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I am tired to the bone

I am tired to the bone

Feeling weary and tired when every day

The hick ups appear from emotional wounds.

Whenever the energy feels draining I know

This isn’t about me as much as it is by the

Ones who are feeding on my energy

In order to feel better or even believe they are.

Being the empath I am I also know how tricky

This is, sensing the energy of what is coming

Towards me which doesn’t belong to me.

It is like the emotions are being projected

And also being addressed in a judging way.

So how to stay out of this draining energy

Is a day to day struggle at times when I am tired.

During my own lifetime experiences I have been

Dealing with these challenges caused by the

Lack of boundaries as well personal issues

And it has been difficult in order to stay

Within my own inner balance as well.

Specially when it is very subtle and can make

Me doubt myself if the energy is my own or not.

Projection is a dangerous game for those who

Are fine tuning through their own emotional wounds.

Caused by abuse creating a radar to enable them

To adjust to any situation that might come up.

Manipulation is also part of this energy and process

Which makes it even more hazardous.

If you are not aware of the underlaying energy

It will create a dis balance within that isn’t always

Been recognized as such.

I am definitely not the only one who is challenged

By the learning process of what is mine, energy wise

And what does belong to the other party involved.

Empathic abilities also enables me to tune into the

Energy of someone else when it is required.

Yet this is not about requirement, or inviting in,

This is about the way the energy will be drained

And leaving me tired to the bones at times.

How to be able to handle these waves of energy

Has been a long learning process,

Because it is also about being vulnerable and open,

Which will take its toll when boundaries are being

Crossed and the game of setting them is being ignored.

I am accountable for my own actions and intentions,

As is every other party that I encounter.

Only through the love and compassion for the

Process at hand will enable me to stay out of the

Energy field and there will be no need to set up

Boundaries, because it can flow through me

Without any lingering negative or draining residue.

Become aware of the way these patterns work

Are setting the base as does the love we have

For anyone who will respond and act from fear.

Accountability is a different type of energy

Which will be met in a different manner.

Not being made responsible for the way you are

Or the way you will be perceived, from the inside

As well outside worlds that will clash at times.

Love is the key to be able to hold a safe space

For myself, as well the ones who are in need of them.

And so it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 13-6-2018


How communication can lead to agreement or disagreement

How communication can lead to agreement or disagreement

When we are connecting with each other, communication will be key element in the way we are able to hear and listen, to read between the lines, or to sense the message beneath the words that are spoken, or written for that matter. It takes a lot of self-knowing to understand the process when the communication seems to be full of judgement, or projection.

The way we are addressing the topics of our day to day business, is always colored by our own perceptions. It is also colored by the upbringing and the rules we were raised with. There are many cultures and societies where obedience is the rule. Not to verbalize or speak up, against the way the parents are setting their rules.

I believe that this is a red thread so to speak through our division between feminine as well masculine energies. Abuse isn’t just about women, it is about men as well. The way we are being raised is an important factor in the way we are able to perceive ourselves. There is also this timeframe, about parenting in the period of the 50ies and 60ies.

Specific in the western world, where the two major World Wars were dominating the way the role between men and women were dictated. Not just through society, through religion as well. The strict way this was perceived has been responsible for many traumas, emotional, physical as well mental. The roles of men and women were shifting through the 70ies, when women were fighting for their rights, the feminist was born.

Yet the way power was being treated within the relationships of families and relatives is a universal given. The duality is part of the division and the way how this was brought into the way we learned to perceive ourselves as well. Now communication is a tool which is always colored by our own perceptions. As does the way we choose our words and language to speak up our mind as well.

If we haven’t learned it is safe to speak up ones mind, it is more difficult to trust your own inner gut feelings. If they were denied from the start, how to find the way in trusting the words from others as well. It is also about the way how actions will support the words, or not. Because we can speak up our minds, yet if this isn’t supported by our actions, then it will lead to mistrust.

So, what makes communication transparent and honest? How can we communicate with each other freely so we can come to an understanding as well agreement. Or at least, to agree we don’t agree with each other, just because there is this genuine trust in the relationship. I can speak only of what I feel or sense as a reaction to the way it will be told or shared with me. If this comes from a place of telling me the truth, I have this allergic reaction within immediately against the energy that comes with it. Now you can tell me how you see or perceive things as your truth.

