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Being compassionate towards yourself

Being compassionate towards yourself
During my walks every day there are so many moments that I am drawn to something that peaks my attention. It might be the Light that plays with the shadows the trees are creating on the path. Or the sound of the ducks and geese, the blackbirds and seagulls, all the birds singing their own tune. It feels like a little tug that will make me alert and aware of my surroundings. Yet in a different way, not to so much the big picture, yet all the small details.
The way the earth changes its colors, the dirt getting grey by drought, or just intensified black after a rainy day.
I love to watch these changes, like a great big kaleidoscope, changing by the minute. It keeps me focused and attuned, even in such a manner, I am almost get run over by a bike I didn’t see or heard coming. Yet instinctively I know to step aside, always in the right direction.
Yet caught by surprise, because not many people take this path on bike to get to the sport fields that are just on the other side of the trees. I lose track of time, walking in this kind of awareness. Standing in the bright Sun light, absorbing the energy and creating the connection deep within the earth, to the core of Gaia.
To me this is a daily routine, never get bored never feel as a discipline or method. It just happens naturally the minute I am outdoors in nature, with the sounds of traffic in the background. Yet being so focused it filters it out, just to hear only the sounds nature brings to me. Doves flying from tree to tree, blackbirds on the ground searching for food, or the flapping of the wings when the ducks fly up.
Yelling at each other it seems at times. All this is an energy that enables me to stay centered within. Not just that. It also enables me to let the thoughts and emotions come up freely, not controlling them in any way. The state of conscious awareness through breathing allows me to shift through the memories that come up.
The happy as well the sad or more painful ones, that comes up will be in connection with what is going on in my day to day life. When they do, I have learned to allow them to come up, and breathe consciously through them when they come from this deep memory well based in all my cells of my body, mind and heart.
Spirit is the glue that connects all together. It is also the guideline for me, that enables me to see the bigger picture. To see both sides, or more sides that are at hand in any given time. Sometimes it are memories from childhood, or aspects of all my roles during this lifetime. Being a wife, lover, mother, grandmother, daughter as well for one.
Walking along the path, pondering about certain events that spring to mind, I also feel the presence around me of the unseen world. Through the sudden appearance of a heron, for instance or the splash of water created by a jumping fish. It is in those details I know I am not alone. Yet I have felt alone through out the years.
Even though I was always aware of my spiritual guides, this journey is one that brought up many challenges. Physical, emotional and mental as well. Whenever something springs to mind I knew it was time to address the issue in order to release and let go, to love and to heal. The more I was and am able to work through this process of releasing, the more confident I am.
The way I am able to have compassion for others wasn’t that integrated within myself. I have been fighting my way through physical issues, getting angry with the way my body was limiting me, as well grateful for the way it does. In this process over the years there has always been this challenge of allowing what is, accepting the way I have chosen on a soul level. It has brought me clarity, understanding, going through layer upon layer.
The way this is connected with the energy of being in nature comes natural for me. Even as a child you could find me in the woods, close to my home, in the early morning hours when everybody was still asleep. I loved the way the day started and everything came to life in the early morning hours.
Walking has always been healing for me, as does spending time in nature, either woods, forests ,lake or seaside. I think to me it was important because it enabled me to keep my balance, being high sensitive to all those noises and people around me. So every time I needed to regroup internally, on all levels, I went into nature. It is also assisting me to clear my head, let go of all the mind triggers, creating stillness and silence within myself.
Over time with the acceptation of the way I am wired, came the increasing love as well compassion. As if it was just stepping aside in order to get a different perspective to the way I perceive myself. Compassion is a beautiful gift to give to yourself. It will immediately release you from any kind of shame, anger, sadness you might hold. Especially if you think you fail yourself.
This morning I was hold by the energy of the Sun and this bright shining sparkling Light on the water reflected and reaching out all the way towards me. The warmth I felt, not just from the Sun, filled my entire being with love and held me in a familiar special way. Even writing down this memory and experience, it rises again in my heart, bringing a big smile on my face.
My love is a constant and special connection. Reaching out through time and space, through the veil with the unseen. Bringing me comfort when I need it. But most of all, the love that exists in the sacred space within my heart is growing and expanding in our journey together.
The compassion I felt for me, enables me to open up fully towards myself as well. Love is and always will be the key to the Heart, Spirit and Soul, in every moment of the day. You only have to open up, and let it take you by the hand to follow its lead. It will bring you joy and happiness, it allows to let all the fear and doubts go.
It will fulfill the wholes in the emotional body as well the physical. It is the key to fall in love with self as well. To fully understand and sense the inner beauty that is there, waiting to come forward the moment you allow it to be. I love to stand tall in the Light of the Sun, the reflection of my inner Sun Light, expressed in my day to day life.
And so it will be done
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 20-3-2018

