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What is it about Empowerment?

What is it about Empowerment?

There is a lot going on in our lives that is challenging. It is also about the way we are able to deal with the ones that are bringing up old and stuck energies. The way how energy is being blocked is also an indication of how we are able to handle them. In our every day to day life we face many challenges, some are small other are more significant.

It shows us how we feel towards issues that have to do with the sense of power we have. Power in itself is a neutral energy. Yet the way we deal with this, is influencing the outcome of any situation that is challenging. The more we can trust or feel empowered, the better we can deal with it.

So when do you feel empowered and what need you to do if not? The balance between power and powerless is fragile at times. When we have been in a situation that was really demanding and the infliction left you with the sense of feeling powerless. Therein lies the challenge again.

Especially when it comes with fear and violence, as well denigration and humiliation. Our whole life we are being challenged with these energy flows. Power is the most important lesson we as a human race need to learn to be used in a positive way. Choices we make in any given situation is colored by the definition of power we have.

As well how domination is being part of power. Our history as well the present is showing us so many examples of the abuse of power, it is sometimes hard to see the positive use of power in order to empower everyone concerned.

Isn’t that what we all really are being asked for? How can I bring in empowerment in my life as well others? Because empowerment is about the ability to assist every one you meet , either family and friends, co-workers as well strangers you meet.

What is it that I need to feel the power within me to deal with challenges and the day to day life? As it works from within to without in sharing as well relating. The need to work with the energy that is been triggered in this area, has to do with the experiences I encountered either way.

Every moment I felt someone wanted to use their power in a negative way, as in damaging and stepping over boundaries, I felt this trigger from deep within. All my life I had to learn to step out of a conflict instead of going full throttle when it came to this game of power.

I learned to read between the lines as well, the mechanism of this pattern about power. Personal power is something you can learn by growing and releasing emotional wounds that has had their imprint on yourself. Not just my own triggers, I could see how someone could act or react from the fear that comes with being overpowered. It is a complex energy tool to deal with, because it has all these seductions.

We all want to be safe, have a roof over our head, have food on the table every day, the basics we need to feel that way. Growing up in a society where only a few are in that position, is totally different as to growing up in the safety of a household where the challenges are not that outspoken.

We all now the way how tyranny is taken control over a lot of people, leaving them powerless in a certain way being suppressed with force and violence. This causes a spiral of negative energy that has its impact on generation after generation. Our world is being dictated by dualism, as in its either this way or that way in the eyes of some. There is a lot of difficulty then to find a middle ground between groups, even individuals within their family.

We only have to look at the amount of refugees at the moment, leaving their countries on the run and searching freedom to get some of their empowerment back. As in control over their situation, which is not necessarily the same as feeling the strength of having some power from within.

We can only learn through experiences to know which is empowering and which is not. We know the difference because one way will make us feel good and the other way will only add more fear or negativity. You might say some people love the feeling having power over someone, or maybe groups, or nations. I believe they are not in a position to empower themselves.

Most of the times, they act and react out of a deep fear, which hardens the emotional reactions. It is about acting and reacting for us in our daily lives. Learning through our challenges. Making choices, in order to balance or heal the inner need of having the ability to react out of love instead of fear.

How do I create and what do I wish not just for myself, for others as well.
In order to bring in the energy of empowerment, it requires the wish to bring out the best of yourself. By doing so, we can make this inner connection with the energy of power through our heart.

Fueling with love, the wounds can be addressed and healed. Coming from love, we can always be able to see each other without the wish to inflict any harm on them. Then we can say we are not opposites any longer.

We can sit at the round table again, the circle of life completion, in which we all can bring in the loving positive energy to empower each other. Not only want to be the best you can be. It is about how you want to make the other feel as well. What is needed to assist in this process of empowerment. To be able to see the ways to bring in that loving assistance. Not for your own gain, for the higher good of everyone, including yourself.

Addressing my fears that are hidden now coming to surface, with love and compassion, enables me to allow, acknowledge, accept, release as well heal those emotional wounds. Every step I take will bring in more positive and loving energy which is the foundation of empowerment. Forgiveness for myself as well towards others is part of this process. At times even the hardest thing to do. Till you remember, their actions didn’t came from love, hence it comes from fear.

Compassion with a soul that acts out of fear, isn’t something we were taught. Yet to me, in order to work with this energy of power, I only want to do so out of Love in order to create a change. My heart feels for those that have lost themselves in this process of fear, that the only way they feel empowered is through abuse and violation. They have the hardest path to walk because they lost their innocence.

Accepting is not the same as agreeing. Anger is as much part of the healing process on my way to empowerment. Sorrow and tears are being shed, for myself as well those who inflicted it upon me. To feel free from any restraints is my way of empowering myself. To be able to stand tall, not out of fear, yet just filled with Love.

Standing up and raising my voice when I encounter any situation where the balance is lost. Am I my brother’s keeper? No, yet I am responsible for every act of violence, if I don’t speak up against it. We all need to be our brother’s keepers in a way. Taking our responsibility for those who are weak, in order to create empowerment again.

