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What is it about Perception?

What is it about Perception, or was it Perspective?

That came to mind this morning. To perceive says a lot about the way you look at things. Is it with interest, awareness, eye for detail, or is it also about the way we can perceive what lies underneath?
We are being bombarded with so much information and at times it is difficult to filter out all the noise.

My perception can vary depending on my emotions, or fear of emotions. Since they color the way we perceive things. How clear and un-detached can we see things around ourselves if it comes to perception and what alters our perception?

Is it through our life “lessons”, or experiences that we are able to change our perception in the matter we are confronted with? Or is it through analyzing and thinking things through that enables us to change our perceptions? What would you say if I told you that our perceptions are being built on outer messages we receive since our childhood, growing up, receiving all sorts of messages by your parents, your society, school and teachers and being molded to fit in some kind of believe system?

Could it be more accurate that your perception is foremost created by the way you love are being loved, building the characteristics that are valued the most, being kind, sincere, truthful, compassionate and loving to others? And where does that leave you then if you compare this with your perspective on things. Are the two interconnected or are they two qualities in Life you can choose from depending in your experience you are creating for your Self, supported by some inner drive and passion to Be-come the Best you can Be? A true sparkle that lights from within to be brought into the outside world and connected with all Beings.

High Self – @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages – 29-9-2013


Blessed Be

Blessed Be

Blessed be
For thee are the one
Who will bring peace and joy.
Your Compassion will shine
Into all the hearts you will meet.
Helping and guiding
Like the ones who came before you
That helped change the feelings
Of fear and inner turmoil.
Being steady in your belief,
Creating a field of love
Around you into your surroundings
No matter where you are.
Light and Love shines bright
And sheds light into darkness.
Heart from my Heart,
Always connected with your soul
And High Self as a token to everyone
That this is the way
they can also life their lives.
Being the standard of compassion and Love,
Shining bright your Light.
This comes from Source itself
For all to enjoy and love in 
Bringing in the message of Hope.
United there will be ignited a big Sparkle,
Deep within each Heart you touch.
And so will my Heart be united
With all hearts, 
Bringing in Home again.

And so it is.

High Self – @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 6-12-2013

What is it about Ascension?

What is it about Ascension
In most spiritual and new age literature, ascension is one of the most popular subjects. According to many, ascension is something that only happens to “holy people” who have gone through a life of devotion, intense meditation, self-denial and suffering.Ascension is the answer to the simple but spiritually profound question: “Who Am I”?

Ascension is not about reaching human perfection, but it is about the total acceptance of Self and the release of all human limitations. It is about choosing total freedom. Adamus Saint-Germain will discuss the process of going through an in-body ascension. This occurs when a human gives permission to reunite with their divine wholeness while staying on Earth in a physical body, rather than going through the death and reincarnation process.

According to Adamus Saint-Germain this is the most difficult process a human will ever encounter, and the most sacred. During the workshop it is explained how you can facilitate your own ascension process.Crimson Circle Dreamwalker Ascension

I was retracing my steps through this lifetime to re-member when it was I first heard about the term Ascension and the meaning of it as it was given at the time. It was in my mid 20ties I was looking for alternative ways to get to the root of things.. always looking for the answer beneath the answer.. for I knew there was more to it than the eye could see.

How come I had to struggle with issues I had no correlation with during this lifetime and yet confronted with them there seemed to be hidden a whole different life or lifetime experiences I couldn’t explain. Not through the ordinary channels of health and psychology anyways and the more intrigues and annoyed I became the more I went for answers to gain some clarity on this matter.

I started my training as a spiritual healer after being put on track by the Universe by guiding me to different ways of working and sensing energy. During this training of 4 years I was guided by a lot of teachers, through education and books, through music and art and most of all through my own 2 little gurus.. my 2 kids. 

For you know.. the best way to learn about your self is being confronted with your own qualities and insecurities as a young parent trying to find a balance between inner and outer world.
And during the time so many people went to India to visit a Guru, stayed in an ashram, my imitation and learning path went through raising up two beautiful children and coming to realization how they were already coming in with their own blueprint and soul’s expression.

In the years that followed my training evolved in a way I could have never for seen, guided by spirit and tuning into my inner voice I became more and more aware that spiritual healing had many layers and various ways of interaction with any one I met along the way as were the teachings from all the different religions being influenced over the years by new channels and insights.

