.

Actually the theme admittance is something you easily can write a whole chapter about, cause it is so ingrained within our societies, and gender and race are such a major influence on it as well. Yet for argument sake, lets assume we have taken the first hurdle.. admitting to ourselves we need to change something within our self. The moment we reach this point, which almost feels like surrender, we have to take the next step in order to heal our emotional issues and fears.

To take the next step in this journey, there needs to the willingness to acknowledge what it is that is preventing you from being your natural self. By admitting to yourself there is something off, or “wrong” with you, there are also layers of condemning and judging issues at hand. These are imprinted messages most of the time by someone with authority over you and you are depending on for recognition and love.

The moment we start internalizing these messages we start believing them to be true. Yet when we are admitting to ourselves there is this deeply felt negative sense of behavior we can start acknowledging most of it isn’t our fault or by wrong doing. Most of them are connected with ignorance and disrespect for boundaries when it comes to cruelty or bad judging.

When you are ready to acknowledge the fact the experience has caused insecurity and lack of self worth and self love, there will be a shift within the heart center as well. Lack of love is being manifested through fear. Every emotional wound that has been inflicted at one point in life, has damaged the ability to love without any hesitation. The deeper the wound, the deeper the layers that are closing it off from its original first encounter that created the wound.

By this time we know we have to address the issue at hand. In order to create change we need to address the emotion that is blocking or the physical blockage that is caused by it. If we are not able to address and pinpoint the connected fear and emotion, either guilt, or sorrow, pain or shame, then there is no movement. To keep the process of healing going, there needs to be motion. For stuck energy is nothing less or more then blocked energy caused by emotional, physical and mental wounds.

So in order to proceed, it is necessary to admit the cause, to acknowledge the impact it had and to address the key root of the wound. At this point it is getting clearer what needs to be done in order to make the next step in this journey and healing process. Because by addressing the issue, the emotions will stir and the fear will be felt more profoundly. There you stand on this crossroad and you will have to make a conscious decision, moving forward or remain where you are, either way.. you choose what your next step will be. With this choice you can get stuck in the emotional rut, or you can allow the proces to proceed.

This could well be the biggest challenge you come across. The choice you made to proceed in the healing proces implied you allow the emotions and fears to come to surface. All these emotions you have been hiding for so long and put away out of plane side. The one thing you might fear the most, is losing control and be flooded by all these upcoming issues and emotions. Sometimes it is easy to allow the sorrow by allowing yourself to cry, or shout, or be angry, other times, the intensity of the emotions might even scare you.

Then you will have the tendency to hold within these emotions, just to find yourself at step 1,2 and 3 again. Allowing will bring in not just the negative emotions, it also creates space to bring in love. For lack of love is being manifested in fear, and the minute you address your fears, you are facing then next step, allowing the proces to unfold. You don’t have to rush into this release, you can take it one step at a time. Make these steps as simple as possible, so you will be able to address the issue. Then you are ready for the final phase in this proces, you are getting ready to accept the fears and what is needed to release.

So what is acceptance? Actually it is nothing less than to accept those experiences causing emotions of loss, sorrow, pain, guilt, shame, anxiety as being part of you, to bring in the counterpart of them. Before you can feel you are worthy, before you can feel you are loved, before you can feel you are not to blame, or had no control at a certain point in time, you can only accept this is part of the journey and it is up to you to create a change. No one else can do this for you. Can you accept the fact you could not measure up to the expectations, not just those of the outside world, yet also your own.

Are you willing to accept that every denial is also part of judgement thinking, in a dualistic way, creating distance and hierarchy. Can you accept your own internal judge and jury, in order to bring in the integrity and truth, along with love, compassion and kindness towards your self, if and when you are being harsh on yourself? Or judging not just on someone else, especially towards your self.

With acceptance comes love and compassion, learning tools as kindness and being gentle towards your self. The tools you need in order to heal again every particle that has been hurt along the way and created a negative input on your own self love and self worth. Basically this is the route we can take, if we want to address the issues that are preventing us from being proud and standing tall, with self worth and most importantly self love again, for that is your unique signature, your own unique being.