We can create an environment together where we empower each other as well ourselves. It all starts within, it all comes from within. Make Love the guideline to improve not just your own life, but that for all who are part of your community, family and friends.

And so it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 10-6-2017


Make your Heart a Sanctuary

Make your Heart a sanctuary and Self Love your security.

Ask yourself why you judge and condemn yourself so harshly. Be willing to follow your Inner shadow processes in order to learn from their Gifts. This advice today was coming in loud and clear for the past few days have been all about the inner shadow processes.

I know these are holding the gifts for me to learn and heal, as well receive. When the energy shifts and emotions are coming up it is always a sign I need to be aware as well watchful. This means as well going through the emotional eruptions as watching as an observer what happens and what triggered it.

Am I judging myself or being too hard on myself? Yes I am at times, I know that from my lifetime experiences and all the steps I had to take to let go. The judging as well harshness is mostly internalized anger to hide the sorrow that lies underneath. The drive as well the need to be doing the best I can and not always as compassionate with myself.

It took me some hardship as well challenges to deal with. I could be the overseer for everyone else, except myself. I am able to take a high view to oversee the situation when being asked to do so. Blessed with this gift, it is not always the easiest to use it for myself. It has a lot to do with the way I blame myself for being stubborn and go through the same lessons again.

Loving myself required more acceptance as well the ability to learn to accept and allow what comes my way. This enables me to be the observant, as well the participant. I can see the obstacles as gifts the minute I accept them as my tools and teachers. Going deep within the emotional state that comes with sorrow or anger, confusion or resistance.

In the darkness lies the gift, for this enables me to move forward. I know this, I have learned this along the way. My little black box so to speak, showing me what needs to be healed. By doing so, it releases every emotion or stuck energy that is connected with it.

It is at times the most difficult challenge, when confronted with old patterns that are changing. Not because I had a hand in it. Change because the other party is changing the pattern. Leaving me with empty hands it seemed at one point. By letting go it also created space and this enabled me to watch the process from a different angle and overview.

The expression of myself in any role I took upon myself this lifetime is a constant flux. I need to surrender to this constant demanding of letting go, by releasing old patterns that kept me from loving myself. Otherwise, I will stay stuck in this emotional state. Taking a step back also means letting go, let the situation enfold itself because I have no part in it. That was my first shock, I wasn’t part of it any longer. I had no control in this situation, which created this trigger and what was hidden underneath.

Losing control over my own life as well the situation at hand triggered this fear of being left alone. Not part of the decision making any longer also showed that the situation has evolved and I have to go with this evolution. It is either that, or creating more fear and tension on top of the old wound. It made it clear, what residue still lingered in the deep.

This works as a tool to me, for the knowing of this old pattern holds the key to heal it. The love I feel towards myself as if I am depending on the confirmation from the outside. Letting go of this need, it enables me to bring in this Love energy within this challenge. Witnessing the wounded part covering with loving energy is setting me free.

Time to heal the parts hidden in the shadows. Through love instead judging or condemning myself my Heart will open up more and more to myself as well. By doing so, my Heart will be the guide in every step I take. When I get troubled, all I have to do is go inward, step into my Heart space and know I am loved and cared for in this space.

Every emotion I can bring in this sanctuary that is being created through loving myself for who I am. With all my flaws as well gifts I have received through love. This makes my Heart space my sanctuary and my ability to love my self creates a secure surrounding. Allowing me to be all that I can be. All that I want to be.

And so it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 26-5-2017

When the present feels like a big puzzle

When the present feels like a big puzzle

Pondering about the word puzzle as well how this resonates within it fell into place so to speak. Like we are walking on the spiral of Life, encountering all these stones along the way we step on. Or bump or toes on. To me, this always has been my way of visualizing it. Every time I stepped upon a stone, or blockade if you will, it was about a part of the puzzle for me to unravel.

The challenges it brought up and the way I was able to bring back balance within myself again. This wasn’t about just a one time experience though. It is walking the spiral where all these experiences are showing up, every time bringing up a similar response.

For me, it was like bringing in love and light within each challenge that came with it. Together they formed a bigger picture and became I more and more aware of what it was holding. Moving through the experiences, every stone I picked up, dealt with, recognized it for what it meant, it shed a layer of stuck energy.

Some were denser, others easier to understand and re-balance. It moved me through the layers of many lifetimes, because they held similar wounds and fear, as I discovered this lifetime. Every time an opportunity appeared to start healing old fears, it had its impact as well on my present life, as well past. Knowing now that whatever I come across this lifetime holds some key elements in it.

Whatever they represent, it always comes with fear, sense of loss and betrayal. It made me understand the mechanism that holds the patterns as well. The more I understood of the interaction between the fear I felt in a challenging experience and the lack of love towards myself, it came up to the surface. Whatever lies beneath the surface will have to be addressed. Hence the stones along the way.

