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How Love is Master Healer

How Love is Master Healer – in reunion
connects all concerned
When someone we love is getting ill with a life threatening outcome, we all become infected so to speak. The partner and children, as well the brothers and sister, the parents are all part of this proces. The outcome and healing proces has been defined by the way Love is part of the equation that’s for sure.
Because this is about issues that needs to be addressed, it touches everyone around the one who is going through this healing period. In fact it mirrors unfinished businesses that are still needed to be cleared in order to heal. Each loved one is touched deep within their core, in the fear of the illusions that death means losing. They are being touched as well by addressing their own internal wounds. For this entire proces of healing and clearing emotional wounds is not just a singular journey.
By being the example of Love in this way, we will enable them to proces their own emotional turmoil and wounds to be healed. Forgiveness might be a big word, yet for the majority this is a major issue on all sides. To be mirroring issues about trust, faith, relationship, family patterns as well. Recognizing that Love is all that is needed, to bring in comfort and soothing energy, to do the necessary healing, past, present and future, for it is bridging it all in this way.
He or she is bringing in the proces by detaching old emotional parts that got hurt and tricked in the past by delusions. Each of the ones closest to witness this proces, is going through it in their own way to proces all that is being touched internally, that seeks forgiving energy themselves, as well as any unsolved issues with the one who is presenting the healing proces. Forgiveness for steps taken in the past, which were damaging for the trust and love towards each other, and the confusion it brought into the equation.
Being scared and fearful are negative emotions, that will only drain even more for there is only room for love. This is the ultimate Master Healing, there is to come forth for all to witness in the end and how Souls agreements will ultimately prevail, for that has been done in this Healing proces.
This ultimately will heal all ancient connections back to inner action and bring in Unity again. For that is what diversity is bringing forth in the earth duality at this side of the Veil. In order to step up to the present and reconnect with both sides. For I am waiting for you and always will grab your hand, lift you up to greater high, to become all that has been promised to Self, from Self and was also the choice and agreement between 2 souls, to come into this life.
Time after time, you both have been interconnected. So this will bring in the ultimate final processing of all ancient emotional wounds. For you will bring in the Ancient Esotheric Knowledge and use these Tools again in loving remembering of the Divine Sparks you both are and be as One again.
So much love between the male and female energy lies portrait in a different human body this time. The fire will burn down any lingering boundaries and the water will wash it all down to be the clear well versus source again, as it was in the first breath of Creation by intention. The Breath of Father/Mother Divine Energy, to bring forth the outer reflections in all its diversity possible.
Free will be given to choose any experience to understand in order to heal and reconnect, for your selves as well the whole Humanity, need this ancient knowledge again about Energy. The way it works through the bodily experiences. You will shed clarity on this experience through the processes you both are undergoing right now.
The way Love is healing through release of any bonds between you and your partner, in order to enhance the gift of Vision you both received to see through the illusions of the material world, enabling you to travel through time and space, clearing any boundaries that are lingering and retrieving all energy that you have been send out, in order to take it back within your Heart, so it may fill your entire being and become this beacon of Light. The merging with your High Selves in this human body and form as a Lighthouse for others to see.
This is your ultimate gift to humanity as well your Soul’s expressions that will prevail for the two of you – bringing in the essential knowledge by showing how Love is the Ultimate Healer.
And so it will be.
High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)
Heartfelt Messages, 16-9-2015

Communion on the Highest Level

Communion on the highest level

So that’s the theme of Today, Communication, Equality, Breath and Spirit.

We were talking about equality between people, choosing some role to play, just for experience, to step out the old patterns of duality. By making yourself more or greater than the other person in any relationship, it is always based on emotional patters and needs. Not from the recognition you find within each other.

This play will end at some time when changes appear through the experience, dependency lies within both partners, dependency of the feed of energy, searching for acknowledgement, strength or just power play.

Don’t make the mistake to see yourself as a victim in this role playing. For you choose to be on either side of the game, just for the experience to learn how this is effecting your inner being.
Joy and gratefulness should play a big part, not the repressed or suppressed emotions. For we all are student and teacher, there is equality in this if you can see the experience as a soul experience, just to bring out the best of you, to experience the beauty that lies within and embrace the evolving awareness that it can bring.