And so it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)
Heartfelt Messages 18-10-2015

Empathy as an asset

When empathy is an asset to assist healing stuck energy

Being empathetic is not always an easy trade. Being able to sense the emotions with my environment as well how people feel, holds a big responsibility. Not always am I tuned into the outside of my inside world. I have learned over the years with a lot of practice to hold the line and know which is mine. It demands a kind of detachment to be able to go through my day to day life.

When it comes to those who I love and are in a relationship with, that’s a different story. Being so inner connected with them is enabling me to sense and even feel the emotions that are being stored. As well the situations or challenges they are connected with. Sometimes the knowing is difficult for others to accept or even to understand for that matter.

Yet when it comes to assist in healing or releasing stuck energy from within, I always known that this is part of me that can step up. It is like fine tuning of a radio station if you will. When it is required to be able to read the emotions and the challenge that comes with it, that is when I go within. It was necessary for me to learn to be more detached, because in the beginning of my lifetime it was all entwined.

My inner world and the outer world where one so to speak as a child. Sensing and feeling the emotions of my family around me was not always easy. Even as a child I was asking what is wrong when I sensed the emotions of sorrow or pain in order to check when it wasn’t mine. The denial in the answers made it a challenge, to learn, which is mine and which isn’t part of my emotional world.

In later years it got a name, being high sensitive is one of them. Different wired as a lot of other people and also different biologic set up. That is the hard part because every type of energy which couldn’t be determined as my own experience, left a print in my physical system. Even sensing the emotional effect on the health of someone else was hard at times.

It worked if the other one was open to accept what I could tell what the root of the problem was. That is the case if people came to me for answers and allowed me to step into their mental, physical and emotional system so to speak, my fine tuning. So during therapy it is a major asset this ability to tune in. It requires a different approach, where the guard of detachment could be let down for the time being.

With my beloved it was not a manner of detaching because our inner connection was an open and loving one. It was a challenge at times because we not always are working through our emotional experiences the same way. We also had our own path to walk, working through our own issues to be healed and released. There were times this was even hard to do, yet love is a great teacher as well the key to be able to get detached when it was required.

We chose each other for various reasons. That we are different and sometimes coming from the opposite direction thought us to find the inner balance over the years. Growing and learning, experiencing how deep the Love and connection was and still is. Even after crossing the line of this earthly lifetime.

I came to the understanding that my ability of sensing and feeling the emotions as well pain physically, was being stored within myself as well. Being confronted with a physical challenges that requires me to surrender to be dependent, I was pulled back in time so to speak. The way we are in the hands of others to assist in a very intimate way by taking care of our physical well-being is an huge challenge.

We have to go past shame, we have to allow the touch and difference between the caretakers as well in how they are doing their work. It brought back the memories of how the last months have been for my love and the way he was able to handle this.

It was more than just bringing back the memories. It also raised up from within my body, heart and mind as well the energetic imprint it had left within myself. The sorrow, the pain that had been lying dormant within me, was being triggered due to my own process in this present moment.

There was a moment of huge purging that came with it, which was felt through my entire body energetically as well. As well this was a part of my own, I immediately knew this was a release and healing for my love as well by going through this massive and painful block of stuck energy.

It works both ways for him as well for me. I know that release of stuck energy I might hold which isn’t mine, first needs to be recognized. There is always some kind of trigger in the challenges I am facing, that opens up the stuck energy that lies deep within. We are still connected through our Heart and Love connection over the borders of this material world.

I know for sure, my release and letting go, as well the awareness that came with it, also benefits his well-being and his journey at the other side of the veil. That’s when it dawned at me. Being empathetic and assisting a healing process is an asset, a gift and a treasure. Grateful as well humbled at the same time to experience the depth of this internal experience I had.

So many people are going through this process of dependency, being physical disabled. The way you are being treated makes a world of difference if it will be a loving and healing experience. It can cause even more damage when there is indifference in the hands and actions. The way we are dealing with illness and disability is sometimes without respect or understanding. The emotions of shame, or fear are adding up to the discomfort that already exists.