It brings in healing and balances the moment I was able to see the bigger picture so to speak. We all come to this earth with our own unique pattern and signature. Whatever we want to experience in order to heal and remember, it also shows itself in bits and pieces. Not as a whole picture you can see from above, or high up which gives you a better way to see what it holds, before we can start to unfold.

Bringing those pieces together, the puzzle will reveal more an more of the key element that needs to be addressed. What I experience now is very different compared to the ones 20 or 40 years ago. I am not the same person I was at the age of 8, or 24, or in my 40ies.

Let alone compared to where I stand right now. The red thread that binds and connects it all are the missing pieces to be discovered along the way. My life that unfolds itself in ways I never could have foreseen, nor expected to become as it is. The only thing that made it perfectly clear, was the sense of betrayal, that kept me at times from loving unconditionally. Not just love myself deeply, also those whom betrayed me

Sometimes not even aware of their actions and the way I felt it. Other times set on purpose to cause harm. It is easier to forgive those who act in a way they feel it’s the right way, make the decision in order to change something.

Even if the outcome didn’t work out the way they thought it would be. The experiences and challenges that were also part of this puzzle, are those who made a choice knowing this would cause pain and sorrow. It is not about love then to empower someone. It is about the power would be held regardless of the consequences.

The way you trust someone to be loving and kind, gentle and compassionate is a wonderful gift. When the outcome is different as expected, it turns around and wounds the trusting one deeply. We have seen this process throughout history in many ways and shades.

It’s a universal emotional wound, not just a personal one. The big puzzle shows how the process of trust and betrayal are connected with greed, cruelty, hunger for power and material gain. We see it throughout history as well in our present. Many people still suffer the consequences of betrayal.

Keeping people in line by using their love for their loved ones. Betrayal of innocence as well. Creating fear instead of love. All I can do is to address the aspects within my self that had been suffering through lineage over past lives as well those moments in the present lifetime. Whatever or however, the wounds that are healed in each of us personally, will reflect the love and light that shines through. This will create ripples of love in our personal life as well those we encounter.

The time the pieces of the puzzle are coming together is getting nearer and nearer. The moment more and more people become aware of the piece of the puzzle they hold and bring in healing, the ways they behave are changing the people around them. Thus we create not just ripples of love, it will become waves of love.

Where love exists, fear cannot. An old saying that I came across in that special book I came across 30 years ago. Not even known in the western world as such. Yet holding a promise that will speak to many more people to come. Each one of us holds that piece of the big puzzle and together we are putting the pieces together. It will be done. As it will heal and restore the past, present and our future.

Love is the master key and it all starts within. We can only show love towards ourselves, the moment we are able to accept and forgive ourselves as well. For the role we played and or still playing because of fear, pain, and sorrow. Healing is needed in every aspect of our life.

Love is empowering, compassionate, gentle, kind, raw and ruthless. It is never built on fear, suppression, anxiety, anger or guilt. It is fierce and powerful in its own way. We bring the pieces of the puzzle together to share this energy of Love and Light, for we all are pieces of the same puzzle.

And so it is
High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)
Heartfelt Messages 2019

Hands and Health, a significant connection

Hands and Health, a significant connection

Hands and Health combined in a topic to bring in some clarity about the significant connection between the both of them. We are holding so much energy in our hands, using this for comforting, soothing, calming, healing as well. You know, when you were a little kid and you feel, your mother automatically was striking your hair, sweeping the tears from your face, feeling the sore spot. We all do this instinctively.

The first impulse when someone is hurt in any way, we feel the need to hold them, stroke their back in comfort, or just putting your hands on their head, in a wonderful healing intention. Mostly unconscious, for others more conscious.

Hands and healing are connected when you practice Reiki for instance, or another form of bringing in energy to spots that are been bruised, wounded even from a distance. We know all the pictures, where energy comes out from the hands sending love and healing energy.

We do it with our kids and pets. It is soothing as well to caress them for your own benefit. This is a way of connecting from the heart, enabling the loving energy, or life flow. So what happens when your hands are wounded, through an accident or surgery? How will this affect the natural way of flowing energy. In our hands we also have little chakra’s, and when they get blocked it also has its effect on our own inner flow of life energy.

Through reflexology I have learned to find the points that represent our organs in your feet and hands as well. So any scarf in your hand will also be correlated with the connecting organ or your back. Depending where the wound is. So how does this has its imprint on your health. What is the impact and how can we deal with it. I discovered in my 20ies the way I was able to put my hand on a painful area to make it feel better.

During my training years becoming a reflexology therapist as well working with energy as a spiritual healer I learned to channel it as well. To be able to let the energy, or Ki, flow felt natural for me. Others could feel the warmth coming from my hands and the change within their injuries.
I remember giving a friend a foot-reflex treatment.

Afterwards using my hands, without touching him, to bring down the energy from his knees down. He was silent for a while. Then he told me, this energy moving had more effect on him. Compared to the treatment I had been given. It took less time, had more effect on him and for me it was effortlessly. The only thing I needed to do, is to enable the energy to flow freely through my hands.