Physical challenges, mind over matter?

Physical challenges, mind over matter?
It is not the strength of the body that counts,
but the strength of the spirit
J.R.R. Tolkien
This morning I woke up from a dream about my physical body in comparison to my spirit and soul’s challenges. I grew up with the saying, a strong mind holds a strong body. This created a major struggle, which created a discord in my life. I have been dealing with a physical body that is sensitive to every type of unbalanced energy.
Not just my own energy, also that of people around me. Being high sensitive and empath, this is something that has been tough at times to come to terms with. Being told and made belief as a child already, it takes a strong spirit within a strong body. Hence, my body failed me, so what did this message created in my belief system.
It took me on different journeys through out the years, learning different types of healing. With plants, homeopathy, crystals, reiki, spiritual healing, as well the teachings of all different kinds of religions, philosophies, spiritual as well, in all its forms and colors. It brought me a lot of knowledge, taught me a lot about the connection as a mental, physical, emotional being.
The holistic vision, there is more to you then the sum of the whole. The way our psychology has its impact on our well-being, as well our upbringing. How the different cultures hold their own belief systems, which has different impact on each one of us.
Questioning every bit of information I came across, integrating every type of healing within as well. It showed me how past life lineage were expressed through my physical body in this lifetime as well. The injuries I had to face along the way, inflicted on my physical as well my emotional body, were connected with traumas that were shown me.
Through dreams and meditation, various lifetimes were expressed with the trauma that came with them. They came to surface through the memory bank of my physical body into this lifetime. Whenever I was challenged in a emotional or psychological way, the key element came up through the reaction of my physical body as well.
Up to the point I have scarves by surgery that are similar with the wounds and traumas I had experienced. This also made me very aware of the connection my physical is with my etherical body as well. The information that comes to me shows also the way, how connected this is with the consciousness and awareness of it.
Through time and space, the memories came flooding in and brought in the longing as well the need to be addressed. As vivid they were at times, bringing up the emotional state that was still lingering within my own being now. The threads that were connected allowed me also to walk the way of the shaman so to speak.
All of this knowledge was being accumulating within my being, with one component that brought in healing. Love was the commonality with every wound that was felt, needed to be acknowledged, allowed to be felt as well accepted on many levels and layers.
Like walking the spiral, every time I bumped my toe to a stone along the path, the energy of the emotional wounds were shown. Taking me to a higher level every time I was able to heal what was presented. When I started to walk this path, the stones were bigger and made me almost trip over them. In order to understand and allowing the energy as well the situation that created the trigger so to speak.
After many years I came to the understanding, my spiritual connection with my guardians and spiritual masters were assisting me, to dive in deeper every time. Taking me higher on the spiral of consciousness. Still finding these little reminders along the way, what still needs to be healed or is lingering in the deepest layers.
Learning the way of bringing in compassion and kindness, towards myself not being egoistic or self-centered. It is connected also with the way you perceive yourself, not being the victim yet the creator. Rising above the experiences that were shown me, in order to heal in a new way. As long as there are still is some kind of dis-balance, I will feel and sense it in a physical way as well.
It also taught me to trust my body and to accept it as my teacher as well my closest friend. For it assisted me every time I wasn’t able to see the more subtle signs something was about to appear in my physical dimension. Through time and space, every time healing was received, it also created more space within my heart.
Love came with compassion as did knowing with compassion for those who were also part of my journeys. Every time my love grew more and more, into an unconditional energy way of feeling, sensing, awareness and consciousness. So to me, this way of looking at my life with its challenges, it brought me more then I ever could have imagined.
And so it is.
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 19-3-2018