You don’t have to be an empath to understand this. Every act coming from love will enable to go through these processes of allowing. Just the awareness of the one who is the assistance, will make the difference how this will be perceived. To me, it works like a sword, it cuts both ways. Be loving towards myself, is the key in the way I can exist in coexistence with my outer world.

And so it will be done

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 18-10-2016

The Presence of the Mystic Rose

The Presence of the Mystic Rose

Receiving the image of the pink/red Rose
As a token or symbol for healing and clearing
Of the emotional wounds that needs to be healed,
In order to restore the balance of the inner wealth.
The Divine feminine energy is represented
With the pink/reddish Rose to be understood.
It stands for the compassion and love
That enables to come to fulfillment the sacred
Female energy as in the Mother has been presented
The Mystic Rose has the ability to be used as a token
Within the energy clearing of issues that are connected
With these aspects within the female energy.
Nourishment, caring, loving and compassionate,
Are traits of the female energy as we perceive it.
To be presented as a healing code to work with
The Mystic Rose is something that also brought
Back the memory of something someone told me
So many years ago during a regression, to have
Mother Mary close by me to assist me in my life.
It’s about the universal energy of the Divine Mother
Not just the personification we know as Mother Mary,
Through the churches and stories in the Bible.
It is about the Divine Energy we also can find in
Quan Yin, Kali, Athena, or other goddesses
we know over the world.
To me it is always about the essence of the energy
That is presented to me in my daily existence.
Male or female encounters are always colored
By the way their energy represents itself.
With the vision that comes with the tools and trades
Of being the empath, this Immaculate energy
Is offering me compassion,
as well the need to be the protector of innocence.
This is such a powerful energy to be in connection
With for as long as I can remember.
It also enables me to bring in the balance between
The female as well male energies within my system.
It assisted me to be not just a mother and grandmother,
A wife as well a daughter, a lover as well a friend.
It connected all the qualities we see in the female
As well the male. It gives me the courage as well
the boldness to step up the plate whenever I saw
Injustice or brutality to be done to others.
It is not just about the mystic way of perceiving.
It assists me to bring it into my daily life.
it offers me the opportunity to see with the eyes of compassion,
As well with the eyes of the one, who will take action.
The initiation of the Mystic Rose is more than just a symbol.
To me it is bringing it all together within,
The inner knowledge as well the ancient knowledge
The memories about earlier times and past lives.
The commitment I made to honor and respect
All life in any shape or form.
To love, honor and obey to the universal law of Love,
To be the guardian as well the care taker of those
Who are in need of understanding and compassion.

And so it will be.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 17-10-2017

Walk the Spiral of Healing Energy

How we walk the spiral of healing energy

When we go through any kind of proces, we always find ourselves on a path that brings forth the right tools to assist us. Are we walking in circles? Yes only when we ignore the messages that are being presented, in order to create a change in our perspective. The minute we decide to change our view on things, mental, emotional, physical, we initiate a proces of inner healing. Are we getting out of the tredmill instantly? Not always, and most of us surely will need time to go through the layers that are covering the real issue at hand.

What happens when we initiate a change to create a better environment within ourselves? Isn’t that the core matter? We are being told and taught it isn’t a good thing to be self absorbed, or egoistic. Most parents and teachers are not able to teach the value of being positively self supporting and self loving.

As a need to create a safe inner surrounding as well an inner knowledge of self love and self worth. Most of us are looking outside for the rewarding and confirming actions by others, to feel validated. Yet being positively egoistic means, you take good care of you and take the necessary steps in order to feel balanced, healthy and loved.

Our inner environment consists out of the emotional, physical and psychic bodies so to speak. Our cells hold the information of past, present and future elements that will enable you and assist you. In order to bring alignment between those bodies as well the etheric body that isn’t visible, yet always is connected with the other bodies.

People who are able to sense energy, will always feel the aura, or energetic field. The inner cells also hold the healing energy, the original state which was our innate nature by creation. Our life’s experiences are being created by our self, not by anyone else and the more aware we become of this inner proces, the better conditions are being created in order to fulfill this healing inner proces. Love is always the master key in this proces in order to bring in new information, creating change within the physical as well the emotional through the psychological changes.