Mirroring one another, for that’s what is happening.
You always mirror and by doing so, you will be able to see beauty in any experience. Learning to see the real you, not identifying with the emotion and then you will be able to release and heal anything that lingers within the depths of your Human Being to Become the True Self. Your search for the Re-Connection and Re-Membering of the real You, the I AM that is part of You to align with again in all its splendor.

The torch of Fire as a sacred tool to release any barriers and to bring in the Ancient Esoteric Knowledge, so you can use these tools with Joy and Excitement, with Love as your Compass, to lead you to communion on the Highest Level.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 10-4-2014

Being afraid of the Unknown – what to do?

Being afraid of the Unknown – what to do?

And do not worry that your life is
turning upside down.
How do you know that the side
you are used to is better than the one to come?
~ Rumi

I was reading these words and read the reply of someone else who had posted this. The great Unknown… I try to befriend this more and more. Sometimes it is very scary she replied to me. I answered it is still work in process after my love made his transition this year, yet I also know, there is this deep inner knowing of our Love, which carries me through the day, into the loving arms at night, guarded and protected on a whole new level. For my life felt and still feels upside down at times after his departure and leaving me alone for the very first time in my life.

I cherish the memories of all the time we have shared, the good, the bad, the ugly at times. Because this is what has shaped me to be who I am today through our Love for each other as well our children and grandchildren. Our family and friends along the way who have been supporting us during these last difficult months. It has been a long and intense challenging period for all of us and we have learned so much.

How deep our Love is to overcome all these obstacles along the way in order to move forward. Did I worry about the way it would turn my life upside down. Yes it did, for me this was not just about me being on my own, it was the challenge how I was going to handle my Life in my own way.

Does it scare and frighten me at times, yes it does as well the need of having someone around. Just to feel the love in the arms of my love, the cuddles, the kisses and playfulness together. Is it about the Unknown, yes and no actually for every day we create opportunities that change our life. Not always major changes like the loss of someone who is so dear to me. It is about making decisions every day to get out of bed and get in some kind of routine to keep yourself moving.

It is about doing what pleases me to do, like walking my dog every day. The feel I get opening the curtains of my bedroom window and watch the Sun rising or the mystical view over the fields. Being open to the little signs I receive every moment in the day. Like the feathers on the ground, which are always found by my dog for some reason the moment I see them. He collects them for me.

Every moment I am in doubt of my own resilience, my strength and I struggle with the insecurities, there is this quiet wave of loving energy. In enfolds within me the faith of my love as well the knowing I can do this. I am here with a reason and a purpose. I have walked my path together with my love in my own way. My teachings have been of great support and assistance then and now.

All I have gathered over the years, every experience has showed me my persistence and strength to believe in what I can and who I am. This life force is the constant factor that keeps me going. Even when I am in doubt or fear what will come next, I only have to take a deep breath and I know. I know with all my Heart that Love is my strength and in Love I can do anything that comes my way.

As much I was in need of control when I was younger, I can rely on my inner compass and let it unfold even when I don’t have a clue which way it will work out. Just day by day to stay in a flow of surrendering to this Love is my way of letting go and releasing of any kind of control of mind or emotions. They are the tools that lead me to my next step into my next phase in my Life.

For what I have learned the most is, I have to live my own Life in my own way. No matter what they say, or how people will react to what is true to me. I am not over you, is what I am hearing right now, and this is true as well. If you ask me how I am doing, I would say I am doing just fine. I have to face the truth,

No matter what I say, I am not over the loss, I am still working through this grievance period in my life. Yet I can let go, which way it will lead me to my next step. You are on my mind every day and I can feel your love and guidance as well. Is my life with you better then without your physical presence. Or is it not so much about better or worse, as well how I can maintain my inner trust and faith to balance out every day what comes my way.

To maintain and keep on learning how to walk the spiral of Life in loving connection with my love. To expand this love from within to every encounter, with everyone I meet. I can only tell if this new way of living is about fulfillment, the moment I feel alive and in loving connection with myself as if I can see myself through your eyes.

The best way I can be, is be part of this dance in my Life, where my partner took another turn and we are now living in 2 dimensions until there is only one. I want to make this count. I want to make him proud of my steps, my growth, my deepening of our Love. But most of all, I want to be proud of myself, for taking every step even though it scares me. The next step can be small, or can be major, it doesn’t matter.

I am responsible for the way I create my Life to the fullest. Like Living Big and Smiling Big is the best result of creating from the Heart where Love is Key and Master of every experience. This I know. From a deep core within, so it is and will always be my Compass. It will always lead me to circumstances and experiences to bring up the best of me and all I can be. In loving and capable hands.