Yet, this doesn’t mean it is true for me. Or the other way around for that matter. And what is good for you, will not necessarily be good for me as well. So this will create the space for alignment and agreement, if we speak our mind and heart feelings from our own perspective. In order to leave it for the receiving party to be free to go with the information or feelings, as well to react from their own way of perspective.

Communication is a wonderful and precious tool, if it is coming from a place of love, understanding, compassion as well kindness. If the words are harsh or dominating the conversation, we all know the results. This is a macro- micro way of communication. The universal law so to speak we all learn one way or the other. We can observe it through our own family patterns, our friendships, relationships as well on the world stage.

How communication can dominate an entire country, as well creating a very negative outcome. This is not much different in our own relationships with each other. If you are coming from an abused relationship with parents, or partners, this will be a difficult lesson to learn. Because it is always connected with fear and dominance.

Not through love and care, open relationship with parents in understanding and the freedom to speak up your mind. Encouraged even to do so, not always to be seeing it the same way, yet respect for each other. This way creating a safe space where the communication can flow and issues can be addressed in a loving way.

Words are energy as well the way we put them in a sentence. They will always reflect or trigger the person you want to bring your message across. For me it is about being open and clear about the way I perceive things from my perspective. Creating an open dialogue so to speak, where there is space to share and learn. Because we can always learn from each other.

Only with an open mind we will be able to learn through the ways our emotional and mental lessons are being colored by our experiences. In order to understand we need to have an open mind otherwise we won’t be able to hear the emotions that are hidden at times in the way the message is addressed. Through the ears and eyes of a loving heart, we are able to communicate and establish agreement.

Communication starts within, it starts within the way we are been triggered and how we tend to react or respond. If this is coming from a place of fear, the way we think we are not being heard or understood, will create disagreement. The duality that lies within each of us, is part of our inner communication. Healing or bringing in balance between the reactions and actions are part of the way we communicate with ourselves.

So for me, all I can do is listen, within my own inner space. My reactions that are been triggered mean there is still something that needs my attention and wants to be addressed. Denying is creating even more disagreement, even within. So in order to create agreement through communication, the key element will be Love. Love and care for oneself, will always reflect the way we are addressing the other one as well.