Togetherness and Harmony, our longing for years

Togetherness and Harmony, our longing for years
That is setting the tone of the day if you listen carefully.
As a human being we want to be together in a harmonious way, since our birth this longing is been triggered every second and moment of existence. Our soul and heart expand every time we are in harmony with our mother, father, siblings, family and friends. Every encounter we have ignites this fire and passion within us.
The purity of love is harmonizing the interactions between the souls around us. The way we feel this energy will resonate within our own inner heart. On this journey of life, setting the boundaries in order to gain the harmony from within. Because there it all starts, the longing for harmony with our innate nature again.
Every journey starts with a blueprint, chosen by our soul to bring in the harmony love creates. The way we resonate with others, will have its effect. The longing we sense is ancient and wishes to be healed in order to be in harmony with all the parts we hold within ourselves. The knowing we all have in a subconscious way. The longing that stimulates us to build a bridge with our parents, to mirror and reflect that what is needed to receive. The way we are aware to sense the love and receiving the energy which will either heal or harm our inner self. The longing of being together with every other soul around you, because it is healing..
This need for bringing forth a new awareness and receptive sensory, will enable you to deal with the wounded parts or aspects you hold within. Because that will set the tone, these parts want to come home again, They want to be together hold in love and acceptation beyond time and space. Past, present and future, are all being defined by the way we know how to bring back in the harmony of the heart and souls innate nature.
To connect with our higher self, the knowing part of yourself that needs to be integrated as well. Every wound that is felt within, needs healing and wants to be in harmony with love again.
The longing every soul has a to be in a harmonious state of mind, body, spirit and soul. The way we are learning and growing is being fueled by this longing. You may either deny or embrace this.
The way we are able to choose for every way or outcome is the gift of free will. When the wounds are coming from empowerment or abuse of power, will make the outcome different. Depending on the choices you make, either bring in the harmony or exploring the way power will bring in more abuse. It depends on what makes you long for.
Being in power or standing in your own power. Which will make you feel balanced and in harmony with love. The examples are numerous through the ages. Yet each of us has the possibility to choose for what makes you feel loved and enables you to be together in a harmonious way.
We all long for love and light in our day to day state of mind. This deep longing for oneness, to be fully and hole integrated with our hearts desire. Life is an energy that will either nourish the heart and soul, or it will be perceived as a long chain of negative events. The will to be fully engaged with life, through love and loving connections that will bring in more harmony.
As it will be a healing process or journey when this inner journey is bringing more love and affection. The more we experience self-love and self-worth, the more we will be in harmony with not just ourselves, yet also with those around us. The recognition with the way we are related to one another, will also address the need of being together.
Love is the Master Key in every experience we are having during our lifetime on this planet of duality. In this challenge of facing the duality, the longing for harmony which springs from love will grow stronger. We long for the sense of harmonious togetherness, as within as without.
So in order to gain this wonderful as well magical experience, we have to start within, with our own wounded aspects. They need to be addressed, acknowledged, allowed, to become aware and to fulfill the longtime longing of healing. Seeking it outside ourselves in our relationships with others, searching for the togetherness in a harmonious way.
Every lesson and every challenge hold the possibility to obtain this also within our own human being. Becoming aware of the way the energy seeks for harmony, we will be able to make the necessary steps. We are able to learn through our hardships, our tragedies, our traumas to bring in love and healing.
The strength the human being has is immeasurable. The interactions are not just individual, it holds the future of our race, as well all the elements of nature. No longer being divided, knowing the relation and the way energy works we are bringing in the energy of harmony through togetherness.
Every disaster brings up a response within humanity, people coming together in order to assist and help wherever they can. This quality we hold within ourselves, this beautiful way we are showing how this can come together, never stops to amaze me. We can create a shift in awareness within the blink of an eye. We respond to the needs of our friends and family, yet also to total strangers, with love, compassion and kindness.
This implies as well mother nature with all her winged ones, 2 legged or 4 legged, the water animals. This comes natural to us. Maybe not to everyone in the same way, yet it is part of who we are. Being human is part of creation, part of life, as it is. Longing for harmony and togetherness, will be the fuel to ignite the spark within to be whole and harmonious again.
And so it will be
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 16-3-2018