Every experience we have had since childhood is also important for the way we can be healed. Our parents are our role models, as well as our relatives, sisters and brothers, teachers, and our environment. The way we are being taught how to handle issues and problems will assist in our own growing up and coping mechanism.

Not everyone has a traumatic childhood and no one has the same kind of life lessons to bring in the change that is required to be a harmonic and balanced loving human being.
It is a universal law that wants to be expressed. Every human being has the need to be loved and feel loved, What better way is there to create this reflection by the outer world into a mirroring experience within our own self?

Every time we are being challenged to shift our perspective as well our perception, we create this opening to bring in the highest energy of all, LOVE, into the setting. We can become aware of repetition of circumstances in order to take a conscious step. The need of Love will always be the core in order to enhance this within our own being.

Lack of love creates fear always, cause fear is just lack of love. In order to heal our emotional world, which is also being reflected through our pshychological skills as well our physical body, we need to bring in Love in every cell of our being. Every time we create this opening of renewal, we pick up a piece of the circel. By clearing and adressing the issue a layer will be released and the next step on the spiral will occur.

Actually in order to heal our own ego and personality to become a loving and compassionate person, these are the steps we are taking. By addressing our mental, emotional and physical issues, by bringing in love, we commence with a deep healing proces. The more we are becoming aware of this proces, the deeper we can step through all the layers that prevent us from unconditional loving our self.

In our heart lies the truth and knowledge, will emerge the love energy, by addressing it within. First priority is to let your own self love, self worth and care for one self enhanced on every level. This way we can use every aspect and experience we are creating as a tool to step through life on earth, by releasing layer upon layer.

Every healing is connected through time and space as well. By healing any emotional wound, any physical ailment we alo heal our past, present and future. All parts need to be connected with one another, for they all are parts of the whole. Heart, Soul, Body and Mind are the major playfields in our inner journey towards healing and realigning through Love.

Every healing event brings us one step higher on our spiral. By enhancing our gift of vision, we also are able to clear any boundaries that are preventing our inner growth. By kindness and compassion towards our self, we are able to bring these tools outwards as well to each person and any part of Creation we meet. It takes sometimes just one step to start the healing proces, gaining faith and trust in this proces of creation our self. Not being dependent on someone else in order to feel this unconditional love deep within every cell and at the core of our inner being.

and so it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)
Heartfelt Messages 17-10-2015

The Sense of being misjudged

The sense of being misjudged

This is some kind of core issue within humanity, which creates a sense of negative feelings in the emotional setting. Every dispute or discussion leads to this sense when parties are not coming together in a way, they can hear the message. Instead to react in a way, of being misjudged, not being heard or seen.

This is even an ongoing process within each human as long we are still disconnected from unity.

The universal wound that is experienced trough so many layers, likely caused by traumatic events as well. It relates to the sense of self-worth and self-love, or lack of it. It is triggered often through the emotional rejection that has been felt during a lifetime. When you are not being treated with the love, the compassion and kindness we all deserve, it creates this sense.

Going back through timelines, we see how humanity has been divided. How opposites are not able to have a dialogue, yet always ends up in discussion. This only empowers the sense of differences and the sense of being misjudged, micro and macro. How ingrained is this emotional trauma within each soul, through all the lifetimes this has been experienced?

We only have to take a look at the world stage, how this plays out through action taken by governments, politician, corporal businesses, task forces on the grand scale. Yet when we look closer at home, at our own relationships, even at our inner dialogue. There we find discussion, lack of self-love and worth, causing to lash out when we are not feeling understood or heard.

The way of Unity and Love is a different road to take to enable the change and shift we are about to make as a whole. May it start within each one of us. This sense of feeling misjudged turning into a healed and healthy way of looking at oneself. From the Heart of the matter, to heal and understand how this came to be expressed and felt. May it all start with every encounter daily, in our relationships with our partners, parents, children.