To me the most important lesson I learned early on was how to integrate new insights and experiences working with energy and healing into my daily life and bringing it down into my own body as well. Not the way the view on ascension was in those days, being teleported out of here so to speak as soon you were highly evolved and becoming a master on a different level behind the veil out of reach for the normal human being just to be put on some sort of pedestal in admiration and awe, yes through the eyes with love, only to find the love was an dependent kind of love for most people. How to be master of my own creation because I held the key in my own heart. So would it be possible to master this ascension here on this earth, on this planet instead of a highly evolved being out of reach.

Now in this day and era there is so much more information coming through because of the internet, making it way easier for anyone who is searching for answers how to change your life for the better. How to become more aware of the interaction between myself and someone else, or something else, my connection with Nature and her creation, with my surroundings, my effect on my own family and friends.

in my interaction with spirit of the planet itself which presented it over the years no matter where I travel or stayed. And how the messages changed over time and yet in essence stayed the same. Only with much more different layers that were removed over time getting more and more clarity how my actions in my daily life were effected by moods, emotions, feelings, senses, thoughts, actions when they came from a place of love deeply rooted within my heart.

Love for all of Creation was no longer something I could read about, it became an internalized part of my being, here in this lifetime, where past, present and future all came together. And by remembering and reuniting past and present my future changed in my Now time here in existence.

By following my Heart and Spirit fulfilling my Soul’s need to express myself for the highest good of self it defines itself also as the highest good for all of Creation, for there is just One Love, One Heart, that connects us all.And that to me ascension is raising my energy into the highest possible within me being on Earth in my human form, my human being integrating my highest potential in this lifetime.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 1-12-2014

When sorrow is part of your daily routine

When sorrow is part of your daily routine

This full Moon is a special one, where the emotions are running high. For me the absence of my beloved in my day to day life here on this planet is felt with a lot of different feelings. Where the emotions differ from day to day and sometimes from moment to moment. There are days where his love and presence is felt throughout the day in messages that are being brought through the veil.

It might be the Heron standing along the waterside close by our home. Other times it comes through a song, or a word, or simply between my breath, when I inhale and consciously exhale. In the between those there his love and energy is always felt. Then there is this other part of staying behind on this plane.

The physical essence of being held in a loving hug, the kisses, the sparks in the eyes when they connect. The comfort we have been building up after all those years spend in each others company as well. Telepathic as well able to read the smallest signs that have been developed over the years.

Knowing each other well so that it isn’t necessary to speak at times, yet other times when the going went rough, it was necessary to speak out and address what was hiding behind the walls. You cannot go through life’s changes without changing as well through the different experiences we encounter.

We had our ups and downs, like every other couple that are living together for such a long time. It depends on what you do with the difficulties that cross your path, which didn’t had the same outcome every time. Creating friction as well, so like every couple we needed to work within our relationship, to keep the spark of love burning brightly.

It was through the biggest challenge we grew even closer together. For me as the witness and caretaker, for him as the one who had to dig deep within and had to deal with the most challenging deal in his lifetime. Walls crumbled down, till they all were disappearing. Enabling to reach to a higher level of Love towards each other as well, as the releasing and healing energy within the emotional body for my beloved.

Breaking down to the ground was necessary in able to rebuild again. Not just on the physical, yet also on the emotional and mental plane. Watching this battle, I felt every emotion that was presented as if it was my own. Yet it wasn’t my journey to walk. I had to take a step back in order to let him work through all the dark and negative spots that were part of this journey. I could cry with him, yet what moved me the most, was the sense of sorrow I had for him to have to deal with this serious hard process and how much endurance he had to take it to the end.

Still feel the sorrow that came with it, not so much about his departure, as well the enormous sense of sorrow which was underlying this process. This is part of me as well part of him, yet for me it is expressing itself in different ways now. Being on my own, how much we are still connected, still can bring up this sorrow and love for him. I can be sad, for no specific reason, knowing there is some kind of process going on within my beloved on the other side of the veil.

It took me a while to understand what happened. It could take me by surprise, not linked to whatever I was doing at that time. Yet bringing up the memories that are part of this process and emotional connections. You cannot disconnect for the one you love and is the other half even when there is no physical presence. As much as he is present in my life, I am present within his as well.