Confident it would do whatever was needed at that moment in order to establish balance and healing. This was what he felt. It was an eye opener for me at that time. Although I had been training for years to give energy healing sessions with the use of my hands. This was such a huge confirmation.

During my life I have been in many different situations and experienced the need to give or share this energy healing. Yet not everyone I met was open to the suggestion it might benefit their health on so many levels. I knew I couldn’t share this without consent.

People needed to be willing to accept this kind of healing. This was more a personal issue as to the healing effect this would have on them. I only was allowed to use this energy work when I was being asked, or got confirmation it was okay. That didn’t meant I couldn’t send my love and prayers to those in pain or wounded emotionally. Yet it is a different story to give someone a healing session without approval.

The greatest reward I received was the way my late husband responded on my hands and the energy it could give. He was in a lot of pain caused by a massive tumor on his lever and every time he got a wave of pain he would ask me to place my hands on this area.

It always released a lot his pain at that time. I was grateful I was allowed to be of assistance on an energetic way as well. Love is a powerful tool when applied during a session and it can move mountains as well. Did I cure the cancer and tumor, no.

Did it comforted and released a lot of the acute pain at the moment I placed my hands on the spot to allow the universal energy to come through. O yes it did and more than just that. It also enabled me to participate in his journey to the end. It is not about sharing my energy through these moments, it was always asking to be a tool, a channel. So I could let the flow of Universal energy of Love and Light work its own healing for whatever was needed at that moment.

Healing by hands is as old as the world. Many shamans and healers are known all over the world. Before the internet this was already known by so many cultures all over our planet. Gradually the knowledge came from the East at first to the more western world with a different look at health and healing.

I am happy I got to learn and be trained in my 20ies already, to work with universal energy. I learned to be an open channel to allow this life energy come through in order to assist the healing process. Grateful for the way it taught me to take a step back so to speak. To enable and allow the process. Without personal interference for the outcome. In a loving and respectful way.

And so it is.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 10-8-2017

What is it about grieve or grievance you say?

What is it about grieve or grievance you say?

When you want to explore a topic such as grieve you can only do this from your own perspective. Realizing how broad this topic is and to be found in so many areas of our life it is not an easy task at hand to keep this simple from the perspective of the Heart and Love. Our personality we have been choosing has enough layers in itself to have experienced loss in so many ways.

And within all these layers we find so many different perspectives as well, for each experience had a different outcome. So I can honestly say I can only talk about loss and grievance from my own point of view and experience.

In my early years as a child I already had surgery because my tonsils had to be removed after 3 years of chronic infections. I still can smell the anesthesia they used at the time sitting on the lap of the nurse and waking up in a big room with 20 other kids who all had the same procedure, yet none of them had the same kind of experience.

For me it was loss of time somehow as well waking up with a very sore throat, so this changed my perspective for once and for all on being healthy and how this has affected my up growing. Yet as a young child you don’t realize it with the full awareness and the experience is being hold in a space for further acknowledgement.

The good thing was the attention and loving care I received from my parents and family, who came with little presents and lots of ice-cream to help clear the throat area. So it was with mixed emotions the event was experienced. Apparently loss of something dear or valuable is also close to the heart.

Loss of ability which creates disability is also connected with the process of grieve, for we mourn the loss of the change of our being, from healthy to disabled somehow, and every new moment in time that touched this experience set in a motion of different emotions, the process of layers being shed, from anger, to sorrow, from allowing to acceptance, from acceptance to moving forward again.

By acknowledgement able to see experiences also as life challenges which gives you the opportunity to make choices for yourself. Can you do this lovingly and with release gives a totally different outcome. That will enrich your life even though you might not be able to do the things you love to do, or took for granted at times as well. And this is about health issues, the living energy or the life energy that is available to us, one way or the other, more or less.

So what to say when we have to say goodbye to someone we love, when relationships brake up, when you are betrayed in your trust, when you feel no longer loved, or the worst scenario, when you have to let go of someone dear and close to you.

Every society and culture has its own way of dealing with grief and also how to express it. Belief systems or religions are a big part of the way we are taught how to deal with grievance. What is acceptable and what not is very different all over the world in that aspect. There are cultures who celebrate life someone had; others only can express it by silence. So there for grief will have a different meaning when you put in a global perspective.

It shows the complexity of the process trying to explain the movements this has which will differ for everyone. I can only talk about my own experience with grief. I can only talk about the importance the Heart or Love, has been part in my journey to explain how I can deal with loss. I can only talk about my own experience when it comes to loss,

Weather this is loss of trust, loss of health or loss of a loved one. So can I give some clarity about this topic? Yes I can tell you how I go through the process of the different phases that come with grievance. Yet this is from one single point of view. Mine. Loss of civilization, loss of dignity, loss of safety, and loss of sanity all topics connected with grief.

We have seen it all around the world when the safety of children are in danger, either in their own homes or threatened by dictatorship and religion. When violence ends the sanity of men and people are being killed over ideals or belief systems, created by the power games.