And so it will be done

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 6-6-2018

What’s there to tell about pillow talk

What’s there to tell about pillow talk
Interesting topic, pillow talk, it brings in so many memories come flooding in. In the 43 years together we had our most laughs, our sorrows, our pain, our fears shared together in bed. Either before falling to sleep, or waking up in the morning, the wee hours when you feel it’s still dark outside and the sunlight is still waiting to come forth. These moments we shared are so significant for our relationship.
Build on love, trust and faith enabled us to share our most intimidate as well secret hidden emotions, stories never been told. Pillow talk is something that for us was build around that one key element, love and interest for each other. Wanting to get to learn each other in every corner of the mind, the heart and soul.
Everything that needed to be revealed came up in these warm loving moments, listening to the words, looking in the eyes of the beloved. Sensing and feeling how the external walls were dropping down. To get into the most intimate space within. It made it possible to be as small or as tall you could be. Just because of the safe space we could hold for each other.
Reviewing the day, the events that took place, the difficulties as well the discrepancies. Work related or family related, it didn’t matter what came up. We always could rely on our pillow talks. Promises made not to go to bed in anger or anxiety, nor get out of bed in a bad mood.
Promises made over the years, what do to with upcoming challenges. Our worries about the kids growing up, our different takes on it as well. How I love our pillow talks, the warm and safe surrounding we could offer each other. At times, just lying on our own pillow so to speak, side by side, other times resting in each other’s arms. How I loved to rest in your arms, head on your shoulder, feeling the rising by your breath and the deep rumble in my ears when you talked. The breath that connected us even more.
Silent talks were exchanged as well and probably these were the best. Resting comfortably in each other’s energy, heart to heart connected, feeling the breath as well the heartbeats and bringing them in sync. Creating one circle of love, breath and life on one pillow, which spoke volumes. Gratitude as well for the deep inner connection we could achieve.
Not always as smooth as we would like them to be. Yet always finding our way together, through our pillow talks as well. Because that was our sanctuary, the silence as well the safety and trust. Knowing whatever would be said, it would be acknowledged and accepted.
The moments we could sense a wall between us, were the most difficult in this space in bed. The intimacy we held was also been put to the test. In ways we couldn’t expect and never would have anticipated. The storms that run through our life was always as turbulent at times during our pillow talks as well, the tears wetting the pillows. The way life was being experienced held several difficult moments for us to deal with.
It was a roller coaster as well, the events that took place to be dealt with. Yet one thing we never lost was our love and faith in each other, to be able to deal with what ever difficulty and challenge we would have to face. The way we would find our way back or come up with solutions always came from the way we communicated.
Intimacy is something that doesn’t come easy at times. When former experiences are been triggered and bring up walls which were not there before, for one. This was a hurdle that needed to be taken in order to keep communicating. Yet within my love I knew he was the only one who could lay me bare without undressing me.
He made me feel loved beyond fears and tears. Coming from different places and spaces, the way to find our middle ground was always based on love. It was the cement or the glue that kept It all together in times of need. For me he was the only one I could reveal so much without feeling misunderstood, or rejected by the way my path took me.
How I miss our pillow talks at times, even though I can always talk to you the same way we did. I feel and sense this loving energy surrounding me and I know you know me. Every cell holds the memories of you alive in my being. Bringing in through beautiful memories, our children and grandchildren, family moments to cherish and pictures to show them.
Love is energy and your loving energy is huge and expanding even more. It is coming down to the breath, the space I know you are in my heart, in the moment between the inhale and exhale. In the safe space of our bedroom I still feel cherished and loved. The most precious moments we had and held, were in that bedroom. During our pillow talks, reminiscing and remembering, honoring and loving each other.
Quote by Zayn expresses it perfectly for me: “in the place that feels the tears, the place to lose your fears, Yeah, reckless behavior (Pillow talk)
And so it is
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 5-6-2018

Why wait for someone to be ready or not?