How can we turn around this universal lashing out in order to get what you think is your right through force? Either force verbally or physically, it is all coming from the same internal discussion. Partnering up with love, kindness and compassion will enable the dialogue. To come to understanding through inner-standing so to speak.

If we want to create a change in our world, inner as well outside, it all starts within. Trying to find the cause root of this emotional wound, will also start a different process in order to step out of the sense of being the victim. This comes with the sense of feeling misjudged, what has been done to you. Through a healing of the internal issues, we can feel we are indeed creators of our life.

Picture this, what would happen if these old issues would be healed and become transparent. How much more ease would it bring in our inner emotional and from there in co creation with each other. Releasing old stuck energy with love and compassion towards yourself, will ignite the inner spark of love again.

The moment this happens, the dialogue starts. It brings in the safe space where this can happen. Where we can listen to the message, without the need to react instantly. To enable this and facilitate this within every encounter on every level. In our personal lives as well within the outside world in our business environment.

Love will be as always, the Master key, to start healing the inner turmoil, the inner discussion. To bring in the love and compassion towards yourself again, unconditionally. To share this with your loved ones as well. So, they are feeling heard and understood, no longer misjudged. This is the core of changing our connection with the whole, we are all part of this.

So, it will be done

High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)

Heartfelt Messages October 15, 2019

Power of Imagination

What is it about the Power of Imagination?

Do you know how unique you are being Human,
The only race on this beautiful planet we call Earth,
With the power of imagination.
The animal kingdom and Nature are not able
To imagine a different perspective like us.
In truth, the way we perceive our inner world,
Reflects the way we are able to use our imagination
Being limited to a certain way of thinking
Is also restraining the length or depth of it.
With an open mind you are able to see an expanded reality,
With an outcome we normally couldn’t imagine or
Make it come through as well.
The Power of Imagination is something that has
Brought forth a lot of inspirational messengers.
Through the ages of time, their messages were the
Guidelines through which we were enabled to see
Further then the norm or standard we have put ourselves in.
Through imagination, art and music were created,
Expressing the need to bring into the material world
The love and life energy that we call Life.
Each expression is the outcome of imagination.
In every part of our universe as we perceive,
There is this inner source that pushes us further
When we follow the constant flow of change.
Every creation, either the written or spoken word,
The brush of the painter, the skills of a musician
Are part of this constant influence.
It is embedded within our inner selves,
Enables us to grow and expand in ways
We might never would have without this force.
It created different realities within realities,
It spoke to people through the resistance of the
Duality, to also make us choose how to use this.
It all depends on the way we are inner balanced
Between the positive and negative energy.
This is the tool we use for our own benefit
Or for the benefit of the whole.
So be wisely how you will use the power of Imagination,
It may assist you to grow and expand in service
For others as well to benefit in new ways.
Yet it also be fueled by greed for power and money
And it will turn out a massive force of violence as well.
The way Love and Light will be part of what you want
To change and imagine to come through,
Will define the outcome in the end in the reality
Of life as we know it on this beautiful planet.
Be inspired, use your love to create the best
And beautiful place you want to live in.
This will resonate with everyone else surrounding you
To encourage them to unite through the loving energy
Building a bright and balanced existence for each
And every one they are connected with.
Together we can create a ripple of loving energy through
Our imagination empowered, enabling the change that
Will encourage us to be part of the new way to
Love and respect each aspect of Humanity,
Imagine all those people who are in conflict to
Be part of the change this love revolution.
The power it holds, the more people can and will imagine
The necessary change to be united instead of being divided.
Never underestimate the power of Imagination,
Accept the way you can use it to create a new and better
Or improved way you want to life your live.
Together we can create a totally different outcome,
Through the power of our Imagination combined.

And so it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 14-10-2018

Innate Nature of Life

Whenever we are facing difficulties,it is up to us to choose the way to react.Within every action and reaction is the intention of our thoughts and feelings the compass on the outcome of every experience.

We are the mirror reflection of Life’s highest expression of creation as a human being.In every encounter we can see our outcome of the intent we choose to make.