It isn’t about you, a choice in perception

It isn’t about you, a choice in perception
I own my truth and am responsible for my thoughts and actions always. That is a choice I made a long time ago. I know which effect it may have on the world around me if I don’t act and think from a place within my heart where Love resides and is Master. Not always able to tap into this sacred place within myself.
When emotions are stirring up my state of mind, creating doubt or emotions of frustration. The positive and the negative, it is all about the energy which is being send outwards. Believe it or not, we are able and capable to manipulate as well to heal with our mindset and actions. When it comes down to it, we all are making choices at one point in which direction we will let life take its course.
We need to feel validated as long as we are separated from each other, from our creator and creation. When we are able to create unity within our own heart with our soul, we can choose again. How will we give our lives focus, how will we deal what happens in the now. What kind of experiences we are creating for the lessons that will teach us to bring forth more love and inner balance.
This is possible when we decide to choose, to make a conscious choice to take life in our own hands. To own, to accept and even what we don’t understand yet for the how and the why. Yet the choice to be living from the heart and not just from the believes we are taught, is the first major step in change of perception.
I have met a lot of people who would have an opinion about me and shared it as well. Not always in a positive way. I guess it is easier to hear wonderful uplifting verbalized comments about one self. Even though it may feel a bit out of the ordinary, or maybe isn’t all true. Being authentic is also about the choice you make when this doesn’t apply.
I can reflect on it and get even confused by some comments. It can throw me out of balance actually, when it is being sad in a very negative way. The way it is affecting me, has always something to do with triggers that are still being touched within. I am a work in progress, choosing my steps as wisely as I possibly can.
Over time I also learned, a lot of comments are more about the other when they want to drop a lot of negative energy. It’s easier when I know, it is so far out of my inner world and truth, it is about projection. Then I know it isn’t about me, so much. The way I am able to reflect then on what has been said, is changed by this perception.
You know, when someone says you are being to much of this, or to little of that. I can be shifted by choosing the perception of mirroring what has been said. If someone believes I am to protective, could it be possible they are not protective enough? Or you are stubborn, because of the way they perceive themselves and think it applies to me as well. The more I know myself, understand where I am coming from when I speak or act, the more it will reflect and mirror on the outside as well.
Even though I can say it is not about you, it might not be understood. My choice to reflect and mirror from the Heart, through Love, is a road that isn’t always the most easiest one. It also creates this inner turmoil, where emotions are still lingering beneath the surface. My choice to deal with what comes up from within instead of reacting out shifts the perception.
Whatever choice I make, it isn’t about you, unless you feel it does. I know this old saying, whenever the shoe fits. This is coming up, every time I read something, or hear something. Do I fit this shoe, that has been dropped. If the answer is yes, I can choose to deal with it, or let it go.
Don’t take it personal when I choose to be more inward, just because I need to be. If I am standing my ground, and in my truth, it can trigger something. It is not up to me to deal with what has been triggered, as long as I stand my ground and truth in Love. Not to spite, hurt, or willingly want to address a wound that might be touched.
Our perception about who we are and what we can achieve in our interactions with each other changes. Through love and attention, choices we make to be uplifting and caring. Becoming aware of the way each choice we make is either out of fear or coming from love.
Self-love is also about respect. Self-worth is about knowing your self and give it the proper attention. The choices you make from this perception will not be agreed upon by everyone. There may be those who believe you are self-centered, self-absorbed maybe. With a negative perception, because we are being told in so many ways and societies, it’s not the right way to live.
Being humble and grateful is also part of this understanding of the love and being worth. You matter, I matter, equally, because it’s our birthright. Making a choice that will benefit your own harmony and inner balance, will affect others as well.
If this is misunderstood or attacked in a verbally of physical way, it’s sometimes tough to hold your ground and stick to your truth.
Your choice to see it in a different perspective, if it doesn’t apply to you, creates a different perception. Where you can see and understand, it isn’t about you. You don’t have to act or react, because it isn’t your fight, or inner residue. You can stay within your inner heart center and watch the reactions. You can choose to stay in the center of the storm, instead of being involved with the waves of energy.
You fall in love with yourself, with all the aspects you are holding within. The choice of reacting from love, will alter any perception you had in the past. It all starts within, where you find your true colors to be proud of, to love with all your heart. Working through the emotions that are being triggered, you create a new reality for yourself.
And so it will be done
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 1-3-2018