Why wait for someone to be ready or not
During my lifetime there have been many challenges where It was important to wait for the other one to get on board. We all walk in our own pace, and not necessary the same. Being in a loving relationship, it is always about taken care of each other as well staying true to yourself. No need to wait in your own lifetime experiences to go through the different stages and phases.
If this is needed for your own higher good as well progressing. It will also need to be aligned with the one you love. If this means there is a different phase that needs to be worked out, there is always the need to give space to that. To have time to enfold as well to work through the necessary issues that are at hand.
It has been very important during my life up to now, that at times I need to wait for my loved ones to work through their own process. I can only offer them my love, my attention and care in order to facilitate a safe space so to speak. I came to the understanding that their lessons are not always my lessons.
Their own inner soul mission has a different task to explore as well to heal and recover from old emotional wounds. Each one brings in their own lifetime issue to work through and bring in the inner balance again, from the heart. It was not just me being a partner, a mother, a child of my parents, siblings, relatives and friends. It was coming from a deeper knowing.
Now this took me several years to understand and my study as well my experiences for myself were guidelines as well tools. You cannot help or assist any one, if they don’t want it. You cannot force information or assistance on anyone, rebelling against it. You can only offer the love you hold for them, setting boundaries when needed and necessary as well.
It is never intended the ways the processes were taking place would be harming you in any way shape or form. Yet to know this, it is most important to understand how this works on both parties involved. For each relationship holds a different energy pattern in itself. Your position as a lover and partner in a relationship is different from the role as a parent, or towards your own parents.
All we learn through our upbringing is decided and colored a lot by our own social and religious surroundings, our culture, our nation, our community. Our parents have been raised with their own set of lessons, which will be taught again to their children. Depending on the way love has been a key to unlock the inner closets, or through fear to keep them closed.
Every experience we have or had is colored by either one. Fear based experienced don’t hold the light, it is black and its dark. Love will be the key to bring in the light, to shed the light towards the one you love. Learning trough the challenges we are learning how love will be the healer towards any experience, emotional wounds as well physical.
If we are in an equal relationship with our loved ones, children, family and friends, there will always be space to allow any of them to work through their inner process of healing. Whatever it takes or is needed to bring in a safe space, we are willing to bring this in. Does this mean we are not triggered by behavior, of course we are. It is up to us to decide how we will respond and react to them.
Love is always the base of the way we are able to deal with the emotional triggers. At times we have to set our own boundaries, specifically if it is about anger or respect. Self-love and self-worth are the foundation. This will set the space as well the way we will be able to deal with the triggers. Because it’s not always about you.
As much as we think it is, most of the challenges we all go through have to do with our own inner healing of emotional old wounds we bring to the table. The way our circumstances will provide the circumstances, the people around us, our loved ones as well are prove of that. So if you learn more and more about your inner turmoil, you will be able to share this with your loved ones as well. You can be of assistance as well holding the loving space for them to work through.
What do you do, when you know what will assist them to come to healing with the proper knowledge. It depends on the willingness of them to hear or able to hear what you have to offer. If it’s met with resistance or they are just not able to hear because of their inner turmoil, it doesn’t work.
Then you have to wait till they are. Is it about you? Only if you are taking it upon yourself, when it’s feeding your own insecurity, of not being heard, of not being seen, of not being understood. Then yes, it is about you to take a look at the cause of it and find your way to bring in the necessary love and compassion to heal them.
Is it about the fear, anger or any other negative experienced energy, and it doesn’t resonate with you, then it’s not about you. You don’t have to accept any judgement or belief system ideas, that don’t resonate and is projection by the other of their own inner beliefs and imprints. Should you love them less, no of course not.
You can love any soul and heart, yet you don’t have to be always in terms with them if this doesn’t resonate at that specific moment. Then you can decide to wait, with love and compassion, kindness and understanding, till they will be ready to hear your love. Because they are worth it to wait for, coming through their own turmoil in the sacred safe space you then offer.
Every soul is worth it to wait for, ready or not, in order to change the old ways we were taught. We have this wonderful opportunity to create this change, from the heart. Bring in the love and the space to not just wait for them to love themselves, as much for you, to love yourself without any restrictions, no reservations or holding back. Unconditional love is a learning process, yet it always starts within. It always starts with you, holding yourself in a loving unconditional way. Heart to Heart, Soul to Soul.
And so it will be done
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 31-5-2018