Then mourning is being not something for the individual or family, mourning becomes a movement that binds a lot of people together, in cities, in countries, between different countries, all across the world and we see the inner connections we all share with each other, we see the brotherhood again in humanity, the foundation for freedom, brotherhood and care for one another in loving ways, to stand united, as one again.

So basically, if I need to give it word grief a meaning, it would be the sorrow and pain we sense when we become separated from Oneness, from connection, from being part of the whole, as a human being, in a world divided instead of united, in a world broken instead of mend, in a world of duality instead of Oneness and that yearning we grave for gets many faces in all our lifespan experiences to bring back the Love for all of Creation.

And so it is.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 14-1-2015

Personality versus Ego

Personality vs ego – awakening of the Soul and connection with High Self

We have all these unique qualities which ‘defines’ our personality and on the other hand we have this journey through life ‘caused’ by our soul experiences to get a rebalanced ego, the part of us that enables you to travel through life experiences learning, allowing, acknowledging the part of Self, the past lifetime aspects that need clearing and healing.

The only way to do so is through all these little nudges and whispers we receive along the way. The unique qualities of our personality define also the way you are able to handle it.

A personality with a more uplifting nature will definitely have an easier way of dealing with the life experiences you are confronted with.

The way you deal with pain, sorrow, defeat is mostly defined through your personality and the choices you make how to deal with them.

For example, if you are by nature a positive human being, you will be able to have the intention of the glass being half full instead of half empty, in an easier way as a person who sees it the other way. Can you learn these trades? Of course, that is also part of Life experiences. If you already possess these qualities, does that make your life easier? Not necessarily. It will be more comfortable to handle any challenge you come across with. And the love you can sense deep within yourself enables you to life more fully in the understanding of life’s Nature, the part of your Self, your natural ability to Love and be Joyous.

Ego is just the vessel, it delivers you the challenges in life to heal, rebalance, renew and re-awaken to the Natural Beauty that is your birthright to begin with. So they both are part of your Unique Being, complementing each other, one way or the other.

So going through life experiences they ultimately will align and re-unite as one, for without the one the other doesn’t exist. Be-coming the Unified Being of Love and Self-Acceptance which is the ground for existence.

The Divine Aspect of your Self.

And so it is.

High Self – @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 23-10-2013

How a high and low exist as one

How we can be on a high peak and at the same time at the lowest bottom

I started wondering about this after an amazing message that came through. To me it was confirmation as well. Yet at the same time it triggered some old wound apparently for the result the next day was one of feeling nauseous to my teeth. My physical implementation results as the high love and joy energy immediately turned into a sense of flue like awareness.

Don’t get me wrong here. I didn’t got ill actually with a flu or illness, yet it took a lot of energy that was created by an old wound I thought, I had cleared already.

So many layers we have to work through to get the benefit of feeling loved without measurement and unconditionally. As long as there is any rubble remaining in our mental, physical, emotional or etheric body we will experience the stuck energy. This time it is concentrated around the stomach area. The nausea is a mild sensation not as being truly ill.

I came to the understanding my solar plexus chakra was closed when I came into this world. The very first time I felt the re-opening was the moment my mom made her transition last year. It was a physical experience literally that woke me up from my sleep. Knowing immediately it was cutting the umbilical cord between the two of us.

So what triggered the high energy flow yesterday to bring about this emotional wound in me as well? What an experience I had walking on clouds with a big smile on my face, connected to all there is in that precious message. Yet at the same time it triggered a wound that I knew was there only thought I already had released the emotional energy.

How torn can we be between the love of a parent for his or her child when the preference is already visible the minute a newborn comes into this world. The bond between father and daughter was way stronger then I knew at that time and through the experiences became so more tangible as well. The way a newborn can turn away in need of the other parent for consolation and shows what karmic bond there already was coming into this world for release and healing.

It is what you do with it that matters. I stepped aside so my partner could step in. Where did I hear that phrase again. Like you can step aside out of love, for the highest good of all. Even though I was able to do so, there was this emotional wound as well within me that triggered something old. My guilt feelings for not being there for them in another lifetime, because I could only be who I was.

Yet that was exactly what caused me my life and left my family without mother and companion. Our love has been put to the test more than once. It also caused a conflict within my coming into this life time again. I have chosen to fulfill my own Soul purpose, yet I also wanted to heal the karmic bonds between my partner and children. We never are alone in this, we as a soul group committed to do this.

So in my life I was juggling with these components with every experience that put a strain on us. We worked hard in order to get things cleared up as well enable each other to find healing. Love was the big Key in all of this. There were times we almost lost each other due to processes we all went through in our own clearing of karma as well. Yet the deep Love always found a way to step up to the plate so to speak and hold on.

So when one is making a transition to the other side it puts a lot of strain on the way the dynamic works within the family. The deep sorrow has an opposite factor, caused by the continuous connection of love. Enabling me to feel the strength and courage to get through this. Those are the highs in a day to day existence.

The lows are being triggered by outer challenges most of the time in order to bring the wound to the surface. This needs to be that way, otherwise it will still linger in the depths of our subconscious.