New experiences can create confusion

New experiences can create confusion


Dear Lord, I am confused

What to do with this experience

I am going through right now.

Feelings that are being aroused

Not even knowing how to deal

With them for myself, let alone

With someone else.

All these energies that I

Can detect within my body

I’ve never experienced this way.

Is it I am picking up the energy flow

That is sending out,

Or is it something else, deep within myself

That wants to be touched and awakened?

Old memories deep installed

Within my body cells,

The ways of the Old to come forth

In this New Era.

Is this something I have to experience

For myself first, before I can teach it to others as well?

Is this something you want me to do

As a gift to the Divine Love,

Reconnecting this energy with the Heart

Where the higher energies can flow more freely

Then we’ve ever experienced?

Is it about healing old wounds again

And by doing so this energy will and can

Be released to flow freely,

Abundantly and sharing by touching

The Hearts of the wounded women,

Children and men to,

To restore this connection in this awakening.


The Sacred Union with each other

The deepest Heart connection

We have to offer to one another,

Bringing in the Blissful Experiences

We as humans are seeking

Through the experiences of the body.

You gave us this gift of pleasure

And it has been violated so badly.

No respect, no love, no longer Human even,

Disregarding only from a place

Of power and greed,

Lust and pain.

Is it not only for me to restore

And heal, is it not for all of Mankind

To heal this Sexual War or virus

And bring it back into the Light

Of Love, Joy and Pleasure

As a gift to share with the other

From this deep Sacred Place within our hearts.

Aligning all energy wheels again,

Healing each one, so all can be restored,

And flow freely its energy

Throughout the whole system of cells,

Organs, no more disease, healing Universal Love.

That’s the true meaning

Of our sexuality in a Cosmic Sense.

Way more than the image

Mankind now has been able to grasp

And see the beauty and rewarding process

Of it so Love can flow freely in every aspect

Of Self.


And so it is.


High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 24-12-2013


Let me feel your Love

Let me feel your Love


Oh my sweet

Let me feel your Love.

Let me see your splendor

May you watch your Self

With the eyes of High Self

And see the wonder that

Lies within your Heart

Instead of this feelings of distress.


May you feel the Divine Love

That is yours to Begin with

And the warmth and beauty of it inhale

To let the healing energy

Wash away any old lingering parts,

Still feeling sorrow or shame,

No longer needed to be hold.

So clear your vision and See

See the beauty I see in You.


Let me take you by the hand

And show you the wonders deep inside

You think they are buried and

Not even to be reached

I tell you now, you are not all that.

You are the magnificent, the All

There is also, just see You in all your glory

Manifested the way you are suppose

To Be, bringing Home to Your Self.