Let it be you

Let it be You
As your Earth plane readies itself for another energy surge, it is wise to remember your boundaries and self-care. This does not mean you need to sequester yourself away from others; instead soften your surroundings and do your best to make your personal space comfortable and safe. Do not allow societal thoughts of ‘selfishness’ cloud this process. You cannot love and care for those around you if you are unable to do this for yourself first. Peace and calm during tumultuous times must come from somewhere…let it be you. ~ Creator
I was reading this article this morning and it was spot on time, because these past few weeks, it has been about boundaries. In order to set my boundaries, I always get triggered by other people who have the tendency to walk over boundaries. Just because they don’t feel their own, or haven’t been able to develop a healthy boundary asset. Usually it is about those who have been dealing with abuse in many shapes.
If this takes place at an early age, it is stuck in the way how they have been treated. Learning to set boundaries is part of self-care as well. It has to do with the process of learning who you are and what feels good for you. Not by defending with harshness, which maybe the most easy way at first. Through softening of the energy, lovingly and with compassion, it will get a different kind of energy.
Now I know, all our exchanges and experiences on this earth plane, is about duality as well the play with boundaries. Some people like to have no boundaries at all, like you would drift in a big ocean. Yet even in the ocean there you will encounter boundaries, through waves, the sea life, or other ships at sea. The process of learning about boundaries has a lot to with the way you perceive yourself.
To be at easy and with peace within your own surroundings, within your own space, it is necessary to be at peace with your self as well. Only through self-worth and self-love you can create this inner safe space. Triggers in any way shape or form will always be the tools to show, how and where you are not able to stay in that safe place.
It may be through life time experiences and challenges you can feel the need to give it your full attention. It may be said before that the way you can go through a storm, will be to stay in the center of it. In the eye of the storm, there you can sense the calm and peace of being able to work through without losing your bearings. I have had these experiences many times during my life, putting to the test as I feel it.
If this is challenging to learn through the emotions that are being stirred, it is also the best tool ever to learn what it is that gets me out of my inner balance. During my lifetime I have walked this spiral of little and bigger triggers. Challenging as well because I am high sensitive and empath, so I sense not just my own energy as well of those around me. Specially the ones I love and are close to me.
Yet those people surrounding me in different ways, either through personal encounters or through writings and internet connections are also able to make me feel the energy behind or beneath the words, or actions. To me it is of the most importance to understand the more subtle ways it comes to me. The way I felt before or after is also a training and lesson to be learned even as a child.
This comes with the ability of feeling the emotions and pain or sorrow someone tries to hide beneath a mask. Now it is up to me, to make sure I can find not only my own cause of dis-balance, as well what happens during this process to make it clear. I can only work on my inner balance, not the way the other might feel. It will have a different outcome if the responses come from a place of fear, anger, sorrow instead of love and compassion.
It makes it al the more important to love myself through these experiences, instead of sabotaging me, punishing me or feel ashamed of the emotions that might come up. To me this has been my life challenge in order to bring in the balance within. When it comes with acknowledgement, acceptance, allowing as well, then the inner response will change.
As will the emotions that are been triggered, because it shows the cause or root of the pain that arises. Not being understood, is one of them for instance. Not being heard or seen is another one. We all know these emotions and pain triggers when we feel insecure and not loved as well.
Putting it to the test until there exist this inner haven within, the eye within the storm so to speak. I know I can always count on that safe space within my heart. As I do know, emotions that arises don’t last, they come up and will leave as well. The key to be able to handle the rising and falling of the waves of emotion, is the way you will be able to do it with love and compassion. For yourself in the first place. Like it said in the message, you cannot take care and love some one else, if you don’t take care and love yourself. It all starts within, it all starts with me. So when put to the challenge, it is me who will need to make sure I will be able to hold it in a safe space.
Not by denying what comes up, yet by accepting there is still something unresolved, that needs my attention to be healed.
Let it be you, isn’t about being lesser, or the one who needs to bow down. It is about loving yourself, taking care of yourself. If this means you have to set boundaries, then it will be so. If it means you need to distance yourself from others, then it will be so.
You can still love someone, even if you are angry or upset with behavior. It comes down to the way you love yourself, in order to remain in this safe space within. Maybe at one point, the other will understand or respect because they love themselves equally and know they are worth it in the same way. Let it be you, setting boundaries out of love. Instead out of fear or anger. Let it be you, to show how love works its magic inside and out.
And so it will be
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 28-5-2018

