Make your Heart a sanctuary, make Self Love your security

Make your Heart a sanctuary

Make self-love your security

Ask yourself why you judge and condemn yourself so harshly. Be willing to follow your Inner shadow processes in order to learn from their Gifts. This advice today was coming in loud and clear, for the past few days have been all about the inner shadow processes.

I know these are holding the gifts for me to learn and heal, as well as receive. When the energy shifts and emotions are coming up it is always a sign I need to be aware as well watchful. This means as well going through the emotional eruptions and watching as an observer what happens and what triggered it.

Make your Heart a sanctuary and Self Love your security

Am I judging myself or being too hard on myself? Yes, I am at times, I know that from my life experiences and all the steps I had to take to let go. The judging as well as harshness is mostly internalized anger to hide the sorrow that lies underneath. The drive as well, the need to be doing the best I can and not always as compassionate with myself.

It took me some hardship as well as challenges to deal with. I could be the overseer for everyone else, except myself. I am able to take a high view to oversee the situation when being asked to do so. Blessed with this gift, but it is not always the easiest to use it for myself. It has a lot to do with the way I blame myself for being stubborn and going through the same lessons again.

Loving myself required more acceptance as well, the ability to learn to accept and allow what comes my way. This enables me to be observant, as well as a participant. I can see the obstacles as gifts the minute I accept them as my tools and teachers. Going deep within, the emotional state that comes with sorrow or anger, confusion or resistance.

In the darkness lies the gift, for this enables me to move forward. I know this, I have learned this along the way. My little black box, so to speak, shows me what needs to be healed. By doing so, it releases every emotion or stuck energy that is connected with it.

It is at times the most difficult challenge when confronted with old patterns that are changing. Not because I had a hand in it. Change because the other party is changing the pattern. Leaving me with empty hands it seemed at one point. Letting go also created space, and this enabled me to watch the process from a different angle and overview. The expression of myself in any role I took upon myself in this life is a constant flux.

I need to surrender to this constant demand of letting go, by releasing old patterns that kept me from loving myself. Otherwise, I will stay stuck in this emotional state. Taking a step back also means letting go, letting the situation unfold itself because I have no part in it. That was my first shock, I wasn’t part of it any longer. I had no control over this situation, which created this trigger, and what was hidden underneath.

Losing control over my own life as well as the situation at hand triggered this fear of being left alone. Not being part of the decision-making any longer also showed that the situation has evolved, and I have to go with this evolution. It is either that or creating more fear and tension on top of the old wound. It made it clear, what residue still lingered in the deep.

This works as a tool for me, for knowing this old pattern holds the key to healing it. The love I feel towards myself is as if I depend on confirmation from the outside. Letting go of this need enables me to bring in this Love energy within this challenge. Witnessing the wounded part covered with loving energy is setting me free.

Time to heal the parts hidden in the shadows. Through love instead of judging or condemning myself, my Heart will open up more and more to myself as well. By doing so, my Heart will be the guide in every step I take. When I get troubled, all I have to do is go inward, step into my Heart space, and feel I am loved and cared for in this space.

Every emotion I can bring into this sanctuary is being created through loving myself for who I am. With all my flaws as well, gifts I have received through love. This makes my Heart space my sanctuary, and my ability to love myself creates a secure surrounding. Allowing me to be all that I can be. All that I want to be.

And so it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)

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  1. I have been doing a lot of shadow work myself. I love your work and share it.

  2. Reblogged this on Writing Through the Soul and commented:
    Amazing article by Rhea Dopmeijer about self-love and doing shadow work to heal.

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