Let me Be like the Light House

Showing you the way,

How to stay in clear water

And not drifting apart again.

So Re-Union will Be a Fact

And we both can see Magic in

All of the Splendor.


Let me Be your warrior

Of Love and Light, soothing the pain

And shielding you from any anxiety

That lies within,

So you can see My Love

Reflected in the Mirror

Every time you look at them

Reflected in your eyes and

Bringing back the Sparkle of Light

From deep within into the Open


So you can fly my sweet

No longer earthbound and chained when

The dungeon of your Heart is set open

And your Soul is soaring again with Spirit

Rejoicing and full of Light and Love,

Given freely to your Self again.


And so it is.

High Self – @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 13-10-2013


Loving Internal Communiction

Loving Internal communication


The biggest challenge sometimes

Is the moment you are feeling hurt.

And the communication internally starts

Thoughts like clouds appear,

Emotions like rain drenching your soul

And the balance is lost at times.

Your internal communication is going

Back and forth between these two.

So how to bring in the Sunlight again

To make the clouds disappear

And the drenching rain will stop.

It is always a moment of shattering

Your world to its fundaments.

To know who you are beyond

The doubts and fears inside.

The loving component that is weak at times,

Caused not just by external factors,

The internal aspects are causing the ripples and tears,

The feeling of being torn apart.

So start your internal communication

Through the eyes of the Heart.

There you will feel the comfort and healing love

For yourself again.

This will put things in perspective,

The lightening in the clouds will show you

What is there to be seen.

The feel of drenching rain is there

To heal your soul yet again

So the sparkle of your own being

Can come forward and love for self

Being worthy and beloved from the inside out

Brings in feelings of compassion and kindness

To your own soul and heart,

Lightening your inner Fire that fuels

The love of your Heart and rebalancing

And releasing creates a new perspective in your love

For yourself and acceptance of the situation

In a deeper and brighter way.

Allowing this process within yourself brings awareness

And opens up your true Heart feelings for what is happening

Changing your internal communication and you will be able

To see the colors of the Rainbow

Through the wet whimpers of your eyes,

Soothing the internal storm, lightening and rain

And the clouds will disappear in the Sunlight of your Heart

Which is bringing in Love and understanding and you will

Be free, the sky is yours again, no need to make it complicate

And you can say to yourself, I am Yours.


And so it is.


High Self – @RheaDopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages  18-11-2013


Bringing all Home

Bringing all Home

Just sitting outside with the Sun ever so Bright

And still feeling off, just like the moments when

The clouds are creating an empty space

Within, blocking the Sun

Like the outside world is just another

Reflection of my mood today.


Rain is falling, sun is shining

Clouds are blocking the view

What is it today that keeps

Me in this mood

And what kind of mood is it?


It’s not sadness, it’s not fear

It feels like fatigue, tired to the bone

At times literally, where the density is the thickest

And hardest to let the energy

Come through, the Light of Healing

and Love, so easily felt in my veins,

Is this blocked feel deep within

that needs to withhold some kind of

barrier to be brought into the Light

Into the surface of my existence


Making me aware it isn’t over

Till it is over, last trembles, last old

twitching feel of tiredness by

Breathing through the inside into the

Outside of my Being, still in need of

Healing and taking into the light

Of Source to be free at last and reunited

again, with all my other parts that

already have found their Save Home

and sheltered in the Light of Love.


So dear one, if you are holding on

Then make sure you really want this

Release since releasing of Self is the

Last frontier, the last Portal you are

going to walk through to find Your Self

On the other side and inside out again.



Bringing all Home, Home to where the

Heart is, Your Sacred Heart with all the

Love and Compassion for you to be held

In comfort and abundance in every particle.

To come out and dazzle the world

When You step forward and shine Your Light.