What is truly yours will be revealed

What is truly yours will be revealed
This sentence from a card I was presented with, triggered my interest as well my curiosity. Because I have been given form to my life for the past 2 years to my best ability. Recovering from the transition and departure of my love in my material world. It took deep breathes at times in the early morning hours to be grateful for the new day.
Yet it wasn’t deep to linger long that sensation. It was also the way my body reacts to stimuli and pressure over a longer period of time. So for me this is my way of coping and dealing with the high sensitivity on physical as well the energy patterns around. The past few years a lot has shifted and changed on a more global plane as well.
I have been writing a lot about the process as well my journey over the past 5 years at least. My writing started long before that time, yet not in the way it presented itself to me that summer. I was more and more connected with that other aspect of me, my Higher Self energy. I knew this feeling over the years when it brought me messages, from the overview it had. Something I didn’t had at the moments it presented itself to me.
The clarity as well the language were always prove to me about my deep inner connection. I never had to doubt what I had been written, because what comes through is always flawless English. Even without grammar flows. Occasional typing errors.
So these past few months have been challenging as well through a connection I had with someone else. In hind side it reveals the way I am opening up to the way love is presented towards me, my spontaneity as well sharing my life on a day to day base. What made it a challenge was the feeling it became some sort of competition.
Not a natural flow of equality or even acknowledgement. It shook me to my core so to speak. It was creeping under my skin in a slow yet steady way. Confused about the way it presented itself. It was the subtle way it was done. Making use of my story and background. The lessons I learned and had been writing about were made a common issue. I know my life and soul are a individual journey. No one else is going to walk it the same way I am.
At the same time, it became some sort of test. Challenging it was on an emotional level as well. I became more and more aware, this was something I knew and had been gone through before. The underlying issue if someone is doubting the sincerity and honesty, will always be put to the test. As well work against you.
It worked as a confirmation nobody is to be trusted, because if you push long and hard enough, you will get angry, will speak up, even if it is out of love. This is a difficult path to walk. Because it is demanding, to stay close to your inner source and heart. I can love you for the beautiful soul you are, yet I don’t have to agree or like the way you act.
This is a core issue. Even our kids where anxious or even scared if I got angry with them. Proving them that I would always love them no matter what, yet I not always would like it when they were doing something that was out of the order. Insecurity caused by trauma for instance is deeply effected by this sense of duality. In some spiritual communities you can only grow when you over come your anger.
To me the energy of anger, or sorrow, or fear are triggers as well tools which present the gift of balancing and healing aspects that are been addressed. So when I feel betrayed, or disbelieved and it is being pushed to a certain limit, then the energy, the fire will rise. It is up to me to use it in a way that will benefit both. As it does address the issue which has caused it to rise in the first place.
I can only learn and expand in my journey to understand my own triggers through experiencing the energy that is coming to the forefront. In this case, the way I could also sense the energy of the other, made it a challenge. Because of the subtlety it was presented, I had to dive in deeper within my inner self. It also demanded me to be honest with myself in the way I held my own part in this exchange of energy. It was a test of the strength of unconditional love, having compassion and also being honest to address what happened in my perception.
At one point it is inevitable to let go of a relationship that was based on power and empowerment. Love is also part of the choice to make. Because it made me feel I had to chose in the exchanges of communication. Love will never ask you to choose. Love will always embrace all the differences. For me to make a decision based on love, it held both parties.
It wasn’t healthy for either one of us to stay within this relationship, as well the need to set boundaries. Which weren’t understood. I will look at any soul in love, yet I also will release and let go any soul which is seeking the empowerment. It is a way of healing, set in love, released by any kind of lingering negative energy.
This makes clear the path again, to follow my path. It made me aware of the tests I have had during my lifetime to get me out of my loving heart into the negativity of fear. I have had my battles and the scarfs that healed over time. Yet I also succeeded to keep my focus and heart to release anyone who is following their own soul journey.
Knowing the depth of my Love, it is also important at times, to be grateful as well humbled by the way it is returned to me. No doubt what is truly mine, will enfold in the future time ahead. Step by step it will reveal which direction it will take. My soul is on a mission and to me, it is a journey with many beautiful as well difficult experiences. It has build me in ways I never thought was possible. To be continued. To be revealed along the way.
And so it will be done.
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 27-5-2018

When my Heart is set on Fire

When my Heart is set on Fire


When my Heart is set on Fire

Falling in Love with You,

All the energy starts flowing

Igniting this Inner Flame

And it shows, it will shine

Brighter than ever before.

Once you find this Inner Love

For yourself and the connection

To the other One,

There will be this big release

And extension of Love

Ready to set your intentions

To fall in Love Unconditionally.

First and foremost loving yourself,

Enabling you to fall in love

And see all the potentials

And qualities to create synergy,

You can say, I see You

And create a relationship

Based on a totally different intent.

Open up your Heart,

Just let it Be,

Open your Heart

And let it Begin,


There is no fear anymore

Just the love between

You and your Heart.


And so it is.