It is a gift, it presents itself if we are strong enough and bold enough to look at it and deal with it. Dealing in a loving way, yet allowing the emotions to come forth is a first necessary thing to do. We need to acknowledge those emotions of fear, anger, sorrow before we can release them. Not locked up in a box behind closed doors.

That is why I know, my greatest gifts lie in the dark space, holding the energy to be revealed all in due time. Because there is a time for everything. We only can address an issue when we are ready to take a look at it, accept its presence so to speak.

To go through the motions of acceptance, allowing, acknowledging and then bring the love into it. Instead of holding on to the lack of love, either self-love or what has been caused by others. The minute we can feel the love into this challenge it is released and healed. The next step is to be patient with yourself, because there isn’t always an easy fix. The body is a big ally in this process of releasing and healing.

So my high and low can co-exist in one space. Bringing the high energy of love and bliss into the dark space within will ultimately change you forever. It is not a setback, it is a wonderful gift of love’s expression where it is needed the most. Trusting my own reactions as well the way my body translates the signs from within.

The more I can trust and rely on it to be my best friend, together with my ego and mind so to speak, the more I can go through every experience I come across and I know I will be well. I can do this and I am not alone. This will keep me going and I will encounter many more challenges to bring the balance within and harmony as well.

The high and low will balance each other as will the life force enhance this to come forth. We all are in this together and linked often in more than one way. Everything is connected to enable to fulfill our soul’s mission. To do what we love to do, where we can find our passion. Life Big, Smile Big and most of all, Love Big.

And so it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 19-2-2017

How do you express your self?

How do you express yourself?

How difficult it might be at times to express yourself verbally to the outside world. It is hard to find the right words at times, so people might understand a bit more. About your own process and how this is being reflected into the outside world. Sometimes people see what is going on, other times they are to self-absorbed to witness.

All we can do is perceive it through our own perceptions. An open mind is experiencing this in a different way. It can see through the different layers of the words and acts. For people who are having difficulty to express themselves verbally, it might be more of a challenge even.

Yet it is hard as well for someone who is not aware of these internal processes about the way life is been expressing itself. The challenges and experiences may come and go, yet without being aware, they will create only more turmoil.

If you are not able to see, what is coming up in your life and what gifts it presents you, how can you give it words even to yourself? We as humans have many ways to express ourselves. It may be through music, art, poetry, writing, keeping up a journal, acting and reacting in both positive as well negative ways.

There is this whole spectrum of facilities to express yourself. So what are you choosing? What feels the best or right way for you to express yourself? What makes the difference between a dialogue and a discussion for instance? Do you use tactics in order to maintain some kind of stability? Or by wearing a mask in order to hide behind it so people might not see your insecurity, or vulnerability?

You know the internal world may not always match the way we are being used to present ourselves. We are being thought by our upbringing, norms and values, principles. Sometimes there isn’t much room to express yourself. You are being challenged to find a way to express yourself. Others are learning ways to find a tool, like through music or art, the creative flow from within.

Yet everything represents a creative flow in our self-expression. The more we can experience freedom of speech within the boundaries of dignity and respect through love, we are feeling safe enough to speak up. It is far more difficult, if you cannot speak your truth, if it’s not allowed to. These different sides of the spectrum, demands a very different approach from us to express ourselves.

Either within a family you grow up in where communication is flowing freely, or growing up and made shutting up. The inner world responds accordingly. Love and fear are 2 sides of a coin, for one cannot exist without the other when it comes to teachings. As long as we are coming from fear, the other side coming from love will create difficult challenges.

Love is always a compass measuring how you may express yourself freely and with less boundaries. It is all about the energy that comes through the spoken words, the art, the actions as well reactions to situations we find ourselves in. Consciousness plays a major part in this process of your expression. It will be the guardian of your inner aspects that might be addressed during your challenges.

The focus on either fear or love is about choice. What choices you make for yourself. How can every challenge serve you? What is your own talent or gift in expressing yourself. The need for everyone to be understood, loved and accepted will be the driving passion. We all are searching for ways to connect with our outside world to be appreciated and acknowledged.
So how do you express yourself?

From within your inner connection, what colors do you find to show your own true colors. How much appreciation and acknowledgment are you giving to yourself. Allowing yourself to express freely. It all starts within, if we want to change anything that is holding us back. This takes courage most of the times the more challenged we are.

To be able to love ourselves, really and truly, will have a major impact on our way to express ourselves. Not shrinking through fear, yet standing tall within through love. Knowing how to voice yourself, how to show yourself, without holding back any longer. This is our life’s challenge. Express yourself, in order to beam your inner strength and love out into the world. By voicing your love, by teaching others to love and express themselves accordingly.

Just ask yourself the question every morning, how do I want to express myself? How can I use every challenge I am facing today, in order to create a more loving inner world? Which aspects need my attention today to be acknowledged as well loved. How can I use my emotional world and receive the gifts it presents every day through your experiences.