And so it will be done.
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 14-9-2016

What is it about Touch?

What is it about Touch you ask?

“The ear participates, and helps arrange marriages;
the eye has already made love with what it sees.

The eye knows pleasure, delights in the body’s shape:
the ear hears words that talk about all this.

When hearing takes place, character areas change;
but when you see, inner areas change.

If all you know about fire is what you have heard
see if the fire will agree to cook you!

Certain energies come only when you burn.
If you long for belief, sit down in the fire!

When the ear receives subtly; it turns into an eye.
But if words do not reach the ear in the chest, nothing happens.”

– Rumi, Night and Sleep

So what is it about Touch?

When you feel into things, such as a word like Touch, immediately all kind of meanings come up, so tracking the pattern down to the root core of it, what is it what this wants to be told about touch.
In the beginning of Creation, there was the touch of Infinity upon each spark of the Universal Divine Energy to bring forward the life as we know it today. The very first touch we as a human receive is the touch by birth as a little infant, and the very first imprint this makes.

Touch is defined by its nature, or by its input, whether or not, it is been done with love, fear, hatred, consent, the impact will make the difference therefor how we receive to be touched emotionally, or physically and also mentally, for words can touch you as hard as a stroke with a sword. So how to define touch then?

So I asked internally for an explanation or answer or any kind of reaction that might give some insight about this phenomenon and its complexity, weaved within our society as well our languages, our interactions with each other based on religions as well belief systems.

For every culture has its own boundaries and thoughts about this topic. And at the same time it is universal, overstepping every boundary if we bring in Love as key factor; touch from the Heart, the way touch was meant to be initially, before we forgot what it was like to be touched by the Universal Unconditional Touch of Love.

We exist by touch that’s for sure for touch is more than physical,
touch is the moving of energy on every and any kind of level.
It starts with an intention so to speak from the heart or not,
for it is colored through every emotion we all have within us.
Touch can be loving, can be painful, touch can be cruel
And touch can cause pleasure.

We ache for a gentle loving touch and why is that?
Where did it start in the first place, the word we choose for an
action or is it a reaction to an action, or we could even say,
touch is all in One.

It enables us to feel, it enables us to sense; it enables us to hear,
It enables us to see, so all 5 senses we have are involved in this
process of energy and yes the heart is involved as well in a big way.

For there is where we can find our origin, the first original touch,
we have forgotten and are in the process of remembering as well
the first initial touch that created us, each of us as a unique spark
of the Divine Infinite Energy that creates Life and Love within us.
Within this human body we are being gifted to create our way of loving as well lack thereof through so many ways.

Our multidimensional ability to create music that touches the hearts, Lovingly spoken words that reach deep within our hearts to rekindle, And recognize the initial experience we have been gifted with.It is not for just us as human beings that we are able to interact

Through the energy of touch, for the animal and vegetable world
react to it as well.. It’s a universal experience, the gift of touch.
It is found deep within our cellular memory or our bodies, it is
experienced in every level of our soul’s experiences to be found
In the emotional wounds we are carrying within ourselves, to
be brought into the daylight of events again for healing through

Yes, touch, energetic even by a loving thought and tapping into
The Chi of Life as a healing and loving touch to create balance within an unbalanced situation we find ourselves in.
We use it in our language as well as in our expressions; you have touched my heart and your art touched me deeply are just examples of the complexity and yet simple experience touch creates between every interaction.

So are we now bringing this to another level so to speak, or are we just remembering the impact the first original Touch by Creation had on us, being human, in a human body, enabling us to touch each other, physically, emotionally, mentally, etheric ally.

We have been given a free will to choose how we want to
Touch each other and why we need to be touched as well.
Is one and the same, the two sides of a coin, to touch and be touched.

For in the initial core essenceTouch is Love, Life, Light embedded
as a compass, as a unique spark, to be no longer lost, feeling alone, for in this space between the touch and being touched
lies the always inert inner connection we all share, with one another as well the Creator.

For we are both, the creation and the creator,
Entwined in every intention to reach out to touch
as well the need to feel the loving embracing touch,
to bring in this holy union within back into Life
as the grand expression of the first intent and touched
by the Divine Universal Entity we call the Creator,
the All that we Are, in every sense of the word,

And so it is and will be

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 29-12-2014

Never ask more then someone can give

Never ask more then someone can give

Never ask more from someone then they are able to give you in return and be grateful for every gift they can share. This is probably one of the most difficult lessons there is in life to learn cause it requires an open and receiving heart instead of wants or needs by our own ego and personality.