High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Message 12-9-2013


You can no longer pretend to be smaller than you are

You can no longer pretend to be smaller than you are

I have been reading a lot of blogs over the years, long before I started writing my own blog, called What is Love? and the Heartfelt Messages I started writing in July 2013 in France during our holiday over there. My husband had been diagnosed with colon cancer and already had his 4th chemo therapy and considering the way it had its impact physically as well mentally and emotionally, we decided to take a period of rest during our 3 week retraite in a place we always feel at home.

Because of all the anxiety and stress we have been gone through it was important for the both of us to do what we normally do on our holiday. We go through our past year since our last holiday, express what hasn’t been expressed yet caused by the day to day routines and unspoken emotions that are still lingering.

We learned last year that be open and outspoken about what is going on, is the best way to do some clearing and healing by expressing them to each other. Not that it didn’t happened along the way. Yet this experience we were going through was pretty intense and had put a lot of stress on both of us, dealing with the every day reality each in our own way.

Being confronted with this life threatening disease followed by surgery and lot of stuff going bad had a big toll on the both of us emotionally. Together we were a great team when it came to camping, putting up a tent, yet this time we hade to prove that we are a great team together in dealing with this trial and to keep it open, honest, transparant and expressing verbally as well in our day to day routine. Our time in France always helped us clear old stuff and releasing them when they were out in the open, acknowledged and accepted. This works for the both of us and is a win-win relationship.

When we arrived on our camping site we immediately were confronted with a really bad tornado and we had to hang on the posts of the tent to prevent it to be blown up in the air. We literally could hear and feel the enormous roaring of energy caused by fierce wind flares and it was like a train was coming straight at us. Now I had learned in these past months how important it is to be grounded and to keep your feet on the ground in any situation, so we were put quiet to the test physically as well emotionally.

So I took a deep breath, hold on to the post, grounded my feet firmly on the ground and allowed the energy of the storm just pass right through me, allowing instead of fighting it, and I found myself in the middle of the eye of the storm, yet this was my inner cell of the storm, because I could still feel the battle of the wind and the enormous pulls it had on our tent. This was my deep inner core, without any fear, just quietness and receptiveness, and such an amazing gift to receive at that moment in time.

The tornado passed leaving a trail of rumble on the camping site, lots of kids in camps where rushed in cars to safety, a tree fell on the car of our neighbours and the next morning it was clear what had happened. For us it was an amazing experience, both grounded at the same time, and feeling strong to stand tall in any storm that would pass in our life.

At that moment I accepted the gift I received and started to write in the 3 weeks we were staying in France, I created a new page on Facebook called Heartfelt and discovered my deep connection with my spirit guide, high self who provided so many uplifting and inspirational messages in those weeks and through the years.

I never can go back to the way I was before, due to this life changing experience in the midst of a troublesome period of our life. We still had to deal with the cancer and the chemo, yet I also received a lot of comforting messages as well to realize that all I ever am, I can only be me if I do what I do best and use my passion for writing.

I can no longer pretend to be smaller than I am.

And so it is.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)
Heartfelt Messages, 6-7-2015


Activation of Your Inner Light

Activation of Your Inner Light


Activation of your Inner Light

will bring forth more awareness

and will help clearing any

old residue in your lower bodies.

You will accelerate into your

Light Body with ease and grace,

enabling you to step out of

the old shell and into a new

Creation of Self.

Unity with all that Is

and uniting deep within your

cellulaer being to come to

more understanding and connection

with all that is still unseen,

erasing the veil that stands

between you and your soul family.

Recognizing any you all are connected

with on this Earth Plane.

The Grid of Light will connect all

and bring forth the Inner light

of your I AM presence,

to be a force of Love and Compassion.

Your inner Buddha can shine

into the World, and Your

Christ Awareness will show the way

of Light, Love and Unity

with all of Creation in the Universe.

Creating a Center of Awareness

and remembering of your own

High Consciousness to be a part

of you, as it always has been.


And so it will be.


High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)

Heartfelt Messages – 3-5-2014