Our innate nature is one of Love and Expression of Light, yet blocked so often by the opposite energy as a default, after choosing the dualistic way to experience the positive as well the negative, the female as well the male energies within to bring in back the balance and reunion of our innate Nature, our inner Divine Spark.

By connecting with the highest good in our development through the ages and stages of our life we are able to create a different outcome, because we are capable of change our polarity as well.

Our inner Core presence is connected with the Energy from the Field we are coming from. The highest Energy which is a neutral state and we choose how to make use of it. So by listening to our direct Channel with Source, our innate Nature will be shining through our Hearts Essence and Love for Self.

From within our natural flow of loving unconditionally we will connect and mirror in every encounter we have with every part of creation, in any former shape.

For this is the Natural State of Creation.

And so it is.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)

Heartfelt Messages 8-6-2015

How energy and reality come together

In order to heal our wounded parts we need to address sometimes more then we bargained for. The connection with another dimension can cause more tension at times or maybe more awareness of the situation at hand.
When we all pull together our inner healing power we can move mountains, so I AM told. Love will always create the highest vibration and time is not just lineair.
So by connecting the highest vibratio

n with all our time elements from past, present and future the emotional healing might start yet our etheric body will be the one to receive the frequency of love vibration. For all the information we receive first are being connected with our etheric bodies, not our physical.

Any action will cause a reaction, and when there is lack of love this will trigger some kind of response. It will be connected through our emotional body with our mental body before it even is materialized within our physical body.

So working backwards or forwards, either way, we receive loads of messages that needs translation through experiences. This is how we call our lifetime on earth a soul experience through all the layers that conceal actually our initial true core.

The more we misunderstand or mis-interpret our messages caused by experiences the loss of connection with love will enable the opposite energy of light to materialize within every body all the way to the physical one we are so identifying with.

What does that mean for our perception on healing of emotional and physical wounds, we are having in this day to day life. When the healing has commenced with the etheric body, how will this effect the emotional, mental and physical body.

It seems like we take of our coat inside out again to start healing every part of our being and every positive and loving action will has impact on the pace of the inner healing again. It will take time depending on the state of mind as well perception of our growth in consciousness and awareness.

When the healing commences, the physical body will be the last to show its healing effects. Cause the mental and emotional elements all need to be balanced and aligned again in full confidence of the power of love and its healing force.

So we all can process this within our inner heart and by sharing the knowledge, how the phases can be enhanced, by loving consensus within our self on all levels again.

and so it will be done

High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c

)Heartfelt Messages 12-10-2015

Life your Life to the Fullest

I want you to live your life to the fullest

Today I make the commitment with myself

To follow your wish for me to live my life

To the fullest in the best way I can.

All first times are behind me and you

To be continued in a whole new way.

Thus creating a very new memory bank

With new first times together

All I recognize in your presence and essence

Is what I know from within me

It is about recognition as well remembering

The inner unique spark we hold

Your male side had to be complementary

 To my female side and visa versa.

You as a male human held the feminine energy

High within your souls expression.

I needed to be able to express my masculine energy

In this feminine form in the material world.

Once I acknowledged my feminine side was to be

Expressed in the same powerful manner

It revealed itself through your being.

I hold you dear and close to my heart

As my warrior and hero as well the humble

And warm presence you were able to show.

The more we grew together letting go of the

Oppressed energies we were coming from

Opposite directions to the center within.

Balancing the scale from male to female

As well reversed the energy was changing

Into a new presence of vibration and presence.

Opening up to our lessons directed by our souls

We grew to a common center to be as one

Not by tuning down one or the other

Yet totally balancing the scales within.

You and I as 2 parts of the puzzle

Were to be united to create a new awareness

Between each other as well ourselves.

Both agreeing on a souls level to enable

This amazing and wonderful process to

Enfold till the end, shedding all layers

To be open and vulnerable as well

Powerful and strong willed.

I will live my life to be the best I Am

Being held by your love in trust

And faith of the outcome it will bring forth.

For you want me to live my life to the fullest

Honoring our bond and connection together.

I am you, as much as you are me.

And so it is

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 24-3-2017