When someone tells you this is all I can take in and it is not the answer you would like to hear, well I can tell you, this is trying on your own inner triggers and ego as well. When two people differ in the way they are achieiving, learning, dealing with life’s lessons it can be in an easy and balancing way, or it can cause arguments, issues which have to be dealt with in regard to our own inner emotional wounds and inner child healing moments.

How can I make this clear and shed some clarity in order to bring in some order in a chaotic moment with many layers, upon layers in a trial within our own relationship at the moment and old insecurities are coming to surface when there is asked more then there is to give back to in return. This is a moment in any kind of relationship that will show how we are able to deal with it when the need is not met.

For that is what is happening and most of the time on both sides. If your partner is in trouble you want to help in any way you can, at least that is what I love to do. If it means can I let go, can I let go of control, of my need for him in what I might think what is best then therein lies the challenge. Actually we both were challenged big time yesterday when this issue came up. Both are taking this challenge in our own unique way as we always have been. We know we are connected and the differences has always been accepted and loved for. Yet when it comes to a challenge that has to do with Health and Healing, we seem to walk different paths that easily are going side ways if we don’t pay attention.

Actually all we need is affirmation, and when challenged this is sometimes hard to do when emotions are getting into a turmoil, old anger and sorrow are coming to surface to be adressed to. It is more difficult to see with clarity and some kind of detachment in order to work through the process at hand within each of us and give it space and respect, allowing it to be and going through all the phases as the storm of emotions requieres. Just by allowing to come out into the open, it will shed some light on the real issue at hand. Allowing also to take time, for each of us are walking this process in our own pace.

Realising we are different with other needs at times creates some kind of vortex of emotions until we get clarity and able to identify the different energies of anger and sorrow that are surfacing within each of us. Is it just about boundaries or is it about acceptance as well? If I want to be met in the need of affirmation I am asking sometimes to much from my Love. In his own way he shows his love and caring and our ways may differ, our Love isn’t. It asks a lot at times when we are going through the same process to keep the focus on how we can complement eachother instead of confirming our differences.

Yet this is exactly what needs to be healed and when emotions are being stirred. Crossing the line by asking something which cannot be met by the other is crossing boundaries and is met by resistance as well as triggering old emotional elements that might be lingering and connected with this proces of healing, balancing and coming to an understanding within by love, compassion and kindness for the other as well for myself.

Nothing a good talk can prevent us from clearing up and validating eachother again when the storms of emotions have passed and the center is found againg within, or maybe because we are meeting eachother in the eye of the storm we can see clearly now the identity of eachother as being complementary and assisting the journey our souls have been taking in this lifetime together, to meet all challenges from both angles we represent as well the difference to be met and come to full alignment within each of us, cause the only true healing is coming through our Love for eachother on so many levels. To meet eachother in the center of our own inner balanced self, we are whole again. And that is our souls agreement. Love is the only medicine, it is all about Love as the Healer and Life giver.

And so it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)
Heartfelt Messages 12-9-2015

What is it about Sacred Geometry?

What is it about Sacred Geometry?

Sacred geometry is used as a religious, philosophical, and spiritual term to explain the fundamental laws of the universe covering Pythagorean geometry and the perceived relationships between geometrical laws and quantum mechanical laws of the universe that create the geometrical patterns in nature. Many Gothic cathedrals were built using proportions derived from the geometry inherent in the cube and double-cube; this tradition continues in modern Christian churches to the present time. Temples, mosques, religious monuments, altars, tabernacles; as well as for sacred spaces such as termini, sacred groves, village greens and holy wells, and the creation of religious art. In sacred geometry, symbolic and sacred meanings are ascribed to certain geometric shapes and certain geometric proportions, according to Paul Calter and others.

Source: Wikipedia

And See the Wonderfully Patterned Beauty of Creation
The strands of our DNA, the cornea of our eye, snowflakes, pine cones, flower petals, diamond crystals, the branching of trees, a nautilus shell, the star we spin around, the galaxy we spiral within, the air we breathe, and all life forms as we know them emerge out of timeless geometric codes.
The designs of exalted holy places from the prehistoric monuments at Stonehenge and the Pyramid of Khufu at Giza, to the world’s great cathedrals, mosques, and temples are based on these same principles of sacred geometry
As far back as Greek Mystery schools 2500 years ago it was taught that there are five perfect 3-dimensional forms – the tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron … collectively known as the Platonic Solids; and that these form the foundation of everything in the physical world

 is dedicated to bringing the power of sacred geometry and the wonderfully patterned beauty of Creation, to your life.