The choice is up to you which pathway you choose. Through loving awareness by creating consciousness, to assist you to stand tall and proud of yourself. You are challenged to go within, to bring in all the damaged and insecure aspects back into a place of harmony, love and balance. This will alter your expression, through love and integrity, respect and understanding.

And so it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 5-3-2017

Alignment Body and Mind, Heart and Soul

Become aligned with Body and Mind, Heart and Soul

For most people it is normal to take care of their body and most of the time also about their Heart or Heart affairs I might say. Not everyone feels the connections between the body, mind heart and soul and the importance of the co-operation between them. Some might have heard about the Chakra’s in relation with the body, yet for the western society this is a new way to take a look at the holistic energy field we as a human being are representing.

Can I give a lecture about the way the Chakra’s work, yes, I probably could. Yet the most important thing is to realize the signals we receive from our body, in any area, is also connected with our mental, emotional and etheric wellbeing. This is not about the way you should take care of your body. This is about accepting your body as your ally, be a close friend with it for it wants to be your companion along the journey you call Life.

It is about the realization your Body is connected through its design to assist you and show you what is going on in your life. Emotions, as well the positive as negative ones, are energy and they will have their effect on your body as well your well-being. We have so many expressions in our language that shows which role certain organs fulfill in our body in connection with the emotional state we are in.

Whenever we are not in love with the outcome of experiences in our life, we have this choice to make. Which type of energy do we choose in order to maintain our balance in every aspect of our being? Do we choose the loving and caring energy, with the gentleness and kindness towards ourselves? Or do we take the fear filled road, the one who is bringing us out of balance, creating more negativity within our way we perceive ourselves.

Every bump in the road so to speak, is an opportunity to choose. As life presents itself to us, we need to realize, we are the creators as well the creation. In order to need through our experiences, we learn to make the choices that will enable us to grow and expand. Whenever we ignore a signal we are presented with, even the very subtle ones, there is a reaction on every action we take.

Most likely it presents itself as a negative emotion, which will have its input on your body as well. Not to forget to mention your Heart and love flow. We tend to get stuck, causing blockages within our body, mind and heart. In the holistic vision we cannot separate them. Every stuck or blocked emotion will create an unbalance within our cells and organs. Even in the smallest atoms it will have an impact.

When we choose the way of balancing out the emotional and physical body we also need to work with our mind. There we will find all the imprints of social lessons of behavior, the emotions that brought in to our lives as well. The sabotage we can do on our self when there is lack of confidence. The thoughts about ourselves are as much part of our whole well-being as the emotions and physical reactions towards experiences on a day to day basis.

As much as we want to be happy and balanced, it is hard at times to just become still and sit for a while in order to just listen what is going on. Therefore, so many people are talking about meditation and mindfulness as well. In order to understand the inner connections on every level, it takes time to stop your track and become aware of what is going on internally.

So many impressions we receive every day from the moment we get out of bed till the moment we go back to bed in order to sleep. Not everyone is alike and not everyone requires the same tools in order to find balance within. Each one of us is unique and has chosen your own life experience in order to express your Heart and Soul connection through Love. We all do. We all want to heal whatever energy is stuck or blocked in order to create the flow of Energy or Life again. In order to do so, the Body, Mind, Heart and Soul must reach an alignment where the energy can flow freely.

Through every channel, either the physical plane, or the emotional and mental channel. This is what we are facing coming into this world. To learn to see past the illusion of separation. To learn to bring back this union within our whole being. Using the best tool, we possess, Love and then we will be able to bring in this powerful instrument that is able to heal even the biggest challenges expressed in the body as separation disappears.

The moment we restore the inner connections again by reviewing our mental and emotional awareness, we create a different reality for our being. This can come easy to one, it might be hard work for someone else, that differs as well depends on the challenges we chose.

Yet for each and every one of us there is this big challenge to bring home. The Love we have for ourselves is one major healer for any kind of stuck energy. In any area either physical, mental or emotional, the love for self will create the first step to bring in movement of energy.

This moving energy is also called Life or Life Force. There we will find reassuring as well the promise this change will be for your best self. We are here to serve, yes, we can spend our whole live in service, yet if this is not addressed to ourselves, it will be an empty vessel. Our service needs to be for our own higher good as well through loving tender care.

This will enable us to align more and more with every aspect of our being to express our Soul. The alignment in every area eventually will lead to a higher vibrational energy expressed through Love and Compassion, Truth and Knowledge to anyone else as well.

It can take courage, may need loads of strength and sometimes it will not succeed yet every choice we make will be the teacher if we made the right choice in that experience. We create, so we decide which path to take. As long you have Love as your guideline, you will bring in healing in every way and matter. This will be the glue between all the parts and love is also the cement between the physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies as well.

Use the tools you are given. Listen to the signals they present to you. If you feel tired, there is a reason and you need time to listen and learn what it wants to tell you. When you are feeling sad or hurt, you will find the root cause, once you sit down and start listening, giving it the loving attention in order to bring in the healing and moving energy of Life Force. You can witness these signals in every area of your life. It is up to you how to address them. What will you choose?