High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 7-11-2013



How to tackle the inner turmoil

How to tackle the inner turmoil
Sometimes my day starts with the sense of un-settlement within my body, as well the higher flux of energy that is passing through my nerve system. Because that is where I am sensing it the most when the energy around me is changing on a higher vibration level. It sings within my nerves, as if a higher voltage is running through them. All I can do is take deep breaths in order to calm down and relax within the process.
Because I already learned through experience, there is nothing wrong with my body. Not in the sense of becoming ill, coming down with a flue or something similar. Over the years my body has undergone many shifts and changes on a cellular level. Nothing traceable within my blood. Only on an energy level is it detected so far, and got confirmation about the process as well.
It does trigger sometimes my anxiety, inner resistance, that’s for sure. Because the body needs more rest, a sense of pain in my limbs, sometimes my organs are getting upset as well, mostly my stomach. Thank God for the articles I read about similar responses on a more universal global base experienced by others as well. They call it the Ascension symptoms. The way our body is resisting the need to adept and change in ways it’s not familiar with.
Sometimes it feels like I am falling back into my ME period, the chronic fatigue syndrome. That’s when my inner turmoil starts. Because of the memories of being so exhausted, not able to do anything. Depending on others for the normal day to day routine. Also the deep inner process of going through so many layers to clear, heal and release. That was the deeper meaning behind the physical as well emotional experience.
It took me a lot of persistence as well to work through these layers, bringing forth so many emotions as well fear. It also reconnected me with past life times. They came up in a natural way, never needed to go through regression therapy. My dreams always told me the deeper levels and importance about the connection that was hidden within my cells.
Yet, at times, when this process of adaption to the high vibration frequency energy, it feels similar. As much as I have been working through the years, it still has this ring of fear. To fall back, to become disabled again physically. So today reading this wonderful inspiring message about the way our heart and soul are aligned.
Even though our body may not be functioning on a normal level, forgive me the term normal, as in expected health wise. It is also possible to live our lives on a grander scale. Enough role models who have showed how their soul is shining through the disabilities of the physical. Stephen Hawkins was one, Ram Dass another.
So many people with challenges on the physical area, are the most inspiring ones who show us what we can achieve. It is all about perspective and perception how I can take myself out of the fear filled thoughts. Because it’s the mind usually, that brings up the train of thoughts, the what ifs, and what then.
For me it is necessary as well useful to take it one day at a time. To stay in the now moment so to speak. To be mindful and present. I have learned how to use my breathing as well to find my inner balance instead of following my thoughts into my fears or insecurity of the outcome. Using my experience with yoga, mantra work, it is assisting me to stay focused. Accepting my fear is another part of this energy work.
Denying what is, will only enforce the tension as well the anxiety about what might be. Another way of settling down the emotions, for me is to walk outside, getting my bearings in nature, just grounding and sensing the energy I receive. Through the birds, their songs, the wind in my hair, the sounds of the tree leaves in the wind, all senses open to accept the energy of mother Nature.
There are many ways to tackle the inner turmoil. It is important to choose those that will assist you the most. Through learning and trying out different tools, the ones that fit the best will present themselves. It also can be a challenge, to step out of the comfort zone, just to create a new experience. Yet, without trying, you will never know. I have been learning a lot over the years about energy work and to me it has been rewarding.
It assists me in my life in so many ways. I love to feel the energy running through my body, the colors I can use, the energy I can bring into the core of Mother earth as well high up into the highest dimensions of Source. The assistance I receive doing so by the elementals, the angels as well my spiritual guides and guardians.
So to put trust into the experience, it is my way of tackling my inner turmoil. The outcome of any exercise is always about trusting the process. Knowing that I am not alone, loved and taken care of in times I need it, as well in times it just is in a flow and all is well. Trusting my body as well, being my ally during all the years, creating lifetime altering experiences.
I am not always at ease, yet always grateful for the possibilities it held in store for me. To learn, to grow, to enfold as well. Through all my experiences, it thought me to trust myself. To love and to hold myself, in every step of the way. So the inner turmoil is part of the whole, and a tool as well to create new pathways and healing space.
And so it will be done
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 22-5-2018