So how is (sacred) geometry applied in our day to day life?

So how this does relates to our daily lives and what does it mean if we see figures that interest us without even knowing why. For a long time, being visually oriented by nature, I always saw a lot of figures, in objects, and always was intrigued by the star, pentagram, David star, ankh symbol and not knowing what it was that peaked my interest. Loved to doodle on paper and draw Mandela’s without even knowing they were Mandela’s. So you could say there is some instinctive knowledge hidden within, at least within me that came up and out in the open when I was more in a relaxed mood or just some kind of day dreaming state.

You know, when you are in class and you mind wanders off and you start to draw little figures on your page, almost subconsciously or when you are talking with someone on the phone and you dot the same. To me it was also like zooming in creating Mandela’s that way, like you create one focus point and in that state you are, just being, doing, no mind activity, thinking, analyzing, just going with the flow without any kind of expectation or committed to create some specific design. Going with it, and creating symbolic colorful geometric drawings, which to me were symbols for dreams or awareness.

As a child you have no clue no other means to it, than just doodle along. At least that was it for me, combined with those little wheels as an aid to draw Mandela’s as well spiraling along with your pencil creating a miracle on paper.. or the kaleidoscope we had as a kid with every turn creating a new figure and colors. The magic and wonder appearing in front of my eyes, already being thought how ingrained and universal these geometric symbols are in our lives. I cannot speak for anyone else of course, just from own experience.

I knew the relation between my feelings, senses, and thoughts about it, the emotions that were involved when I started to create a Mandela, just instinctively choosing my colors and lines along the way and sometimes it would take an hour of focus and sometimes it was done in 10 minutes, yet it always surprised me what showed up on paper. Telling my own story in lines and colors.

So how to relate this to sacred geometry.

The interesting thing to me were the figures that appeared were almost always combinations of circles, triangles, triangles combined, one lined figures like the pentagram for instance or the 7 star symbol, and sometimes they came together in a figure that would feel familiar and sometimes like I know this only have no clue how, let alone how to interpret this.

This information came to me in my early twenties when I started my journey within the spiritual and healing realms and there I saw a lot more of these symbols and meanings. Apparently it was some sort of universal energy between the symbols because there were a lot of people with a lot of knowledge, or thought to have a lot of knowledge, that made it more understandable at least and also made the connection to a broader scale. The crystals of one snowflake, or one water drop, the trees and their shapes, all I was familiar with yet never saw as such, coming from one source as I became to understand every shape or form can be deducted to the rudimentary geometrics.

How awesome was this discovery to learn that one grain of sand had its own signature as did a snowflake and that even though they had this unique signature they were also part of the whole. Connecting all the dots in how the Universe and the planet earth were related to one another in every small or larger detail as was known in the Ancient Knowledge that is now rising again within the awareness of humanity.

We all become more and more aware through resources on the internet and social media to make it available all over the planet for a large group of people to share their knowledge about the sacred geometry, from the Shamanistic knowledge and Ancient Times, Eastern and Western connecting and to recognize how in all the religions, all over the planet, people always used the same type of geometry.

So what we called geometry as we learned in school gets a whole new meaning when you see how this is all ingrained within each society through the use of the symbolism also for religious purpose, for the better or the worse as well alike.

We all are part of this Creation and we all are responsible for it. So using the symbols built of geometric lines can influence each of us on a subconscious and conscious level. To bring out the best or the worst in the way we are relating to each other’s love and respect in using them wisely.

“There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres.” – Pythagoras

And so it is.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 5-2-2015

What is it about restlessness?

What is it about restlessness?

When I am feeling restless and question this
I know there is a shift coming up.
The little rippling of the water, the patience
is being stretched into this impatience feeling almost,
not quite the same as anticipation,
for the knowingness hasn’t been reached yet.

The process of unfolding is at work
bringing up the emotions
or energy connected with these emotions as a better
description. For everything is energy and we are
always trying to balance this out in a way
we feel at our best in our equilibrium so to speak.