The moment stuck energy is cleared, you will immediately feel the energy flowing and your heart expanding. These are the moments that are needed in order to bring in the alignment and you will be able to be the Creator of your Life with a Capital L for Love. This will bring in joy and excitement to push you forward for more release and re-balancing.

These steps will make you feel good and proud about yourself as well, filled with self-worth which is not the same as being arrogant. Knowing is something that comes through the Heart and Soul, within. Not from others or their opinions, knowing is part of the alignment between Body & Mind, Heart & Soul connection as a whole Being.

And so, it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages June 2013

You will Awake to All of it

You will awaken to all of it

Waking up with this line in my head of a song I know, I realize it is a message I receive from the other side. Or maybe I should say from my Higher Self, Who has the overview of any type of situation I have found myself in. Sometimes it is hard to define. I know it when the songs are coming from my beloved in the songs I hear over the radio.

Yet I have been receiving many confirming messages over a longer period of time already. Mostly a couple of lines out of a song, not always in my sleep, at times also during the daytime when I am walking outside with the dog. When the surroundings are not too noisy and I am pondering my thoughts as well situation I am currently finding myself in.

It has been a guideline for many years and one I trust without questioning. I know this connection by heart and soul. Through all my learning about my spirituality and what is drawing me, it has always been part of my journey. Over the past almost 40 years consciously, for the most part since I started working and learning with energy, healing, spirituality, divine connection as we call life in its purest form.

It took me a while to learn to interpret the signs and signals I got over the years. It started at first with music, parts of a song, repeatedly in the early wake up moments. As If to make sure I wouldn’t forget them and know what the specific lines were that held the message.

It was like you get a cherry on your cake because it would always set the mood for the day ahead. As did it make something clear as well the more I learned to understand the correlation. Yet if I was receiving other messages, they didn’t come in my native language. They are presented to me in English. Asking questions to my Higher Self always came with answers in the English language. More importantly, writing them down, always was in perfect flawless English.

Like I knew how to write and what to write. Listening isn’t a right explanation to it. More like following the words and sentences without knowing which direction it would go. Like now. I got this one liner as a message and it initiates a message or blog, whatever name you want to give to it.

What I do know, it is always in sync with my current situation. It assists me to create clarity, yet in a deeper level to be told then I would normally write or speak up. The information is coming from a source within, not so much from the outside. At least that is how I perceive it. It combines at times my knowledge I have been building over the years, working as a social worker or therapist.

Yet it always will connect other layers as well. The perceptive is not just from the ground up, there is a direct line top down so to speak as well simultaneously. I was told my Higher Self had an oversee that expanded more than just my life or this lifetime.

It also connected me with my inner core and being. My knowing came from this place as well. Being an empath I am also familiar with the interactions between emotions and psyche as well the effects it has on our physical and mental awareness of perception. It took me a while to learn how to tune in whenever I was asked to, as well to close myself off to feel everything from everyone around me. It also brought me more understanding and knowledge for my own health issues and physical needs.

Whenever I needed clarification I would get information from a source through music or dreams. They always held the necessary knowledge for me to understand what to do or where to go. I have put it to the test, because I am not a standard believer. I am more like the apostle Simon, the unbeliever who needed prove.

During all the experiences which I had there was this inner line, this connection with a part of me that held a safe space for me. That is how I perceive it. Even when the going gets tough. Actually specially when the going gets tough, there is this connection as a guide to assist me. All I have to do is listen and pay attention. It helps I have been doing this for a long time already.

Even when my body seemed to fall apart and all the walls tumbled down. As tired or fatigued I was, the song lyrics and music was always present. In times I couldn’t write, the lyrics still were coming either in a song on the radio, or a phrase someone would mention. I truly believe we all have this inner compass and connection with this overseeing part of ourselves.

Like the song this morning as a reassuring it will be working out okay, I will receive all the knowledge I need to proceed with my life. Walking this journey now on my own, I have to find a new way how to give shape to my life. Yet still there are these nudges and lyrics in the songs that connect me with my beloved, letting me know he is watching me, guarding me, loving me.

Every message I have received over the years were always to be considered truthfully because of the love within the words. Key element in these messages is Love unconditionally for me, to assist me and guide me through the rougher parts. I ask my High Self to be part of me as in being my Eagle vision, to oversee what I cannot see just in front of me. To show me the bigger picture, so I can draw the lines between the dots.

It never failed me, nor let it me down in any way or shape. All it requires is, to quiet my mind, be alert, and receptive. Aware to the messages that peek my interest, as well direct attention. But most of all those, that are walking in my dream world, in the early minutes before I wake up in the morning , or for that matter in the middle of the night as well.

Paying attention to what pops up and needs to be heard. Grateful for this inner sense of awareness because it has been of great assistance over the years. I have put it to the test in the beginning through writing only to realize this was the perfect way to me to rely on the messages, that wrote themselves so to speak. Without any interference by language, just the energy and truth in them, in combination with a never ending Love.

And so it will be done

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 18-4-2017