How to deal with it was challenging because it is also connected with the way we had to say our goodbye for now on this physical plane. Missing his presence and laugh, his acknowledgement of my being and his deep love for me. So yes, in different layers, the sorrow is part of my daily routine.
Not in a way it is preventing me from going through my days without the love and happiness, joy and laughter that presents itself.

It is simmering beneath the depths, the hidden or shielded parts till they have been triggered again. It also made me strong as well vulnerable, resilient as well to work through the emotions that come up. Letting it break me down, through all the layers within myself. Till nothing left and all I could feel was the presence of Love.

Knowing and feeling how this soul to soul and heart to heart connections was completed again. No boundaries, just complementary and fulfilling.When sorrow is part of your daily routine, it asks for attention. It needs to be addressed and acknowledged. It also wants to be explored and experienced in all its different layers. Learning when it is personal, or when it is not about me, yet about the sorrow the other holds within.

Part of being an empath, makes it easy to interact with this signature of energy with others, specially when it is so close at home like it is with my beloved. Sorrow can come from feeling lost, or lack of love, which actually is created through fear. It takes an eagle view to fly above the emotional rupture to identify it for what it holds. Is it about you, or is it the journey the other one is walking.

Not necessarily your journey to go through, because it doesn’t relate to your own inner world and reflections. Feeling the emotional wounds and hold them in a safe space, to create a sacred space for anyone who needs it is crucial for healing. Restoring the balance needs a space to feel safe and loved. My own feelings are colored as well through the journey of my beloved. My tears flow here as well for him as much as they are for my own inner clearing.

And so it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©Heartfelt Messages 24-11-2018

It starts with Me

It starts with Me

Reading a New Message, actually 2 by Michael channeled by 2 different people. Honoring and gratitude of all the Elementals of Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Spirit who are helping to heal and re-create. It starts with Me, small things, day by day to tap into this Energy, created and shared by the Divine.

Clean Water, clear Air, clean Food, clean Body and Body of Light, clear Spirit. Always bring in the Power of Love in every step you take, every choice you make to build on into this New Energy. All you do creates a different outcome and has meaning for the entire environment, which is You in Micro-aspect, and the Earth and Humanity in Macro-aspect.

Like the Oceans and Rivers of the Earth, so are your Veins.Like the Mountains of the Earth, so are your Bones.Like the Thunder in the Sky, so are your Nerves.Like Spirit, so are all your Senses.Like the Fire of the Volcano, so are your Organs to stabilize your Temperature.Like the Unconditional Love of Divine, so is your Heart.Like the Air in the Sky, so are your Lungs and therefor the Sacred Breath of Spirit.Like the Earth as a Planet, so is your Physical Body.

High Self – @rheadopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages, 13-9-2013

Add to the Wind the Sacred Breath

Add to the wind the Sacred Breath
of Unconditional Love

Add to the wind
the longing for renewal
and change.
Add to the wind
the desire for fulfillment
and re-connection.
Add to the wind
the love and compassion
to all creation.
Add to the wind
the prayers for healing
and peace.
Add to the wind
the intend for understanding
and kindness.
Add to the wind
You’re holy Breath
from your Sacred Heart
for the highest good
of all mankind, animal
and vegetable world on this Planet.
Add to the wind
the energy of forgiveness
and unconditional love.
So the wind will spread
all combined intentions
to create a New World
with abundance on any level
and co-creation within every community,
small or large.
To be combined in one Breath
Of Love and Light
Spread out over all the lands,
the lakes, rivers and seas
to bring in the memory
of the Unity which we all share.
For we are all One in Creation
and connected from within the Highest Source
of Love and Live.
Add to the wind
the Sacred Breath of Unconditional Love.