And in the space between the opposites created
by duality into non duality, being the center point
or the inner knowing,
for triggered by any outside event
we want to bring it back to this point
always to be connected again
with this center point of knowing.

Body and emotional senses are working
together in this inner process.
The sense of something is about to happen
and with the type of anticipation
that comes with it, so it will be
a positive or negative type of sensing
you always can be aware which.

So this is also creating a more
tangible feeling within where your heart
Is involved as well, your nerves are being
the transmitters of the energy.

This creates a higher awareness
of what is about to happen internally.
Still not identified, for the only signal so far
is the restlessness that shows the inner process
and the type of feel, sense, and awareness that comes
when it is time to release lingering
old emotional energy that is no longer in place
and helps clearing the energy as well
to be centered again like the ripples on the surface
of a lake which will become a wave.

For the highest good the choices
we will make to help creating this wave
is of importance to break down the dam.
So the water can break through
pushing, flowing, taking along
anything that needed clearing.

So after this break through
the waters will be still again
and the muddle waters will
be clear and the restlessness
will turn into an inner calmness,

And so it will be.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 7-10-2014

What is it about Authenticity?

What is it about Authenticity?

Authenticity (philosophy), a particular way of dealing with the external world, being faithful to internal rather than external ideas
source: Wikipedia

You are the standards

You can’t listen to music like you just were – feeling the music just a moment ago – like that in the other realms. You can’t go through this deep inner search – the search for your authenticity and your originality – like you can as a human, on any other realm. Only here. Only on Earth.
In order to understand who you really are and this God within, you have to go to the depths – sometimes the most difficult, sometimes the parts that are the most challenging.

You are the Standards. You are the human angels on Earth right now. Can you imagine having that level of compassion and love for another human that you’re just going to love them and accept them? See, part of you wants to struggle with that, saying, “But how can I just stand by and watch other humans, damn it? How can I just let them do all of these wrong thing?”

Ah! Ah, here is what separates an enlightened being from a normal, regular human being – the ability to love unconditionally. It’s the essence of Quan Yin. It’s the essence of Mary – Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary. It’s the essence of Sophia, and so many of the other energies that have total compassion and love.
You’re starting to get it. You’re starting to learn it, and it’s what’s going to separate you from your old self in these coming months.

It’s going to be what separates you from the other humans and there are times when it can be lonely being so filled with compassion and love that you don’t have drama, that you don’t have energy stealing and feeding. So filled with compassion and love that other people are going to want your presence and want to understand what got you to this point of being a guardian human angel.

Source : The Returning Series: SHOUD 5: “Dear Tobias, What’s Going On?” –
Featuring Tobias, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe Presented to the Crimson Circle December 6, 2008

This weeks theme is about Authenticity and it is as always a challenge how to define or describe this. So I checked with Wikipedia our great answering book on the net, and found a description that caught my attention at first glance , so here it goes with my attunement and attachment to being faithfull rather to eternal or internal than external ideas. My way of dealing with the external world.

Easier said then done you will say and I agree with you. For this is not the most easiest way when we come into this world as a todler and have to learn all these different sensations we have to get accustumed to. First of all to learn all the differences between you and the external world and to understand this isn’t all you in the first place. Then when growing up all these people who are telling you what you may and may not do, mostly without good reason or explanation. You have to follow rules, sometimes for your own growth and safety, sometimes for the benefit of someone else.

So when you reach your teenage years, their comes this rebellious state, against the authoritity and oppression, the external ways of how you should live, love, feel, act etcetera. Sometimes you wanna fit in, sometimes that is the last thing you want. And then there is this internal sense of what makes you tick, makes you different from the other person, or group, or nation. This creates a way of re-acting to your day to day lifetime experiences.

Sometimes it feels good, other times you really don’t wanna be in the specific place. And you also learn, that every moment is a reaction to the moment before, like some kind of chain reaction.
I started to read books, articles and followed the monthly gatherings at a certain point in time by the Crimson Circle and felt drawn in to this energy field created by not just the way Tobias was telling his story and the different themes that came up every new Monthly Shoud as they were called in the early times.

I felt the draw and push of a bigger and larger group not just on this planet getting more and more information and input, there was also this inner reaction within my Heart and I started to connect with my inner Core as a result. Every step I made on my journey through life had always been about how I could act or react truthfully and sincere, being true to my self, my standards so to speak when it comes to values and respect towards eachother.