when it’s time to let go of old grudges

When it’s time to let go of old grudges
Today started with a walk in the early morning and waiting for the dog to catch up, found myself standing in the Sunlight. Time to let go of anything that might hold me back, old memories of the past 40 years or so which are still lingering. An invite was a trigger to it all. Looking back over the time I have spend, it feels like an old lifetime almost.
There isn’t the connection I used to have with a lot of family members as during our marriage till my love made his transition. It also made me think or rather feel my inner resistance if I would accept this invite or not. I was swaying between the yes, you should, and the no I have no need to attend.
We all know this swaying of the pendulum I guess. What is important how you make your choice or take a decision. This morning was about cutting the cords that connected me to this sense of sorrow, anger, frustration I have had along this lifetime. Stepping into a new future without these attachments that still ask their attention from time to time.
Grateful I am for the triggers, because they show me what it is, that still needs love and attention. Today it felt like shedding of an old body. Unwrapping the new one that is filled with more love and light energy. Because while we do this sacred cleaning and cleansing, the clearing of our inner well, we mirror our Source more and more in all its clarity.
So standing there with my eyes closed embracing all that was coming forth, it made me aware how much I am already connected with this new way of receiving. As well with less and less effort I am ready and able to pick up the trace of energy, in order to release it in love. I don’t want to hold any grudge, nor do I want to be held back by myself as well. I need to be my best ally in order to enfold this precious inner Light that is felt within.
On my way in a different phase of my life. Feeling the energy of standing on my own 2 feet. Never disconnected from my love, yet it all will be flowing in a different type of energy as well relationship. I realize that over the past few years a lot has grown inside me, how much strength there is to move through life. Including the sense of missing some one beside me, to be able to share and receive as well.
I know my love will always play a big role in my present, past as well future life. He has made so much impact on so many people during his life and still is missed by many. In order to move on and forward as well, the roles we played this lifetime has come to an end. As well all that still is connected in our past lifetime within the family patterns. What ever happened, happened in the past.
Whatever isn’t cleared yet, healed or dealt with, is touched by triggers. This applies me the tool to be aware again what I still am struggling with. It’s time, cutting the cords, releasing the stuck energy and do this with love. No longer do I need to be protective, concerned, worried or stand up. It doesn’t serve me any longer, and it certainly doesn’t serve us.
Ask yourself why you judge and condemn yourself so harshly. Be willing to follow your Inner shadow processes in order to learn from their Gifts. Make your Heart a sanctuary and Self Love your security. I was reading this as well, so it acknowledged my intention even more. Letting go of the emotions of frustration and bitterness is creating so much space within your heart.
As it is shining outwards as well. For we are all connected with each other. So through forgiveness as well we can let go of any that has happened in our past, which no longer serves us. To me, this is timely connected as well with my new way of living solo, no longer physical part of our partnership in my loving relationship with my love.
What a difference this has been for the past 2 years. Finding my new roots as well setting my intentions to be alive, with a big smile and love to the fullest. Has it been easy, no it had its challenges and trials along the way. Yet I feel I am carried as well held in the love we share, either her in the physical as well through the veil.
There is so much to feel blessed and grateful for, that I know he would want me to let go of any old grudge against members of his family. Letting go of old hurt and pain, denial and negativity. To stand tall in my own heart space, no longer in my initial reactions of defend or fight against. I live my life with the knowledge there is compassion for every reaction as well the vision of the soul and their journey.
Cutting all energy cords that are standing in my path to be fully alive. Because that’s what these cords are doing to me. It’s holding me back and it is time to step forward. Even if that means I am no longer part of a group, which always has been an illusion anyway. Yet with love and compassion for myself as well for those who need it the most.
Because there is so much pain that needs to be healed if the actions and reactions come from a place of hurt. In my own way I have kept this energy stuck as well. All I can do and need to do, is bring in the love and light for every soul, creating a safe space for each and every one of them.
And so it will be done
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 21-5-2018

The Balance in Life

The Balance in Life


Where did you fell out of Balance, do you remember the first time you did? Was it as a toddler, trying to walk and set the first insecure steps only to fall and lose balance?

The first experience you had and how it affected you? Luckily toddlers are driven by this Instinct, this drive how to learn, to sit, to walk, to talk and then grow stronger with each attempt, never giving up, never going in.


And sure there are differences, the unique person you are that enables you to walk you path in your own infinite way, step by step. Sometimes determined to get to a goal, sometimes uncertain where your path is leading you. Following this internal drive, the push and nudge deep inside your Self, creating a new experience, a new You, a new Balance within Your Self.


Life is like that, never a dull moment, and always seems a step ahead of you, trying to follow this lead and balancing on this cord that is Life. Sometimes the path is wide and open, sometimes narrow and small, the Equilibrium is the Total Balance you are reaching for in Life, when the Mind and the Heart fall into this Balance and create this moment of Now, the Today, no more need to search for direction or plan, since there is the Balance between knowing and feeling, there you will find You, the I AM, the All that is and all that You Are.



High Self – @RheaDopmeijer  ©

Heartfelt Messages 5-9-2013