And so it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 24-5-2014

Shine as Bright as a Lighthouse

Shine bright as a lighthouse for all who want to see

Letting go of your present life and
the identification you have created
In this lifetime,
as a result of your blue print
You have created before you decided
To leave Home in order to return
To Home again.
And then by healing and releasing,
finally letting go of all that
You thought was important about yourself,
As the human being you are right now.
Transcending this into the Divine Human Be-ing
You become.
The skills you were given to obtain and use
In this process, are a result of your past lives
experiences which are the most usable tools
to follow this blue print to its final destiny.
You have courage and strength –
those tools you earned a long time ago.
They are yours, not just given by the
Divine Source, they are connected
within your Inner Core, to become the best
You wanted to create for yourself
this current lifetime.
Communication is a skill to bring in information
and will bridge the differences within people together.
Not just between people.
The higher purpose you chose is the healing
that comes with it.
Inner healing within everyone you meet.
And your paths will cross without any doubt,
for whoever sees the light of Compassion
You radiate, will be touched, recognized and will
set the process within in Motion.
You are on the threshold right now,
to step into a Higher Dimension of yourself.
The patterns you set up,
all lead to this moment in time.
To release any old bonds that would tie you up
To the 3 D plane field of Humanity,
To be the Home bringer, Caretaker of the Planet
And Gaia as a guide and light for others
To follow in your footprints.
By releasing your attachment to the Emotional,
Physical and Mental Body,
You will bring Home within the Human Being
To shine as bright as a Lighthouse.
A focus point for all who want to see.

And so it will be.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 29-3-2014

What’s in a Symbol

So what’s in a symbol?
You are guided today by the ladybird –
This is a time of good fortune and abundance,
So be willing to receive all good things
Into your life.

You ask yourself and then the process starts like a domino stone pushing one against the other to bring in more clarity about symbolism and symbols we all know and are familiar with somehow.

Our world consists of so many symbols, inner and outer world connecting, through religion, Nature’s kingdom, prayers, geometry, it is a language on its own and lots of the symbols are universal being used as well. Influenced also by cultures, nations, society.
We can trace the use of symbols a long way back through history. Also looking at Astrology, Numerology, Tarot Desks, Totem Animals, Angels, the Zodiac, they are filled with symbols.

Come to think of it, wherever you look, you will find symbols everywhere to express something and how powerful they can be, watching traffic signs for instance to make sure it will be safe when we pay attention. 

Is it just a creative outlet, a compression visualized in a symbol to express the meaning in the ordain life as well as in the spiritual world? The artist who needs to express his creativity through symbols, either art work, music, poetry. As in statues like a Buddha or the Cross, the OM symbol, we apparently need the use of symbols as humanity, for we are the only specie on this planet that use symbols.

Definition – a symbol is an object that represents, stands for, or suggests an idea, visual image, belief, action, or material entity. Symbols take the forms of words, sounds, gestures, or visual images and are used to convey ideas and beliefs. Like numerals are symbols for number, person names are symbol representing individuals as a point beyond itself.

It is a way of expression of individual and groups like the way I decorate my room with statues of Buddha for the energy it represents to me, the love, compassion and kindness to attract this into my living environment as a constant to help me focus and be aware to implement this in my life. Like Angels represent to me the Higher connections with Source, whether I call it Devas or Angels, the connection I feel with Earth and Source are coming together in the images of certain animals with their interpretations we are been given. To me the Eagle is connected with my own ability to soar above a situation or experience and connect the dots so to speak.

We all have our own symbols, always connected through the energy they represent, like the old ways taught us to watch at the animals and take their strength, or their patience, whatever it was that defined this special creature as a symbol to bring it in our own way of living or strengthen our own character, or own inner soul’s experience.

Even our children or grandchildren represent a symbol in our life – they are a living example of wealth, virility in some cultures, or a long lasting life in comfort as a family taking care of each other.
For men it can be their legacy and the next generation are being part of their lineage, as for women they are the symbol of motherhood, of being part of creation. So no matter which stage of our life we are, nor which gender we choose, within creation we see symbols in order to define ourselves, and by spreading these different symbols we are connecting with each other, teach each other, mirror each other.

By doing so new symbols are being created, witnessing together the evolving ways of making a statement we are all part of Creation and living examples as a symbol of All That Is represented in every form, where species and nature becoming universal symbolism.
We can create new symbols and create new expressions while in the meantime we finally start to remember and understand all we are is an example of expression of Life and Love.