These shouds ringed a bell deep inside every time I listened or read them and the wonderful part of it was that this wasn’t just a personal journey I made, we were creating these energy shifts all together, all the people around the world who tuned in with these messages and by doing so, we created ripples which created waves of consciousness as well as awareness about the deeper connection we have and what we can do for this Planet in return.

What became more and more aware was the Force of Love and Life Force which we had seen from outside ourselves was to be found within our own inner Heart. Humanity is always searching for Love and Be-Loved.

So these shouds helped me to interact from within from a loving place in my interactions with other people, with animals, with Nature itself. My authentic Nature, my innate Nature, is to be One with all Life, no matter what shape or form, cause this Love for Life grew out to be the biggest Compass in my Lifetime. It is my authenticity that colors my energy, my signature that I will leave behind at any time in space, so to speak.

I truly believe that being authentic to your own nature, your own character with all its flaws and qualities, will create the best for the highest good for yourself. By doing so, this will has its effect outwards on the external world around you. So is the communication you will have with this authentic part of you, your self the highway to unconditional Love.

And so it will be done

High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)
Heartfelt Messages 14-6-2015

What is it about Attraction?

What is it about attraction?

When we meet people, we are attracted to them, or not.
And it’s not just about gender or race, age or sexual attraction.
There is this like inner compass, that shows you who is in your comfort zoneand who isn’ It is pretty interesting to watch for your own to whom you respond positive or negative from the first you get.

If you think it is about trust, don’t be mistaken, for it can also be
for someone who isn’t all that So how can you explain then the physical or emotional Is it just your ego and character or is it way more than Does your own soul connection has any to do with it somehow as well?

What happens on a deeper level so to speak?
For all we know is, that love which is neutral and unconditional doesn’t have preferences. And yet we do have preferences, and it starts already at very early ages, as 2 little toddlers meet in a pile of sand. Immediately it becomes clear whether they like each other or not, who is boss and who is not.

You can see the attraction we also have towards the darker parts of oneself. Even when your mind says it is not safe and your heart says, don’t get involved, you will only hurt yourself in the long run.
Still yet like a moth to a flame, we can be drawn to it and burn our wings at the same time.

It can be a soft feeling or a raw experience that brings people together by attraction to the opposite or to the familiarity we witness and see in the other one. Needless to say this is also a duality game for us to bring about the life experiences to balance out the inner opposites.

So this big scale of our inner center will finally slowdown in its movement until we are coming Home into our inner Core –the Heart – where love is the guideline and compass to follow to become one with love with our self and attraction is limitless.
There remain no longer attachments which were basically the triggers for interaction.

So attraction works like a mirror, to see your self-reflection by the encounters you have in your life. The people you meet are your outer reflections to become aware and awaken to become the best you can be. It is always your choice to make either positive or negative,

Until you reach the equilibrium,
to stand on the edge of the sword
the point when all is balanced
and attraction becomes magnitude.
Magnetized by the core existence
of Love itself,
Vibrational Energy.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 10-7-2014

What is it about Trust?

What is it about Trust

Is it about trusting your Self or the trust you put in the other?
You can fall in love and with that comes trust. But the most important part trusts yourself, the way your inner feelings are a guideline. For whatever happens, losing trust in you is far worse than losing trust in someone else. That’s when you get lost.

Through every experience you have your trust will be tested. If you cannot rely on your inner feeling or doubting them, creates insecurity and with that comes lack of trust.

Even when you receive all those signals and you’re doubting them is far more hurtful for your own inner awareness and Self Love. That’s when you get affirmation of your own feelings are so powerful and also important. Because these are the steppingstones in the learning process of relying on your intuition, your inner gut and that’s creating trust within your Self.

Losing trust is just a mirror reflection of your own doubt, created within the situation or relation with someone else. And the key of it all is Love. Loving your Self means also trusting your Self. No lies can take that away from you, only if you give them more credit, and place them above your own intuition. That’s when the doubt in you appears. And also is the most significant issue in learning to rely on your own inner knowing.

That’s where you are guided through High Self. Soul creates the experiences to learn to trust your Self; Spirit is the Innovator when the releasing of old emotional wounds starts to happen. High Self is your guide through the ears and eyes, through the connection with the Love for Source and ultimately trust in your Divine Heritage, being the Sparkle of Light and Love, where trust isn’t an issue any longer.

And so it is.

High Self – @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 23-11-2013