And so it will Be in every lifetime, an expanding and flowing expression of Creation

High Self – @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 24-11-2014


Letting Go of the Old Self

Letting Go of the “Old” Self, saying your goodbye,
Letting it go on the verge of Re-union with High Self

Be still My Heart,
Just listen to your Inner Voice.
She will guide you
In the right Direction.
Just allow the feelings and
Emotions that come up,
Either triggered from within,
Or by outside experiences.
It doesn’t matter,
Since inside and outside
Are one and the same.
There is no outer you,
Only the Energy of Creation
That is going through you
And expanding into the outer field
As a mirror resemblance
Of all that you want to perceive.
Just you and the great Vast
Grid of Love is important
To keep you focused on your
Way to Oneness with Divine Source.
Integration of your High Self
In this Dimension
Will create even more clarity,
Love and compassion.
You are on the bridge of extension
And nearing the great implosion
Of Love, Compassion with your
Human Being, releasing the old
Human you, no longer guided
By your personality,
Just guided by All that Is.
Your memory of the Unique Spark
Of Divine Source –
Fully standing in Your Light

And so it will Be.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 20-1-2014

Being Present is Key for Empathy

Being Present is the key to the Heart of Empathy
You only can be aware of your surroundings, If you are fully present in the Now moment. Only then you can sense the present energy, that is coming from those around you as well. How do you address your ability in any type of situation you are finding yourself in?
What does it take to be able to sense the energy field and be able to connect with the emotional body as well the mental and physical bodies. The aura around someone is not visible for everyone, you have to be able to sense it with your other senses. As well, your ability to read the layers that you feel is part of the whole in all its complexity.
Being present is not just a term to describe a way of being, actually you have to be aware. Being is a first step to know who you are in all his or her depths of lifetime experiences. How aware are you of your personality, your inner knowledge, your inner wisdom as well the stuck energy that comes from experienced challenges as well the uplifting ones.
Being requires you to be fully aware of your body, mind and soul connections as well. Being present also means you can be in the Now, in the now moment instead of just being scattered between past, present and future in your mind set as well your memories that pull you back.
Being an empath is a totally different experience, because of the ability to be aware of the energy fields which are surrounding you every day and every moment. Being high sensitive to energy fields, you are only able to Be in the present now if you are aware of your ability and know how to master it. It is not just the imprint people around you present. It is also about the matrix energy fields that come in, as ripples as well waves of energy in all its forms. It is easy to deal with the positive energy even if this isn’t yours at the present moment.
Yet without being aware of this ability and all that comes with it, it is hard to be fully present in the Now. So how does this connect the Heart of the Empathy, as a key to the ability of being present? As you will discover through your experiences, the emotional waves from within, all held stuck energy.
Which needs clearing as well healing if it is from wounded parts or aspects within yourself. Being raised in a certain way, what you were taught as a child. As well the different roles within the duality of this earthly plane, makes a difference of the outcome of your initial soul’s mission, to come to this Earth.
You cannot carry the sorrow and pain of all mankind on your shoulders. Even though your ability to feel and sense, is making you a tool of the stability of the energy waves. It all starts within, as an empath the main thing to learn is to be aware of your own inner world and signature. Love is the key to all that is stuck and needs healing, for every challenge you have experienced as an individual.
The key to the heart of an empath so to speak requires to be present in every situation and occasion that may cross your path on a daily basis. The only way to learn about your abilities as an empath requires this knowledge, knowing the different wiring as well the results of encounters, which creates internal wounds on physical, mental as well emotional levels that need healing and balance,
Most importantly, the need of Love coming from within. Not depending on the love of others to know, who you are as an empath. Crazy ways that will be shown and magical moments, that will appear, when you can rely on this inner Being present. Bringing awareness within every situation you come across.
Key element which will enable you to find the heart of the internal as well external worlds of which you are part of. We are all connected with the energy surrounding us, inter connecting on so many levels. Choices we can make, because we have the ability to choose. If we stay in the Now Present, we can act on the triggers we receive, in order to acknowledge as well allow. That’s the way which allows us to be present as an empath.
Through our ability to love, through sensing wounded or stuck energy, we are also able to have compassion and it enables us to see through the veils of hidden aspects. This is the gift in being an empath as well. Being present from within our Heart enables the empathy towards others to stay out of judgement as well condemnation.
Once we have healed these parts within ourselves, we can share this with others as well. In order to know and learn, you have to be present in the now moment as well coming from the Heart. Once you have found the key to the heart of empathy, you are able to be present.
And so it will be done
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 19-5-2017